The Best Breaking Bad Funko Pop Figures to Collect!

The Best Breaking Bad Funko Pop Figures to Collect! 2019

Introduction to Breaking Bad Funko Pop Figures: Learn the fundamentals of this popular collectible item.

As one of the most popular collectible items on the market today, Breaking Bad Funko Pop Figures have captivated the attention of both old and young collectors alike. With its iconic characters from the TV show, these figures have become a must-have for any serious collector.

Breaking Bad Funko Pop Figures are figurines created originally as bobbleheads – small-bodied dolls molded in plastic with an image of a character from the television series “Breaking Bad” on its head. What started out as simple figures has evolved over time into fancier versions with more detailed designs and attention to detail. What makes them so attractive is that the viewers get to interact with the characters they know and love on their own terms, giving them a feeling of ownership over this important part of pop culture.

Moreover, unlike some other collectibles, they are relatively affordable. Depending on when and where you purchase yours, you can expect to pay anywhere from around to upwards of for exclusive or limited edition releases – not bad for something that will remain special to you forever! Because prices vary so much depending on source and scarcity level– it’s always best to research thoroughly before making any purchases. And if you’re new to collecting these figures or just want an idea what’s out there before getting started — check out our in-depth look at all your options including their release history and rarity levels over at musthavefigurescollector!

Whether you intend to buy Breaking Bad Funko Pop Figures for yourself or as gifts – make sure you take your time finding exactly what works within your budget, understanding when (and why) certain iterations may be worth more than others — but more importantly, which ones truly speak to your individual soul!

How to Collect Breaking Bad Funko Pops: Step-by-step instructions for acquiring all available figures in the series.

Step One: Understand the Process of Collecting Breaking Bad Funko Pops

Before starting your journey to collecting all the Breaking Bad Funko Pop figures, it is important to understand the process of collecting. You need to decide which figures you’d like to collect, how many are needed for a complete collection, budget expectations, and other details that may affect your ability to complete a collection. Once you have those basics figured out, then it’s time to move on.

Step Two: Get Pre-Orders in Early For Rare Figures

Certain versions of some characters are being released as exclusives or limited edition runs. These figures may be rare due to their scarcity and should be tracked down as soon as possible if you aim to obtain them. Search websites such as eBay and these specialized forums for information about upcoming releases — it often pays off.

Step Three: Learn Where To Buy The Figures

The most common outlets where you can find Breaking Bad Funko Pops are popular stores such as Hot Topic, Target and Walmart. Look into smaller shops that specialize in pop culture collectibles too; they can be an excellent source for unique finds from time to time. Always check online retailers — there might be pre-order opportunities or other deals available on certain figures that can help keep your costs down during the collecting process.

Step Four: Maximize Collectible Opportunities With Bundles & Blind Bags

If you want a faster way get all the available pops without focusing on individual figures, bundles come in handy here! Take advantage of bundled packs from shopping sites or officially licensed packs from shows like Rick and Morty that combine multiple characters together — cheaper than buying them individually! Another great route is purchasing mystery blind bags filled with randomly selected figurines so you can still build your collection while keeping costs low at times!

Step Five: Double Check Grading & Certification

When buying via auction sites instead of reputable stores or marketplaces make sure we double check grading/certification stamps on boxes if available — this is important especially when aiming for exclusive versions or rare finds with special features (e.g., glow-in-the-dark variations). Misleading sellers won’t be uncommon so take extra precautions when buying like this! This will also ensure that any figure’s condition is above satisfactory levels when added into our collections later on!

Breaking Bad Funko Pop FAQs: Answers to common questions about the line’s materials, quality, availability, and prices.

Q: What is the material of Funko Pop’s Breaking Bad figures?

A: The vinyl figures used to craft the Funko Pop Breaking Bad line are made of high-grade plastic, giving each figure a longlasting finish and vibrant colors. All decorations, such as paint jobs, are applied with meticulous detail and designed to replicate key elements on each character.

Q: Is there a guarantee on the quality of Driftwood Films Breaking Bad Funko Pop figures?

A: Absolutely! All our Breaking Bad Funko Pop figures hold a quality guarantee that ensures all details, from color accuracy to proper proportions, meet the highest standards. From start to display-ready finish, every figure is crafted with great care for an optimal collectible product.

Q: How do I get access to Funko Pop’s Breaking Bad designs?

A: As part of Driftwood Film’s license agreement with FunKo Inc., we have exclusive access to Breaking Bad themed designs for multiple characters in the franchise – Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Huell Babineaux, Todd Alquist and more. These designs are available via our online store and at select retailers nationwide.

Q: What is the availability status of Funko Pop’s Breaking Bad figures? A: We currently maintain open production slots so plenty of these figures can remain in stock as demand increases over time. Regular shipments are also sent out so that new batches can be added into circulation when necessary—thus ensuring buyers will never miss out on their favorite characters regardless of how long it takes them to come back into stock.

Q: How much does one figure cost?

A: The average price for each standard size (3 ¾ inches) Breaking Bad vinyl figure ranges from $9.99 – $14.99 depending on rarity or special edition status attributed by FunKo Inc; thus making them affordable contenders among other high-end action figure lines out there.

The Top Five Facts About Breaking Bad Funko Pop Figures: Discover must-have information you need to know before investing in any of these figures.

1. Breaking Bad Funko Pop figures are incredibly popular. Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, these little figures have captivated the hearts of millions around the world. They are a hot commodity among virtual and physical collectors alike and for good reason – their fun designs, iconic character likenesses, and affordable price make them a must-have collectible for any fan of pop culture.

2. Each figure is carefully crafted and designed with attention to detail. With every Funko Pop from the Breaking Bad collection, you get an accurately depicted character wearing clothing and hair similar to what’s seen on TV – Jesse Pinkman even comes complete with his signature eyepatch! The intricate details give each figure its own unique charm that can be appreciated both by newcomers and die-hard fans alike.

3. Depending on which characters you choose, you can assemble your own mini-series featuring Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and other key Breaking Bad cast members – or recreate memorable moments from some of the show’s most intense scenes! And while they look great on display in their original packaging (including various realistic props like gun cases), they can also make fantastic toys for playing out your very own adventures with Heisenberg & Co..

4. There are rare exclusives that demand a higher premium due to limited print runs or exclusive partnerships between Funko pop retailers such as Hot Topic or GameStop’s PowerUp rewards program. These become must-haves if you want to show off the proudest pieces in your “Breaking Bad Pop Figure Collection” – provided you don’t mind parting with larger amounts of money to do so!

5. With new releases consistently coming out throughout 2019 and beyond, now is definitely a great time to jump into collecting these classic figures for yourself! Whether it’s as an investment piece worthy of maintaining its value over time, a fun addition to broaden your decor aesthetic at home or just another theme item to finish off anyones room design perfectly; this set has something for everyone looking for unique ways to remember our favorite chemistry teacher turned drug lord… One last thing: Don’t forget Gus Fring!!!

Customizing Your Collection with Rare and Unique Reloads: Learn new methods for collecting exclusive editions of your favorite characters from the show.

Ever wanted to own a rare collectible of your beloved characters from a favorite animated show? Collectors know that it can be difficult to find unique editions and prints of a character, let alone those from hard-to-find titles. However, with today’s technology, customizing collections with rare and unique reloads is easier than ever.

In this blog post, we will discuss how collectors can customize their collections with rare and exclusive versions of their favorite characters. The world of collecting has many different levels of exclusivity as well as variations within the same series. When looking to add something special to your collection or even switch up your existing collection, look no further than limited-edition reloads!

First and foremost, you must determine what type of character or title you would like to invests in. This could include comics, anime, manga (Japanese comic books), blueprints, life card set cards (cards featuring artwork based on an individual’s life story) vinyl figures, plushies/stuffed animals, trading cards etc. These items are made available by various manufacturers who produce limited runs for specific series so its important do some research prior to purchasing in order that you purchase an item that is truly special and unique.

Looking around for limited editions requires more than just routinely visiting toy stores – there are numerous websites dedicated solely towards selling these products. Many sites also enable bidders to bid on rare collectibles if they have the funds but caution should be taken not get caught up on bidding wars which tend to inflate prices beyond reasonable amounts especially when it comes originality in terms into play regarding rarity or age of piece being sold. Cheaper options will usually be found on auction sites such as eBay or even social media outlets depending upon the piece being sought out by collector.

It’s amazing how easy it is today for collectors access special edition pieces from their favourite shows! Investing in any form of collectibles requires a certain degree calculated risk since buying condition is always subjective – one man’s gem may another man’s trash but hopefully this blog has inspired you about all possibilities available when seeking out new additions for your collection!

Concluding Remarks on Collecting Complete Sets of Breaking Bad Funko Pops: Important tips for starting or continuing your collection journey with these classic figures

Collecting a complete set of Breaking Bad Funko Pops can be an exciting challenge for any fan of the hit show. While there are only a handful of figures available in stores, you can easily find the remaining pieces through careful searching and diligent trading with fellow collectors. However, if you are looking to start your collection or continue adding to it, there are some tips that could help make the journey easier.

The first tip is to decide which characters, themes, and outfits you would like to focus on. These could include Walter White in his iconic yellow hazmat suit or Jesse Pinkman using his chemistry lab skills such as Gus Fring, Mike Ehrmantraut and Saul Goodman. By narrowing down what versions of the characters you seek after at the outset makes it much easier to locate them without being overwhelmed by all the options available out there.

The second tip is research; become familiar with different ways collectors acquire their Pops whether it’s online resources like Ebay or Reddit forums, or even comic conventions where rare pieces – issued only in limited numbers – can be found if a collector is lucky enough to attend an event featuring such Funko exclusives. Additionally, websites and social media accounts dedicated specifically to Funko Pops provide considerable information regarding official releases and pricing trends which will aid pop hunters on their search for elusive pops not yet available on store shelves nor through standard channels.

Finally once found these figures should be appropriately protected against dust and other forms of wear-and-tear; delicate parts may break off over time leading one to replace them lest they wish for their complete sets eventually diminish from market value over time. Utilizing air-tight containers – many of which come with specially designed holes for display purposes – protects against dirt and moisture entering while still keeping your figures neatly presented in organized rows along a shelf or table top; a must if one wishes project either as personal decor item or selling avenue involving Pop figure collections later down the line!

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