The Adorable Cuteness of the Baby Yoda Funko Pop

The Adorable Cuteness of the Baby Yoda Funko Pop 2019

Introduction to the Baby Yoda Funko Pop: What It Is and Where to Buy

Baby Yoda, first appearing in the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian is quickly becoming one of the most beloved characters this side of a galaxy far, far away. This little unnamed character—affectionately referred to as ‘Baby Yoda’ by fans—is now taking form as one of the hottest new collectible Pop figures.

For those unfamiliar with the Funko Pop Vinyl figure phenomena, they are vinyl figurines created in a distinctive bobblehead style featuring iconic characters from pop culture presented in an array of exciting and nostalgic designs. Recently, Funko have been releasing baby versions of classic characters and Baby Yoda is no exception!

Available through a variety of outlets including Amazon and Galactics Exchange (a popular collector shop amongst Baby Yoda enthusiasts) this 11cm tall vinyl figure perfectly encapsulates his cutesy appearances on the TV show. Featuring super detailed large eyes – which make for an even cuter replica -and rugged robes reminiscent of his travels throughout Tatooine and well beyond, you can sure to be left feeling smitten by this endearing character.

As with all Funkos you are privy to a full range of accessories including guffi sticks for painting your own background settings complete with armour for extra protection from anyone savvy bounty hunters out there looking for him! Moreover, you can accessorise him further via interchangeable outfits meaning you can dress him up when embarking on new missions or just exploring time off with Mando!

In short, if you’re looking to have your own personal protector around your home then look no further than Baby Yoda! So why not grab yours now before they sell out?

Unboxing The Baby Yoda Funko Pop: Step by Step Instructions

Unboxing the Baby Yoda Funko Pop: Step by Step Instructions

Ahh, is there anything more adorable than Baby Yoda? Whether you’re a big fan of The Mandalorian series or just love seeing those big eyes peeking out from his oversized robe, it’s hard not to find this little alien captivating. But now that you have the Baby Yoda Funko Pop in its box, it’s time to unbox him and start your collection. Here’s how to do so in just a few easy steps!

Step 1: Make sure you have all the right items on hand including scissors, a small knife (like an Exacto® knife), and possibly pliers depending on how difficult it is to remove the Funko Pop figure from its box.

Step 2: Carefully remove any exterior wrapping or tape around the box without damaging your item – if this becomes difficult then you may need to gently use some pliers to help guide them off.

Step 3: Cut along the top edge of the box using the scissors until you can raise up one side of lid. Use caution when doing so in order to avoid any damage being inflicted upon your precious cargo!

Step 4: When opening up each cardboard flap from inside the box make sure that with every cut or lift, you are ensuring that no adhesive keeps them together. Depending on how securely packaged your item was, some extra care will be required here as well. You don’t want Baby Yoda getting away from you!

Step 5: Once all flaps have been removed and there’s nothing left blocking access, carefully pull out Baby Yoda Funko Pop from its secure packaging. Replace anything back into its original place within the box before placing him closeby for further inspection and adoration!

And there we have it – you now know exactly how simple and easy it can be when unboxing The Child aka as Baby Yoda in his very own Funko Pop Form! Let us know what others think about our handy step-by-step guide – did it help? Post your thoughts below or tweet us @YourPopStore

FAQs About the Baby Yoda Funko Pop

What is a Baby Yoda Funko Pop?

Baby Yoda Funko Pop is a collectible vinyl figure that features the adorable character Baby Yoda from the popular American space opera television series, The Mandalorian. With its big black eyes, oversized ears and comical expression, this Funko Pop has quickly become one of the most sought-after figures in the world! The figures are made of hard vinyl and feature over-sized head detail which allows for intricate facial expressions. They also stand on their own two feet with just enough pose-ability to make them fun to display or play with. With its simple yet powerful design and undeniable cuteness, it’s no wonder why so many people love collecting them.

Where can I buy the Baby Yoda Funko Pop?

The Baby Yoda Funko Pop is currently available at most major retailers in the United States such as Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Amazon, Hot Topic and GameStop. Online stores such as eBay also have a wide variety of these figures for sale. Because of their high demand and popularity, most retailers have sold out very quickly but more stock is usually restocked soon after. You can also find limited editions and special variants that can be purchased through select official outlets like Funimation or through official collector sites such as KFCFUNKO who specialize in unique variants of these figures.

What sizes do they come in?

The standard size for the Baby Yoda Funko Pop measure 3 3/4 inches at its highest point while other larger sized versions exist up to 6 inches tall. There’s also 10” “MyMoji” version created with much softer materials than usual Pops which makes it ideal for hugging!

Are there any additional releases coming soon?

Yes! On February 12th 2021 Funimation will release an exclusive metallic chrome version of this ubiquitous little character done up in gold plated paint finish complete with a display stand for easy showing off this one-of-a-kind piece . This time it comes posed with crossed arms giving off an even cuter look than before and is currently only available at Funimation online shop . Other online specialty shops like BoxLunch will have equally impressive exclusive versions later on during 2021 so keep checking if you’d like something special amid your collection !

Top 5 Facts About the Baby Yoda Funko Pop

1) Baby Yoda is the hottest toy around! The little guy from Mandalorian, who we now know as Baby Yoda, has taken the world by storm. His adorable toy version in Funko Pop form is no exception. The Funko Pop version of this character is arguably one of the most sought-after collectibles ever made. It comes complete with an iconic robe and a snack – fitting for our tiny favorite star of Disney+’s The Mandalorian!

2) Super Limited Edition: To mark the occasion, a limited edition Baby Yoda Funko Pop was released on December 3rd. This very special pop features a matte finish covered in glittery spots to give the figure alluring sparkle. With only 2,500 ‘Baby Sparkle’ figures making it out into circulation before selling out quickly, it’s definitely one that true fans need to add to their collection ASAP!

3) Unexpected Pals: Other figures have also been released along with Baby Yoda including references to other characters such as Kuiil and IG-11 from The Mandalorian show, which should appeal to any diehard fan searching for these new exclusive pops!

4) Awareness Raiser: This delightful figure is not just about collecting; its proceeds are being used towards worthy causes too. 10% of profits from sales of the original standard edition Baby Yoda will be donated to UNICEF USA in order to help bring care and assistance where it’s needed most for children and babies across the globe. What better way to celebrate fandom than putting your money towards a great cause?

5) Unstoppable Success: After many years at number 1 due much respectably so hermit crab meme (don’t act like you don’t laughs when you see), Funko Pops have added another face of fame – well creature – into their ranks easily replacing Darth Vadar since its release at end of 2019. Despite some cautionary tales regarding counterfeits appearing on marketplaces like eBay and Depop, no one seems able to deny how popular this trend continues despite 2020’s struggles – with demand meeting production needs around every corner leaving previously unheard of people being caught just scoping out local Walmart in hopes of snagging what might be last supply until 2021!

How to Customise Your Baby Yoda Funko Pop

Customising your Baby Yoda Funko Pop is an excellent way to spruce up any collection and give yourself a unique piece that will be the envy of all your friends. But how exactly do you go about customising your perfect little (er, big?) green buddy? We’re here to help.

First, gather your supplies. You’ll need some basic items like paint, brushes, and sealant, as well as items specific to customizing Funko figures – tools like Exacto knives and paints meant for vinyl toys. And of course there’s always those fun accessories that make a statement: feathers, glitter, buttons – anything you can think of! It might take a while to collect all these pieces – patience is essential in making sure you have everything on hand when it comes time to get down to business.

Once you have all your supplies together it’s time for the best part: getting creative! Start by selecting what colors and textures you want for your refurbished Baby Yoda geekery piece. Maybe give Yoda some patterned pants or raid those craft boxes for some bright metallic spray paint in honor of his interstellar origins? Pick whatever color scheme or design aesthetic works best for Nien Nunb – erm- we mean Baby Yoda!

Now that you’ve got your ideas in place it’s time to start painting – literally! Using thin layers of paint with fine tipped brushes may be most suitable for a simplistic look. For bolder designs use larger brushes with bigger strokes on thicker layers of paint – just remember though using too much at once can cause smudging or dripping patterns that might not capture the look you’re going for. When finished, let the painting dry overnight before applying the sealant; this will keep your Masterful work safe from chipping or fading over time due to wear and tear or rough handling.

Don’t forget about all those fun accessories either! Adding details like feathers or bottle caps can really help bring out his character without going overboard on color saturation – unless that’s what you’re going for then go ahead- get wild! Once everything is set however it’s important not put too much glue in otherwise it might discolor over time; so only use small amounts where absolutely necessary and cover with temporary adhesives such as double sided tape instead (for extra points!).

Now sit back and show off your new masterpiece– how better than starting off with a funny pose while playing interesting soundtracks inspired by The Mandalorian?! Just don’t forget to show us how amazing he looks after following our guide; tag us at #MyBabyYodasFunkoDepot because we want to see him shine!

Conclusion: Why You Will Love Your New Baby Yoda Funko Pop

Your new Baby Yoda Funko Pop is sure to bring out your inner force. Its iconic design and captivating colors will be the conversation piece of any room. Whether you are a Star Wars fan or just looking for a cute and collectible figure, this Funko Pop has something for everyone. It is made from durable vinyl and stands at 3 ¾ inches tall making it an eye-catching display item. From his big ears and expressive eyes to chubby cheeks, Baby Yoda charms in every detail. The perfect gift for any Star Wars lover, their collection won’t be complete without this lovable character! Little ones will love having him on their bedside table while older fans can proudly display him in the living room or bedroom. Collectors will appreciate all the special features such as detachable arms, head turn capability and articulated joints that make him come alive. His soft green hue and bright yellow outfit gives him an extra touch of character so anyone who sees it can’t help but fall in love with him instantly!

What’s more, Your Baby Yoda Funko Pop is also a great way to show off your fandom pride while making memories with friends and family. With its delightful design and silly expression, this mini figure is sure to start up conversations with fellow Star Wars fans everywhere you go! Plus wouldn’t forget about the Funko guarantee that ensures you get your money’s worth when shopping for those exclusive figures

In conclusion, we think everyone will absolutely adore their own Baby Yoda Funko Pop! Not only are they incredibly cute with vibrant colors that cannot go unnoticed but they have some amazing features which allow them to move naturally just like a real Baby Yoda! Add in some extra durability thanks to its vinyl construction makes them reliable longterm collectors item for even more reasons why you should love your new baby Yoda Funko pop!

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