Rev Up Your Collection: The Ultimate Guide to Funko Pop Fast and Furious [Stats, Stories, and Solutions]

Rev Up Your Collection: The Ultimate Guide to Funko Pop Fast and Furious [Stats, Stories, and Solutions] Uncategorized

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Funko Pop Fast and Furious are collectible vinyl figures based on the characters from the popular movie franchise. The line includes figures of popular characters like Dominic Toretto, Brian O’Conner, and Hobbs among others. These figurines have become a favourite among collectors worldwide.

How to Collect Funko Pop Fast and Furious the Right Way – Step by Step Guide

If you’re a huge fan of the Fast and Furious franchise like we are, you know how exciting it is to collect Funko Pops from your favorite characters. These vinyl figures capture the essence of each character perfectly, allowing us to bring a piece of the movie home with us. However, collecting them can be slightly tricky if you don’t know where or how to start. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you exactly how to collect Funko Pop Fast and Furious the right way:

Step 1: Determine Which Pops You Want

Before starting your collection, decide which Pops you want to add first. As there are quite a few figures available in various forms (chase variants, exclusives, etc.) choose the ones that speak most directly to your fandom heart.

Some of our favorites include Dom Toretto (of course), Brian O’Connor, and Letty Ortiz. There are also some rare Pop versions such as Dom with a tan T-shirt at Hot Topic or Superman’s white car version from Box Lunch.

Once you’ve determined which characters are must-haves for your collection, make sure they’re readily available before moving on.

Step 2: Look for Where You Can Buy Them

After picking out which ones you want to add first for their location near at many shops or online buyers.

Online retailers like Amazon & Entertainment Earth offer an excellent selection of Fast and Furious Funko pops while brick-and-mortar stores like Hot Topic or Walmart sell these toys as well. Specialty stores like GameStop offer exclusive editions and newly released items.

Also consider checking out local comic book shops or toy boutiques in your area – they might have Collector Corps blind boxes with unique pops inside not found elsewhere!

Finally, keep track of special releases during events such as Comic-Con International in San Diego; even online merchants will stock limited edition products around those dates too.

Step 3: Be Mindful of Chasing

Chase variants are exciting to discover within a store as they have a different look/special feature than the standard version intended for mass sale. You’ll often spot holding something like the car used in “The Fate of the Furious” or Elena’s convertible white Mercedes.

However, trying to acquire it can be frustrating for collectors as these limited editions sell fast and aren’t always offered in every box such as Hiram Ward’s 1970 Plymouth Road Runner with a red interior.

What you can do is make sure that you buy from retailers that are reputable so there is less chance of getting scammed by copycat products, discontinued items with high resell value or product not fully compatible (e.g., missing parts).

Step 4: Consider the Age and Condition

As many Funko Pops become collector’s items years after release, do keep their age into consideration.
This can affect their rarity status which might then impact pricing should a reseller chose to capitalize on this transaction.

Condition also matters if you’re serious about keeping them mint. Store your new crops somewhere cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight. Preferably with protection from dust and moisture.

Step 5: Set a Budget & Make Trades

Collecting Fast and Furious Funko Pops is definitely addictive but don’t leave your budget behind. Set up a limit for how much money will go towards acquiring new pops.The price usually varies between -0 depending on the rarity of each piece; the more recent additions or exclusive figures sold at specialty stores usually fall closer to -25 or higher but eBay has some hard-to-find editions that command top dollar.

Additionally, trading offers another way to expand your collection without breaking down too much financially. With websites such as Reddit forums r/funkopop where you’ll find like-minded individuals seeking deals just like yours!

Final Thoughts

Funko Pop Fast and Furious collects the toy that is now largely ubiquitous in geek culture. Whether you’re a fan of Dom’s precision handling, the scowling malcontenty of Tej Parker or the boombox-loving Roman Pierce, there’s a Pop out there for you.

Consider these tips to ensure you’re collecting Fast and Furious Funko Pops the right way. Find the ones you want at reputable vendors, store them safely & securely, be mindful of chasing, and set a budget while having fun. Enjoy adding to your collection – it’ll only get bigger from here!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Your Favorite Fast and Furious Funko Pops!

Fast and Furious Funko Pops have taken the world by storm. Fans of the franchise can add their favorite characters to their collection with these adorable vinyl figurines. But, how much do you really know about these collectibles?

Here are the top five facts you need to know about your favorite Fast and Furious Funko Pops:

1. Funko Pops are highly detailed

One of the reasons why people love Funko Pops is because they are highly detailed. From the intricate designs on Dominic Toretto’s car to Letty Ortiz’s signature leather jacket, these figures capture every detail that makes each character unique.

2. There are over 20 different Fast and Furious Funko Pops

Did you know that there are over 20 different Fast and Furious Funko Pops? Some of our personal favorites include Dom Toretto in his muscle car, Brian O’Conner in his undercover cop outfit, and Roman Pearce with his iconic smile.

3. The first Fast and Furious Funko Pop was released in 2013

The very first Fast and Furious Funko Pop was released back in 2013! It featured Dom Toretto in his classic white tank top and blue jeans outfit. Since then, the collection has grown tremendously.

4. They come in different sizes

Fast and Furious Funko Pops come in different sizes too! You can find them in your regular-sized figure or go for the larger versions like super-sized or deluxe editions like a Groot figure holding a walkman or Thanos wearing his golden armor.

5. They make great gifts for fans of all ages

Lastly but not least, they make great gifts for fans of all ages from young children following Cartoon Network shows to adult collectors who display them on shelves. Collectors who want something unique would greatly appreciate adding a Fast & Furious ride figural like Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder or Ghostbusters Ecto-1 car complete with Venkman figure to their set.

In conclusion, Fast and Furious Funko Pops are a must-have for any fan of the franchise. Whether you’re a collector or just enjoy having them as decorations on your shelf, these figures are highly detailed and capture everything that makes each character unique. With so many different options available, you’re sure to find the perfect addition to your collection!

Frequently Asked Questions about Funko Pop Fast and Furious – Everything You Need to Know!

Funko Pop Fast and Furious has taken the world by storm since its launch in 2017. With an extensive collection of characters from the hit movie franchise, it has gained immense popularity among fans and collectors around the world. As a result, we’ve put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will answer everything you need to know about Funko Pop Fast and Furious.

1. What is Funko Pop Fast and Furious?

Funko Pop is a line of vinyl collectibles, founded in 1998 by Mike Becker, which features pop culture icons such as movie characters, music icons, sport stars or iconic historical and cultural figures. The Fast and Furious is a series of action-packed movies featuring high-speed car racing scenes involving an eclectic mix of characters.

2. Why are people so fascinated with Funko Pops?

Funko Pops are tiny little figures standing at three to four inches tall depicting your favorite pop culture icon perfectly designed to capture every small detail desired by fans everywhere. Fans love how these figurines depict their favorite characters with precision for Halloween costume ideas or as part of their pop culture bedroom décor.

3. Who are the main characters in Funko Pop Fast and Furious?

The main set consists of all beloved original characters from the first film; Dominic Toretto played by Vin Diesel along with his sister Mia Toretto portrayed by Jordana Brewster; Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez); Brian O’ Connor (Paul Walker); Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson),and Tej Parker (Chris “Ludacris” Bridges).

4. Are there limited editions for this collection?

Yes! Collectors love limited editions because they’re rare and usually exclusive to certain stores or events such as Comic-Con’s Conventions.

5. What makes these Vinyls different from others?

Each unique figurine showcases different poses based on each respective character’s personality traits garnered through body language; and each has playful, amusing and very detailed personality that ultimately comes with their own custom look based on different themes.

6. Are Funko Pops a Good Investment?

Funko Pops are not guaranteed to increase in value – it depends on the rarity of the figurine demanded by consumers looking to acquire them. It truly is all the eye-catching details such as intricately designed costumes or props utilized throughout a movie franchise that drives individuals to seek out specific vinyls.

7. How Can I Store My Funko Pop Fast and Furious Vinyls?

Storing your pops properly can mean preserving them for years of enjoyment! Some collectors opt to remove plastic covers while keeping figurines out of natural sunlight areas or overly damp locations commonly resistant for damages. Special light-enhancing acrylic boxes made specifically for displaying these collectibles are another great investment choice and overall protector.

In conclusion, Funko Pop Fast and Furious collections offer something special for every type of collector no matter what inspires them . Whether you’re searching for Con exclusive figures or simply love the Fast and The Furious movie franchise enough to own a badass collection including your favorite riders; there’s always something fresh arriving from this ever-expansive line-up.

Unveiling the Exclusive Collection of Funko Pop Fast and Furious That Will Blow Your Mind!

If you’re a fan of adrenaline-pumping action with super-charged cars and unforgettable characters, then the latest collection of Funko Pop! Fast and Furious figurines is sure to rev your engine! From the iconic 2001 Dodge Charger to Dominic Toretto himself, there’s something for every fan in this exclusive line.

One of the most sought-after figures in this collection is undoubtedly the 2001 Dodge Charger R/T driven by Dominic Toretto (played by Vin Diesel) in the first film. Expertly designed with intricate details and rolling wheels, this collectible toy perfectly captures the menacing spirit of one of cinema’s most famous muscle cars.

But that’s not all – other stand-out additions include Brian O’Connor (played by Paul Walker), complete with his signature blue Nissan GT-R R34; Roman Pearce (played by Tyrese Gibson) astride a sleek 1970 Plymouth Road Runner; and even Deckard Shaw (played by Jason Statham), who trades in his usual high-speed vehicles for a menacing machete!

Of course, no Fast and Furious line would be complete without its fair share of favorite characters. Among them are Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez), Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster), and “Tej” Parker (Ludacris). Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering the franchise for the first time, these pint-sized versions of beloved heroes will make the perfect addition to any collection.

And let’s not forget about those iconic emblems – from Dom’s now-recognizable silver cross necklace to Roman’s fashionable fedora hat. These accessories are carefully crafted as well, making each piece unique and authentic at every angle.

In conclusion, it’s easy to see why this new Funko Pop! offering has caught our attention. The artists behind these limited-edition figurines have spared no detail – providing both collectors and fans alike with an irresistible Fast and Furious fix. So, whether you’re dreaming of cruising the streets or just looking for a piece of movie memorabilia, this impressive collection is sure to scratch your itch for all things ‘Fast and Furious.’ Start your engines, it’s time to collect!

Why are Fans Going Crazy Over Funko Pop Fast and Furious? Let’s Find Out!

Fans are raving over Funko Pop Fast and Furious collection for an assortment of reasons. This beloved franchise from Universal Pictures is all about high-octane action, adrenaline-pumping street racing, and a family-like bond that transcends blood relations. For those who have followed the series through its ups and downs, there is nothing more exciting than bringing home a piece of the excitement in the form of Funko Pop! vinyl figures.

The Fast and Furious movies have been gracing silver screens across the globe for nearly two decades now. What started as an undercover cop trying to bust a theft operation has evolved into a cast of heroic characters saving the world from villains using their fast cars and driving skills. It’s this larger-than-life persona that attracted fans to the series and makes it one of the most recognizable brands out there today.

But what is it about these petite collectibles that make them so cool? The answer lies in their attention to detail, uniqueness, wide variety, accessibility, and affordability. Each figure is crafted with precision for coveted features like Vin Diesel’s signature bald head or Dwayne Johnson’s massive build. With intricate paint jobs on clothes, weapons or accessories it’s almost like miniaturized art sculptures.

For many fans who relish getting up close with their favorite character(s) from Fast & Furious they get something unique out of collecting Funko Pops! They provide access to characters only previously available via screen appearances – so owning pieces such as Dominic Toretto holding his cross or Letty Ortiz driving her customized Corvette Stingray provides ‘cool’ points when entertaining guests at home or adding a piece to your work space (as a little motivation).

Perhaps one of the best things about Funko Pop figures are how accessible they are; often released as regular store exclusives at mass retailers worldwide including Walmart, Target & Best Buy easily purchased both online or in-retail – this means avid collectors can easily get involved without taking out a second mortgage. Funko Pops are small budget luxury – affordable and collectible all at once!

In conclusion, it’s no surprise that Fast and Furious enthusiasts worldwide are going crazy over the recent launch of Funko Pop’s latest series release with figures representing the major players from each movie franchise. With an array of characters to choose from and their impressive level of attention to detail, these Pops perfectly capture the on-screen magic that has hooked viewers for nearly 20 years! So why wait? It’s time to hop in your car and race to snatch up your very own piece of Fast & Furious memorabilia today!

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Rare Funko Pop Fast and Furious Pieces for Die-Hard Fans!

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Finding Rare Funko Pop Fast and Furious Pieces for Die-Hard Fans! If you’re a fan of the hit franchise, then you know that there are some seriously awesome collectibles out there. But with so many Funko Pop figures available, it can be hard to find those elusive rare ones. Well fear not, because we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to track down those Fast and Furious gems.

1. Do your research

First things first, get familiar with the range of Fast and Furious Funko Pops that are currently available. Make a list of which ones you want and prioritize them based on rarity. The rarest Pops will often go up in value quickly, so knowing which ones are most sought-after can help you focus your search.

2. Check specialty stores (both online and in-person)

Specialty stores like Hot Topic, GameStop or FYE are great places to start looking for rare Funko Pops. They often have exclusive pieces that aren’t sold anywhere else, so keep an eye out for those special editions when browsing their selection.

If shopping online, make sure to look at trusted sites like Amazon or eBay where collectors can sell their personal collections as well as retailers selling officially licensed products.

3. Attend conventions

Conventions are another great way to snag rare Funkos from vendors who specialize in collectibles like these. There may even be autograph sessions by actors from the movies.

4. Join Facebook groups or forums

There’s no better place for collectors than joining a social media group where fast & furious lovers meet up virtually to talk all things related including about the latest news as well as about finding rare finds.

5. Don’t forget about international markets

Funkos shipped from international markets could have exclusive variants that differ from what is sold within US marketplaces such as popular Asian partner stores like ToyQube and Zavvi.

6. Be patient and persistent

When it comes to finding rare Funko Pops, patience and persistence is key. Keep checking online stores, visiting specialty stores in-person, attending conventions and signings until you are able to find the ones that you really want.

Now that you know how to track down those elusive Fast and Furious Funko Pop figures, happy hunting! Remember, these collectibles can be a great way for fans to show off their love for the franchise – not only as decoration but also by being worth something someday. So keep your eyes open and don’t give up!

Table with useful data:

Vehicle Character Year Exclusive
1969 Chevrolet Camaro from “Furious 7” Brian O’Conner 2017 No
1970 Dodge Charger from “The Fast and the Furious” Dom Toretto 2013 No
Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) from “2 Fast 2 Furious” Brian O’Conner 2020 Yes
1993 Mazda RX-7 from “Tokyo Drift” Han Seoul-Oh 2019 No

Information from an Expert:

As a Funko Pop expert, I can confidently say that the Fast and Furious collection is a must-have for any fan of the franchise. The attention to detail on each character’s outfit and accessories is impressive, and the variety of characters available means there’s something for everyone. From the iconic Dom Toretto to fan-favorite Letty Ortiz, these Funko Pops are sure to become collector’s items. So if you’re a fan of Fast and Furious or simply love collecting Funko Pops, don’t hesitate to add these figures to your collection!

Historical fact:

Funko Pop created a line of vinyl figures inspired by the Fast and Furious franchise in 2013, adding to their collection of licensed pop culture merchandise.

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