Protecting Your Valuable Funko Pop Collection with a Pop Protector

Protecting Your Valuable Funko Pop Collection with a Pop Protector Uncategorized

What is a Funko Pop Protector and Why Should You Get One?

A Funko Pop protector is an accessory for the popular collectible figurines created by Funko, known as Funko Pops. These are plastic figures that come in a variety of shapes and sizes depicting characters from films, television, sports teams, musicians, anime, superheroes and more. As these figurines can be worth significant amounts of money to collectors due to their rarity or limited edition nature, many fans choose to protect their pieces with a Funko Pop protector.

A Funko Pop protector is a clear hard-plastic case designed specifically for the figure size it supports. They come in various sizes supporting different shaped figures such as squared off boxes (often called squares), longrects/raisededge that support rectangular or angular box shapes, slimline boxes to fit slim character designs and several others too. Each style holder typically has some rubber padding inside in order to keep the item firmly held in place against light vibrations or knocks – helping prevent accidental slip outs or shattering. Additionally some models come with places specifically designed for labels if you wish to show off your collection whilst also protecting it!

There are several good reasons why one should purchase a storage box for any collectible figure they own; firstly its protective value cannot be understated as investing money into something like this isn’t no small sum so wanting it kept safe makes great sense – guarding it against dust further prolonging its lifespan just adds to this value exponentially! Secondly you don’t have to worry about losing your product either as someone can easily recognise what’s contained within via clearly marked graphics on visible parts of said container (from time to time even transparent ones too). Lastly having vertically stacked cases looks aesthetically pleasing making them perfect choice when comparing showcase options exist – if done correctly portraying “nice looking collections” may bring more admirers & potential actors willing buy more stuff themselves!

Therefore by concluding: choosing top quality protective covers such us Funko Pop protectors seems prudent way go if you want look after most precious memories without worrying about damaging them overtime due rigours everyday life brings with itself!

Types of Funko Pop Protectors – Features, Benefits and Advantages

Funko PopProtectors are plastic or vinyl covers used to keep Funko Pop Figures from being damaged. These protective covers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, giving collectors the ability to customize their display as needed. This also provides a way for them to easily interchange figures if desired. Popular types of Funko Pop Protectors include:

• Vaulted Series – The Vaulted Series is perfect for those that want to protect their vintage collection of rare and valuable figures. It features double walls with airtight O-rings, providing an extra layer of security while still allowing the figure underneath to be seen and admired.

• Crystal Classic Protectors – Offering a more classic look, Crystal Classic Protectors are designed with high clarity plastic that displays the figure without distortion or fading in color over time. It also has a snug fit that offers protection against dust and dirt as well as everyday wear and tear.

• Gravity Feed Cases – Also known as Clamshell Cases, Gravity Feed Cases provide ample space between the top and bottom layers which can either house one large figure or two smaller ones. They feature tab closures at the sides ensuring tight seals and eliminating dust particles from entering your collection over time.

Benefits & Advantages of Using Funko PopProtectors:

• Easy Accessibility – Since most designs feature side tabs or hinges, you can easily open up your protectors in order to switch out figures or rotate collections when desired. This ensures your collection stays organized even if life gets hectic!

• Fun for All Ages – Whether you’re a kid who loves collecting action figures or an adult collector with an eye for comic books, these protectors come in various sizes so everyone can find something they love! It’s easy to customize according to individual tastes thanks to their eye-catching aesthetics and designs not only limiting damage but adding some flair too!

• Display Showcase– Whether it’s displaying your biggest prized pieces ina window display box or showing off rare finds on shelves, Funko PopProtectors make it easy maintain a professional display area while protecting your favorite collectibles!

How to Choose the Right Size and Type of a Funko Pop Protector

One of the great things about collecting Funko Pop! figurines is that they are generally pretty well protected in their original packaging. However, if you plan on taking them out of the box to show or display them, it’s important to make sure you have a good quality protector that will keep your figures safe and looking as good as new.

Choosing the right size Funko Pop! protector is an important first step. Generally, most standard-sized POP! figures can fit in a 4-inch protector – these are designed specifically with officially licensed Funko Pop collectibles in mind and measure outer dimensions of 4x4x4 inches. If you’re planning on protecting a larger POP!, such as one from The Walking Dead TV series, then you’ll need a larger diameter 6-inch protector instead. Make sure that whichever size pocket you go for fits your particular figures snugly; too much room inside the pocket could cause damage during use or resetting.

Next, there is the material to consider – some protectors are made from plastic sleeves while others may be vinyl pockets with card backing boards included. Plastic sleeves, such as polyethylene (PE), are lightweight but strong; they also don’t cling onto dust, which can be annoying when it comes time to displaying your figures again after extended storage times or transportation between collections and events. Vinyl protectors offer greater scratch resistance than plastic pockets; plus they come with additional advantages like UV protection to stop colors fading over time – perfect for those high gloss paint jobs!

Finally, think about decoration: whether it’s festooned with Batman art or something more subtle to match existing display gear – plain clear background options are available too – pick something to complement your current setup so all components flow together properly inside or outside of its permanent home.

Finding the right size and type of Funko Pop! Protector doesn’t have to be complicated; by following these steps and using this guide as starting point, collectors should more easily choose an effective protective package for their beloved pieces without breaking the bank in the process!

Step-by-Step Guide on Installing/Using a Funko Pop Protector

Installing a Funko Pop Protective Cover is a great way to protect your beloved figures from damage or dirt. With the help of this guide, you’ll learn how to properly install and use this accessory. So, let’s get started!

1) Choose the Right Protector – Selecting the right size protective cover for your Funko Pop is important if you want the ultimate protection. Make sure to measure your figure before purchasing any protector to avoid purchasing the wrong size! Do note that some floating poses may require different sizes for adequate coverage.

2) Clean Your Figure – It’s crucial to completely clean your Funko Pop with mild soap and warm water before applying a protective cover, so that no dust or dirt gets trapped between the plastic and box art while installing it. This can potentially cause scratches on both surfaces.

3) Open The Package – Pull apart the adhesive top cover gently (without bending it too much or perforating it). Using this type of packaging allows air bubbles not to interfere and dog-ears to go away quicker because there won’t be pressure pulling down at all parts of the package at once when opening it up.

4) Place The Protector – Taking care with its alignment, insert the protector inside of the box art by pressing gently until fully nested in place using your fingers. When done correctly, you should see both air traps (see image below), making sure none will remain outside nor form wrinkles once installed properly.

5) Push Away Air Bubbles – Using an even motion, push away air bubbles while slowly sliding around inner pocket perimeter (avoid sharp objects as they could tear through plastic!). To remove any remaining ones after installation has been completed, simply lift up one corner diagonally towards itself using same even motion outlined previously until bubble pops out off bottom edge– avoid folding/doubling over protector!

6) Close Back The Package – To properly close back package, press edges firmly against box art surface starting from top side going clockwise direction all around perimeter until perforated sides have attached themselves again tightly together– ensure everything looks neat so nothing gets stuck when closing tightly shut!

7) Enjoy Protection – Congratulations on successfully installing your newest Funko Pop Protective Cover! Now enjoy peace of mind knowing that another layer of protection has been added to safeguard against damage or dirt caused by frequent handling or shipping/moving processes experienced over time during collector journeys ????

FAQs About Choosing the Right Kind of a Funko Pop Protector

A Funko Pop protector is a must-have item for fans of the popular collectible figures. But with so many different styles and sizes available, how do you know which protector is right for your particular collection? Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about choosing the right kind of Funko Pop protector.

Q: What type of protectors are available?

A: There are two main types of Funko Pop protectors – standard and deluxe. Standard protectors feature a clear hard plastic shell that snaps around the figure and keeps it secure inside, while deluxe versions offer additional protection and can include features such as individual slots to display figures, card holders to store autographs or collections cards, snap on lids for display stands, or thicker plastic casings that provide extra shielding.

Q: Does the size matter when selecting a protector?

A: Yes! Choosing the wrong size for your figure can lead to too much space or not enough room for it in its container. Therefore, it’s important to check the measurements of available sizes prior to purchasing.

Q: Are there any differences between protectors designed for different figures?

A: Generally speaking, yes. For example, certain characters may require extra height if they feature longer accessories such as wands or staffs. Additionally, some figures might come with oversized heads so choose a model with an adjustable top piece that can accommodate their larger dimensions.

Q: Is there anything else I should consider when selecting a Funko Pop Protective?

A: Yes – climate control! It’s easy to forget just how hot collecting rooms can get once all those cute little figurines start amassing heat throughout summer nights! Selecting containers equipped with breathable air flow holes will help ensure your figure isn’t subjected to extra drying cause by trapped moisture levels in sweaty rooms during the warmer months

5 Interesting Facts About Protecting Your Funko Pops with a Protective Case

Funko Pops are one of the hottest collector’s items on the market right now. These Funko Pop figurines not only add an element of fun and excitement to any collection, but they also represent a growing investment that every collector should be sure to protect. Here are 5 interesting facts about protecting your Funko Pops with protective cases:

1. Age-Proof Your Collection: Depending upon the materials used, protective Funko Pop cases can ensure not just protection for a few years but for decades to come. This means that your collection will retain its value if kept in its original case, making it much easier to sell or swap with other collectors in the future.

2. Environmentally Friendly: There’s no need to worry about buying plastic bubble wrap or disposable casing when you invest in quality Funko Pop cases; these cases are designed for long-term use and multiple uses as well! Plus, because these cases may last for a century or more due to their precise materials and craftsmanship, there will be less waste impacting our planet’s environment over time.

3. Keep Dust Out of The Picture: Dirty fingerprints or dust particles have no place on pristine collections such as those made up of Funko Pop figurines! With the help of protective Funko Pop cases, any dust buildup on your collectibles stands no chance–as both air circulation as well as dirt accumulation through forgotten fees is completely halted due to the special material construction of each individual case!

4. Stop Messing Around With Strength Tests: Not all protective materials are created equal when it comes to storing collectibles such as Funko Pops; luckily with durable plastic casings you won’t need to worry about running strength tests prior to investing in a case for your favorite pieces…the materials used by many trusted companies guarantee strength and durability within seconds—saving you from any needless headaches associated with weak material erosion in cheap disposables!

5. Get an Added Edge Over Other Collectors: Don’t forget a pop case adds two larger opportunities than simply protection—styling options and display possibilities! If collecting is more than just an expense-specific Hobby—you can find additional ways to adjust your interior design with pops by choosing eye-catching colors without losing security -plus, if you select clear casing even impressive display models become possible… catching anyone’s attention at first sight while staving off damage at second glance!

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