Price of Cake Pops at Starbucks

Price of Cake Pops at Starbucks 2011

What Are The Prices Of Cake Pops At Starbucks?

Cake pops at Starbucks are a delicious and fun treat. With the convenience of being able to pick up these delightful treats at any store, they have become a popular snack among coffee lovers everywhere. But just how much do you expect to pay for one of these tasty desserts?

The prices of cake pops varies from location to location but most stores offer them for around $2 each. This is an affordable treat that can satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking the bank. Starbucks also offers discount “happy hour” prices on some days so be sure to check with your local store about promotional offers.

When it comes to selecting flavors, you should find something suitable for every taste bud out there. You could choose from chocolate dipped, vanilla dipped, caramel or even strawberry flavored cake pops! And if you’re looking for something extra special – some locations may even have limited edition flavors like cookies and cream or red velvet available.

No matter what flavor you end up opting for – you can expect the same deliciousness that only Starbucks can provide! So next time your sweet tooth strikes – swing by the nearest Starbucks and pick up one (or maybe even two!) Cake Pops!

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