Pop culture detective star wars how the last jedi should have ended

Pop culture detective star wars how the last jedi should have ended History

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The newly-formed Resistance and the First Order have a chance to stop the evil of the Empire.

The newly-formed Resistance and the First Order have a chance to stop the evil of the Empire.

The resistance is a group of rebels fighting against the evil Empire led by Luke Skywalker.

Luke Skywalker and Rey are in a no-win situation.

The Force Awakens ends with Rey, a young woman who has never seen a lightsaber before, being taken to the Resistance by Leia. In The Last Jedi, she is on her way to Luke Skywalker and Leia when they meet again on a speckled planet called Ahch-To. She is surprised that he knew where they would be; he says he had heard of it from General Organa before she was taken away by Kylo Ren and his followers in an attempt to bring down their enemies once more (Lucasfilm).

While this may seem like nothing more than a coincidence, how could anyone possibly know where any particular person is going? But there are clues here that point toward something else entirely: Luke knows precisely what will happen if he ever sees Rey again. And so does everyone else involved

Kylo Ren is in danger of turning to the dark side.

Lightsaber fighting techniques can’t sway the dark side.

The lightsaber fighting techniques are not enough to sway the dark side. Lightsabers are a force of nature and cannot be swayed by any means other than the force of nature itself. They can only be wielded by Jedi or Sith, who have been trained in their use for many years and possess great skill with them.

Not all old enemies need to die.

Not all old enemies need to die.

Old enemies can be valuable allies, useful in the future, and even help you learn new skills. Some old enemies may still be willing to help you when things go wrong.

Old villains are often more significant than life; they have power and influence that rivals even some of the most powerful characters in Star Wars lore—and if they’re not killed off soon after defeating them at the end of their trilogy, then we’ll never hear about them again (at least not until Episode IX comes out). So don’t kill off everyone who was once on your wrong side!

Remember to underestimate Supreme Leader Snoke’s power.

The Last Jedi should have ended with Supreme Leader Snoke’s defeat, not because he’s a bad guy or anything like that. But I think the movie would have been more satisfying if Rey had killed him right then and there.

So why did we see the ending of J.J. Abrams’ film as a victory for good when it was just an inevitable result of fate? The answer lies in how we perceive our power—and what happens when someone else sees us differently than we do ourselves.

There is always a way to find creative solutions that would make the world better in the end.

Creativity is a skill that can be learned but requires a certain amount of talent. Creativity isn’t something you should expect to happen by accident; it requires time and effort to develop your unique way of looking at things.

Creativity is helpful in lots of different situations! Use it when solving problems or deciding how best to move forward with your life. For example, what would happen if there were no more wars between countries? How would we feed ourselves? What kind of technology would people use? These are examples where creativity could help solve problems quickly without having any hard work involved (except reading up on some history).

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