Its Time to Lock, Pop, and Drop It: A Guide to the Ultimate Dance Move

Its Time to Lock, Pop, and Drop It: A Guide to the Ultimate Dance Move 1960

What is the Lock Pop and Drop It Dance Move?

The Lock Pop and Drop It Dance Move is an incredibly versatile dance move that has become quite popular in hip hop dancing. Put simply, it involves “locking” a certain body part at a specific angle, popping up into the air, and then dropping back down again.

Beginning with the “lock” part of the move, you’ll need to be sure that your arms or legs remain very tight and rigid as you drop them. When locking arms and legs for this move, make sure your limbs are relatively close together. This will help you create a strong frame for both popping and then dropping back down again.

Now comes the fun part: “popping” up into the air! The motion itself should be fast but controlled; imagine springing up off of your lock stance with lots of power while still responding to each muscle contraction in order to ensure fluidity with your movement (so it all looks sharp!) Finally, don’t forget to keep your eyes forward throughout this transition since they are key in creating some major flair while performing this move!

Now comes what can arguably be thought as the most important part of this entire phrase – making sure you drop back down correctly. To do so without any hiccups in your performance means hovering gently like a leaf about 1-2 inches above the ground before settling back into the starting position slowly but surely – always staying low, light on feet and agile! Once achieved however, completing the lock pop and drop look not only visually satisfying but also wildly impressive in its execution!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Mastering the Lock Pop and Drop It Dance Move


Ready to impress your friends the next time you hit the dance floor? Breaking out a few moves from lock, pop and drop it can show that you’ve got some serious dance skillz! Follow these step-by-step instructions for tips on mastering this awesome hip hop dance move.

1. Start by standing with feet shoulder width apart and squat down while extending arms in each direction forming a goal post shape with your body, palms facing up. This will be your starting move to signal the beginning of the sequence.

2. Raise your body back up while bringing arms over head into an interlocked position (left arm over right) with fists closed, while simultaneously locking both feet together as straight as possible. Hold this pose at full stature for a brief second or two before releasing the arms down and unlocking feet apart again to shoulder width stance just like your first position but slightly lower placing hands on hips or thighs.

3. Immediately raise left foot up onto its tippy toes so that both toes are lifted off the ground in one swift motion as quickly and succinctly as possible then bring it back down along with lowering everything else back down into original starting point almost near kissing position between feet if possible without causing any decrease in speed of the movements quality. During this series of steps keep hips moving side to side slightly rather than stiff for better flow with music rhythm whilst focusing on keeping arms extended outward palms still facing upwards besides raising left foot very briefly until transition back to basic starting point is complete. Move should look fluid even though steps must be precise which makes perfecting it difficult until well rehearsed multiple times!

Lock-pop-and-drop it is a classic hip hop move that can help spice up your dancing repertoire when done correctly which requires practice but is achievable once mastered! It starts by getting into a “goalpost” shape with arms spread wide outwards from your body and hands placed palm up at each end of respective sides then jump high enough for them to cross above head creating interlocking state between hands still keeping hold firm posture throughout whole process followed by quick tip toe lift of one foot then return down only after whole motion has completed itself fully before repeating steps accordingly alongside intermittent slight wiggling movement waistline or sides remaining almost statically too help maintain balance during such intense choreography!

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Doing the Lock Pop and Drop It Dance Move

Lock popping and dropping it has become quite a popular dance move over recent years, especially among hip hop and dance enthusiasts. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes made when attempting to do this particular dance move. Here’s a few of the pitfalls to avoid:

1. Going too slow: Lock popping can take some time to learn as its all about timing and coordination. Taking it too slow will not only result in an awkward looking move, but could potentially make you look clumsy on the dance floor if everyone else is moving much faster than you are. It’s important to practice at home first so that you have enough confidence in your abilities to successfully carry out the moves on the night.

2. Not using your entire body: When performing lock popping and drop it, most people tend to focus solely on their arms and hands without actively engaging their full body when dancing. The truth is that this isn’t just an arm-centered dance move; your whole body needs to be used from head down towards your feet for it to look natural and skilful. Make sure you are staying light on your toes with a slight bend so that you can stay grounded during each rotation – allowing for smooth transitions between each twist of the wrists and arms.

3. Overdoing the arm movements: Many people fall into trap of exaggerating or overcomplicating their arm movements during lock popping and drop it which can often lead them off balance instead of creating clean motion throughout each step or posture along with solid technique for those transitions between moves..Keep things simple by keeping both arms together while travelling up/down horizontally before releasing quickly with one hand then grabbing back together again to repeat the sequence until desired completion of movement has been achieved – use small ‘jerking’ motions (like playing quick fire notes) rather than large stretching/ reaching actions which allow more balance & control overall while doing the move properly!

By avoiding these common mistakes when performing lock popping and drop it, dancers can ensure they create a seamless display that looks both effortless yet highly captivating right across any floor – no matter how much experience they may have behind them!

FAQs About the Lock Pop and Drop It Dance Move

What is the Lock Pop and Drop It Dance Move?

The Lock Pop and Drop It Dance Move is a popular hip-hop dance move that has become increasingly popular in recent years. The basic footwork of the move consists of moving one or two beats while shifting your weight to one side, while then quickly releasing the body’s weight back down with a pop before dropping into a low crouching position. This move was popularized by commercial hip hop dances such as Usher’s ‘Yeah!’ music video and many others like it.

What kind of ground does this work well on?

The Lock Pop works best on a hard surface, as there needs to be a solid base to pop off from in order for the dancers to get enough lift when completing the move. Carpeted floors are not ideal, however some dancers have been able to successfully execute this on carpeting, if they generate enough power.

Where did this move originate?

The original version of the Lock Pop and Drop It Dance Move originated in 1990s Los Angeles dance culture when the Electric Boogaloo dancers got together at wild parties in South Central LA where socializing could get rough and fights needed settling in peacock-style dance battles before any punches were thrown. The basic steps of lock popping were being done along with other high energy moves such as poppin’, robotin’ and breakdancing which eventually led to its current form with popping/breaking/lock popping combinations being done as one continuous smooth flow within routines.

What type of dancer would benefit most from mastering this skill?

This is definitely going to be an advanced level skill so any aspiring street dancer or competitive performer who wants to challenge themselves should take up mastering the lock pop technique. Although anyone can train themselves how to do this, it definitely takes time, patience, dedication and lots of practice until you have gotten comfortable enough with executing clean pops at higher speeds within tight choreographed routines.

Are there injuries associated with dancing like this?

Like every physical activity it’s always important for dancers to warm up thoroughly by stretching and gradually increasing intensity before performing any challenging locking or popping elements in their routine so that they may reduce their risk for injury during highly energetic movements like those seen within lock popping and drop it variations seen across many newer Hip Hop styles today.

Top 5 Facts About The Lock Pop and Drop It Dance Move

1. The Lock Pop and Drop It Dance Move dates back to the late 1960s in Philadelphia, when it was first performed by dancers of the Phenomenal Executioners. At this time, the move was part of a larger dance style called “locking”, which included other complex arm movements such as waving and hittin’ switches.

2. The Lock Pop and Drop It technique is considered a classic street dance move because of its longevity in hip hop culture and its incorporation into modern routines. Unlike many moves that come and go with each passing trend, the Lock Pop has been a mainstay for decades.

3. According to some experts, the key components of the move involve creating tension in one arm before quickly releasing it while extending or dropping your other arm downward with force. This movement should be done swiftly so that small bursts of energy are sent through your body like electricity.

4 Coined by dancer Mark Buerger after he perfected his own version during practice sessions in 1979, there have since been many interpretations of the Lock Pop—from adding advanced footwork to even using a partner for an added flair! The best way to learn any variation is through practice and repetition on both sides so that muscle memory recalls each intricate detail during performance time!

5 The Lock Pop and Drop It dance move is no longer reliant upon American hip-hop culture alone – today world-wide communities celebrate this classic street movement made famous by influential movements like Prancing Elites Crew, Les Twins Crew and IBeAtuals from all over Europe to Africa!

Tips for Improving Your Performance with The Lock Pop and Drop It Dance Move

The Lock Pop and Drop It dance move is an exciting way to energize a room and add some flare to any party or event. Learning this complex footwork can be tricky, but with some practice, you too can master it! Here are some tips to help you improve your performance with the Lock Pop and Drop It dance move:

1. Start by practicing the basic steps. Get comfortable with the fundamentals before adding any embellishments or advanced tricks to your performance. Mastering the basics will give you a solid foundation for building on when the time comes.

2. Acquire the right shoes that provide plenty of traction and support while performing this dance move. This will help ensure that your feet don’t slip mid-performance causing an embarrassing interruption in your routine or even an injury!

3. Make use of various props such as a lock pop tube or lollipop stick as part of your routine for added spectacle value! These props will also give you something else to focus on as you juggle learning all of the steps involved in this complex combination dance move.

4. Break down each step into manageable chunks; concentrate on mastering one small piece at a time rather than rushing through all of them at once! This will help prevent burnout from trying to perform the entire sequence in one go which could cause fatigue and frustration resulting in poor performance overall.

5. Watch tutorial videos made by professional body poppers for tips on refining skills like body isolation (the act of moving certain parts independently), dexterity, timing, stage presence, etc., so that you too can execute every single step cleanly and effectively!

6. Don’t be afraid to add elements from other types of dance styles such as breakdancing or street jazz funk into your routine – mixing up movements creates interest, adds flair and makes it easier for audience members to follow along with what’s happening on stage which results in more lively energy during performances!

7 Finally, most importantly have fun while taking all the necessary steps towards perfecting The Lock Pop & Drop It! There’s no point in doing something if it isn’t enjoyable – take breaks when needed, don’t overexert yourself physically trying hard moves all at once, keep smiling throughout performance even if there are missteps/ mistakes , celebrate small successes as often as possible because these minute triumphs eventually build up into noteworthy accomplishments over time 🙂

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