Introducing the Latest Craze: The Blockbuster Pop Up Bar!

Introducing the Latest Craze: The Blockbuster Pop Up Bar! 2019

Should You Host a Blockbuster Pop Up Bar in Your Home?

You’ve heard of movie theaters. You’ve heard of home theaters. But did you know that it’s also possible to host a blockbuster pop up bar in your own home? No, we don’t mean just inviting over a few friends and throwing back drinks while watching an old classic on VHS! We mean transforming your living room into the perfect spot for an unforgettable evening of film-inspired fun.

The idea behind hosting a pop up bar is simple; bring a touch of the big screen to your own space. Impress your friends with an intruder-proof display cases full of cinematic treats (hotdogs, popcorn, candy) whilst spinning some movie related soundtracks or dialogue tracks on the record player in the background. And if that doesn’t get your guests in the mood for some Hollywood glamour all you have to do is grab every blanket and cushion you can find, creating cozy little spots around your TV set whilst switching off all unnecessary lights and creating an elegant ambiance with small decorative elements like dimly lit lamps or small props reminiscent of any given box office hit!

Of course, no blockbuster evening would be complete without at least a few drinks – think exciting cocktail creations dedicated to certain movies (Whiskey Amnesia!, Cool Hand Margaritas!) or refreshing mocktails inspired by studio classics (Madagascar Mule Slushies!, Skyfall Frappés!). If you want to make sure everyone abides by their drink limit you could always stick with classics such as White Russians served “by Big Lebowski rules”.

But overall, there are no rules when it comes to hosting a beloved evening of cinema themed entertainment – the only limitation is one’s own imagination! So if you are looking for something special and different next time you invite friends over for movie night take things one step further and transform yourself into an official Pop Up Bar Boss!

Step-by-Step Guide to Throwing a Blockbuster Pop Up Bar

A pop up bar is a great way to draw attention to your business. Whether it’s a product launch, special event, or simply offering a unique experience, having a successful pop up bar requires careful planning and execution. To help you create the perfect event, here’s a step-by-step guide to throwing a blockbuster pop up bar.

Step 1: Choose Your Location

The location of your pop-up bar is key to its success; find an area that will be accessible while providing enough space to hold the number of people you expect. It should also reflect the atmosphere of your event—for example, if it’s an intimate gathering in an upscale setting choose a venue such as a rooftop patio or terrace. Consider factors such as ease of access and nearby amenities like parking when selecting your spot.

Step 2: Secure Permits & Licenses

If you’re serving alcohol at your pop up bar, make sure you obtain all relevant permits and licenses from local authorities first before moving forward with any planning. Check with governing bodies concerning food and beverage preparation standards such as health certifications for kitchens or caterers handling food items if applicable.

Step 3: Gather Staff & Equipment

Staffing for additional personnel onsite will be necessary in creating large events so be certain to hire enough bartenders, servers, prep cooksetc ahead of time – preparing equipment orders such as liquor baskets& ice buckets essential too. Depending on needs maybe enlist support services-sound systems/lighting rentals etc(rental/staffing companies).

Step 4: Advertise & Promote Your Pop Up Bar

Creating buzz around the event is essential! Utilize digital platforms utilizing website (create one if needed) social media outlets like Instagram & Twitter posts etc posting photos& content related to the theme aheadd oftiframep (ie drink recipesempployerated drinks etc)-receive direct contact info email addresses in order ta gain potential guests – leveraging affiliates amplifying message even furtheroffering incentives incase someone sign sup inviting others .

Step 5: Prepare Your Menu

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Step 6: Curate Music Playlist

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Step 7: Have Fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Blockbuster Pop Up Bar

What is a Blockbuster Pop Up Bar?

A Blockbuster Pop Up Bar is a unique and immersive experience that brings to life the classic vibes of your favorite movie rental store, which was once an icon in American culture. At the Blockbuster Pop Up Bar, guests can enjoy delicious craft cocktails while they view classic movies on vintage VHS players and explore set pieces from iconic films such as Clueless, Wayne’s World, The Shawshank Redemption, Jurassic Park, and many more. Recurring themes like “Office Hours” every Thursday after 5 pm bring back the nostalgia of cubicle life with special deals on beer and wine.

Where are these pop up bars located?

The Blockbuster Pop Up Bar has visited multiple cities including Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City since 2019. They will continue to move from city to city bringing their one-of-a-kind movie rental experience with them!

Do you have to be 21+ to enter?

Yes, due to various state regulations all guests must be 21 or older with valid ID for entry into any blockbusters pop up bar location.

What kind of activities can I participate in at the bar?

At the Blockbuster Pop Up Bar you can enjoy classic film screenings on vintage VHS players throughout their events as well as trivia nights featuring speed rounds with prizes! Grab a cocktail while you listen along to remixes of blockbuster soundtracks played by local DJs who will keep everyone dancing all night long! You can also explore collections at our archival library featuring items such as collectible movie theater posters or play video games like Pac Man on classic consoles like Sega Genesis or Nintendo 64! It’s truly an unforgettable experience.

Are there food options available?

Most locations do offer light bites alongside their craft cocktail menu but food selections may vary based upon location.

Top 5 Facts about Organizing a Blockbuster Pop Up Bar

A Pop Up Bar is the type of bar concept that has become increasingly popular over the past few years, allowing bar owners to essentially bring a business to a location for just one night. From rooftop bars in large cities to small photo ops in rural towns, these events can bring an unexpected surprise and potential publicity for businesses. Here are some interesting facts about organizing a top-notch pop up bar experience:

1. Make It Marketable: The key ingredient of success with any pop up event is making sure that people know it’s happening. Utilize social media platforms and local press outlets so people know when, where and why they should show up.

2. Don’t Underestimate Permits: Many pop up events can be done without applying for permits as long as no alcohol or food is served, since regulations vary from state to state and country, always check with your local officials first. While you’re at it double-check building safety regulations if you plan on having outdoor seating or if there are any additional insurance requirements that must be met before you go ahead with the event.

3. Have Fun With Your Set Design: Creating an atmosphere for your guests can really set apart your pop up event from all others! Get creative when it comes to decorations – think lighting fixtures and décor pieces that will make your space feel different during the day versus what it looks like at night when everyone arrives! One thing to keep in mind is have enough space between tables so guests can move without bumping into one another .

4. VIP Guests For Maximum Exposure: Inviting industry insiders or even celebrities can generate a buzz before adding them on social media accounts with special guest mentions creates an added layer of marketing ability and help market beyond just friends attending the event itself!

5. Serve Good Quality Drinks And Food : Nothing ruins a good night more than bad drinks or food options – make sure whatever you serve meets expectations (especially if you charge unusually high prices). As most nights go passed midnight, offering late snacks such as french fries , burgers etc will ensure returning customers coming back again down the line – word travels fast don’t forget !

Important Considerations When Planning a Blockbuster Pop Up Bar Event

Pop up bars have become an increasingly popular way to attract attention and create a memorable experiences for guests. From classic summer blockbusters to major sporting events, the temporary nature of these locations make them more exciting than the traditional bar setting. With any successful event planning, there are certain considerations that must be made when hosting a pop up bar event.

Location – Not only should the location of the pop up bar align with the theme of your event, but it also needs to be accessible and convenient to both guests and staff. Choosing a space that is easily visible (and preferably very unique!) is essential in generating interest and foot traffic. Additionally, be sure that you choose an area that fits comfortably within your budget while offering enough room for both setup and execution of the event.

Permits – A key factor in ensuring success when hosting a pop up bar event is obtaining all local permits required by law or regulations related to running a drinking establishment for a short period of time (such as health department requirements). Make sure you reach out to your city government’s business office well in advance of your planned opening date so paperwork can be processed quickly and efficiently .

Supplies & Resources- If you’re working on hosting large scale events such as wedding receptions or office happy hours, resources such as bartenders, glassware, decorations , catering supplies, etc., can be rented from several service providers who specialize in providing all their necessary materials for short-term events like yours . Be sure to compare offers from multiple companies before making decisions about rental agreements as prices will vary widely depending on services/supplies requested. Lastly , check local stores or online retailers for any consumables needed at discounted prices – this could mean significant cost savings!

Marketing & Promotion – Generating good word-of-mouth buzz ahead of time will help draw crowds and keep people excited through each stage of setup/execution leading into its eventual closure . To get started with promoting your upcoming pop up bar event , consider creating digital ads across different social media platforms targeting specific demographics based on local geography OR who may already have an interest in receiving entertainment experiences similar yours . An email blast campaign sent directly through your website or email list is another effective tactic used by many businesses these days ! Also look into PR opportunities with nearby outlets including newspapers/blogs/magazines – they may be willing to write stories covering why locals should visit this special “destination” while it lasts !

Tips for Making Your Blockbuster Pop Up Bar Memorable and Fun

Blockbuster movie nights are always a great way to have some fun, but having a Pop Up Bar themed after your favorite movie to get the party started can truly take it to the next level. A Pop Up Bar provides an exciting experience for all of your guests. Here are our top tips for making your Blockbuster Pop Up Bar memorable and fun:

1. Choose The Right Theme: When picking out which blockbuster movie you’re going to use as inspiration for your Pop Up Bar, you need to make sure that the theme matches the tastes of all those attending the event. This will help ensure everyone has an enjoyable time and appreciates what you put together.

2. Decorate Appropriately: Create decorations that match with the chosen movie theme and make sure they aren’t overwhelming or overwhelming but fit well together. Get creative and think about unique displays that bring out certain elements from the story in a creative way, like hand made props or iconic posters printed off from the Internet.

3. Have Plenty Of Refreshments On Hand: No good Pop Up Bar is complete without a large selection of beverages and snacks ready for your guests to enjoy! Try out unique concoctions inspired by the theme such as special themed punches or drinks like vodka cocktails served in red solo cups to evoke memories of “The Breakfast Club”

4. Set Up Games & Activities: There should also be plenty of activities available so that everyone can join in on being entertained! Some easy games (indoor bowling!) or trivia questions connected with specific scenes from movies can increase interaction between guests while allowing them time away from their drinks too!

5. Make It Memorable With Keepsakes & Goodie Bags: Even small tokens can help make this night something nobody forgets anytime soon! Invitees may appreciate finding something tangible inside their late night snacks, like classic film merchandise such as hats, key chainsor even DVDs pressed at home just for this event – these are guaranteed crowd pleasers!

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