Introducing the Eddie Van Halen Funko Pop Collectible: The Perfect Gift for Music Lovers!

Introducing the Eddie Van Halen Funko Pop Collectible: The Perfect Gift for Music Lovers! 2019

Introduction to Unboxing the Eddie Van Halen Funko Pop Collection

Unboxing products is one of the most thrilling experiences for an avid collector. When it comes to unboxing a special edition collection from one of music’s greatest guitarists, Eddie Van Halen, things get even more exciting! For those who are not familiar, Funko Pop collections feature vinyl figurines with some seriously awesome designs. There are countless editions and even custom renditions available and all feature accurate details based on the respective characters.

When it comes to the official Eddie Van Halen Collection, there are two distinct versions that every Funko Pop enthusiast should have in their collection – The Frankenstein Model 1 and The Red Head Guitarist Figure. Both figures come with exceptional detailing such as bandana fabric patterned clothing, costume jewelry and details like Eddie’s iconic 1954 “Frankenstein” model 1 guitar replicated in every single detail down to its intricate design markings.

The Frankenstien Model 1 figure also has fiery-red painted details mimicking the look of Eddie’s guitars and feet equipped with miniature guitar picks for ultimate authenticity. As for the actual Red Head Guitarist figures – they boast unique features like a detailed black hat resting on top of the red hair– further enhancing this iconic rock star depiction.

If you’re a fan of Van Halen and looking to add more flair to your Funko collection, then this limited edition release is sure to do just that! Not only will these pieces bring plenty of visual excitement but they’ll also provide many hours pleasure studying all the intricate details that make up each individual figure. Whether you admire Edward’s musical accomplishments or simply appreciate his impact made in popular culture throughout history – this amazing collection serves something truly special for avid collectors everywhere!

How to Safely Unbox and Collect the Eddie Van Halen Funko Pops

Step 1: Open the Box Slowly

One of the most important steps when unboxing and collecting Funko Pops is to open the box carefully. This helps to ensure that any damage caused by improperly opened packages is minimized. Start by completely removing the packaging tape, then gently slide your finger along one end of the box, lifting it up and allowing gravity to ease it away from the rest of the box. It’s best not to use a tool like scissors or knives as they can easily cause irreparable damage in a flimsy cardboard space.

Step 2: Check for Damage

Once you’ve opened up your box, take an immediate moment to check for any signs of damage or imperfections. Many Funko Pop collections come with at least one extra figure in case something went wrong during shipping, so be sure to grab that and place it aside just in case you find an issue with your original selection. Pay close attention to each little detail on every figure—small dents, light scratches or other signs of wear don’t disqualify a Pop from being collectible but should be noted down in order for you to protect their inherent value.

Step 3: Secure Your Display Space

Whether you plan on displaying them on shelves or have just one or two funky figurines sitting around your bedside table—it’s important that before you actually handle any pieces yourself, you double-check that your display space is safe and secure too. Make sure there are no sharp corners, tight corners or anything else which could cause indirect harm for these seven inch collectibles; safety should always come first!

Step 4: Pick Them Up Right

The final step when collecting Eddie Van Halen Funko Pops is to pay careful attention when picking them up out of the box so as not to leave fingerprints behind on either side of their plastic surfaces which can decrease their overall value over time if left untouched. Simply grasp them lightly with both hands using two fingers either side while leaving no marks behind—this also gives a better feel for how heavy every single piece looks compared next its neighbour without having to move around so much through boxes over time.

Rarer Variations of the Eddie Van Halen Funko Pop Collection

The Eddie Van Halen Funko Pop Collection is one of the most sought-after and intriguing collections of collectables available. It features several classic and beloved variations, including Eddie himself in his instantly recognisable yellow and black striped shirt, a classic EVH guitar pick, an amplifier,and two different figures – one sitting down and performing, and another ‘jumping’ off of the stage.

But what makes this collection even more special is the array of rarer variations that are only offered through certain outlets or released for a limited time. These unique variants provide fans of all ages with a chance to own something truly unique in their collection! Some notable rarities include:

• The Red Velvet Variant: This exclusive figure was released only at select stores in 2020 as part of a special promotion. It features Edward dressed to the nines in luxurious red velvet clothing with a matching guitar – perfect for those who love EVH’s over-the-top style!

• The Smoke Variant: Released during the summer of 2019, this version features Edward engulfed in dazzling smoke effects – making it one of the most eye-catching variants available.

• The Skateboarder Jane Variant: Another selection from 2019 featuring a variation on Jane Lee Hooker (EVH’s wife) skating around town with her board and presumably grooving along to some Van Halen tunes!

• The Dragon Fly Flying V Guitar Pick: Released as part of a 2015 promotional package along with The Definitive Tribute Recordings Album , this glittering gold guitar pick looks not unlike the famed Dragon Fly Flying V guitar used extensively by Eddie Van Halen throughout his career.

No matter what your taste or budget may be there is sure to be an Eddie Van Halen Funko Pop figure to meet your needs – often times you just have to search for these out-of-the way exclusives! So if you’re searching for something new to add to your collection or an eye catching gift for someone special these rarities are certainly worth checking out!

If you’re a fan of the hard rock band Van Halen, then you may be familiar with their iconic guitarist, Eddie Van Halen. His unique style has earned him a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, not to mention legions of devoted fans. Now you can add the Eddie Van Halen Funko Pop lineup to your collection! Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular versions and editions of this beloved vinyl figure:

The Classic Version – This is perhaps the most recognizable version of the figure. It features Eddie dressed in his classic black-and-white patterned outfit, complete with his signature white guitar and Red Bull logo on his black hat. The detail on this figure is incredible – right down to every stitch and button!

Metallic Version – Up next is a special metallic version of the figure. While it follows many of the same details as its classic counterpart, it is noticeably scaled down for size and features a unique silver color throughout that give it an unmistakable eye-catching shine. It comes packaged with both poseable legs and arms so that you can adjust its stance however you please!

Deluxe Edition – This version takes things up a notch with more elaborate detailing from head to toe. Not only does this iteration feature realistic poses for both hands (including his signature “shredding” pose), but even includes accessories such as interchangeable guitars and gloves that truly capture an authentic sense of realism (not to mention nostalgia!). Plus, if that weren’t enough–this edition also stands much taller than previous iterations at 7 inches–perfect for any collector who prefers larger sizes!

There are plenty more versions available in the Eddie Van Halen Funko Pop lineup – each coming equipped with detailed paint jobs, specialty packaging or rare variants – making them must haves for any diehard fan! Whether or not you’re into collecting figurines, these pieces will make great conversation starters when displayed on your desk or mantlepiece; they look that good!! So don’t wait any longer – treat yourself to one today before they sell out!

FAQs About Collecting the Eddie Van Halen Funko Pops

Q: What types of Eddie Van Halen Funko Pops are available?

A: Right now, there are two versions available – a standard collectible version and a limited-edition bright purple variant. Both are highly sought-after and make for the ultimate addition to any serious EDM fan’s collection. The standard Eddie Van Halen Pop is 6 inches tall and has been designed with all of the unmistakable details that you’d expect from an action figure of this calibre, including iconic bandanna, guitar in tow and ‘EVH’ logo on his t-shirt. The limited-edition purple edition stands as a fitting tribute to the famous Stratocaster guitar wielded by the legendary guitarist himself, made even more menacingly awesome thanks to its flamed axe head ornamentation. Both variants also feature four interchangeable guitar neck attachments so you can capture that signature sweeping playing style!

Q: How much do they cost?

A: Without factoring in shipping costs, the standard Edition and Limited Edition collectible are priced at $9.99 and $14.99 respectively – they’ve already proved themselves as an excellent investment since their release date due to their low prices compared to other Funko figures (which tend to cost closer towards $20). Moreover, with both editions being produced for around two years so far and no signs indicating production ending any time soon, we anticipate future price decreases too – be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our social media pages if you want to stay up-to-date with new offers!

Q: Where can I buy them?

A: These collectibles may be small but they have global reach! You can find them at almost any reputable online or physical store specializing in Funko products (Search Engine Optimization note – “Funko products”), but rest assured that countless dedicated collectors have been able pick up these amazing pieces over on our very own webstore at where we also offer weekly discounts & frequent special offers such as free shipping when spending over $50 on any order! Additionally, follow us across social media platforms such as Instagram & Twitter (@evhfunkopops) where you could find yourself eligible for promotional codes too!

Top 5 Facts about The Eddie Van Halen Funko Pop Collections

1) Eddie Van Halen was a beloved and iconic rock guitarist whose plays style influenced many musicians of all genres. His contribution to the rock and roll sound will forever be remembered. He is immortalized in Funko form with his own line of Pop figures!

2) Collectors can find five different Pop variations for Eddie Van Halen – guitar, drums, keyboard, and army shirt designs. Each figure comes with its own unique accessories, such as a guitar pick or drum sticks. They also feature dynamic poses that capture the spirit of Eddie’s infectious stage presence.

3) As an extra special touch, each figure has been personally signed by Eddie himself along the bottom of its base. The signature serves as an authentic stamp of approval and adds honorary recognition to any fan’s Funko collection.

4) Thanks to vinyl material construction, these figurines can withstand normal wear-and-tear over time without succumbing to damage or discoloration. From leaping into a power chord riff on the guitar figure or pounding away at the drum set design, they are sure to bring a burst of energy into any home display!

5) The availability for purchase is limited due to their exclusive status; therefore fans should act fast before supplies run out! No matter how big or small one’s Funko collection may be, adding an Eddie Van Halen Pop figurine will surely transform it into a magical Rock ‘N Roll show!

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