How to Train Your Dragon: Collecting Funko Pop!

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Introduction to Unboxing and Collecting How to Train Your Dragon Funko Pop Figures

Unboxing and collecting Funko Pop figures based on the How to Train Your Dragon franchise is a great way to follow along with characters from the films. Not only are these figures high-quality collectibles, but they can also make a great addition to any diehard fan’s collection.

The Funko Pop line of figures has been around since 1998, when they first released their classic monster movie characters. However, in recent years, this popular toy company has expanded their inventory to include many different franchises like Marvel and DC comics, Harry Potter, Star Wars and much more. The How to Train Your Dragon series is just one example of the varied series that Funko Pop figures have been made for.

When starting your collection, you’ll want to be sure you choose what type of figure you’re going for before you start shopping. Are you looking for detailed dragon figures? Cute Hiccup pop –ups? Or full body Toothless? Decide which type of figure doesn’t forget about size (which can range from 2″ all the way up to 6″) or special features (such as a glowing light up version!). Depending on your budget and whether you want a single large figurine or lots of small ones can help narrow down selection!

Once chosen it’s time to find them! If possible try attending conventions where there will be many other sellers offering exclusive versions with rare variation colors & materials not available online or in stores. Alternatively visit online websites such as eBay who have wide stock availability from various vendors both old & new at competitive prices. Don’t discount checking physical stores like Target either! Often times Funko will partner with businesses for promotions so shopping locally can often get bonus items too!

Your next step is continued purchasing while keeping an eye out for special editions like glow in dark combinations or limited releases pieces. Be sure however than none too quickly if your hoping to flipping them on secondary markets later:

How to Purchase and Store Your Funko Pop Figures

Funko Pop figures are some of the popular vinyl collectibles on the market. No matter what kind of fan-favorite character you’re looking for, there’s likely a Funko Pop figure that matches. If you’re in the market for one or more Funko Pop figures, here’s an article that will explain how to purchase and store them safely so they retain their value.

First, when shopping for your Funko Pop figures it is important to be aware of potential fakes, bootlegs and counterfeits. Swindlers manufacture and market copies of authentic Funko Pops to unsuspecting buyers who can easily be taken advantage of with a product that looks official but isn’t worth a fraction of what they paid. To prevent this from happening shop at reliable retailers when possible or buy directly from reputable vendors online like Ebay, Amazon or Funatic Collectables, just to name a few. It’s important that you know the seller well enough before investing in any collectible items as these are easily targeted by counterfeiters to make money off unwitting collectors.

Beyond being knowledgeable about trustworthy sellers and avoiding counterfeits, also be mindful of condition when buying your new Funko Pop figurine(s). Pay attention to small details such as if the figure comes with all pieces intact (if any), minor paint splotches or blemishes, sticker residue or warpage in the box due to long exposure to heat or sunlight – all red flags that could affect its value over time if not properly addressed right away by returning it back to the vendor for exchange or refund ($). On top of condition also look at when it was released since older Pop vinyl waves tend to increase in value if sold mint in box (Mib) while later releases will likely stay around their initial retail pricing unless limited editions that involve exclusive/unique variants bring more popularity pushing its price up rapidly.

Once you’ve got your hands on some

Step-by-Step Guide to Opening and Sorting How to Train Your Dragon Funko Pop Figures

Are you getting ready to open your box of How to Train Your Dragon Funko Pop figures and sorting them for ultimate display? If so, then this step-by-step guide will help make sure that your unboxing experience is smooth and successful. All you’ll need are the new Funkos, some scissors, and a safe space.

Step 1: Gather Supplies – The very first thing you’ll want to do is to gather all of the necessary supplies as discussed earlier; that includes your box of How To Train Your Dragon Funko Pop figures, access scissors, and a clean space in which to display them once opened.

Step 2: Unbox Figures – Now it’s time for the most exciting part: taking those figures out of their boxes! Carefully cut away at any packaging using the scissors given making sure you don’t damage the beautiful standout detailing on each figure.

Step 3: Sort & Link Together – Once you’ve unboxed all of your figures, examine each one carefully for any identifying cards or accessories that may have been included — these will come in handy later. Then begin sorting them by type (Dragon Riders or dragons) so that you can group like characters together when placing them on display. Don’t forget to link arm pieces together with corresponding body parts when building larger figures!

Step 4: Set Up Display – After everything has been fully sorted and linked together it’s finally time to setup display! Start by finding a clear area where your new figurines can be positioned safely while still visible from different angles. As much as possible try to arrange characters facing one another or accessories near certain creatures to create even better balance throughout the entire showpiece — adding small but powerful pops of color such as greenery or old photographs within designated areas works especially well for bringing it all together visually.

Step 5: Enjoy! – You did it! You now have an awesomely organized shelf full

FAQs and Troubleshooting Guidelines when Collecting How to Train Your Dragon Funko Pop Figures

Collecting How to Train Your Dragon Funko Pop Figures is a fun, rewarding hobby – but with any complex collection, it can be difficult to keep track of when and where you’re finding the figures. To help make this process easier, we’ve put together some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Troubleshooting Guidelines for collecting these unique collectables.


1. Where can I find How to Train Your Dragon Funko Pop Figures?

Answer: How to Train Your Dragon Funko Pops are mainly available online from official Funko retailers such as Hot Topic, Target, Walmart, Amazon, and various specialty shops. You may also find limited releases at conventions or special events.

2. What types of exclusives are available?

Answer: Exclusive designs vary in availability – some may be limited edition pieces that won’t be reproduced while others may have regional differences. Exclusive sets may include glow-in-the-dark variants or color variations that make them rarer than other non-exclusive figures on the market.

3. Are all How to Train Your Dragon Funko Pop Figures available exclusively online?

Answer: No! There are many stores across the country that offer exclusive designs directly in their physical locations as well as online digital storefronts – so be sure to check your local area for potential opportunities!

Troubleshooting Guidelines: 1. If you want to get your hands on an exclusive figure but can’t seem to find one in your local area or online, don’t worry – there are still resources available! Aftermarket sites like eBay often offer exclusive figures from previous production runs; however unless you feel comfortable shopping through a third party retailer, we recommend doing an extensive search first before making any purchases from these platforms As ever please exercise caution when purchasing products via third parties – read reviews and do your research beforehand.

2. If you’re having trouble locating a specific variant of

Top 5 Facts You Should Know Before Buying How to Train Your Dragon Funko Pop Figures

Funko Pop Figures have become a popular collectible item in recent years. Most children, teens, and even adults enjoy collecting them for fun or as part of a themed collection. One of the most sought-after collections is that of How to Train Your Dragon – due to the immense popularity of the two movies and numerous books in the series.

Thus, if you are planning to purchase some How to Train Your Dragon Funko Pop Figures for yourself or for someone as a gift, here are top five facts about these products that can come in quite handy:

1. Brand: The original Funko Pop Figures of How To Train Your Dragon licensed by DreamWorks Animation show the characters from HTTYD3 in true-to-life 3D plastic forms – they are required by ‘Dreamworks’ themselves and thus it has made them incredibly popular amongst both casual fans and serious avid collectors alike.

2. Durability: Each figurine stands at approximately 4” tall (some series even go up till 9”), making them highly durable with great attention to detail; ideal for displaying proudly on desktops/cupboards/shelves etc. Furthermore, additional protection like bubble wrap is also provided with each individually packed figure for extra security during transit or storage.

3. Variety: Collectors have plenty of choices when it comes to finding their favorite characters from HTTYD3; be it Stoick Holding Baby Night Fury Toothless from film 1 or Bezzub from film 2 plus Hiccup riding Toothless from either one ever since then there has been no let up! There is no doubt that everyone finds something interesting after going through this huge list especially when wanting additions for respective themed collections!

4. Value: These figures provide good value considering their reasonable prices between USD 10-20 dollars depending upon availability and size maters per variation which can cost up more sometimes too hence reasonable research is recommended especially while

Summary and Conclusion of Unboxing and Collecting How to Train Your Dragon Funko Pop Figures

Unboxing and collecting How to Train Your Dragon Funko Pop figures is a great way to get involved in the world of collecting. Fans of the franchise can collect some of their favorite characters in the form of adorable vinyl figures. Not only do they add a touch of whimsy to any collection, but they also make great gifts.

When purchasing these figures, it is important to verify their condition before you buy them. This will help ensure that you purchase figures in near-mint or mint conditions, as well as avoid counterfeit Funko Pops from entering your collection. After verifying the authenticity of your figure and its condition, it is time for unboxing!

Like unboxing any other item, careful attention should be taken with the package container when opening a new Funko Pop figure. A simple pair of scissors or a box cutter can be used to carefully slice through the package’s tape seal in order to retain its value. Once open, take pleasure in seeing your new figure for the first time before giving them a “once over” to make sure everything looks correct with it (such as accessories and/or stickers). Then admire your figure as you give it special place amongst your HTTYD Funko Pop family!

The act of collecting Funko Pop figures can become quite addicting! Once you have collected these adorable HTTYD figurines, they will become treasured keepsakes that not only have great personal value but also have tangible market worth too! Whether you are just starting out on building your own dragon hoard, are an avid collector, or simply looking for something fun and cool to do – rejoice because you now know all there is about unboxing and collecting How To Train Your Dragon Figures!

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