How to put pop culture stuff on merch

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Find out which fandom culture you belong to.

First, you need to find out which fandom culture you belong to. This will help you know the rules and what your merch should look like. It’s also essential that your design matches the fandom’s style and colors. If there still needs to be a group of people who share this interest, start one!

Once this is done, create some designs and hand them out via email or social media (or both). You can even try handing them to conventions!

Find out your fandom’s rules.

You’ll want to get a sense of what your fandom’s rules are before you start putting merch on it. Keep this information in mind when deciding what kind of merch you want or if it makes sense for the group.

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For example: if you know that someone in your group only likes certain bands and not others, then getting them something from another round would be too much for them. On the other hand, if everyone else is into rap music but not yours and no one else wants any shirts made with their faces on them (which happens), then sticking with more generic designs will be best for everyone involved! Be sure to check out these frequently asked questions about fanworks and their etiquette guide, as well as our recommendations section below, because they’ll give us some insight into how people approach things like selling merchandise online today—and might help answer some questions like yours!

Find the right style and colors.

Now that you know what kind of merch to make, it’s time to find the right style and colors.

Create merch designs and hand them out via a fan group.

Once you’ve established the rules for your fan group, it’s time to get creative. You can create designs inspired by pop culture or even make up your own! Here are some ideas:

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It would be fun to see what other characters people want to represent too—it could be something as simple as Hannah Horvath (from Girls), who wears distressed jeans all the time, or even someone more obscure like Levitt Greenfield (a fictional character who appeared in the film version of Office Space).

Have a friend make the merch for you.

If you need to learn how to make merch yourself, plenty of people there will do it for you. The key is finding someone who is good at making merch and can also provide the type of product that looks good.

It’s important to note that these services may be costly. However, if your band has an established fanbase and wants something they can wear while attending concerts or shows, this could be a good investment in future sales potential.

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Please put on your shows or concerts as a promotion, then upload videos of it to YouTube and elsewhere.

Run a merchandise booth at conventions.

Make your merch into stickers and T-shirts, too.

Stickers and T-shirts are great ways to get your message out. They’re inexpensive, you can customize them in any color or design, and they’re easy to hand out at concerts or shows. Plus, stickers and T-shirts are easy to find if you have an online shop or store with a physical location (like the local comic book store).

getting creative about making fans happy

It’s important to remember that your fans are more than just people who like your band. They also want to see something cool, and they’ll pay for it if you make it available!

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Here are some ways to get creative about how you can make merch that will please your fanbase:

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