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On the best way to clean earphones…

By Michael Andrews…

By Michael Andrews…

With that said, lets go over the 7 Things to Avoid when cleaning and maintaining your earphones. They are:

Turn the buds off.

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Next, you’ll want to turn the buds off and ensure they’re not touching anything else. Could you not feel them? If you do, it could damage your earphones or even break them altogether. You should also be careful not to pull on any cords while packing up your earphones—especially if they’re tangled with other lines and cables.

Lastly, keep them from shaking them around too much while they’re still plugged in, as this may cause them to disconnect from their charging source and stop working altogether. As a general rule of thumb: never put an uncharged battery into an outlet!

Put them back in their case.

Put them back in their case. Please don’t put them in the same place they were before, and don’t leave them out of their patients while they’re packed up. If you do this again and again, it’s going to make your earphones look messy and unorganized—which is not only bad for your self-esteem but also makes it harder for other people (like yourself) to find things later on down the road.

If there’s something else that needs doing now that we’ve finished packing up all of our stuff for moving day…

Take the cable and turn it one way, then the other approximately a hundred times.

To pack up earphones, you’ll want to ensure they aren’t tangled or ripped. You should throw them away if they’ve been damaged and buy new ones.

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You should also look at the cable itself: could it be dirty? If so, wash it off with soap and water before putting it together again! After this step has been completed successfully (and there was no damage done), proceed with packing up your headphones by taking each piece out of its storage case and placing it next to its corresponding part of the cable so that when put back together again everything will line up perfectly as shown below:

Gently roll up the cords and put them into a Ziploc bag.

The cord should now be rolled up and placed in a Ziploc bag with the rest of your packing supplies. You can also put it inside a travel pillowcase to keep it safe from damage while traveling. It’s best to store this all together so that everything will be accessible when you open your bags!

Next, place all these items into one more giant bowl or basket (about the size of your head). This way, they’ll stay upright and organized when they’re packed away later on.

Roll up the cord and put it in the same Ziploc bag as everything else.

Place all of this into a travel pillowcase.

Now you’re ready for your next trip. Place all of this into a travel pillow case and save it for the next time you need to go on an adventure.

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Please place it in a giant bowl or basket (one about the size of your head.)

You can take earphones on an airplane without setting off the metal detector.

You can take earphones on an airplane without setting off the metal detector. This is because earphones are made of plastic and other materials, unlike a metal detector, which operates by detecting specific metals. The only way to ensure your earphones don’t set off a metal detector is to check them thoroughly before boarding your flight.

If you’re worried about being caught by security agents as you pass through airport checkpoints with your “wireless” device in tow—or if you want to be extra safe—you’ll have no problem taking advantage of this loophole; all it takes is some extra time and effort on your part!

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