How to Get Your Hands on Exclusive Funko Pop Figures!

How to Get Your Hands on Exclusive Funko Pop Figures! 2018

Introduction to Funko Pop Exclusives

Funko Pop Exclusives are figurines created by Funko, Inc., a Washington-based pop culture merchandising company. These collectible figurines have become increasingly popular over the past several years due to their wide variety of designs and forms. Whether they’re classic characters from movies, television shows, or comic books, or original designs created in collaboration with big name properties such as Disney and Marvel, these figures have something for everyone.

The core idea behind Funko Pop Exclusives is that each figure captures the essence of its subject in an exaggerated way. The faces feature stylized versions of facial features like eyes and mouths that create unique expressions without going too far overboard. Every detail–from hair color to clothing choices–is specifically chosen to create a figure perfectly suited to its source material.

When it comes to exclusives, Funko offers rare variants of existing figures as well as limited releases in different colors or costumes. A single character can be available in multiple exclusives styles; for example Batman might come out as both a black and white variant as well as wearing his costume from The Dark Knight movie franchise. Unlike regular Funko Pop Figures which might regularly show up at stores or on websites like Amazon, finding exclusive variants requires either visiting conventions or online retailers that specialize in limited-edition collectibles (like Entertainment Earth). You can also sign up for alerts about upcoming releases using websites like Vinyl Sugar Vault or online forums devoted exclusively to collecting Funkos Pops.

Ultimately this popularity has led to loyal fan bases that pay top dollar for exclusive variants of figures they might already own multiple different versions of – but with new details not found on ordinary POPs lineups! These fans often “blitz” release dates determined by the companies who produce them: showing up en masse to physical locations such as Hot Topic Stores and virtual lines (click lists) usually hosted by specialty sites peddling these limited lines may even last days! But there’s no doubt that within the world of collectors seeking their individual miniature grails is a relatively small group some fans refer collectively known as “Popoholics”. Whether you’re one them…or just someone looking snag something special to your collection – don’t forget moderation when there are so many opportunities abound in this expanding realm!

What Makes Funko Pops So Exciting?

Funko Pops are the hottest collectibles around right now, and for good reason. By capitalizing on pop culture trends, combining fantastic production value with classic characters, and offering a wide variety of figures ranging from classic properties to new interpretations of fan-favorite franchises, Funko Pops have become must-have items for collectors and casual fans alike.

For starters, Funko Pop figures are based on icons in pop culture that many fans already know and love. Whether you’re a fan of classic films such as The Godfather or The Shining, hit TV series like Game of Thrones or Stranger Things or blockbuster video games like Overwatch or Fallout 4; there’s a Pop figure just waiting to join your collection!

Not only do they feature beloved characters in all forms of media, but Funko Pop figurines also pay special attention to the details — so each one looks great displayed alongside your other collections! From fine paint embellishments that bring the miniatures to life to unique pieces crafted with extra care for those rarest editions — everything down to their signature big heads is thoughtfully designed. Collectors can enjoy an amazing level of detail without sacrificing convenience — since this fan favorite series fits easily into homes (and budgets!) wherever space allows.

Additionally, every collector knows that variety is key when it comes to building a truly extraordinary collection. As mentioned before, FUNo Pop offers countless options in terms of iconic classics alongi with cutting-edge collaborations – allowing avid collectors and newcomers alike to explore just about any fandom they could dream up! Aside from their classic styles the company regularly adds new releases – making sure there’s something fresh out there for budding enthusiasts who are always looking for something new. Each change sparks renewed interest in what makes these miniature masterpieces so popular – giving longtime devotees complete control over how much they want their shelves to reflect the entertainment universe. With hundreds if not thousands of different designs available on the market, the possibilities seem almost endless!

It’s no wonder why these pint-sized productions have developed such a devoted following lately – when it comes down to it nothing else quite captures the same combination between old favorites and modern must-haves like Funko Pops do! If you’re looking for fun way to add personality—both literal and figurative—to your home or office space then look no further than this series – it fits snuggly into most contexts while providing hours upon hours of eye catching enjoyment !

Where to Find Rare Funko Pop Exclusives

Funko Pop exclusives are sought after by collectors as they’re often limited-edition, highly detailed characters that can sometimes be very difficult to come by. If you’re on the hunt for rare Funko Pop exclusives, here are a few tips and tricks to help you find them:

1. Shop at specialty stores – Visit your local comic book store or hobby shops that specialize in collectibles to see if they have any Funko Pop exclusives in stock. Some stores will even provide an email notification option so you can be the first to know when new merchandise arrives.

2. Follow Funko Pop release announcements – Special releases of Funko Pops usually make headlines before being released, so keeping an eye on social media sites like Twitter or Instagram from places like Hot Topic or BoxLunch can give you advance notice of upcoming exclusive drops.

3. Monitor online retailers with “Shop Alerts” – A lot of online retailers such as Amazon, Target and Wal Mart offer automated notifications when certain products become available for purchase. Setting up shop alerts allows you to stay informed of newly listed items that could include rare Funko Pop exclusives!

4. Attend conventions and events– Comic conventions often coincide with new product launches and limited-edition convention-exclusive offerings, giving collectors an opportunity to purchase unique characters not found anywhere else. Plus, it gives everyone a chance to meet fellow collectors and trade interesting finds!

5 Sign Up For Subscription Services – Companies such as Barnes & Noble’s Forbidden Planet Vault offer bi-monthly subscription boxes featuring exclusive characters or figures. The fun part is not knowing what will arrive until it arrives! This subscription service also provides access to additional rare items only sold through their website,. Purchasing this membership gives members a base number amount each month which counts towards a reward points system that can be used toward future purchases at shops carrying these products (which includes Forbidden Planet).

6 Befriend Local Collectors– Chances are there’s someone in your area who collects similar things as you do, so befriending them may lead to potential trade opportunities or discounted purchases should they ever need some extra room in their collection. It never hurts too much talking around since networks expand quickly – if all else fails, they might just point you in the right direction!

Unboxing the Latest Funko Pop Exclusives: Step by Step Guide

Funko Pop Exclusives have been around for a while now, and they are one of the hottest collectible items in the market. Whether you are just starting out with collecting them or already an avid enthusiast, chances are that you’ve been waiting eagerly to get your hands on the latest limited-edition exclusives. Unboxing them can be an exciting experience, and this step by step guide provides all you need to know!

First of all, before unpacking, it’s best to inspect the package. Ensure that all seals and boxes are intact and that no tampering has taken place; only then should you proceed to unboxing your precious figurines. Gently remove any protective wrapping such as bubbles or thin styrene foam around your collectibles whilst keeping an eye out for any damage in transit or even counterfeit items—the last thing you want is to receive counterfeit stuff!

When handling each Funko Pop Exclusives figure, use two hands if possible; holding a collectible using one hand can cause it to bend and could easily damage it. If possible check if there is any tiny detail of which you may want to keep track (e.g., number series). Make sure all accessories are included. Demonstrate extra caution when taking off any stickers, tape or bubble wrap attachments as these might be part of the charm of certain models—damaging them may devalue their worth significantly.

Finally, take a look at your item from different angles; admire its beauty like never before! Taking time during unboxing times will make sure it is not only easy but enjoyable too! Now that we’ve unboxed our Funko Pop Exclusives successfully let’s proceed for some much-needed display options such as special stands or shelves so everyone can admire our collection piece by piece!

Frequently Asked Questions About Collecting Funko Pops

What is a Funko Pop?

A Funko Pop is a popular collectible figure created by the company Funko. The figures feature characters from movies, TV shows, anime, sports teams and much more. They are modeled after the classic bobblehead dolls from the 1960s, but at larger sizes and with more detail. Each Pop figure stands 3 – 5 inches tall and features an oversized head in proportion to their body. The unique design comes with heavy enamel paint for added texture and shine. As collectors continue to search for the rarest Pops around, they have become a cultural phenomenon in recent years.

What are some of the most popular Pops?

Popular franchises like Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics have been producing numerous Pop figures over the years that remain highly sought after items on store shelves as well as online auctions sites like eBay. Recently released products such as Rick & Morty or Game of Thrones also provide fans of these titles with something to collect while they wait between seasons — all while adding character likenesses outside of just traditional superheroes or sci-fi characters.

Where can I find Funko Pops?

Funko Pops can typically be found anywhere toys are sold including major retailers such as Walmart and Target, specialty stores like Hot Topic or BoxLunch Retail Stores, major online retailers like Amazon or Entertainment Earth, and various sites dedicated to collecting vinyl figures like Urban Outfitters or ThinkGeek! Many collectors opt for Conventions such as Comic Con or Disney D23 Expo where limited edition variants are commonly made available exclusively at the event itself! You can also find many options through private sellers either through social media platforms such Facebook Marketplace or directly within collector forums created by Fandom communities (i.e /r/funkopop).

Why should I Collect Funko Pops?

For some people it’s simply because they’re fun and make great display pieces placed around your home; however for others it’s an investment opportunity due to certain limited-edition pops coming up in value over time! Collectors may also enjoy building relationships among other pop enthusiasts via trade boards online which encourages personal interaction between individuals living in different regions due to fandom similarities! Whatever your primary reason may be there is never a wrong way to appreciate these vinyl collectibles!

Top 5 Facts About the Latest Funko Pop Exclusive Releases

Funko Pop has undoubtedly become one of the most widely-coveted and instantly recognizable collections of collectible items out there. From classic and iconic characters to movie favorites and cute critters, Funko Pop exclusives never cease to amaze us with their array of design options. If you’re looking to get your hands on the hottest Funko Pop releases this season, here are five interesting facts that can help you make an informed choices:

1) Special collaborations are part of Funko Pop exclusives. Thanks to popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Disney and Marvel, we’ve seen some incredible exclusive designs over recent months. These collaborations result in some truly special pieces that could easily be among the most valuable pop culture items around.

2) Most Funko Pops are produced in limited numbers only – often fewer than 1000 units worldwide! With such small runs it is no wonder that these toys have become a prized collection item for many enthusiasts around the globe.

3) There are many ways to acquire exclusives these days. Instead of waiting for their official release dates by joining subscription clubs or visiting Hot Topic stores you can opt for pre-orders online as well. This allows for greater flexibility when it comes to availability but can also make it susceptible to scalping attempts from sites like eBay so buyer beware!

4) It isn’t just figures that receive the exclusive treatment! For example vinyls and various accessories such as head gear may come bearing special designs too – just think Gold Chrome Spider-Man at Comic Con 2018!

5) As technology advances we’ve seen more features added to certain series of figures like glow in the dark elements or specific movement animations (think Baby Yoda turning his head). You won’t see these features on standard store products but they certainly enhance the value of any collector’s pieces!

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