How to Collect the Best Funko Pop Jurassic Park Figures

How to Collect the Best Funko Pop Jurassic Park Figures Style

Introduction to Collecting Funko Pop Jurassic Park Figures

Collecting Funko Pop Jurassic Park figures is an exciting and fun way to show off your fandom for the popular movie franchise. For both hardcore collectors and casual fans, acquiring new collectibles has never been easier or more enjoyable.

For those just getting started in collecting, it’s important to understand the basics. What are Funko Pop figurines? They are vinyl toys featuring classic characters from movies, television shows and other pop culture iconography. This type of figurine is often referred to as a “Pop” for short. One of the most popular series featuring classic Jurassic Park characters are Funko Pops—some of which feature Stan Winston Jurassic Park designs, making them must-haves for all true fans!

To begin your own collection you can start by obtaining one or two core figures that feature iconic characters such as Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler as well as some of the dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex or Velociraptor. You can find these classic Pop figures at almost any toy store or online retailer such as Amazon and eBay, usually selling for roughly $10 – $15 each. Adding on additional rarer characters such as Dr Ian Malcolm (played by Jeff Goldblum) can bring a premium to your collection with prices ranging from around $40 – $80 depending on condition, rarity and packaging.

One thing that makes collecting Pop figurines so great is that there are also occasional special edition releases – highly sought after limited edition versions with unique paints/prints or exclusive bundle packs containing extra accessories like dinosaur eggs or even tiny dinosaurs themselves! Collectors go crazy for these sorts of items adding yet another level complexity to their collections! In general though no matter what you acquire – common core figures or rare editions – you’re sure to have a great time having access to all your favorite Jurassic Park characters in miniature form!

What to look for when Purchasing Funko Pop Jurassic Park Figures

Funko Pop Jurassic Park figures are a must-have for any Jurassic Park fan. Not only do they look cool, but they can also become an amazing addition to your collection. But what should you be looking out for when shopping around for these figurines?

First and foremost, check the authenticity of your Funko Pop Jurassic Park figures. All officially licensed products have a quality assurance sticker on the packaging that displays an authentic barcode and a hologram in some cases. As these collectible figures can often be quite expensive, it pays to make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting so as not to get burned by sellers false advertising unauthorized versions or recasts as original pieces

Secondly, consider the condition of each figure before making any purchase – meaning inspect them up close yourself or ask questions from the retailers if possible. Issues such as paint chips and scratched detail could potentially diminish their overall value when reselling them later down the line (hence why mint condition is always preferred).

Finally, it would be wise to keep abreast with trends and prices in order to avoid costly overestimates of rare items based off sentimental values; calculations supported by online market platforms will typically give a good indication of reasonable asking prices – although sometimes quick decisions have their own rewards!

As long as you use your common sense when shopping around there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to secure great deals – just remember to shop responsibly!

Key Differences between Vintage and Modern Funko Pop Jurassic Park Figures

In the late 1990s, Funko Pop released its first set of Jurassic Park figures. Then, in 2015 – to coincide with the third world premiere of the franchise – a modern wave of Funko Pops was released. Both sets have become highly prized collectors items; offering die-hard fans an interesting collection of rare figures for nostalgic display. Here is a look at some key differences between the two collections:

Size: The main difference between vintage and modern Funko Pop Jurassic Park figures is size. Vintage figures were much larger with a 2 ¾ inch height and they weighed around 1 ounce while the smaller modern releases measure only three inches high and standardize at just over half an ounce each. The vintage models are also notable for their chunky design, while the more recent models feature sleeker lines with increased details.

Design: Modern Funko Pop dinosaurs also feature distinct color schemes that give them a unique fluidity not found in earlier versions. The old vinyl designs had single-color pieces shaped like beach balls making classic POP designs iconic; whereas later stampings are crisper and flatter due to improved molding processes used during production which often results in vibrant colors and more detailed textures that add complexity to dinosaur anatomy.

Packaging: When it comes to packaging, both vintage and modern POP sets come in individual boxes, showcasing photos on one side as well as character profiles on the back. Modern releases have been updated with holographic features all over the cards now though, giving them further sparkle when compared to their predecessors (although this doesn’t affect playability nor does it hold any real value).

Price : Due to improved manufacturing methods that reduce cost – including injection molding – modern Funko Pop dinosaurs tend to be cheaper than their classic counterparts with prices ranging from $10-$35 depending on rarity of certain characters or variants such as chase editions – while vintage retail prices vary wildly but stand between $20-$100 or more depending on condition of figure/box.

Ultimately, there are various pros/ cons to consider when shopping both classic & current/modern releases when searching for favorite types or styles of Dinosaurs; but either way owners can be sure they’ll receive plenty of compliments no matter what style they choose!

Unboxing Your Funko Pop Jurassic Park Experience

Unboxing a Funko Pop from Jurassic Park is an experience like no other. From the moment you tear open the packaging to laying eyes on your favorite dinosaur in vinyl form, it’s a magical ride filled with nostalgia and wonder.

Before you begin, you’ll be filled with anticipation as to which Pop from the series you have – Dr. Alan Grant? T-Rex? Raptors? Velociraptor Blue Maybe? It doesn’t matter which one as they are all unique characters with their own distinct personalities. Opening a box has never been so exciting!

Once you get inside the package, it’s like unwrapping a gift; full of surprise and delight! The Vinyl Pops come in an array of brilliant colors that make them stand out among their peers. Whether it be black or brown skin tones, highly detailed headpieces or t-shirts bearing classic quotes from the movie – there’s something new and exciting to look at every time. What’s more, each one has its own miniature base for customising its display options when not safely tucked back in its original box.

The attention to detail on these limited edition pieces adds even more value for collectors; whether it be tiny symbols and stripes on clothing items or small horns protruding from helmets – there are clever little touches that make each character special. The combination of vibrant colours emanating from comical expressions set these figures apart from classic plastic figurines with no facial features whatsoever.

For die-hard fans of this iconic franchise who want genuine replica pieces worthy of their collection there can be no better choice than Funko Pop Jurassic Park – they really do bring dinosaurs back to life!

Displaying Your Funko Pop Jurassic Park Collection

If you’re a collector of all things awesome, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of the epic pop culture phenomenon that is Funko Pop. Character-driven collectible figures have become an increasingly popular form of entertainment since their inception in 2010. With licenses ranging from sports and athletes to movies and TV shows, there’s no shortage of characters available to amass an enviable collection.

One particularly beloved Funko Pop series is Jurassic Park. These 3 3/4-inch scale collectibles feature fan favorites like Alan Grant, Dr Ellie Sattler, Ian Malcolm, as well as some more obscure dinosaurs such as a Dilophosaurus and Dilophosaurus EXCLUSIVE variant. Collecting them all can make your Funko Pop Jurassic Park collection really stand out among serious collectors.

Once you’ve acquired the entire set there are several creative ways to display them for maximum impact. If you’d prefer something subtle that doesn’t take up precious space in your home or apartment there are miniature displays specifically designed for displaying (smaller) collectibles that won’t overwhelm a room with their presence but still demand admiration from viewers while showing off your greatest collecting asset – the coveted Dinomites figures! Display cases such as these come in various shapes and sizes with adjustable shelving to cater to any size POP figure collection. Whether it’s an action shot set up in honor of Professor Alan Grant or singling out one favorite character for special recognition within its own diorama box – these sturdy little holders can move outdoors without worry due to their weatherproof acrylic construction!

For those who want something bigger or would rather show off enlarged figures in one place go for a wall display case installation showcasing the entire collection on its own designated gallery wall divided accordingly by character canon; or simply mounted along lone walls creating a living mural depicting iconic scenes from the movie franchise. In either scenario museum grade lighting fixtures strategically placed nearby further emphasize each exhibited figure increasing each characters’ individual impact on observers thus further complementing an already awe-inspiring showcase as pictured below!

FAQs about Collecting Funko Pop Jurassic Park Figures

Q: What is the difference between Funko Pop Jurassic Park figures and regular Funko Pop figures?

A: One of the major differences between collecting Funko Pop Jurassic Park figures and regular Funko Pop figures is the subject matter. Regular Funko Pops usually portray characters from movies, television shows, comics, cartoons, games and other media franchises, whereas Funko Pop Jurassic Park figures are based on characters and dinosaurs featured in the classic movie series. Additionally, there has been a growing trend toward more detailed sculpting and coloring for limited run “chase” versions of the regular Funko Pops which often have a different look or increased rarity, but this isn’t necessarily the case with any specific release of a Jurassic Park figure; all released will follow the same style. Though there is also something to be said for having an exclusive set of figures dedicated to one particular movie series as well!

Q: What types of specialty items come with various Funko Pop Jurassic Figures?

A: Specialty items available in collectible packs can depend on what types of exclusives were created by their manufacturer. For example, many retailers such as Hot Topic may offer their own take on a specific figure from one of these popular movie series with extras such as glow-in-the-dark or metallic finishes or even on extra accessories or packaging that weren’t standard features before. Some stores might even have special promotional offerings depending on when they received their shipments. However, no matter where you purchase your certain figure it will most likely always be accompanied by its respective informational card (if applicable) detailing out its specifics like item number, name etc., plus some form of big box display worthy packaging that serves to protect it until you find a permanent home for it.

Q: What are some great online resources for finding out new information about upcoming releases?

A: There are numerous websites dedicated to collecting information related to upcoming releases from all kinds of different franchises including new additions to the world of Funko Pop Jurassic Park Figures. Many social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram allow easy access to trade news ideas along with official announcements too so you can stay up-to-date about when sought after items come out so that you don’t miss out! Other trustworthy resources include specialized websites specifically focussing on vinyl pop collections such as originalfunkopop which catalogs thousands upon thousands pieces across various international sites making it much easier finding those hard finds that had originally been planned but go unproduced due manufacturing issues etc.. Since they periodically update their list weekly at least sometimes daily catching fresh listings every time is always possible! Lastly following certain companies publishing lines closely can provide helpful insights into what type product we might expect in coming months so keeping an eye out during conventions like Comic Con International San Diego might prove exciting too!

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