How to be friends with people who are into pop culture reddit

How to be friends with people who are into pop culture reddit Art

How to be friends with people who are into pop culture reddit***Outline of the post:

Section: Tell them about your interests.

Section: Reply to their posts.

Takeaway: Asking questions and replying to users on a site like Reddit can help you find out more about them and make you feel more welcome on said site. This is also a great way to learn about various subjects in general.

In a friendly tone (No, “I’m just posting this”), but also very sarcastic, like I would usually reply if someone asked me or said something I didn’t like.

These are examples of how I would reply if someone asked me something in the sub-section “Social media.”

Add friends on social media that share your interests.

If you want to be friends with someone who loves pop culture, the best way is to add them on social media. This can be done without being creepy or intrusive, ensuring you’re not overly enthusiastic about your favorite things and checking in with them regularly.

If they already have a lot of friends and are active on social media, you don’t need to try too hard; follow along and let them know what’s going on around town! If they still need to get many online connections (or if they’re new), it might be helpful for you if we hang out together sometime soon.

Use the resources of your chosen subreddit.

Use the resources of your chosen subreddit. The communities in these subreddits are built to be friendly and have many people who share your interests. You can use these resources to find other people who share your interests in an excellent way or even just someone to talk with about pop culture (like me!).

Post links to interesting articles you find while surfing other websites.

Ask questions of people in your chosen subreddit in a private message.

When you first meet someone in a pop culture community, you may be nervous about how to start talking. One of the best ways to get started is by asking questions! This can be done in a private message on Reddit or Twitter (or even email), so expect them to only know who you are after some time. The key here is that they’ll see that you’re interested and willing to learn more—so they’ll feel respected enough to let their guard down and open up.

It’s also helpful if your question isn’t too personal or invasive: “What was your favorite episode of the last season?” might sound like a fascinating question at first blush; however, it could easily lead to some serious conversations about politics and religion among other things—one person’s favorite show could mean something completely different from another person’s favorite show!

Comment on other people’s posts or ask them questions.

Commenting on other people’s posts is a great way to make new friends. Make sure you comment on exciting things, not just the ones your friends wrote (unless they’re interesting too).

Be polite and respectful in your comments. Don’t post rude or mean things, even if it makes sense in context—no one wants to be around someone like that! Be honest about what you like about something; for example: “I like this song because it has awesome lyrics.”

If someone asks for help with something related to pop culture, don’t be self-serving by offering unsolicited advice; instead, say something like, “I’d love some feedback on my latest article.” If the person asking doesn’t want help from YOU, don’t give it!

You can have friends who share your interests without being one-sided or creepy.

When you’re friends with someone who is into pop culture, it’s easy to assume they do everything you do. You may think your friends are just like you and want the same things in life as you do, but this isn’t always true. For example, suppose someone is interested in graphic design or fashion but prefers to avoid discussing it with others (like me). In that case, their attraction won’t be shared by everyone else around them.

You don’t have to be friends with everyone who shares your interests! I recommend against it—you’ll miss out on many unique opportunities if all of your friends are similar.

Make sure your friend is positive and safe before accepting their request.

If you want to add people, it’s best to do so in a community that’s more likely to have the type of person you’re looking for and not be filled with creepy people like /r/jailbait.

Some communities you might be interested in:

(The categories are arranged from the most subreddits containing what you’re trying to find, then down the list.)

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