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Part I: Introduction to the project and a description of the tools used.

List your favorite movies and T.V. shows.

Now that you’ve got a good pop culture idea, it’s time to start analyzing it. The first thing to do is list your favorite movies and T.V. shows. This cannot be easy because there are so many options, so I recommend going with something simple—just one or two items at most.

For example:

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Where are your favorites shown?

If you’re a pop culture fan, there are many places where your favorite movies and T.V. shows can be found. The most popular genre for the film is drama, followed by action and romance. Famous actors include Leonardo DiCaprio and Denzel Washington; actresses include Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis, and Scarlett Johansson. Popular songs include “Happy Birthday” by Pharrell Williams (sung to the tune of Les Misérables) and “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke featuring T.I., 2 Chainz & Pharrell Williams — which have been played over 1 billion times on YouTube alone!

What do you like about them?

You can start by thinking about the things you like about these films. Are they exciting characters? Is the story intriguing? Do you love their music, cinematography, or even the way they look and sound generally? Next, ask yourself what makes each one unique and worth watching again. Suppose your favorite movie has a complicated plot with many twists and turns. In that case, it might be worth seeing more than once to see if any details have slipped past you—or maybe something that was mentioned earlier but didn’t seem important then could become relevant later on!

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Do they have anything in common?

You’ll want to look for similarities in the content and its presentation. Universal themes like love and loss are common across many pop culture texts. And if you’re trying to figure out whether two pieces of art have something in common, it can help to note what those commonalities are, too—for example:

You may be surprised to learn that some aspects of pop culture are pretty good. You might even find yourself feeling like a champion for your tastes! But it’s essential to be aware of these things before you give up on pop culture altogether:

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Analyzing pop culture is relatively easy with the right tools and research.

Pop culture is a big part of our lives and a great way to learn about the world. What do you think of when you think about pop culture? It’s something silly or trivial, but there are plenty of examples in which pop culture can be used to learn about other cultures and make connections between things.

Pop culture is an easy way for students to find connections between things—for example, if you see an ad on T.V. for an iPhone app called “Flappy Bird,” your first thought might be, “Oh! I love Flappy Bird!” But if someone else saw that same ad and had never heard of Flappy Bird before (or even played it!), they might use their own experience with games as proof that this new app is worth playing because it reminds them so much of their favorite game!

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Section: List your favorite movies and T.V. shows.

Section: Where are your favorites shown?

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