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Based on your own experience, can you identify how pop culture affects your learning?

Pop culture is a term used to describe cultural artifacts and famous works that are part of everyday life. Umberto Eco coined the term in his book The Name of the Rose, which includes an essay on pop culture titled “The End of Mimesis.”

Popular culture can be identified as those elements shared among many people within a society or region. Populations of all ages consume these items, whether they know their names or not; this makes them part of our everyday lives and influences our education.”

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What do you think is the greatest challenge in pop culture education?

The greatest challenge in pop culture education is to figure out how to use pop culture to teach.

It can be difficult for teachers and students alike to determine what’s appropriate for the classroom, especially if you’re new at this game.

Some great resources can help you make sense of it all, but sometimes it’s just plain hard!

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Is this conversation already happening in your school area?

If you’re interested in starting a conversation about pop culture in your school, here’s how to get started:

Once you’ve got an idea of where things stand at each level—school district/state government level, school board level, principal level, etc.—you’ll want

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Your learning will be better for knowing how media influences how you learn.

Your learning will be better for knowing how media influences how you learn. We as educators must make sure our students are not only aware of this but also understand how it works and how they can use it to their advantage.

Based on my own experience, the influence of pop culture upon me as an educator is multi-faceted. Pop culture has a significant effect on who I am as an educator, as well as my ability to teach and communicate with students. Teachers must respect and understand how media can shape how we interact with and educate our students. We must acknowledge this simple fact to understand how media influences our lives or interactions with others. Our attitudes toward education must change to move forward in our teaching practices.

I always smile when I reflect on my first year of teaching. It was 2008, the year that The Hunger Games came out in theaters across America, and it sparked a fire within me that would eventually lead to my decision to become a teacher. At the time, I was attending Michigan State University Montessori High School(MSU), and classes were about over for the semester. The school had recently purchased a new copy machine that we still needed to use due to its lack of sturdy paper feeders. We were excited about finally being able to print out important documents for students! While at lunch that day, there was an announcement sent around by e-mail regarding a student contest: “We need you guys! Come up with your best idea/moment/quote/etc…for this meme!” My teacher’s friends started informing us of what they planned on doing; some acted like they were going through with it, while others ignored it entirely or didn’t know what they meant by ‘meme.’ Anything you could think of was fair game (though most improvised “memes” consisted of currently prevalent internet memes or funny YouTube videos).

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I later found out that this ‘meme’ challenge was called ‘The

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