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The Mexican-American Studies Department at the University of Texas at El Paso holds workshops that teach students how to create and present their theatrical productions. The workshops are designed for students in grades 5 through 12 who want to learn about Hispanic traditions, culture, and heritage.

During the workshops, students learn about the following:

Culture: Mexican history and traditions

Mexican culture is a mix of Spanish, Indian, and African. It is influenced by the Spanish culture (which came from Spain) and the Indian culture brought to Mexico by the Aztecs. The Mexican people have also affected other cultures because they were such great traders in their time.

Mexican traditions include music and dance; food such as tacos; art forms such as pottery making; religion like Catholicism or Protestantism; sports such as soccer.

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Culture: The U.S. influence on pop culture

In terms of culture, you can see the U.S. influence on Mexican pop culture in many different ways. For example, if you go to a Mexican restaurant and order something like “enchiladas” or “tacos de carnitas” (pork tacos), chances are that they have been inspired by American cuisine!

Another example is music: Many songs come from America or Canada; others are written by Mexicans or other Latin Americans who grew up in the United States but now live in their home countries again because they want their own identity as musicians instead of being known just as “Americans.” For example, Juan Gabriel was born in Mexico but lived most of his life outside Mexico before returning after his death in 2016; he wrote many famous songs, including Barrio Luz (Luz Neighborhood), Amor Eterno (Eternal Love) and Se Acabo el Amor (Ending Love).

Cult of music.

Music is a big part of Mexican culture and a significant part of U.S. culture. The combination of these two cultures has led to a lot of fusion between music and pop culture, including the ability to hear songs from your favorite artist in Mexico but not being able to identify them as such until you’re back home again—just like with any other kind of “cultural exchange” between countries!

Three generations of family entertainment run through Mexican families.

Mexican families have a very close relationship with their children, which is evident in the movies, television shows, and music that play an important role in Mexican culture—three generations of family entertainment run through Mexican families.

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The first generation is the oldest ones who grew up watching old-school films like “El Mariachi” or “Rio Bravo”; they might also recall some classic telenovelas like “No Hay Dos Sin Tres” (There Is No Two Without Three) or “Amor De Dias” (Love Of Days).

The second generation includes those born after the 1980s who grew up watching modern films such as The Bourne Identity and Taken 2; they may need to learn more about these older classics but try their best to protect them anyway! For example, I watched all three of these movies when they came out because they were nominated for Oscar prizes at least once each time around…but then again…I don’t know if anyone else saw them either so maybe that’s why none of us went crazy over how awesome each one was!

Multi-cultural Rodeos.

Rodeos are a form of entertainment that has been around for many years. They are enjoyed by many people, both in the United States and Mexico. Rodeos are one of the most popular sports in Mexico and the United States!

Rodeo is a type of entertainment where spectators watch horses perform tricks such as running fast or jumping high into the air. At the same time, they’re being ridden by cowboys who throw lassos at them to try and make them fall on their own accord (or perhaps even injure themselves). This activity can be performed during bullfights too. Still, those events are less popular now because they don’t involve actual bulls like we used to see back when I was younger. Instead, these days, we have leopards that aren’t nearly as dangerous, so there’s no need for anyone else except maybe some children who might get scared by seeing something like this happen before their eyes…

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American culture impacts Mexico in pop culture.

The United States significantly impacts Mexican pop culture, and it’s easy to see why. Most Americans come from somewhere else—and the reason for this is that America is an immigrant country. As a result, many Native American cultures were merged with European ones during colonization (the Spanish brought Catholicism), resulting in new traditions that mixed Mexico’s indigenous peoples with Europeans’ ways of life.

In addition: Mexican food has been influenced by other cultures too! For example, tacos are traditionally eaten at lunchtime; however, they’ve become popular among American tourists as well due to their affordable price range and tasty fillings such as ground beef or chicken breast that you can buy at any supermarket or street vendor nearby your hotel room just down Highway 5

As the book indicates, a wonderful tradition of Mexican R’n’B exists in Mexico. This genre of music is known as “corridos.” In 1943, Pete Sanchez wrote a corrido about the Bronco Billy era. In 1956, Raul Velasco wrote another corrido about Chico’s reluctance to join the army and his death in combat. There comes the point when it seems as if there is nothing left for Mexican cowboys to do but write songs about their adventures and hardships. This indicates how much we hold these heroes in high respect. The last song I read by Mr. Sanchez was written on his deathbed after he had been diagnosed with esophagus cancer. His last words were “Si! Si! Estoy durmiendo…,” which means “I am sleeping… I am dying…”

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