Funko PopUncovering the Origin Story: The First Funko Pop Ever Made

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What Is a Funko Pop?

A Funko Pop is a type of collectible vinyl figure featuring characters and pop-culture figures from a wide range of franchises. The popular series of figurines range from highly detailed models to stylized caricatures. Each iteration often comes with accessories, facial expressions and alternate costumes to express the iconic character in multiple ways.

Funko first began producing these figures back in 1998, when they introduced their Wacky Wobblers – bobble heads similar in style to the classic car dashboard accessory – starting with The Beatles. Over the years, their collecting universe has exploded with hundreds of stores doing collaborations and exclusive runs for events like San Diego’s Comic Con and formative toy retailers like Hot Topic.

Funko Pops come packaged in a windowed box which not only shows off its unique details but also grants it protection no matter how much handling it has to endure before landing on your shelf or table top! These vinyl figures come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from pocket-sized figures that measure just three inches tall to larger pieces with standard 6” measurements. Some even reach epic proportions over 6” tall!

Whether you’re into superheroes, Star Wars properties , Disney classics , Anime Series or Television Shows , Funko Pops have something for every movie buff, celebrity lover, comic book fan out there! Their enormous selection of characters readily available at comic cons make them prime targets for collecting as well! If you are looking for an awesome way to show your fandom pride or just want an interesting conversation piece on your desk – Funko Pops are a fun and highly sought after way to do so!

A Brief History of the First Funko Pop

The Funko Pop craze is one that has swept the globe and has an incredibly devoted fan base. But did you ever wonder where this trend got its start? How exactly did it become so popular? We are here to give you a brief history of the first Funko Pop!

Funko began in 1998, when creator Mike Becker created a figurine based on classic animated characters. His mission was to bring back those classic cartoons and turn them into collectibles for a brand new generation. In 2000, he created the first vinyl Figurines called “Wacky Wobblers” which featured pop culture icons like Elvis Presley and The Beatles. These collectible figurines were instant hits and people soon began requesting more from Becker.

This sparked the idea for what we now know as Funko Pops – miniature collectible figures which feature some of our favorite comic book characters, movie stars, athletes, and other pop culture phenomena. The first official Funko Pop lineup included Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Star Wars’ Boba Fett, Green Lanterns’ Guy Gardner and many more iconic superheroes.

The design of these figures would stay relatively unchanged until 2010 when they added mystery box blind packaging with varying rarity levels to encourage collectors to buy multiple pieces in order to find rare variants such as metallic colors or “chase” pieces which have details intentionally difficult to recreate (proportions being out of whack or different eye shapes). These slight changes caused a surge in sales forcing retailers all around the world to jump onboard with both feet.

At this moment there are thousands upon thousands of distinct figures available to buy each individually packaged or as part of larger sets making it ever ending hunt for fans never ending! From its humble beginnings in 1998 right up till now this trend looks only set expand even further than we could imagine with the help us fanatics keeping our eyes peeled for any possible new release we can get our

How To Identify the Very First Funko Pop Ever Made

Identifying the very first Funko Pop ever made can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have much knowledge of the history of the pop culture phenomenon. For many collectors and fans, having their hands on the very first Funko Pop truly means something special; that’s why it is so important to know for sure which one holds such an honor. To help you get started in your quest for identifying this prized collectible, here are some tips to keep in mind!

First and foremost, if you’re looking to identify the very first Funko Pop ever made, it might be best to begin by considering age. Generally speaking, older Funko Pops were more likely to be among the earliest examples produced. The company has seen various changes and expansions over its 20+ year run that created variants between different releases at any given time period. Also note that limited edition models and offshoots would not qualify since they are considered separate releases from those regularly available on store shelves.

An additional resource is online communities devoted specifically to Funko Pop collections or general collecting topics. Oftentimes these open forums can provide useful insight when attempting to determine exactly when a certain model debuted with superb accuracy from fellow enthusiasts. Connecting directly with others through social media platforms as well is never a bad idea due their tendency of accumulating like-minded followers across all sorts of hobbies and interests!

On top of all that, there are several trusted sources available who specialize in archiving information about Funko products all throughout their existence. Online wikis often maintain accurate databases consisting of serial numbers, release dates, item names, photos and retail availability for anyone interested in researching individual pops based on their unique characteristics or quality concerns – making them an invaluable tool when attempting to trace back a particular model’s origin story!

Through proper research involving age criteria as well as cross-referencing resources dedicated solely towards collecting data pertaining specific

Frequently Asked Questions About the First-Ever Funko Pop

Q. What is a Funko Pop?

A. A Funko Pop is a popular line of collectible vinyl toys that feature various characters from movies, TV shows, video games, and more. They are usually made from solid vinyl with a distinctive head-and-shoulder “bobblehead” design. Often referred to as “Pops” for short, they were first introduced in 1998 and have since become one of the most popular lines of collectible toys both in stores and online. The first Funko Pop ever made was for DC Comics’ Batman character, after which many other characters in the comic book universe eventually got their own figure. Since then, Funko Pop figures have been released for countless other series including Star Wars, Disney films, superhero films, Harry Potter, Fortnite and more!

Q. How much do Funko Pops cost?

A.The cost of a Funko Pop varies depending on which figure you get and its availability at any given time – typically ranging anywhere from $5-$20 depending on rarity or demand. The very first available Batman Funko Pop (number 01) currently sells for an average of $500 on websites like eBay because it’s now considered to be extremely rare or highly sought after by dedicated collectors!

Q. Are Funko Pops licensed products?

A.Yes! All official licenses are carefully managed by the Licensing team at FunKo that focuses primarily on obtaining permission from entertainment partners to release figures based on their intellectual property (IP). This ensures that each product lives up to its source material’s standards while also providing customers with quality products they can trust! As proud partners with both major movie studios and smaller entertainment companies across many platforms – FunKo always works hard to bring the best possible licensed option for each character featured in their products lineups!

Top 5 Facts About the Original Funko Pop

Funko Pop vinyl figures have become a popular collector’s item for adults and children alike. But did you know, the original Funko Pop was first introduced back in 1998? Here are the top 5 facts about this iconic figure.

1. The Original Funko Pop Figure: In 1998, Funko introduced their first ever line of pop vinyl figures – the original 6” Funko Pop figurines featuring classic characters like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Bugs Bunny and Scooby-Doo. This brand new type of collectible quickly became loved by collectors around the world and started to worldwide success for the company.

2. Different Sizes: As popularity grew, so did the size range with other sizes such as 3”, 6” and 10” versions released over time. Making them available in different sizes meant that collectors could get many different versions of their favorite characters.

3. Material Used: Each mainstream pop vinyl is made out of two types of materials – hard plastic and soft vinyl combined together to create a unique material which is still used today when creating figures from various properties including movie franchises such as Marvel Studios or TV series such as Stranger Things.

4. Design Elements: The design elements commonly associated with pop vinyls like huge heads with oversized eyes originated from these early designs in order to make each character look more adorable!

5. Countless Designs: As mentioned above there have been hundreds of thousands of releases since popping up in 1998 with thousands of skus created and sold worldwide every year – meaning no two collections will ever be quite the same!

Where to Find the Very Oldest Collectible Pops

Collecting vintage Pop figures has become a popular hobby for many people around the world. For those looking to find some of the oldest collectible Pops, there are a few places you should look to find these gems.

The first place to start your search is online auctions and classifieds websites like eBay and Craigslist. These sites have numerous listings of vintage Pops from all eras. Plus, with their convenient search functions, you can easily narrow down what you’re looking for and find exactly the kind of item you want – right at your fingertips!

If you want something more hands-on, antique malls are an ideal spot to look for that perfect vintage Pop figure in its original packaging. Visiting an antique mall will allow you to personally explore hundreds of items in one visit, allowing you to compare prices and condition between different pieces. Plus, it’s always fun (and often highly educational) talking to knowledgeable antique dealers who can answer your questions or point out something particularly special!

Finally, flea markets are also great places to hunt down treasured Pop figures from years gone by. Flea markets offer a variety of items from cupcakes to armchairs — so it’s no surprise that they also have plenty of old collectible Pops available too! You’ll also find that some vendors offer attractive discounts on top brands like Funko or Hot Wheels for extra savings as well.

With a bit of research, patience, and luck — finding that elusive vintage Pop shouldn’t be too difficult

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