Funko Pop-ularization: Britney Spears Joins the Funko Pop Family!

Funko Pop-ularization: Britney Spears Joins the Funko Pop Family! Style

Introduction to the New Britney Spears Funko Pop

The introduction of the New Britney Spears Funko Pop is something that is sure to have fans of Ms. Spears singing and dancing in delight! The new figure not only captures the iconic outfit and look of the one-and-only queen of pop, but also brings with it a dynamic level of detail unseen in any other collectible out there.

From her face, hair, eyes, lips, voice and iconic outfit right down to those dazzling sunglasses fans will recognize from many music videos – this Funko Pop really does bring Britney’s star power to life! In addition to being a striking figure, the design incorporates cutting edge technology which enables an Electric light up feature in the skirt to imitate the twinkle of ‘too much fun’ on stage – truly making this Britney exclusive a must-have for any serious collector.

What’s more – it doesn’t end there! As part of its innovative technology, each purchase comes with free access to our exclusive digital ‘Unlock & Rock’ app – giving you exclusive access to interactive content including remixes that are instantly playable through your Smartphone or tablet device. This provides you with different sounds and music tracks inspired by Britney’s back catalogue, encouraging users to get immersed in the essence and spirit of Britney…in their own way!

On top of that who can forget when talking about ‘The Queen’, her infamous iconic dance steps too? Share your best moves online using #BTFunkoMove – dance like no one’s watching (but we all will be!) Plus, for every share using #BTFunkoMove you automatically enter into a chance win an autographed original Funko Pop from The Queen Herself!

Introducing The Queen has never been so amazing! So grab yours now before they fly off shelves!!

How to Unbox Your Britney Spears Funko Pop Step by Step

Step 1: Find the perfect spot in your home to unbox your new Britney Spears Funko Pop. Whether you choose to display it proudly on a shelf or desk, make sure that it’s somewhere that won’t be disturbed by dust, moisture, or light.

Step 2: Gently take the box out of its packaging. Most Funko Pops come in a plastic sleeve with cardboard backing to prevent damage during shipping.

Step 3: Carefully remove the plastic sleeve from both sides of the box and set it aside for disposal or storage. Make sure you don’t tear the delicate artwork printed on either side!

Step 4: Slip one hand into each side of the box and slowly lift up on both sides until your Britney Spears Funko Pop is safely nestled between your two hands. Use caution when handling as some pieces may be fragile due to their lightweight and delicate parts such as wigs, clothing, or movable pieces.

Step 5: Don’t forget to check for any accessories like alternate faces, clothing changes or wigs presented inside a small box sealed with tape! Open any additional packaging thoughtfully and very carefully in order not to damage the items inside (and possibly lose them!).

Step 6: Invest in protective cases if necessary and pack away all unwanted pieces with care – this will help keep everything looking lively over time! Make sure you display your figure in an area where sunlight won’t interfere throughout its life span – this is key to ensuring that every color remains identical throughout years of enjoyment. Enjoy!

FAQs About Purchasing/Unboxing the Britney Spears Funko Pop

Q: What is a Funko Pop?

A: A Funko Pop vinyl figure is a small collectible figure based on iconic characters and personalities from movies, TV shows, comics, sports, music, and more. These figures feature fun and playful designs inspired by their real-life counterparts. The official line of Britney Spears Funko Pops are replica models of the singer and her most popular looks. From her Mystikal costume to her baby pink Dua Lipa Hit Me Baby collaboration look – these limited-edition pieces will make any collector’s dreams come true!

Q: Where can I buy a Britney Spears Funko Pop?

A: Official Britney Spears Funko Pops are available at select retailers and online stores like Amazon, Entertainment Earth, Walmart, Target and more.

Q: How much does the Britney Spears Funko Pop cost?

A: Prices may vary depending on retailer. Generally speaking, most shops charge around $10-$15 USD for an individual pop figure.

Q: Will purchasing the Britney Spears Pop guarantee me an authentic product?

A: Yes! All official Funko Pops have special features that help identify them as true products of the company such as officially approved art work, specific packaging detailing they have not been pre owned in past and holographic details found inside each pop box that differentiate it from clones or fakes . To ensure authenticity you may use additional methods such as comparing online labels or getting your pop boxed along with certificate of authentication if purchasing through particular apps or platforms.

Q: What should I do when unboxing my new Pop?

A: After carefully opening your new Funko Pop box, take out your new collectible item carefully without damaging any part of its intricate design features like small flower clips or tassels in case of special edition designs , avoiding using sharp objects like scissors to do so which may irreparably damage it . Be sure to inspect your item closely for any imperfections before deciding to keep the item – this way you can be sure you’re getting the best quality product possible! Finally take care when handling after taking it out of its package since some components such as stands might be fragile if handled in improper fashion.

Top 5 Facts You Should Know About the New Britney Spears Funko Pop

1. Britney Spears’ new Funko Pop is absolutely the hottest item in pop-culture collectibles right now! Coming out of the Funko headquarters with a whole new collection, it’s no wonder that these vinyl figures are flying off of shelves nearly everywhere. Here are 5 Facts You should know about these awesome items:

2. The first fact is that there are two sets of these pops; one includes both Britney and her signature outfit of the 1999 VMAs, another includes both Britney and her stage costume from 2007’s ‘Gimme More’ music video performance. Both characters feature classic details like headbanging hair, sparkly outfits and iconic accessories to replicate Britney’s unmistakeable style.

3. These super-detailed caricatures even feature their own stands so you can display them exactly how you want in your home or office setting – whether on a shelf, desk or wall! And with multiple base colors available for each character, you can customize your collection as much as you like for a truly unique setup.

4. On top of releases for adults and collectors alike, Funko recently announced ‘Pocket Pop Keychain’ versions of their Britney Spears figures too. These miniature replicas come with super strong clasp attachments and all the features included in their larger counterparts; faithfully recreating everything down to the last detail and making transporting your favorite star easier than ever!

5. Lastly, becoming one of the most complete collections currently available means that there is a variant option available for each piece in this lineup too – meaning if you’re looking to add some more flare to your setup without buying straight away, this just may be one way to do it!

Pros and Cons of Owning the Britney Spears Funko Pop

Pop! dolls are a fantastic way to celebrate nostalgia and current trends. The iconic Britney Spears Pop! doll captures the essence of pop culture. Owning this amazing figurine isn’t always a matter of convenience – we look at pros and cons of owning the Britney Spears Funko Pop!


1. Collectors item – If you’re an avid fan of Britney or even Funko Pops in general, then this iconic figurine is a must-have for your collection. From its bright pink dress to its glamorous hairstyle, the details on this doll truly bring the pop sensation to life.

2. Conversation starter – No matter where you take your Funko Pop, there’s bound to be someone who recognizes it immediately and wants to chat with you about it! It’s always fun when casual conversations turn into passionate discussions about our favorite musical icons like Britney Spears.

3. Classy decor – Whether it sits atop a shelf or mantle due to its size, the Britney Pop can add a special touch of classiness to any room it is placed in, thanks in part to its dolled up design that resembles classic Hollywood glamour from back in the day, and still holds true today.


1. Expensive hobby – As with most collectible items such as figurines or toys from beloved franchises, prices tend go quite high when dealing with rare items, as is case for any would-be collector who opts for more sought after Funkos such as Vinyl Idolz versions of figures instead of regular Pops. Same applies here when buying the Britney Spear Pop since rarity usually increases cost overall and can often prove too pricey for some treasured findings unless budgeted properly prior thus leading one in difficult financial situations should they choose so regardlessly ignore these warnings beforehand…definitely not recommended move then generally considering one’s finances first before committing impulse buys yah? 2 Gotta find storage space – Unlike lower priced pieces where storage isn’t necessarily an issue (as multiple figures can fit into smaller areas) larger options like custom designed ones may require extra effort on collector’s part when trying display their highly prized object while also taking into consideration other issues such as fitting demands comfortable within limited spaces etc 3 Fragile nature – Despite being made from quality materials used types/lengths expected different conditions endured i .e . climate temperature name few important factor remain nevertheless although satisfying eye aesthetically many hours put creating considered masterpiece yet still owned responsibility prevent breaking these visual marvel so if misplaced…well thats hard luck better hope protected proper manner else risk costly accident misfortunes hitting wallet hard mite wanna invest insurance just safe measure

What to Expect After Receiving Your Britney Spears Funko Pop

If you’re a fan of the iconic singer Britney Spears, then chances are good that you were thrilled to finally get your hands on a coveted Funko Pop version of her. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a miniature replica of one of the biggest stars in pop music adorn their shelves? However, before you start popping out your new purchase and celebrating her memorable career there are few things you need to know about what to expect after receiving your Britney Spears Funko Pop.

Your first task is deciding where best your Funko should be displayed. Do you keep it proudly front and center on the mantle? Or does it belong tucked away as part of your prized collection? You may also consider gifting it to someone special who loves British as much as you do – although if that’s the case make sure it’s wrapped securely for its journey.

When it comes getting down to actually using your new toy, take caution in handling and displaying it so that the quality remains intact. Cleaning off any dust or smudges is important, but avoid any harsh chemicals or polishes when doing so since they can damage either the vinyl material or paint job. Furthermore, minor scratches can easily occur depending on how rough (or not) handled over time with regular use. A good rule of thumb is storing it out sight when not on display whenever possible, while protecting it with an additional layer of padded wrapping during moving or travel situations.

Finally, make sure take some time enjoy only thing a Funko Pop provides: unbridled joy! Not only will proudly bragging lead build an appreciation for artist but also help liven up dull areas in house by injecting some star power into any room! So go ahead show everyone – including yourself – just how much having idol means by proudly displaying her collectible likeness wherever wanted most!

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