Fun and Flocked: How to Collect and Enjoy Flocked Funko Pop Figures

Fun and Flocked: How to Collect and Enjoy Flocked Funko Pop Figures 2018

What are Flocked Funko Pops?

Flock Funko Pops are a line of collectible figures from the popular Funko toy company. Unlike traditional Pop figures which feature a smooth and glossy finish, these figures have been given a unique textured coating. The process for creating Flock pops is highly complicated, involving several specialized steps to give them their signature look and feel. First, an adhesive painting process coats each figure with a zig-zag pattern of fuzzy fibers that gives it a furry surface. This is then “flocked” with layers of different colored dyed films and matted particles to create intricate color gradients and detailing along the figure’s surface.

The result is an eye-catching series of exclusive collectables perfect for any Pop fan looking to add another level to their collections! So while they may not be as smooth or glossy as other Funko toys, Flock Pops offer something special – adding texture and personality that help make your favorite characters stand out on your shelf!

Where to Find Flocked Funko Pops

Welcome to the world of funko-pop collectors! Flocked Funko Pops are a special breed of collectible figurines that come with a furry finish. They have become increasingly popular, leading to the question “where can I find Flocked Funko Pops?”

The first place to look is your local specialty store. Many stores sell their own exclusive flocked Funkos, so it’s worth checking out before looking online. Some stores will also stock limited edition figures as well, so you may be able to get your hands on something rare!

If you can’t find what you are looking for in your area, then don’t worry – there are plenty of other options available online. You can check eBay and Amazon for potential gems among the second-hand listings or maybe dip deeper into the underworld of shady Reddit trades where people offer limited-edition exclusives.

You could also check out official Funko Pop websites like Funstock or Pop In A Box for limited edition releases and exclusives. There’s no guarantee that any particular figure is in stock, but if you develop a solid relationship with them, then chances are they’ll keep your eye out for you.

Finally, tracking down conventions and events related to fan cultures such FunKo has long been one of the most successful strategies used by serious collectors. These often feature exclusive merchandise available rarely anywhere else – just make sure to wear comfortable shoes because hunting down those adorable furballs won’t be easy!

Whatever strategy you pick – whether it’s off the shelf local shopping or scouring forums and conventions – finding that special flocked Funko Pop requires patience and effort. With perseverance and luck surely you will manage add this special item to your collection soon enough!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Collect Flocked Funko Pops

Flocking is a great way to bring your Funko Pop collection to life and add some unique flair. It’s relatively affordable, accessible to all levels of collectors, and easy to do if you take the right steps. This step-by-step guide will help you learn how to collect flocked Funko Pops and get the most out of your collection.

Step 1: Research Your Desired Flocker

Before buying any sort of product, it’s always important to know what you’re getting into – especially when it comes to flocking. Start by researching the type of flocker you want , read reviews about their workmanship and customer service (trust me, this can be very helpful) . Then take a look at their portfolio – this should give you an idea as to what kind of style they can provide for your Funko Pop figures. After that’s done, go ahead and contact them ! Most good flockers offer free consultations so take advantage of that.

Step 2: Choose A Color/Style For Your Flocked Funkos

Once you have chosen a flocker, it’s time for the fun part! Choosing the color or style of fur that will look best with your Pop figure is completely up to personal preference; however, keep in mind that some colors may not work well depending on your model or its original paint job so ask the flocker for advice. Some popular choices include black fur for darker looking has hovers or gray fur for a more realistic animal look.

Step 3: Prepare Your Figure For Flocking

Once you’ve decided on a color ,now it’s time to prepare your figure for its makeover ! You need two items : rubbing alcoholand cotton swabs . Degrease any parts such as legs or arms with diluted rubbing alcohol before applying fur , doing this helps insure the glue sticks better . You could also use sandpaper to smooth out excess bumpy areas on harder surfaces if needed . Lastly , wipe down all remaining POP parts lightly with clean cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol after degreasing is complete – this removes any remaining residue which would prevent proper adhesion otherwise

FAQs About Collecting Flocked Funko Pops

Flocked Funko Pops are a unique type of collectible figurine released by the popular culture and entertainment company Funko. These figures are made with a fuzzy, velvety material on their bodies, giving them a plush feel. With their cute looks and soft touch, they’re great for fans of all ages who love their favorite characters.

Here are some frequently asked questions to help answer any that you may have about collecting Flocked Funko Pops:

Q: What Are Flocked Funko Pops?

A: Flocked Funko Pops refer to special edition vinyl figurines that includes fuzzy details. They have an adorable look, often featuring characters from movies, television series, or games. The “flocking” process is the process that adds the fluffy odd texture to the figure.

Q: How Many Styles of Flocked Funko Pops Exist?

A: There are many kinds of flocked figures that exist! Some of the most popular styles include Pop!Asia exclusives, store exclusives and limited editions. Every style has something different to offer fans and collectors alike when it comes to collecting these items.

Q: Are All Flocked Funko Pops Rare?

A: Not all flocked figures are rare; however, some can be especially hard to find which increases its value among collectors. Some general rule-of-thumb is if it was released prior to 2018 or its exclusive or limited edition then it probably won’t be easy to find but definitely can still be collected!

Q: How Should I Care For My Collection?

A: Since flocking covers a part of the figure itself it needs proper attention so as not mat with time due excessive handling – using metals brushes may help make it look new again but handle gently at all times! Once in a while give your collection a dusting with compressed air – this would help keep them looking like new for years!

Top 5 Facts about Collecting Flocked Funko Pops

1. Limited Edition: Flocked Funko Pop! figures are considered to be a rare, limited edition collectible that makes them highly sought after and desirable amongst collectors. The only way to acquire these exclusive figures is in special box sets that often include other rare items like trading cards, photos, pins and coins.

2. Variety of Cute Characters: Fans of the popular line of adorable figures can find an array of different characters available in flocked variants, including fan favorites such as Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Harry Potter and Mickey Mouse. With there being so many options available to collectors; they are sure to find something they love within their collection!

3. High Value Potential: Many believe that collecting flocked Funko Pop!’s could potentially generate high resale value due to how much demand there is for the limited supply of items available. A figure which may have been purchased at a retail store at its standard price may have a significantly higher value if it was flocked and part of an exclusive box set or sold at an auction/convention by a seller specialized in this genre.

4. Unique Finish: Unlike many other types of pops out there on the market, flocked ones feature a unique design where the outside figurine has been specially coated with tiny soft strands resembling fur– hence why it’s also known as “fuzzy pop” or “fluffy pop”– creating an extra level of visual delight and tactile pleasantness appreciated by hardcore fans alike!

5. Investing In Fun Collectibles: While buying any type of souvenir item carries no guarantees when investing cash into one; collecting flocked Funko Pop!s could be one way for avid consumers looking for higher returns to enjoy their leisure activity while potentially increasing their assets?!

Conclusion and Additional Resources for Flocked Funko Pop Collectors

Flock finish is a unique, eye-catching and trendy addition to any Funko Pop collection, especially when it comes to certain limited edition or exclusive Pop figures. Flocked figures are usually more expensive than their typical uninflamed counterparts due to the added design feature but can be lots of fun collecting. Knowing how and where to store these figures is necessary in order to maintain the best condition possible.


Flocking Funko Pops are an interesting twist on traditional Pop figures and can really add some visual appeal and texture to your collection. While they may be a bit pricey at times, they can still be a great addition if you’re able to acquire them. It’s important that once you start collecting Flocked Funko Pops, you maintain their condition as well as stored properly in order for future collectors (including yourself!) to enjoy them for years to come.

Additional Resources for Flocked Funko Pop Collectors

• Check out Funkopedia ( for detailed information about all things Funko related–including guides with tips on how and where to store your flocked Pops!

• Follow fellow flocking fanatics on Instagram (@flocked_funkos) for suggestions on which popular characters will have their own flocked versions soon!

• There are also many Facebook groups dedicated exclusively to sharing stories, tips and resources related specifically to flocking funko pops so don’t be afraid check those out too!

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