Exploring the Unbelievable World of Funko Pop Headquarters

Exploring the Unbelievable World of Funko Pop Headquarters 2018

Introduction to Funko Pop Headquarters and What to Expect:

Funko Pop Headquarters is a unique and exciting museum located in Everett, Washington. It features an eclectic collection of over 5,000 Funko Pops from various properties across pop culture including Marvel, DC Comics, Disney, Cartoon Network and many more.

This specialized museum showcases the history and evolution of Funko Pop figures throughout the years. Visitors can learn about how each character was brought to life as well as how these iconic figures remain relevant today. Not only that but visitors will get up close and personal with their favorite characters as they have never seen them before with interactive exhibits and displays complete with original artwork, production cells and other behind-the-scenes content.

The Funko Pop Headquarters also has several activities designed to engage visitors of all ages. There are special events like autograph signings with famous artists and celebrities who have been involved in creating some of our favorite characters throughout the global phenomenon that is now Funko Pop. Additionally there are extraordinary displays of vacation-themed packs, theme park attractions featuring popular movies, television shows and comic books as well as games where visitors can test their luck at winning a prize or two.

If you’re looking for a way to experience some serious nostalgia then come down to Everett and enjoy an afternoon at the Funko Pop HQ! Take part in quizzes so you can answer fun questions about your favorite cartoons; listen in on panel discussions led by popular designers; check out exclusive products for sale such vinyls dolls and other collectibles; buy tickets for upcoming events; or shop from hundreds of daily items available in the gift shop!

No matter what you choose to do during your visit you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time exploring this one-of-a-kind attraction dedicated solely to the celebration of pop culture through collectible figurines we all know ad love – Funkos!

Touring Funko Pop Headquarters Step-by-Step

Taking a tour of the Funko Pop Headquarters is like traveling down memory lane – with every step you take, you experience an entertaining and vibrant trip through a vast collection of some of the most beloved characters and stories that have entertained us for decades. From Star Wars to Marvel Comics to Disney films, there is something for everyone to appreciate at this unique destination.

The first stop on your Tour de Funko Pop Headquarters should include getting acquainted with the company itself. Housed in Everett, Washington – just north of Seattle – Funko began its humble beginnings as a bobblehead shop before exploding into the collectibles giant that it is today. In addition to offering an almost unprecedented selection of adorable vinyl figures (some standing at just 3-inches tall!), Funko also incorporates other products such as plushes, mugs, and apparel. To really get a better understanding of this unforgettable phenomenon, be sure to visit the Lobby Wall located in their office building which showcases nearly 400 distinctive vinyl figures spanning various genres!

The Experience Room provides visitors with an exciting opportunity to get hands-on with the latest and greatest creations! Here guests will be able to play with exclusive Pop Vinyls straight out of their factory package, discover new additions to existing collections, practice drawing their own custom figures or (for those who are so inclined) even pose with realistic replicas equipped with fun sound effects or quotes! Whatever your interest may be – there’s something cherishable inside this room waiting for you!

From there guests can make their way over to The Vault which contains rare collector’s items that have remained in storage since their original release date. Not only does one find many pre-production prototypes scattered around The Vault but also Pop Vinyls from limited editions not yet made available elsewhere – all highlighted in a rainbow hued atmosphere perfect for capturing photo ops!

Once ready it’s time head around back where stunning onsite installations are created throughout the year courtesy of both professional designers & skilled fans alike; whether it’s artistic murals inspired by timeless franchises like Marvel or fan favorite theories based off popular TV shows like Stranger Things – prepare yourselves because these project reflect some serious creativity and production value.

Finally, no trip would be complete without taking home a matching set souvenirs crafted exclusively by the talented team at Funko HQ – including Pops!, Plushes & notebooks decked out alongside legendary gaming logos & nostalgic characters ranging from Freddy Krueger all they way up Yakko Warner Brothers’ Animaniacs fame.

Whether looking just browse through catalog or searching out that last elusive item please remember that visiting headquarters guarantees not only an unforgettable experience but a return journey chock full nostalgia & charm courteously brought together candy colored idealism perpetuated this ‘90s revered meme enterprise

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Funko Pop Headquarters

Q: Where is Funko Pop Headquarters located?

A: Funko Pop Headquarters is located in Everett, Washington, just north of Seattle. The iconic Funko building, where you can find some of the fuzziest and cutest collectibles around, stands on a hill overlooking the city and is easily visible from the highway. If you’re planning to make a trip out of it, there’s plenty to do in town including shopping at local boutiques, hiking nearby trails or taking in views of Puget Sound.

Q: Is there an admission fee to visit Funko Pop Headquarters?

A: No – Funko Pop Headquarters visits are free! However, if you want to really get a feel for all that they offer, we suggest signing up for one of their many special fan events throughout the year such as previews of new products or exclusive meet-and-greets with influencers. Also consider dropping by any day between 10am-6pm Monday through Saturday. Those who call ahead may get lucky enough to secure a tour to explore their headquarters and manufacturing facility.

Q: What can I expect when visiting Funko Pop Headquarters?

A : When making your way into the lobby area you will be asked for identification before entering – this is standard procedure for security purposes. Once inside there’s plenty activity buzzing about as employees work overtime creating those special limited edition figurines for fans all over the world. Of course no visit would be complete without stopping by their flagship store where you can pick up anything from keychains blind boxes to life-size statues! Just remember to bring along some extra spending money as it’s easy enough too get carried away with all those colorful trinkets on display just waiting to go home with you!

1. The first Funko Pop! figure was issued in 2010 as a tribute to the original Star Wars trilogy, and since then has grown in to one of the most popular collectible toy lines out there. With an ever-growing list of licensed properties, and an even wider variety of products available, it’s no surprise that Funko Pop! is a favorite among fans worldwide.

2. Up until recently, the headquarters office held one of the largest collections of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures in the entire world—both vintage and modern pieces alike. This collection featured some of their rarest limited edition pieces that were highly coveted by collectors everywhere. Unfortunately, this amazing collection has now been retired to make way for a new line of innovation from Funko Incorporated.

3. Most people know about their standard range of vinyl figures, however only die-hard fans may be aware that there is an exclusive series of gold chrome figures manufactured exclusively for Comic Con events each year; a unique series that celebrates new characters, concepts & promotions as limited edition homage’s to popular televisions shows/films & special guests at said events often include sign autograph sessions making them extremely valuable amongst hardcore fans alike.

4. In addition to their standard POP! Vinyl range they also offer larger figurines sometimes known as “supersized” or sometimes referred to as Big Figs which feature phenomenal detail on large scale iconic characters such as Iron Man – and don’t forget their fantastic “FunkO’s Cereal” range featuring special editions with cereal pieces you can actually eat -yes really !

5. Last but not least perhaps one of their biggest triumphs was when they teamed up with Disney for their 2018 exclusive releases (as part of Disney’s 90th Anniversary) and released a very special Mickey Mouse figure dressed as Steamboat Willie from his first appearance in 1928 – considered by many collectors around the globe one of THE most sought after pieces with prices reaching near six digits !

10 Must See Stops At Funko Pop Headquarters

Funko Pop has certainly taken the world by storm in the last few years. Ever since they debuted in 2014, Funko Pop figurines have become one of the most popular collectibles out there. As a result, more and more people are beginning to seek out experiences like visiting Funko Pop headquarters!

If you’re considering a visit, here are 10 must see stops within Funko Pop headquarters:

1. The Factory Floor: Here’s your chance to get up-close-and-personal with the production process of your favorite Funko Pops! From start to finish, tour guides will take you around the factory showing molded plastics getting transformed into iconic figurines and beyond.

2. R&D Department: Get an exclusive sneak peek inside the braintrust that is responsible for crafting new characters and concepts – from early sketches to prototypes, sample products and preproduction models – it’s an eye-opening account of what goes into perfecting each item every step of way.

3. Rare Find Room: If you’re someone who likes rare finds then this is certainly the place for you! This room houses some really unique pieces from limited edition runs, events or special collaborations – including items that may never be released for public sale!

4. Special Exhibits: Over time, Funko Pop has created special exhibits that span multiple genres such as classic pop culture characters or exclusive event pieces – allowing visitors a chance to explore every spectacular side these beloved figures have come to represent across different mediums (apparel/jewelry/movies etc.)

5. Artist Gallery: Featuring works of various artists that add striking detail with their custom creations atop standard Funko releases; this corner is simply buzzing with creativity! Plus if you want even more backstories on individual creations be sure to ask questions around these works of art as well… You never know what insider information could come your way 😉

6. Prototype Hallway: If it’s obscure variants that tickle your fancythen look no further than this limited collection featuring advanced prototype versions made during development (these pieces don’t often make it into production).

7. Vault Tour: Finally if you’re looking for something ultra rare even among rare finds then here’s your chance to get hands-on access with all things unreleased by taking part in an exploration deeper within their hidden vault.

8. Animation Screenings & Q&A Sessions: Got an interest in animation? Then participate in screenings featuring crossover projects, flick reviews and idea pitches playing at their cinema followed by Q&As hosted by experts at various panels related to animation & design ideas tied up directly with Funko Pops — A real treat indeed!

9 Customization Lab – Turn things up a notch with hands on personalization experiences when designing custom figurines~ allowing visitors too use colors and tiny details right in front their eyes … plus fun workshops filled with DIY tutorials too..so grab those markers now!

10 Experience Gift Shop & Exclusive Merchandise Boutique – And finally shop till your Amazon packing boxes drop~ Be sure embrace full fledged collector mode while exploring collections not generally featured elsewhere like apparel merchandise , exclusives & outlet stores… plus boxes upon boxes awaiting ~treasure hunters seeking potential diamonds jewels among samplings…So hop aboard !

Whether it’s accessibility or surprises awaiting , immersion through collective experiences or pure enchantment just due appreciation for intricacies involved …Funko Pop Headquarters awaits all fans worldwide–especially those readyfor crunching popsicles queues ! With musical cheers being exchanged throughout ..What else could one wishfor ????

A Guide To Planning Your Perfect Day Trip Around Funko Pop Headquarters

Before planning your perfect day trip around Funko Pop Headquarters, it’s important to do some research and create a plan that works for you. We’ve put together this little guide to help make sure your outing is one that could rival any vacation!

Your first step should be researching what attractions are located in or around Funko Pop Headquarters. If you want to make the most of the area, start by looking at nearby attractions such as museums, galleries, parks, or monuments – all of these can be great sources of entertainment and educational experiences during your visit.

Once you’ve narrowed down potential places to visit on your trip, think about how much time you’re willing to dedicate to each destination. After all, no one wants to feel rushed throughout their excursion! Consider adding details such as when you will arrive and depart from each attraction or how long you plan on spending at each spot. This will make sure that everything goes according to schedule and nothing gets overlooked during your journey.

For meals and snacks along the way, don’t forget to devote some time into finding the best local spots with amazing food options near Funko Pop Headquarters. Whether it be breakfast eats before you hit up museums or piping hot queasadillas while exploring parks – these restaurants can truly add an extra touch of flavor (pun intended!) into your day’s itinerary.

Finally, when visiting new destinations it is always helpful to know a bit about the culture behind them. This can help inform what type of activities one should partake in throughout their journey and enhance the overall experience when surrounded by those areas for an entire day trip!

By taking a few precautionary steps prior embarking on a day trip around Funko Headquarters this summer – we guarantee it will become one of your most memorable adventures!

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