Exploring the Magical World of Doctor Strange Funko Pops

Exploring the Magical World of Doctor Strange Funko Pops 2019

Introduction to the Dr Strange Funko Pop

Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange is a fictional character appearing in Marvel Comics and the lead protagonist of the 2016 film adaptation, Doctor Strange. He is a master of the mystic arts and uses his powers to protect the world from supernatural and extra-dimensional threats. The Dr. Strange Funko Pop figure celebrates this multi-talented mystic via plastic modeling!

The 10” Dr. Strange Funko features our favorite sorcerer supreme looking like he popped straight out of the HQ comics pages or any comic shop’s trade paperback racks with his black hooded cape and Cloak of Levitation hovering over him with some arcane energies radiating from it . His hands are ready to cast mystical blasts too, as they are slightly splayed open with his powerful red and gold bracelets also visible on both wrists; everything you need for some great escape in your next battle against evil magical entities!

The base of the figure has a slight gradient theme since part of it appears to have been shaped out from ancient ruins jutting up mostly above ground level before being covered in mosses. Furthermore, if you look closer at what makes the foundation literally vibrant then you’ll discover that it’s due to hidden clues carefully placed around its surface; resembling symbols primarily seen in astral rituals making this one piece take long periods just to get into every detail.

Of course, all Pops’re known for their highly detailed small features that set them apart from other merchandise items — such as Dr Oops’ nose hairs poking out here & there or even how expressive those sculpted beady eyes look almost like miniature paintings bursting out radiating wonderment 😉 All these minute details smoothly come together giving off an aura that can lure anyone searching for a unique collector’s item into checking once more before adding choosing this Dr Strange Funko Pop Figure!.

Unboxing the Dr Strange Funko Pop

Unboxing movies and toys can be a lot of fun—it’s like opening a surprise each time. And today, we’re unboxing one of the most popular toys around – the Dr. Strange Funko Pop! For those who haven’t heard of it, the Funko Pop range is a collection of vinyl figures based on famous characters from TV shows, films, books and video games.

So before we pop open our Dr. Strange box, let’s quickly go through what makes this toy so special. This officially licensed figurine has an extremely detailed sculpt, capturing every nuance of Benedict Cumberbatch’s character with superbly painted features including his signature eye-wear and cape with wing design details. Moreover, its small size yet vivid colors make it highly collectable; plus it’ll look great as part of your Marvel or superhero collection!

Now that we know what makes it special, let’s go ahead and start unboxing this Dr. Strange Funko Pop! The first thing we encounter is the box itself. Inside contains an adequately thick cardboard holder for maximum protection during shipment as well as a branded window protecting the figure inside from any potential damage; this allows us to enjoy its full beauty without any worry when receiving our order via post. Then there is also an information card which provides some vital information about this specific toy model such as its dimensions (2 3/4 inches tall) and year of production (2019).

When taking out the base layer containing Dr.Strange itself, we finally get to see him in all his glory! Here he displays his iconic profile posing similar to how he does in the movies due to his intricate design details – from his blue suit to cool red eyes that seem set upon you no matter where you are within the room; it definitely looks amazing! Plus due to its high-quality vinyl material used in production our figure looks extra durable against dirt or dust stains accumulation over time while still having enough “bendability” portion when artfully folding them towards different conjunctures in order to create dynamic poses within seconds at any artistic display stand or base object available on market shelves currently …or more creative display locations if up for challenge: worthy hero indeed :]

Once unboxed and checked out by us personally – what’s been rated Magic+ by Marvel cinematic universe fans here knows no bounds – It’s time now for you (patient reader) try it yourself! Who wouldn’t want a kick ass Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange figurine proudly standing among their sets? Formally created within nowadays kawaii cultures by Big Boys Toys – & Too ???? …Funko POP series found greater recognition then ever before since introduction back in 2010!! Dare shoot your shot ! 😉

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Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Use the Dr Strange Funko Pop

Are you looking for a unique collectible to spruce up your Funko Pop collection? Look no further! The Dr Strange FunPop is here to bring a fun and exciting addition to your shelves. With his cape billowing in the wind, Strange serves as great eye-catching piece. Here are some step by step instructions on how to make sure your new Funko Pop figures stay safe and fitting of the Marvel superhero:

Step 1: Unboxing

To start off, you’ll need to make sure that you unbox it with care. That way, you don’t accidentally scratch or ding your figure from the box it arrives in. If it came with a cardboard backer around the box, feel free to discard it – but only after making sure that figure inside is completely intact and not damage.

Step 2: Cleaning

Once extracted from its packaging, you’ll want to give Dr Strange whip good clean before putting him on display. Take a dry cloth and wipe clean all over his body – this will help get rid of any dust or smudges from handling at the store or during shipping. You’ll be amazed at how much more vibrant he looks when sparkly clean!

Step 3: Displaying

Now comes the fun part – deciding where Dr Strange should go on your shelf or wall display case (which ever one you prefer). Place him somewhere prominent where everyone can see him flaunting his cape without getting obscured by other figures. Finally consider giving him an interesting backdrop like adding an intricate wallpaper behind him – this will really bring out his character details and add depth to any room’s décor style!

And there you have it – three simple steps on getting your glorious Dr Strange ready for showtime! Seeing these details in person will surely draw attention out among any Marvel fan, as well add personality for any viewers who may come across it along their 616 adventures!

FAQs About the Dr Strange Funko Pop

Q: What material is the Dr. Strange Funko Pop figure made of?

A: The Dr. Strange Funko Pop figure is made from high-quality vinyl and features intricate detailing that faithfully captures the original design. The sculpted features, paint application, and finishing touches have all been carefully crafted to provide a highly-detailed collectible that perfectly encapsulates this classic character. To ensure the longevity of your collectible, it should be handled with care and displayed in an environment free from dust and dirt.

Q: How tall is the Dr. Strange Funko Pop figure?

A: The Dr. Strange Funko Pop figure stands at 3 ¾ inches tall and has been carefully crafted to represent the film version of Stephen Vincent Strange accurately, as seen in Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange movie.

Q: What accessories does the Dr. Strange Funko Pop come with?

A: Each Figure includes Dr.Strange in his iconic blue suit with mystical runes scattered throughout and comes bundled with a popcorn bucket accessory, based on the memorable scene from Doctor Strangethat takes place inside a surrealistic astral world powered by mystic energy called “the Dark Dimension”!

Top 5 Facts About the Dr Strange Funko Pop

1. Dr Strange is one of the most iconic and beloved Marvel superheroes, and his Funko Pop! figurine celebrates this legacy with detailed craftsmanship and vibrant colors. The item stands 3 ¾ inches tall and features a sculpted head depicting the Sorcerer Supreme himself in his golden cape, blue outfit, and eye of Agamotto amulet.

2. Val Kilmer stars as Stephen Strange in the 2004 film adaptation of Doctor Strange—and this Funko Pop! figure imagines him at his finest as he wields an obscure tome while casting a mystical spell. Kilmer brings life to what has become an easily identifiable character among comic fans everywhere.

3. In 2015, a unique version of the Doctor Strange Funko Pop! was created for San Diego Comic Con attendees featuring two interchangeable heads—one with a full helmet, another without—so that you can decide which look suits your tastes best.

4. This toy is not just for display: it’s fully articulated so you can pose it anyway you like! With 14 points of articulation plus special joint pieces that let you adjust range of motion from pose to pose (such as folding up the cape), this collectible offers plenty of opportunities for play or display on your home shelf!

5. Even if you already have multiple versions of this awesome figure, you’ll be getting something new every time thanks to its chase variant feature: chase figures are rarer than regular figures but have their own variations in decal paint color such as psychedelic teal or chrome purple gold—each purchase comes with a chance to get lucky with one of these rare variants!

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