Exploring the Great Outdoors: How to Install a Pop Up Camper Kayak Rack

Exploring the Great Outdoors: How to Install a Pop Up Camper Kayak Rack Uncategorized

How to Choose the Right Pop Up Camper Kayak Rack for Your Needs

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or just starting out, having the right equipment to make your outdoor experience as enjoyable and convenient as possible is key. And one piece of equipment that can really come in handy is a pop up camper kayak rack.

A pop up camper kayak rack is a great way to transport your kayaks from place to place without taking up valuable space inside your camper. Not only does it allow for more room in the camping trailer itself, it also keeps your kayaks safe and secure during transportation, ensuring they aren’t damaged or lost along the way.

But with so many different types of pop up camper kayak racks available on the market today, it can be difficult to know which one is the right fit for your needs. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to choose the perfect one for you.


The first thing you need to consider when choosing a kayak rack for your pop up camper is size. How many kayaks do you want to transport? If you have just one, then a single kayak rack will suffice. But if you plan on bringing along two or more water vessels, then look for a multi-kayak carrier that can hold multiple boats at once.

Weight Capacity

Another important factor to consider when selecting a pop-up camper kayak rack is weight capacity – how much weight the carrier can hold comfortably and safely while travelling down bumpy roads or rough terrain. Be sure to select a rack with sufficient weight capacity – enough not only for your kayaks but also any gear (such paddles or life jackets) that might be stored with them.


Make sure that any potential pop-up camper kayak rack has compatibility with both your campers hitch style and type and size of kayaks planned for transport. The last thing anyone wants is an improperly fitted system that risks damage when driving across uneven roads or over rough terrain.


When investing in outdoor equipment such as a pop-up camper kayak rack, it’s essential to select a durable product that can withstand the wear and tear of camping. Look for racks made from high-quality metals such as aluminum or steel that resist rusting, offer excellent support to your kayaks during transport.

Ease of Installation

The installation process should be straightforward with instructions easy enough to follow. Many manufacturers include simple installation guidelines and now you can even find instructional videos online for guidance through the installation process.


Pop up camper kayak racks come in various price points – some are more expensive than others due to unique features, material quality, or brand popularity. It pays to do some research on brands and what types of options they offer within several different budgets. A comprehensive search will ensure you get max value for every penny spent.

In summary, when choosing a pop-up camper kayak rack consider size, weight capacity, compatibility mounting type & hitch style of provided vehicle or users needs), durability or long-term usage is paramount and ease-of-installation factors. As with any major buying decision factor in cost too but ensure all other aspects listed above have been met before choosing just based on cost.

Step-by-Step Installation Process for a Pop Up Camper Kayak Rack

Pop up campers are a great way to experience the great outdoors while still maintaining some of the luxuries of home. However, with limited storage space, it can be a challenge to bring along all of your essential gear. If you’re an avid kayaker, then you know just how cumbersome transporting your kayak can be. That’s where a pop up camper kayak rack comes in handy – and we’re here to walk you through the step-by-step installation process.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Before getting started on any project, it’s important to make sure you have all the necessary materials on hand. For this project, you’ll need:

– Pop Up Camper Kayak Rack Kit (including crossbars and kayak carrier brackets)
– Socket wrench or crescent wrench
– Measuring tape
– Drill and drill bits
– Marker or pencil

Step 2: Measure Your Crossbar Placement

Every pop up camper is going to have slightly different dimensions for their roof. It’s important to measure the distance between each set of raised roofs on your individual camper so that your crossbars will fit properly. The ideal placement for attaching crossbars is approximately eighteen inches from each other.

Measure carefully and mark where the crossbars will be fitted using your marker or pencil.

Step 3: Install Crossbars

Using both hands or some help from one friend or family member , bend down slightly and secure one end of each crossbar against its respective mount point on either side by inserting bolts into pre-drilled holes with nuts diametrically opposite . Remember not only bolt but also check nuts are evenly tightened, provided as per instruction manual.

Use a socket wrench or crescent wrench to tighten them down securely but avoid over tightening otherwise it could lead in damaging screws via bending due to high pressure applied .

After both sides are installed successfully , now examine whether they’re parallel each other .If they appear crooked/sloppy, correct it by increasing/reducing distance between two end mounts until they’re perfectly parallel.

Step 4: Mount Kayak Carriers

After crossbars are secured and leveled properly, now time to install kayak carriers for safely hauling kayaks during transportation on rooftop of the camper while camping or traveling

Slip the kayak carrier brackets onto arms of each crossbar at evenly spacings . Tighten bolts and nuts for securing bracket in places . Generate enough clamping pressure so that bracket will not slide off its place or move sideways while transporting

Attach the rubberized pad over base of each Kayak carrier bracket, which would hold & secure how your kayak is held when placed into brackets. Make sure all screws & tightening bolt are tightened correctly and evenly to prevent any movement afterwards.

Step 5: Test Your Setup

Now everything is settled up , it’s time to test that whether whole setup is working well as planned prior. You will have a clear idea how much weight can be distributed based on manufacturer manuals along with maximum speed limit for this kind of transportation coordination. Start slowly from parking area, without any load first then once you reach highway increase little gradually unless you’re satisfied with your setup & resources.

In Conclusion

Installing a pop up camper kayak rack may seem intimidating at first glance, but following these simple steps can make the process smooth and easy. Just remember to measure carefully, follow instructions closely while assembling kayaking racks on top ceilings .

Don’t rush through installation or leave something like screw loose somewhere , as mistakes could result in serious incidents down later stages of your journey .

FAQs About Pop Up Camper Kayak Racks

Pop up camper kayak racks are an essential equipment for any outdoor enthusiast who loves to go camping, kayaking, or fishing. However, before purchasing a kayak rack for your pop-up camper or travel trailer, there are always several questions that come to mind. In this post, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about pop-up camper kayak racks.

What is a Pop-Up Camper Kayak Rack?
A pop-up camper kayak rack is an attachment that you install onto your pop-up camper’s roof to carry your kayak safely and securely. The primary function of the rack is to protect your kayaks during transportation without damaging them or worrying about towing restrictions.

Are There Different Types of Pop-Up Camper Kayak Racks?
Yes! You can choose between different types of pop-up camper kayak racks based on their designs and compatibility with different types of kayaks. Some popular types include J-shaped carriers, Saddle-style carriers and stackers while Pop up tent top carrier mounts enable secure transport of longer items by hanging them outside the roof box.

Is Installation Complicated?
Installation might require some basic tools like wrenches, screwdrivers and proper safety gear such as helmets or safety glasses but overall they’re not difficult if done properly as each model comes with its own instruction manual which makes it easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

What is Maximum Weight Capacity for Pop-Up Camper Kayak Racks?
The weight capacity varies depending on the type and brand of the rack you choose. The majority of models have maximum weight capacities ranging from 75lbs-100lbs per boat.

Do All Racks Come Fully Assembled?
No! Some models come assembled while others require assembly before use. It’s always best practice to follow instructions provided with a particular model for proper assembly guide/preparation prior to installation.

Can Pop Up Camper Kayak Racks Fit More Than One Boat at a Time?
Yes! Almost all models are designed to fit multiple boats at once. However, the number of kayaks they can accommodate depends on the model and your camper’s roof size. Similarly, you may purchase additional kits to add extra capacity depending on their need.

Can Pop Up Camper Kayak Racks Be Removed Easily?
Yes! You can remove the rack from the pop-up camper’s roof as easily as you installed it. Follow instructions on how to disassemble parts properly for storage or moving.

In conclusion, a pop-up camper kayak rack offers a convenient and efficient way to transport your kayaks while enjoying your outdoor activities. With this guide, we hope that we have answered some of your most burning questions about these racks and provided enough information to help you make an informed buying decision that suits your needs perfectly.

Top 5 Facts About Pop Up Camper Kayak Racks You Need to Know

Pop up camper kayak racks are an innovative and convenient way to transport your kayaks during your camping trips. These racks come in various shapes, sizes, and designs to suit different needs and preferences. If you are planning a camping or kayaking trip soon, here are the top five facts about pop-up camper kayak racks that you need to know:

1. Pop up camper kayak racks make transportation easier

As the name suggests, these racks “pop-up” on top of your camper when you need them and “pop-down” when you don’t. When installed correctly, they secure your kayaks safely while traveling from one destination to another. This means that you can easily take your kayaks with you without taking up extra storage space inside your RV.

2. They come in different styles

Pop-up camper kayak racks come in different types including roof-mounted racks, hitch-mounted racks, suction cup mounts, among others. Each type has its unique features that serve different purposes such as adjustable height levels or compatibility with specific vehicle models.

3. They are easy to install

Most pop-up camper kayak racks are designed for easy installation without requiring professional assistance or specialized tools. Usually, all you’ll need is a few common hand tools and some basic DIY skills.

4. You don’t have to worry about damage

Kayak owners often spend time worrying about how transporting their vessel might cause scratches or dings to its exterior finish lightweight material; however with pop-up camper kayak racks such worries become unwarranted as the rack provides stability against jostling even at high speeds.

5. Safety First!

Perhaps one of the most important factors when it comes to pop-up camper kayak rack usage is safety – everybody wants their goods transported securely without any incidence of harm occurring throughout the journey where using a well-maintained set of proper straps/ropes if mounted correctly should provide good results ensuring everything stays steady while on the move!

In conclusion, pop-up camper kayak racks are a valuable addition to your camping gear arsenal. They offer convenient and secure transportation of your kayaks, come in different styles that suit specific needs, are easy to install and ensure safety while on the go. Happy kayaking!

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Pop Up Camper Kayak Rack

Maintaining a pop-up camper kayak rack can be a task that’s easy to overlook, but it’s important to keep it in good working order to ensure both safety and functionality. Nobody wants a kayak slipping out of its rack while driving down the highway! Follow these tips and tricks for maintaining your pop-up camper kayak rack and you’ll be ready for any outdoor adventure.

Inspect Regularly
The first tip is an obvious one, but it bears repeating: inspect your kayak rack regularly. Look for any signs of wear or damage, including cracks or splits in the material, rust or corrosion on metal parts, or missing nuts and bolts. If you notice anything amiss, repair or replace it before taking your next trip.

Lubricate Moving Parts
If your pop-up camper kayak rack has moving parts (like hinges), they will need regular lubrication. Use a high-quality lubricant like WD-40 or 3-in-1 oil to keep things running smoothly. Be sure to wipe off any excess after application as too much lubricant can attract dirt and debris.

Clean Thoroughly
Kayaking trips can leave behind saltwater residue, mud, sand and grime that can all take their toll on your kayak rack. To keep things protected from such elements make sure you do a thorough cleaning job after every trip. Use soap and water to scrub the surface of your rack clean very well including all hard-to-reach areas

Store Correctly
When not in use, make sure to store your pop-up camper kayak rack in a dry place out of direct sunlight if possible. Exposure to intense UV rays can damage some materials over time leading to their breakdown quickly.

Keep Weight Evenly Distributed
Make sure when loading up kayaks make sure they are loaded evenly distributed kayaks should always face forward too – this helps reduce drag when towing the trailer

Final Thoughts
Maintaining your pop-up camper kayak rack is a task worth doing right. By regularly inspecting, lubricating, cleaning and storing your rack correctly and evenly distributing weight you’ll ensure that your next outdoor adventure is safe and enjoyable for everyone involved. Happy kayaking!

Conclusion: Enjoying the Great Outdoors with a Pop Up Camper Kayak Rack

Are you an avid adventurer who loves spending time in nature? Do you enjoy camping, hiking, and kayaking? If so, a pop-up camper kayak rack would be the perfect accessory for your outdoor adventures.

These unique racks are designed to securely hold your kayaks on top of your pop-up camper while driving or parked. This means you can easily transport your kayaks without having to worry about damaging them or taking up precious space inside your vehicle.

Not only does a pop-up camper kayak rack free up space inside your vehicle, but it also allows you to easily access and launch your kayaks whenever and wherever you want. No more struggling to lug heavy boats down to the water’s edge – simply climb onto the roof of your camper and slide them off into the water!

But what sets these racks apart from others on the market is their ability to fold down when not in use. When you’re ready to hit the road again, all you have to do is collapse the rack and stow it away. This saves valuable storage space at home and reduces drag while driving.

There are many different types of pop-up camper kayak racks available, so it’s important to choose one that best fits your needs. Some models are designed for single kayaks, while others can hold multiple boats at once. Some require assembly and installation by a professional, while others can be easily attached with minimal tools.

No matter which model you choose, having a pop-up camper kayak rack will make all of your outdoor adventures much more enjoyable. So next time you’re planning a camping trip or kayaking expedition, consider investing in this innovative accessory – because life’s too short not to explore the great outdoors!

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