Everything You Need to Know About Funko Pop WWE Collectibles

Everything You Need to Know About Funko Pop WWE Collectibles History

Introduction to Funky Pop WWE Collectibles: What Are They and How Popular are They?

Pop culture has become an integral part of our lives and the way we consume media. Now, this love of pop culture has taken a new turn with the emergence of Funky Pop WWE Collectibles – a line of Funko Pop themed products featuring professional wrestling superstars from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). These fun, little figurines are sure to bring joy to any fan of professional wrestling.

So, what are these cute collectables? Well, for starters, Funky Pop WWE Collectibles come in many sizes and shapes that mimic some of the characters from World Wrestling Entertainment. They also come in a variety of styles including classic figures, PVC figures and Flopsies. Whether you’re looking for your favorite wrestlers or just an adorable addition to your collection, there’s something for everyone. Each pieces measures approximately 3-2/3 inches – making them the perfect size for display or playtime!

In terms of price points, these exciting toys can range anywhere from $10-$30USD depending on where they’re purchased. The good news is that there are plenty of outlets offering these collectibles at great prices! You can find them online in stores such as Amazon as well as larger chains like Walmart or Target offering discounts or bundle deals.

With so many amazing pieces available it’s no wonder why their popularity is growing! Professional wrestling fans may have gotten caught up with collecting other pop culture lines but now they’re turning more towards collecting Funky Pop WWE Collectibles due to their detailed designs and affordability. Not only do they capture all the details of the original action figures but also feature new takes on classic characters such as Rey Mysterio Jr., John Cena and Randy Orton which make collecting super simple yet still engaging.

All things considered, if you’ve ever wanted to become an avid collector then look no further than Funky Pop WWE Collectibles! They offer tons of options at fantastic prices that capture those beloved wrestlers in all their glory while being affordable enough that it won’t break your bank account. So grab your wallet and start building your collection now – after all who doesn’t love adding some extra charisma and whimsy into their day?

Step-by-Step Guide on Buying Funky Pop WWE Collectibles

These days, the WWE is a global phenomenon and the WWE superstars that fans are most familiar with come from all over the world. With such a diverse roster comes a unique array of merchandise, apparel, and collectibles! In this blog post, we’ll provide you with an easy-to-follow guide on how to buy funky pop WWE collectibles.

Step 1: Visit Online Stores

The first step in purchasing any type of professional wrestling collectible is to visit online stores that specialize in selling wrestling memorabilia. Sites like Amazon or eBay can be a great resource for finding rare finds. You can also check out specialty sites such as RingsideCollectibles or Wrestling SuperStore.

Step 2: Identify Your Favorite Wrestler/s

When it comes to purchasing your own collection of Funko Pop! figures, you have to decide which wrestlers you would like to collect. You might want to focus on main event stars like AJ Styles or Charlotte Flair and pick up their Funko Pop! figures. Or, perhaps you want something obscure and choose a mid carder like Jimmy Uso or Braun Strowman instead. Choose the wrestler(s) that speaks to you most!

Step 3: Research From Collector’s Previews

Once you narrow down your list of favorite wrestlers, it’s time to start researching collector’s previews for upcoming releases by Funko Pop!. Facebook groups dedicated specifically towards Wrestling Funko Pops are excellent places to find these previews as well as updates regarding pre-orders when they become available (not available yet). Keep an eye on these places during various toy shows such as San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) since there may be exclusive limited editions unveiled at these trade shows respectively.

Step 4: Order Your Collectibles

After searching through different sources for information about the latest batch of Funko Pop figures due for release – make sure to order them quickly before they sell out! Pre-ordering is usually safer than waiting until later after the figure has been released into production because it guarantees that you will indeed get your desired figure without much hassle compared to manual collecting where stock runs out rather quickly after its launch date has passed. Additionally, adding insurance in case anything happens with transit from store -> recipient is highly recommended just in case something unexpected occurs while goods travel from point A -> Point B.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Collection

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FAQs on Funky Pop WWE Collectibles

Q: What are Funko Pop! WWE collectibles?

A: Funko Pop! WWE collectibles are a type of fun and adorable pop culture vinyl figure based on popular professional wrestlers from the notoriously entertaining franchise, World Wrestling Entertainment. These figures feature their signature over-the-top custom designs which capture iconic moments of famous superstars within the ring.

Q: Are these figures exclusive?

A: Many Funko Pop! WWE collectibles are exclusive to certain events and/or markets. For instance, there may be exclusive chase variants or version created for conventions such as Comic Con or specialty shops like Hot Topic. It is always wise to check online before attending an event to avoid missing out on a highly sought-after item.

Q: How much do these figures typically cost?

A: The price of a Funko Pop! WWE Collectible can vary depending on factors such as rarity, edition size, and where they’re purchased from (such as some independent collectors will typically price higher). Generally speaking, standard editions usually range between $10-$20 with some exclusives possibly being higher in value due to their scarcity or popularity amongst fans.

Q: How can I find out what is currently available?

A: Be sure to follow social media accounts related to Funko Pop! WWE Collectibles so you stay up-to-date with news on upcoming releases and availability. Accounts like @funkopopwweuk keep followers posted about all things related to the collection, so it’s definitely worth checking out for updates. Additionally, online stores like Amazon and eBay sometimes offer preorders for limited edition pieces before they hit shelves elsewhere.

Interesting Facts about Funky Pop WWE Collectibles

Funky Pop WWE collectibles are a line of unique, well-made wrestling-themed figures and toys. They’re perfect for any fan of the WoW or the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Funky Pop WWE collectibles come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. From Funko Pop! figures to action figures and even plush dolls, there’s something for everyone!

One thing that makes Funky Pop so special is the attention-grabbing details. Not only are the Funko Pops perfectly crafted from high quality materials but also show off some interesting facts about the world of wrestling you may not have known.. For example, many Funky Pop characters depict wrestlers with laurel wreaths denoting their championship status as seen on various world championships.

Actually, this is a detail inspired by ancient Greece customs – when champions were crowned and recognized with a laurel wreath as a symbol of honor and glory. This classic Greek tradition has carried over into modern day sports culture which can be found in professional boxing or MMA competition titles too – where they award championship belts instead of wreaths nowadays.

Another neat feature in some of these Funky Pop creations is the addition of other rare accessories such as masks worn by certain wrestlers that match up to particular events such as “Masked Nationals” or pay-per-view matches – like Undertaker’s famous “Deadman” mask. Some Doll styles come complete with championship belts giving you another reminder of champion status; others depict popular tag team matches where backdrops often feature more than one wrestler at once allowing a collector to build their own dream team!

And last but not least let’s talk paint jobs. Many modern artists working on these Funky Pops now focus on detail painting frames which bring an even more realistic feel to your collection. With intricate tattoos or designs replicated accurately while still maintaining cartoonish expressions this makes them look outstanding! All these features combined make collecting Funky Pops truly an incredibly unique way to show off your love for WWE!

Tips for Storing and Caring for Funky Pop WWE Collectible Items

The Funko Pop! WWE collectible line has taken the world of professional wrestling fandom by storm. With its unique whimsical design and incredible level of detail, these figures have quickly become a popular item among young wrestling fans everywhere. Whether you’re looking to add one of these collectibles to your collection or simply purchase one as a gift for someone else, proper storage and caring are key in keeping them looking great. Here are some tips for storing and caring for Funko Pop! WWE collectible items:

1. Keep It Cool – Heat can damage your Funko Pop! figures, so it’s important to keep them stored at room temperature (65–75° F). If possible, avoid direct sunlight or any other potentially damaging sources of heat or light.

2. Avoid Moisture – Although these figures aren’t waterproof, it’s still important to keep them away from moisture in order to minimize the risk of warping and discoloration. Always store your Funko Pops in dry areas such as a temperature-controlled closet or cabinet.

3. Clean Gently – Over time, dust can accumulate on your Funko Pop! figure which can cause discoloration if not cleaned properly. When tackling dirt buildup, use a soft cloth dampened with warm water and more mild dish soap to gentle scrub the contaminated area without damaging the PVC surface material beneath it too much. Never submerge any part of the figure into water when cleaning it as this could loosen glued elements and create other serious issues with their construction and look

4 Pack Properly – When traveling with your Funko Pop!, always place it inside a secure hardshell case in order to prevent any unnecessary wear & tear from occurring during the journey. Also make sure that if you plan on bringing multiple figures along with you that they don’t come into contact with one another while in transit so they don’t damage each other in any way as well

Follow these steps and be sure to treat every item with respect & proper care regardless of its age; taking good care of your Funko Pop! WWE collection will help ensure that each item stays looking great need after year after childhood

The Top 5 Funky Pop WWE Collectibles Every Fan Should Own

Pop culture is everywhere and unfortunately, the WWE is no exception. As wrestling fans can attest, with wrestlers sporting colorful merch and headlining events in packed arenas, it’s hard to escape from the world of professional wrestling.

That being said, it’s a great excuse to buy some awesome collectibles inspired by the WWE. If you’re looking for something unique and fun to spruce up your collection or give as a gift, these five funky pop-style items will do just the trick.

#1– Funko POP! WrestleMania ($17): Funko has become renowned for its cheerful pop culture figurines and what better way to showcase your appreciation for the art of wrestling than this WrestleMania edition? This 3 3/4 inch figure contains Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper and Hulk Hogan clad in their signature ring attire with all sorts of fun details included. Perfect for any nostalgic fan!

#2– Retro John Cena Banksy Pop Vinyl ($20): Taking us back in time is this retro John Cenabanksypop vinyl. With his signature logo featured on an 8-inch figure that’s sure to turn heads wherever it rests, this collectible also acts as an interactive bank when opened via a secret compartment located at its base.

#3– The Rock Dwayne Johnson Coconut Headphone Holder ($15): Surprisingly enough one of Hollywood’s top action stars got his start in the WWE before making it big on the silver screen. To pay tribute to his beginnings here we have The Rock CoconutHeadphones holder which comes with interchangeable expression pieces so you can customize your own unique look!

#4– Rey Mysterio 10 inch Giclee Canvas Purse ($30): Here we have a Rey Mysterio giclee canvas purse that not only stands out due to its eye-catching design but also thanks to its 10 inch size – perfect for carrying those essentials around on game day without straining your shoulders.(Price 30$)

#5— Ultimate Warrior Flex Action Figure Set ($25): Last but certainly not least comes this flex action figure set featuring Hall Of Fame wrestler ‘The Ultimate Warrior’ who was known for his high flying style both inside and outside the ring. An iconic USW symbol adorns this 2 pack set alongside vibrant colors – perfect for keeping at home or giving away as a surprise gift (Price $25).

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