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Movies and TV shows *

Movies and TV shows are the most popular forms of entertainment, but they can also be where viewers learn about our culture’s attitudes toward gender roles. Movies and shows that follow a man and woman through their relationships can be an essential part of this phenomenon, as they help us better understand how these types of relationships are viewed by society.

When we think about movies or TV shows that feature two main characters who fall in love, we usually think about romantic comedies like The Notebook or something similar—but what if I told you there’s another type of movie out there? It’s called an enlightened romance film (sometimes known as a “rom-com”). It follows two people who don’t necessarily love each other romantically at first but eventually grow close enough over time to give in to their feelings for one another. These types typically have happy endings—but don’t get too excited; these movies aren’t all sunshine and rainbows! Some enlightened romances show how terrible dating can be for women because men always want sex even when they already have a girlfriend/wife/partner (or whatever). They also often show how difficult it is for single women trying not only to find dates but also to work themselves up into being desirable partners by dressing up nicely or making sure everything looks perfect before going out on one date after another until they finally find someone worthwhile enough that makes them feel safe and secure sufficient, so she doesn’t need her parents anymore after all those years growing up being taken care off.”


Music is a form of entertainment, and it can be used as a way to express yourself. Music is also a way to connect with others, relax or stay in touch with your emotions.

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Music has always played an essential role in society and culture; from the earliest times when humans began congregating around large groups for social purposes (such as cooking meals), songs have been passed down through generations via oral tradition or written down on scrolls in cave paintings by early civilizations such as Ancient Egypt.

Social media

Social media

Social media can be used to promote a cause. For example, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is an online campaign that raised awareness and money for ALS research. It’s also been used by corporations like Apple to promote their products or brand personalities.

Social media can be used to promote a product. Vine was created to allow users to create six-second videos on Twitter and challenge other people around the world to do the same thing within 24 hours of posting their videos (the goal being that everyone would have at least one shared video). This type of competition has led some brands like Coca-Cola Company (CCCO) who want its shareable content through Vine but didn’t want any restrictions on what kind of content could be produced there, so they created “The Coke Code,” which allows users anywhere in the world who follow each other via @CocaColaUS account access only certain features such as sharing links directly from within Vines instead waiting until later when someone else shares one they’ve already posted themselves while also providing access.

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Books are a great way to learn about things. They can be used as a tool for self-reflection, but they also allow you to remember more about the world around you and other people’s lives.

Books are especially good at making people think about their feelings toward others, which is good if their goal is social justice. One book I read recently was called “The Unraveling: A Novel Without End.” It tells the story of three friends who go on vacation together every year and then return home separately when they realize they don’t like being around each other anymore after all these years apart! It made me realize that sometimes our friendships aren’t as strong as we thought before, so sometimes it might be better not to have those kinds of relationships rather than letting them fall apart over time.”

Album covers

Album covers are one of the most critical ways that bands promote themselves. They’re also one of the most overt forms of sexism in music marketing, as they often feature scantily clad women and men who look like they’ve just come from a photoshoot for Maxim magazine.

The way album covers are used to promote a band’s music is especially problematic because it perpetuates and reinforces stereotypes about gender roles—women being decorative objects on men’s bodies, or vice versa. It can be argued that this type of imagery is meant to appeal to straight male listeners (who make up most consumers), but even if you aren’t gay yourself, think about how many times you’ve seen an album cover featuring someone who looks like themself on your favorite radio station!

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Art work#

Artwork is a form of art. It can be used to express ideas, feelings, and emotions. Artwork can also be used to express thoughts and opinions.

Clothing and fashion

Clothing and fashion can be an expression of a message. However, this does not mean that every piece of clothing has to have a plain meaning to be considered “political.” Wearing a shirt with a message means you are aware of your audience, context (social/cultural), situation (public or private), and what you’re wearing. If you need clarification on whether or not something is appropriate for the time at hand, ask yourself: Does this look good on me? Is it comfortable? Do my friends approve of this look? Do my parents think it looks terrible on me?

If there’s no doubt about whether something makes sense or feels right on YOU, then go ahead – rock out!

Other forms of media

Another way that pop culture perpetuates the idea of women being objects is through music videos. Music videos are a prevalent form of entertainment, and many artists have made their careers by singing about how much they love themselves and looking good in front of the camera. However, it’s also worth noting that these clips often portray women as sexual objects who exist solely for male pleasure.

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For example:

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