Debunking the Myths Surrounding Funko Pop Collectibles

Debunking the Myths Surrounding Funko Pop Collectibles Uncategorized

A Step-by-Step Guide to Collecting Myth FunKo Pops

If you are a fan of myths and legends, chances are that the Myth Funko Pop collection already has you intrigued. These figures are not only adorable but also carry the captivating essence of characters and creatures from various mythologies.

Collecting Funko Pops is an exciting hobby that can spark joy and passion in your life. And if you have decided to start collecting Myth Funko Pops, then here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started!

1. Choose your favorite Myths and Legends

The first step towards collecting these pops involves choosing which myths or legends you want to collect. There are plenty of options to choose from, including Greek mythology with gods and goddesses like Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, Medusa or Norse mythology like Odin, Loki and Valkyrie.

You could also dive deeper into other mythologies such as Egyptian or Babylonian mythology for figures based on deities or demons like Anubis or Pazuzu.

2. Research available Myth Funko Pops

Now that you’ve chosen your preferred mythology-based pops, it’s time to see what’s available on the market. Start researching online for Myth Funko Pop collections.

Sites like Entertainment Earth, Amazon and Funimation offer a wide range of exclusive collections with rare pop figures! The more research you do – the better chance there is of finding unique additions to your collection.

3. Determine Your Budget

Whether it’s buying numerous “common” ones straight up – spending big bucks on rarer pieces – this step helps determine how much money you will invest in building your collection each week/month/year.

4. Purchase Your First Figure

Now comes the moment many collectors enjoy most: acquiring their first figure! Decide which figure will serve as the starting point for your growing collection.

If purchasing from retail stores is not an option – visiting comics shop around could be helpful too! Many stores stock limited edition and event exclusives; so if you’re a new collector, these can be excellent starting points for your collection.

5. Organize and Display Your Collection

Now that you’ve got a few figured to display – organizing and displaying them is key. Determine whether you want to display them in their boxes or take them out of the packaging. You’re building up something important – show it off!

There are also plenty of creative ways to showcase your myth Funko Pop Collection; Books shelves or shadow box dioramas (a miniature space dedicated to displaying collections) could make an excellent background behind your figures.

6. Keep up with New Releases and Limited Edition

The final step is keeping up with the market so that your collection doesn’t become obsolete over time! Watch out for any local comic book stores, live events (like Comic Con) and online merchandise sites – they release news about upcoming limited editions regularly.

In conclusion, collecting Myth Funko Pops might seem like a daunting task at first, but it can be incredibly thrilling once you get started. With our step-by-step guide, we hope you feel even more motivated to start this hobby today! Now go forth with confidence knowing exactly what steps to follow when adding the next figure to your collection – good luck!

Myths FunKo Pop: Common FAQ’s Answered

FunKo Pops have taken over the world of collectibles and figurines – with their huge array of characters from pop culture making them a must-have for many collectors. As with any popular item, there are bound to be misconceptions or myths associated with them. In this blog, we tackle some common FAQs and put these myths to rest.

Myth #1: FunKo Pop figures are only for children.

This is one of the most common misconceptions about FunKo pops. While it may be assumed that they are children’s toys because of their cute and compact design, they’re actually designed for all ages! Anyone who loves movies, TV shows, comics, music or sports can enjoy collecting these tiny little figures. FunKo Pops come in a wide range of categories like Marvel superheroes, Disney princesses, Star Wars characters and even classic horror icons. These little figurines make exceptional collector’s items as well as gifts.

Myth #2: All FunKo Pop figures are valuable.

While there may be a significant community around the value of these collectibles that continues to grow every year; however not all boxes will necessarily fetch high prices in the aftermarket space. There is a huge variety when it comes to Funkos e.g., exclusives or chase figures are often worth more since they’re harder to find but regular releases usually don’t have such value attached to them. So while collection empty nesters shouldn’t expect too much return on investment through sale of their collections after years – due diligence should still be done during trade ins/transfers since some funkos can hold higher appraisal value depending upon packaging conditions,mint condition status etc.

Myth #3: You need to take out your Funkos from packaging.

There has always been a debate building around taking out your Funkos from their packaging after purchasing – some people believe in keeping the seals intact for safekeeping others argue that displaying your Funkos without packaging can preserve their aesthetic appearance This really comes down to personal preference of course there are collectors who have shared fantastic anecdotes regarding their Pops remaining enclosed and in better shape for show-off. Other collectors enjoy taking them out of the box and incorporating them into creative displays – on shelves, desks or giving them ambient roles like fridge magnets ref magnets etc.

Myth #4: FunKo Pops usually all come with the same design features.

While there are similarities due to the uniformity with which they are created, each figure has its unique personality and style. For example, Batman’s Funko Pop may resemble from his different animated or live action interpretations, but to die-hard bat lovers, it emphasizes a standalone identity. Furthermore while some maintain that most funkos do not have palm definition for instance or facial detail intricate as premium figures; however newer editions like Movie Moments feature multiple character sculpted pieces such as planets or star cruisers making these much more intricate than many older models.

Myth #5: Collecting FunKo Pop Figures is expensive.

This is another popular myth. While there are certainly some rare models that come with hefty price-tags, collecting regular release pops doesn’t necessarily break the bank.There is also an impressive amount of hunt strategies available on social media groups where collectors can exchange spare pieces with community members through bartering system which makes it easier to build up your collection over time instead of buying everything at once.There is always something new releasing almost every month so generally speaking you can start collecting funkos at very reasonable prices (with proper research) within your budget range.

In conclusion: Keep collected those iconic pop culture memories pouring out from this awesome visual medium! These collector’s items will stay valuable since they represent part of history; memories attached with movies, TV shows and music sensations we rever in our everyday lives captured by these figures tiny replicas that exude oodles of character and energy. After all, who wouldn’t want their favourite Pop figures with them through thick and thin?

Myths FunKo Pop: The Top 5 Coolest Facts You Didn’t Know!

If you’re a fan of Funko Pop’s, then you know that collecting them is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. These cute and compact vinyl figures have taken the world by storm since their introduction in 2010. Whether you’re into superheroes, your favorite TV show, or classic movies, these charming figurines have something for everyone. But as popular as they are, there are still plenty of myths and misconceptions floating around about these beloved collectibles. In this blog post, we’ll be debunking some of those myths to uncover the top 5 coolest facts about Funko Pops that you didn’t know!

Myth #1: All Funko Pops Have Giant Heads

One of the most well-known features of Funko Pops is their oversized heads in comparison to their bodies. While it’s true that most Funko Pops do feature this design element, not all of them do! There are plenty of unique figures within the collection that boast normal-sized or even slightly smaller heads than average. For example, the POP! Animation My Hero Academia – Todoroki Vinyl Figure features a comparable body-to-head ratio making it uniquely designed compared with other Funkos available.

Myth #2: FunKo Pop Figures Are Just Toys

Many people think that because they are toys – therefore – they have no value other than for play purposes but oh boy! how wrong can someone be if they believe this! In reality, many Funko Pop figures can become quite valuable over time due to their rarity and collector’s appeal. The company decided early on only to create limited numbers (starting at around 480 pieces) for specific convention events on which geographical location can vary!

Myth #3: All Characters Have Their Own Unique Mold

As much as people would like each character from different movie adaptations and comic universes to have its own mold giving it an individual character, but that’s not the case. A few characters do have unique molds crafted solely for them – this is usually done for more recognizable and popular characters. Still, a large portion of Funko Pops use the same standard mold with minor changes such as headgear or clothing.

Myth #4: All FunKo Pop Figures Are Compose Of The Same Material

While it may seem that all Funko Pops are made from the same materials, that’s not entirely accurate either. In reality, these figures actually come in several different forms! Most of them are made from a combination of high-quality vinyl and PVC plastic. But some special edition releases include additional material like metal components embedded into the piece to create additional detailing and give metallic effects.

Myth #5: They All Look Exactly Like Their Real-Life Counterparts

Although Funko makes an obvious attempt to capture every intricate detail of each character they create, it would be impossible to perfectly replicate every tiny angle or shadow on a human face or costume design without having a giant-sized figurine with perfect craftsmanship capability- making so many details lost in miniaturization due to scaling down aesthetics relatively understandable!. Therefore while all Funko figures bear resemblance to their actual counterparts, there may be features altered or omitted in order to make the figure look better within its limited proportions.

There you have it – five amazing facts about Funko Pops that you probably didn’t know before! Next time you’re displaying your collection proudly at home or looking through new pieces on your favorite online seller platform, let these fun facts enhance your understanding and appreciation for the hard work and dedication that goes into making these miniature works of art!

Bust the Most Common Myths About the Myth FunKo Pop Collection

The Funko Pop collection has earned a special place in the hearts of pop culture enthusiasts, whether it be for TV shows, movies or iconic characters. However, there are some myths that hover around them like that of “Disney’s Haunted Mansion” and refuse to die. In this article, we’re going to bust five of the most common misconceptions about the Funko Pop collection.

Myth 1: Only Kids Collect Them

It’s true that teenagers and adults might have been collecting toys since they were little, but it doesn’t mean that only kids collect Funko Pops. In fact, people from all age groups enjoy collecting these miniature figures for their aesthetic appeal and nostalgic value.

The designs of Funko Pops cater to people of all ages. There are countless series based on various popular franchises like Star Wars, Marvel Comics, DC Comics and even music icons such as Freddie Mercury.

Myth 2: They Are Overpriced

Some may argue that while the figures are fascinating to look at, they’re not worth the price tag; which can range anywhere from $10 – $50 depending on its popularity and exclusivity.

However- before you write off Kawaii-styled charmers due to their expenditure; think about all those genuinely exclusive models with shrinking production numbers including limited editions or convention-only prints!

Moreover, Pops make great gifts for your friends or family members who share your passion for fandoms since they don’t submit outrageous fees despite being boxed with extra care.

Fact 3: They Are Fragile And Will Break Easily

Pop collectors often hear something along the lines of “I wouldn’t get one because they’ll break if I drop them”. However given its lightweight construction- misleading comments cannot hold water against the sheer resilience die-cast work has! Alternatively considering everything– books will fall apart too if dropped.

Besides- you can keep your Funkos safe from inside pops protectors (and let’s admit it; who doesn’t love to see their entire collection stacks of boxes lined across the cabinet?)

Fact 4: They Are All The Same Shape And Design

We will acknowledge that most Pops resemble each other in size and design, marked by having an oversized head compared relative to its rest of the body proportions topped by shiny black eyes!

That doesn’t necessarily mean that they all look identical though, as every design carries its unique personality from the amicability of Baby Yoda, to elaborate finishes like Captain Marvel or Spider-Man 2099 which convey a sense of elaboracy even within the compact space of funko pop models.

Myth 5: They Only Cater To Mainstream Pop Culture

Some argue that FunKo only caters to mainstream genres and fails to secure diversity. This is false because besides mainstream franchises including Game Of Thrones, Star Wars or superhero movies there are Funko Pops for indie films, horror franchises, anime characters and even sports legends too!

If you have doubts on diversity just consider this; there are so many different genres in entertainment- And for a company like FunKo- keeping up with these counts means being mindful constantly taking feedback from fans for it warrants a consistent turnover in series and collection development initiatives while maintaining profitability keeping fan base interests protected.

In conclusion, don’t buy into misconceptions like “they’re aimed at kids” or “all are breakable”. The truth is much cooperative with various collectibles exhibits alongside other masterpiece jigsaws! If anything we’ve stated resonates with you, we highly recommend going out and adding a Funko Pop figure (or two) to your own personal toy kingdom today!

How to Spot a Real Myth FunKo Pop from a Fake One: Insider Tips and Tricks

Funko Pops have become one of the hottest collector’s items in recent years. With over 10,000 different figures available, each representing a different pop culture icon, it’s easy to see why collectors are eager to add these stylized vinyl toys to their collections. However, with so many out there, it’s important to know how to spot real ones from fakes.

Of course, spotting a fake Funko Pop can be incredibly difficult! The counterfeit market has gotten exceedingly good at producing fake Funsos that look almost identical to the real deal. Yet fear not brave Pop hunters because we’re here with some insider tips and tricks on how to spot a genuine Myth FunKo Pop from a fake one.

Knowing where you buy your Funkos is key. Always buy from reputable stores or dealerships who guarantee authenticity: anything that seems too cheap or phoney should immediately raise red flags inside your head. There are certainly times when resellers will price-gouge for super-rare items, but this is the exception rather than the rule. You might feel like you’ve scored a bargain by finding something for much less than what most people would pay for it, but often it’ll turn out that you’ve just bought an imitation that won’t have any value whatsoever once you find out the truth.

Another great way of telling if a figure is legit or not is by examining its box-up carefully (yes – this may be time-consuming). A genuine Funko Pop box will always come with licensing information which details both the brand itself and who owns said scheme – usually this info is found on either side of the top flap cover.

It’s crucial also for fans and collectors to examine every element of an action figure closely—its paint job aside—to confirm whether they’re encountering faux merchandise due diligence is key! For starters, take notice of whether or not there are any imperfections visible within painting; make sure that the fonts on the label are accurate and clear, and always verify that a brand’s emblem is present. Typically, genuine Funko Pops should feature intricate details displaying crisp lines!

There are also many telltale signs of fake Funko Pop figures that can be easily recognized with close attention to details. For example, fake figures usually have much wider gaps between their heads and bodies than genuine ones do. The facial features of fake pops can also be less detailed or not as finely painted as official items.

In conclusion: When buying Funko Pops, make sure you’re doing so through legitimate avenues such as well-know dealerships, trustworthy online stores or via Amazon if possible. Check for labels with aligned fonts and crisp lines whilst also keeping an eye out for any imperfections in paint finish – remember any mistake could indicate a phoney Funko! And lastly examine the gaps between body and head – these can give an immediate clue to whether what looks perfect gives off fakes vibes once examined more closely.

Hopefully these tips will help you to avoid falling prey to counterfeiters in the future – giving you peace of mind when trying to buy your favorite legends for your collection!

Unboxing and Displaying Your New Myth FunKo Pops: Dos and Don’ts!

Are you a fan of Mythology and Collectibles? Then, we have got some exciting news for you! The ever-popular toy company Funko has recently released its new line of Myth FunKo Pops. These adorable vinyl figures depict characters from popular Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythologies in their signature chibi style.

As soon as the announcement hit the internet, fans collectively gasped in delight and hurried to pre-order their favorite figurines. And now that they are slowly trickling into homes around the world, it’s time to talk about unboxing and displaying your Myth FunKo Pops like a pro.

DO: Handle with care!

As soon as your package arrives, resist the temptation to rip it apart like a kid at Christmas. Take a deep breath and carefully cut open the box using scissors or a sharp blade. It’s essential to handle your new collectible gently since Pops can be delicate pieces of art that require extra care when it comes to removing them from their packaging.

DON’T: Ruin the box

Though it can be tempting to throw away or hastily tear apart the cardboard packaging, keep in mind that it adds value to your collectible if you keep it in good condition. The vibrant graphics on these boxes make for an attractive showcase display when stacked together on bookshelves or desks.

DO: Display them creatively

Once you release your Myth FunKo Pop from its confinement with admirable grace (of course!), think about how you’d like to display them creatively. There are limitless ways of showcasing these vinyl figures; some fans prefer keeping them organized alphabetically while others group characters based on mythology themes or color-coordinated.

If you’re feeling extra creative, try adding LED lights behind shelves or placing Funko Pop displays inside glass jars – sky’s the limit!

DON’T: Overexpose them

While we do agree that displaying your collection is uber-satisfying, remembering to limit exposure to sunlight is crucial. Direct sunlight can cause the colors on your figures to fade over time. So, as much as we want them to bath in the sunshine, they are better kept out of its direct reach.

DO: Have fun with it!

Finally, embrace your inner child and have some fun displaying your new Myth FunKo Pops creatively. Set up a photoshoot or make a TikTok dance video based on them! After all, collecting these babies is not just a hobby – it’s a lifestyle!

In conclusion, showcasing our collections has become an incredible way to express our personalities and passions with others. When you nail unboxing and display dos and don’ts, your collectibles can serve as memories of cherished moments spent indulging in fandom worlds shared by other passionate collectors around the world.

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