cultureThe Impact of Stranger Things on Pop Culture: A Look at the Phenomenon

cultureThe Impact of Stranger Things on Pop Culture: A Look at the Phenomenon 2017

Introduction to the Cultural Phenomenon of Stranger Things Pop

Stranger Things has become a global phenomenon and its fanbase has grown immensely in recent years. The show premiered on Netflix in 2016 and quickly gained an immense following due to its intriguing plot, engaging characters, and incredible soundtrack. Set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, the show chronicles the lives of various members of the small town as they uncover dark secrets from their pasts and struggle against supernatural forces from the Upside Down -a parallel universe accessible through a dimensional gateway located deep beneath Hawkins.

The show’s popularity is widely credited to its uncanny ability to channel nostalgia for classic science fiction films and television shows. Many viewers have noticed that Stranger Things heavily references films such as E.T., Poltergeist, The Goonies, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Alien and Stephen King’s novels It and Firestarter with its clever incorporation of symbolism, intense suspenseful scenes and skilled use of suspenseful music composition by composers Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein who both won the Emmy award for distinctive work in original title themes and score compositions in 2017.

One reason why many fans have come so passionate about Stranger Things is not just due to references to other works but because it transports them back in time evoking fond memories from their childhood while also providing new elements that make it unlike any other work out there! Not only are viewers infatuated with the storyline but they love it for its strong character development which allows them to connect with every main cast member on a deeper level which leads into immense admiration when characters overcome obstacles together like Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin)and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo). Despite being children caught up in a battle between worlds these youngsters powerfully push onward in efforts combat hostile entities from another existence by relying on their own unique resources .

The soundtracks varies significantly within each season starting with synthesizers employed during Season 1 transitioning to 80s style guitar riffs over heavy drums during season 3. As well as memorable synthpop songs accompanying 80s pop culture moments; Finally we can’t forget about our beloved theme song “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by British rock band The Clash famously heard at every start any episode of Stranger Things! Its tune encapsulated all that was special about the show- Nostalgia intertwined with a healthy dose of adventure highlighting Stranger Thing’s retro vibe while illustrating again how one popular cultural phenomenon can grow swiftly into renewed appreciation of classical 1980’s pop culture appeal .

Exploring the Different Types of Stranger Things Pop

Pop culture has come a long way since the days of simply enjoying television shows, movies, and music. Thanks to the influence of popular media, there is now an entire industry devoted to merchandising fan-favorite characters and moments from creative works like Stranger Things. Fans can express their affection for the Upside Down in style with officially licensed Stranger Things Pop figures.

Aesthetically speaking, these collectible figurines capture recognizable attributes of each character within a cutesy design that speaks to people of all ages. From Eleven’s iconic nosebleed to Steve’s cool 80s hair, even the most innocuous details are showcased in true nostalgia-inducing fashion.

The Stranger Things Pop family is comprised of dozens of unique figures spanning multiple variations and sizes. From four-inch Pocket Pop Keychains to two foot tall XL Vinyls and everything in between, each figure conveys its own signature personality meant to tap into fans’ emotions by connecting them with a beloved series or movie at an individual level. Each highly detailed face or body movement can trigger memories from playing a scene that first aired years prior; reliving real life moments associated with watching endearing characters across various mediums not limited to just TV or film.


Though all existing derivatives provide enough variety for any fan to choose between different levels of affordability when selecting collectibles, what really sets them apart pertain to exclusive content that only specific outlets have access towards manufacturing – granting one-of-a kind variants yet unseen elsewhere on sale at retail outlets or online stores such as Funko Shop or Target exclusive drops. These varieties could range from alternative colors or alternate facial expressions conveying hints behind future plot elements adding even more pooling possibilities geared towards growing collections both big and small respectively.

In conclusion, why do fans flock towards collecting vinyl models? Many enthusiasts may feel as if owning special pieces obscure enough would validate past choices made engaging with media over time – ensuring had content connected with viewers on emotional level outside regular viewing hours approached before change hadn’t come about surrounding experiences bonded together within Love for creativity now imbedded within physical plastic on shelves planted across homes around world!

Step by Step Guide on How to Create Your Own Stranger Things Pop

Are you ready to make your own Stranger Things pop? Follow this step-by-step guide to create your very own version of the Stranger Things universe at home!

Step 1: Gather Materials. You will need a balloon, string or yarn, scissors, newspaper, Modge Podge glue mixture and paint brush, white craft glue, foam core board and cardboard.

Step 2: Make a Ballon Base. Start by blowing up your balloon so it’s slightly bigger than the size of your desire pop (remember that it will shrink as it hardens). Cut a 12 inch long piece of string for each strand and loop it around the knot at the end of the balloon and tie off securely. Cut 8 more pieces of string and attach them evenly around the bottom circumference of the balloon forming an even pattern—these strings will serve as anchors for our base structure. Secure them firmly at both ends and fill any gaps with additional strings if needed. Now cut strips out from newspaper (the wider they are, the sturdier they become) paste them over your balloon base using Modge Podge glue mixture until you have covered all surfaces; let dry completely.

Step 3: Build Up Structure. Begin by cutting out shapes from foam core board for defining features on your molds—these could include eyes, nose, mouth etc., but feel free to be creative! Bendable cardboard is great for bending shapes such as arms or tentacles; use white craft glue to assemble them all together onto our balloon base structure like a puzzle (you could also add paint details after drying!). Set aside to let dry overnight before proceeding to Step 4 .

Step 4: Casting Time! This is where things start getting interesting! Mix up plaster in one bowl until you reach desired consistency then carefully pour it into another bowl—make sure not to overfill or else air bubbles will protrude when poured into our structure and scape off any excess with dried spoon or other tool lying nearby then let dry somewhere safe with ventilation. Once set (this usually takes 12hrs), carefully remove plaster formation from mold and dress however you see fit by either spray painting directly onto surface or adding fabric details such as buttons or patches etc.—the possibilities are endless! Once completed; step back…take a photo… proudly show off your brand new stranger things pop art creation!

FAQs About Stranger Things Pop

Q: What other properties are related to Stranger Things Pop?

A: The show and its namesake Funko Pop line have spawned several other products, including clothing, accessories, comics and books. There’s even a beer that was crafted in honor of the series.

Q: Why is Stranger Things Pop so popular?

A: One of the reasons for its popularity is due to the nostalgia associated with it. Set in the 1980s, many viewers remember watching the original films, reading the books, or playing some version of video games from that era. Furthermore, Stranger Things’ fan base is global, making it an international sensation that has caught just about everyone’s attention. Additionally, people love Stranger Things’ merch as it brings all their favorite characters from The Upside Down into tangible forms!

Q: How can I collect my own set of Stranger Things Pop figures?

A: You can purchase individual Funko Pop Vinyl figures online or at your local store. In addition to the regular release variants availble there are also exclusives available directly through Fan Channel retailers such as Hot Topic or BoxLunch – check those sites periodically for new releases! You can also find single figures in most any toy aisle these days. Also keep an eye on conventions for limited edition exclusive versions too!

Top 5 Facts About Stranger Things Pop

1. It’s a Phenomenon: Stranger Things Pop is the hottest trend in pop culture at the moment. With a tremendously successful second season that spurred a new wave of fandom and merchandise, it’s no surprise that Stranger Things Pop has been so popular. From Eleven to Hopper, all your favorite characters now have collector-worthy pops to display on shelves!

2. Versatility: There’s something for everyone in this line of pops! Whether you want your standard everyday Funkos or some special editions with glow-in-the-dark features, there are several choices to fit any collection size and budget! Shopping for collectible pops just got more interesting with this series!

3. Quality: The quality of these pops can’t be overlooked! They’re made from high-quality materials that feel substantial in the hands and feature excellent paint jobs with meticulous details like winkles and facial expressions. Everything from Will’s teary eyes to Barb’s glasses looks perfect in person – no regrets here!

4. Gifts: If you’re looking for a fun but meaningful gift for someone special, consider getting them one or several of these perfectly crafted pops! They look awesome on display shelves among other items and have become an icon of ’80s nostalgia that anyone would appreciate as gifts for birthdays or any other occasion.

5. Nostalgia Everywhere: The amazing thing about Stranger Things Pop is how widely popular they’ve become among not only fans but people who simply enjoyed watching the show itself. It’s added even more fuel to the fire when it comes to fans’ nostalgia over the beloved series and created an almost cult following in its wake!

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on The Strangeness of Strange Things

The Strangeness of Strange Things is an exploration into the strange and often overlooked aspects of our world. Through scientific and philosophical inquiry, we have managed to gain an understanding of some of the less understood phenomenon and their effects on us. The idea that our everyday lives are filled with unexplainable mysteries makes life more interesting, since it gives us something to ponder and explore in the unknown. It challenges our ideas about what’s normal and what isn’t, and helps us to come up with better answers for things we don’t yet understand. In this way, the strangeness of strange things opens up a new dimension of exploration, one that can lead to amazing discoveries which may then turn out to be applicable in real life situations.

At its core message is one of open-mindedness and acceptance – if something is strange or unusual, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong or bad; rather, it means there’s another level of understanding that hasn’t been reached yet. By exploring these heights, humanity can tap into better ways of perceiving reality, leading to greater insight into how the world operates. As such, The Strangeness of Strange Things provides a refreshingly different perspective–one which embraces oddity for what it is: part of being human in an imperfect universe striving for perfection.

What this book has really done is challenge my preconceptions about life with thought-provoking questions. It pushes me out of my comfort zone by suggesting alternatives I hadn’t considered before–challenging me to look at reality from different points of view than those I’m used to relying upon myself. On finality this was recommended reading as not only was informative but engaging leaving you questioning much more than when you started!

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