Cooling Off with a Bomb Pop Popsicle

Cooling Off with a Bomb Pop Popsicle History

Introduction to The History and Evolution of the Bomb Pop Popsicle

The iconic red, white, and blue Bomb Pop Popsicle is a refreshing treat that has been cooling down mouths since the 1950s. Its classic flavor mix of cherry, lemon-lime, and blue raspberry has been at the center of countless childhood memories for generations. But what’s the story of its evolution? Let’s trace back to the origin of this much loved snack and explore how it became one of America’s most popular frozen treats.

It all started with John E. Mitchell, an ice cream and popsicle maker from Atlantic City, New Jersey. During World War II when sugar supplies were limited and shipping was difficult, Mitchell got creative. He began producing a single colored popsicle in a rocket shape which eliminated paper wrapping for individual sticks as well as multiple flavors and colors that required larger amounts of sugar – saving both money and resources during a difficult time. The rocket shaped popsicles quickly became incredibly popular due to their unique shape but also because they were easy to share among friends!

Once peace returned at the end of WWII, Mitchell decided to stay in business by manufacturing his “rocket” popsicles using extra ingredients on hand like red coloring obtained from beet juice as well as dextrose made from corn starch so he could offer more flavors than just one single colored version. The original Rocket Pop included three differently colored ice cream layers: cherry on top, lemon-lime in middle, and blue raspberry on bottom— becoming staples at beach shops along the East Coast during summertime!

By 1975 entrepreneurs Paul Welch & William Yoost decided they wanted to get into the frozen treat market with their own rendition of a new standard yellow/red/blue triangle-shaped Bomb Pop Popsicle sold primarily through supermarkets instead of beach shops or drug stores (the traditional method for purchasing colder treats). Their company “Fudgsicle” soon had difficulty competing against Matlow Inc., which owned marketing rights for the original Rocket Pops from John E Mitchell’s creation (now referred to affectionately as Rocketeers). This led Welch & Yoost to file various trademark disputes with Matlow Inc., which ultimately ended up leading Welch & Yoost to become profitable while Matlow merged/absorbed other smaller companies until it faded out in 1983 when it eventually sold its specialized divisions including ice cream bars such as Fudgesicles & Bomb Pops to Jel Sert Co.

Today you’ll find not just one type but TWO different styles sold officially under this recognizable banner – large sized lollipop Popsicles that are individually wrapped called Big Stick Bomb Pops claims in vibrant green packaging featuring characters Surf ‘n Turf Cooler Sherman & Buoy followed by cheaper traditional plastic tray versions found inside simply labeled boxes known affectionately known as Squeez’ems (available exclusively during summer months july-august). Either way though both options remain incredibly popular amongst all ages no matter where you live since1943 when first created!

From Greedysicle to Bomb Pop: The Creation Story

The creation story of the two classic frozen treats, Greedysicle and Bomb Pop, is a tale as old as time – well, at least since 1950. The two iconic red, white and blue goodies started as imaginative ice cream creations from the minds of two enterprising entrepreneurs who sought to bring joy with every lick!

Greedysicle was dreamt up by an American candy-maker going by their last name “Greedy” in 1950. Their confectionery concoction began life as a combination of orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream topped off with lemon flavored hard candy – a triple threat frozen treat. The genius bit? Utilizing the brightly colored yellow lemon candy to make this pop resemble a firecracker! It was an instant hit with children around America and soon began popping up in freezers across the country.

It wouldn’t be until three decades later that any fiery competition could even come close to taking on Greedysicle; Bomb Pop made its debut in 1982. This electrifying take on the red, white and blue popped mix started when two friends created an explosive combination of fruit flavors: lime, cherry and blue raspberry! Originally sold under the company ‘Rocket Pops’, it soon became known affectionately as ‘Bomb Pop’ from fans thinking it looked like a mini fireworks masterwork when striped sections were unwrapped (cue kids everywhere waging war on each other). Subsequently taken over by another food giant after some shrewd business dealings it’s been chomped down upon anytime people find themselves reaching for something cool ever since!

This cherished rivalry has been fought since day one between freezer favorites – whether you prefer intense citrusy citrus kick or delicious sour sweetness there’s no denying Greedysicle and Bomb Pop will both stay locked in a battle royal until eternity itself …well we’re pretty sure at least…

The Bomb Pop Popsicle has become a popular frozen treat over the last half-century. It all started in the early 1950s when William ‘Bill’ Christison invented the multi-colored layered ice pop. He initially developed it for an amusement park concession stand and called it ‘the Red, White, and Blue’ but it soon became known as the bomb pop after its likeness to a bomb.

Since then, this classic treat has been apart of many childhood summer memories. From its eye-catching colors to unique flavor combinations, this frozen delight has earned its place in America’s heart. As time went on, the range of flavors expanded as did the number of ways to enjoy Bomb Pops – from ice cream trucks to convenient store shelves they can be enjoyed anytime with any occasion!

Perhaps no one encapsulated how much we LOVE Bomb Pops more than Vanilla Ice who repped them proudly in his “Ice Ice Baby” hit single off of his first album: “To The Extreme” released in 1990. He brags about licking them up like a “vortex spin” showing us that Popsicles could be colorful and cool during adulthood too!

That same spirit that inspired Vanilla Ice is likely part of why Bomb Pop is still so popular today. Now you can find not just traditional flavors but also exotic treats such as Berry Rush, Sour Macho Man and Cosmic Punch — just to name a few! And for those wanting a healthier alternative there are also nonfat yogurt varieties as well gluten free options available too!

No matter what flavor or size you choose or where you purchase it from (like your local convenience store or Walmart!), you’ll never forget that sweet explosion of nostalgia that defined your childhood summers – the beloved Bomb Pop Popsicle is here to stay!

The Different Versions of the Bomb Pop Through the Years

Bomb Pops are one of the all-time classic frozen treats. Synonymous with summer, these red, white, and blue popsicles are enjoyed by kids throughout the United States. The Bomb Pop has a long history, and there have been various incarnations since it launched in 1955. Here we’ll take a look at the different versions of this iconic treat through the years.

The Original Version – Before being renamed to its current form in 1973, this originally had an alternate name of “Rocket Pop.” It was founded by a company called Old Fashioned Ice Cream and came in three flavors including cherry, lime and blue raspberry. During its original set up, some franchisees sold mixed color frozen treats that were individually decorated with sticks or held together by skewer popsicle sticks forming what was referred to as a “pop-tree.”

The Modern Version – This started when Rick Chudy formed Wyman’s Frozen Treats after creating a new recipe for his son’s party (this now constitutes the modern version). He took cash out of his own pocket in 1975 to start manufacturing Rocket and Fudge Bars before rebranding them as Bomb Pops in 1977. As production grew he changed production locations from his kitchen to larger premises – which allowed him to boost output so they could sell their products around different parts of California. The brand experience then expanded outward into Arizona & other western states between 1983 & 1987

Gourmet Versions & Variations– In recent years there have also been gourmet versions released along with variations such as ‘Sour Blast’ or ‘Cherry/Lemonade’. The fusion flavoured version is also very popular; flavors include pineapple strawberry colada and watermelon blue raspberry lemonade amongst others All serve purposes amidst competition from rival brands like Good Humor which introduced similar cones last year . This has generated plenty of choice for those looking for something that extends beyond simple ice cream based treats


Wyman’s Frozen Treats continues to innovate and perfect their products each year for their customers who are always on the lookout for something new. There is no doubt that throughout upcoming years we will continue to see exciting new variants on this classic treat!

From Forgotten Favorites to Revivals: The Return of the Bomb Pop

The Bomb Pop is a classic summertime treat that has been enjoyed for generations. It’s often considered to be the perfect combination of flavor, nostalgia, and refreshment – a pop quiz of rebellion declaring your love for all things retro. From its frozen firework graphic on the box to its unmistakable red, white and blue swirled colors when you eat it; the Bomb Pop has elevated itself beyond just an ice-cold novelty treat.

Originally invented in Kansas City during the 1950s by an ice cream maker named E William filter, this hot shot quickly made its way around America. Throughout the decades following its conception, with flavors like cherry limeade, berry mix and even root beer float; this Arctic ambassador stood out as a favorite among summer treats everywhere. The original formula was simple but delicious – cherry on bottom with lemon-lime in between resting on top layer of peach blue raspberry licherish. Delightfully tart pucker power intensified by cold shock had proven to be irresistible…even if only temporarily! Yet despite being affordable and boundless fun to consume during warmer months, something strange began happening during winters years..the Bomb Pop faded away forgotten in favour for newer adultier snacks such as deep fried oreos and bacon dipped pretzels .

However from time to time there would be pop up shops that championed bringing back fan favourites from yesteryear (including bomb pops) . Now more than halfway through 2020 we have seen these forgotten gems making their way back onto shelves yet again at grocery stores near you ! As such , many people have crossed the threshold of adulthood still fondly remembering this beloved classic snack – especially when it comes time for those triple digit days in which having one definitely cools off any temperate resentment towards broken air conditions !

It’s almost beautiful how something so easily dismissed can keep appearing every now again then – Although they may go through “forgotten favourite” moments; It appears as if Bomb Pops are enjoying much periodical revivals each year!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Bomb Pop Popsicle

Q: How long have Bomb Pop popsicles been around?

A: The iconic American treat, the Bomb Pop Popsicle first debuted in 1955. Since then it has become a classic summertime favorite for people of all ages across the nation. The red, white and blue patriotic design makes it a recognizable treat that is often chosen over other treats due to its unique combination of color and flavor.

Q: What flavors make up a Bomb Pop Popsicle?

A: There are three distinct flavors that make up the classic Bomb Pop Popsicle; cherry, lemon-lime and raspberry. Each flavor was specifically chosen to represent an individual color within the design creating a cool and inviting flavor profile that customers can not find anywhere else in their desserts section.

Q: Is a Bomb Pop Popsicle healthy?

A: While enjoying any frozen dessert should be done in moderation, a Bomb Pop Popsicle is made with real sugar cane, natural flavors and uses no artificial sweeteners making it a sensible choice when opting for something refreshing on hot days. Additionally, there are several varieties available such as sugar free options or low calorie versions; each also made with natural ingredients so families can enjoy this sweet treat without adding extra calories to their diets.

Q: Are there different sizes of Bomb Pop Popsicles?

A: Yes! Aside from the classic 3 flavoured Bombsicles there are several individual flavoured larger bars available such as strawberry margarita or simply just cherry or raspberry bars for those who prefer one flavour only!

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