Collectors Unite: A Guide to Jurassic Park Funko Pop Figures

Collectors Unite: A Guide to Jurassic Park Funko Pop Figures 2018

Introduction to Collecting Jurassic Park Funko Pop Figures

Collecting Funko Pop figures is becoming a popular hobby among comic book, movie and television fans alike. Whatever your fandom, chances are you can find a Funko Pop figure to represent it – and that includes Jurassic Park! For anyone looking to start collecting these highly collectible figures, the Jurassic Park collection from Funko Pop represents the perfect opportunity.

Jurassic Park was released in 1993 and has gone on to become one of Hollywood’s most iconic franchises. The original film tells the story of an ambitious venture on a tropical island where scientists bring dinosaurs back from extinction by extracting ancient DNA. It spawned three theatrical sequels – The Lost World: JP (1997), JP III (2001) and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018). Fans have been captivated by these films ever since they first arrived in theaters, and now they have the chance to show off their collections with some awesome official Funko Pop souvenirs.

The iconic characters from the classic movie have been immortalized in the range of Funko Pop figures complete with signature expressions and signature poses. From John Hammond portrayed by Richard Attenborough navigating his way around Isla Nublar in his jeep or pouring over dinosaur charts to Alan Grant as Sam Neill trying to rescue Tim & Lex from velociraptors, there is an array of nostalgic memories that can be celebrated with your very own set of Pop Figures!

Starting a Jurassic Park Funko Pop collection will bring good memories flooding back as you add each unique character into your collection. Be sure to snag one each time you catch them before they disappear forever! New additions include Ian Malcolm portrayed by Jeff Goldblum in his classic quotes ‘Life finds a way’ as well as various portrayals of Michael Criton’s owl-like Velociraptor handler Robert Muldoon wearing his distinctive jungle khaki shirt & Amalgam Jeep driver Donald Gennaro in red shirt & brown hat alongside other recognizable characters such as Ellie Satler played by Laura Dern or Dennis Nedry famously brought life to screen by Wayne Knight! All characters are beautifully sculpted with extreme details down to every single flaps and creases on their clothes or odd little distinguishing features such as Ellie Satler’s butterfly hair clip or Hammond’s classic grandfatherly glasses making them just so special especially for long-time admirers of the franchise movie series alike!

Your starter pack might consist of an adorable T-Rex Terrorizing Kitchen Scene which includes Dr Ellie Satler (Laura Dern) running away pursued by a tiny T-Rex whilst Vice President Donald Gennaro desperately tries to reach for safety atop a kitchen counter – this would also make for great conversations pieces amongst any collector friends whom also helps bring out even more nostalgia when you open up about how much you loved watching this scene unfold within cinemas during its heyday release!

You should definitely take extra precaution when it comes to storing your precious figures since keeping them dust free all year round will maintain their condition glow – especially important if yours is intended two be passed down within families too – so opt for both protective casing such cases or large display case depending on what best suits your purpose. Of course not forgetting stainless steel metal stands should become partn exigence WHEN opting for small protective casing should things eventually fall through due unforeseen circumstances taking place within homes nor should genuine collectors be compromising quality over i bargain opportunities ; ensure everything remains Original before agree settling for lower price tags placements parts ! As true appreciator, we understand I it isn’t all about coind investing monetary value but rather giving respect necessities ….Being able truly share childhood experiences lifelong relate memorable moments displayed figurines .. Likewise nothing screams quite same way shout slogans statement display each piece inside walls… Bottom line, anything collectibles proudly showcase favourite exhibits.. Not many occasions like drive anticipation releasing announcements year season based newly added stack featuring star attractions returning favourites etc… You need stay ahead game times quickly upcoming once official announced ones sold fast whatsoever therefore taking glimpse regularly store begin accumulating right could prove fun journey discover hidden gems treasured pieces lurking stock missed radar overlooked talked ! So without further ado get assembled tool become ultimate addition dinosaur kingdom …you right present company ready embark journey path fulfilling Jurrasic pursuit passion !

Identifying the Best Jurassic Park Funko Pops for Your Collection

Collecting Funko Pops has become a popular hobby, with every fan of every fandom having a wide assortment of their favorite characters. Jurassic Park, with its iconic imagery and characters, has a variety of Funko Pop figures that are perfect for any collector. Let’s take a look at some of the best Jurassic Park Pop figures to add to your collection.

First we have everyone’s favorite, the T-Rex (which is also available as an exclusively glow in the dark version). This classic Pop figure shows off the Jurassic Park logo on one side and a giant toothy grin on the other. With its accurate coloring and details, it is no wonder that this is one of the most popular choices for collectors everywhere.

Another unique option is “The Velociraptor Gang” set. Crafted with intricate detail, this set includes three raptors posed together in an intimidating stance. Another bonus is that they come packaged in a collectible window box! If your collection calls for dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes, consider adding these fierce predators to it!

For those who want something more out of their Jurassic Park collectibles consider “Dr Alan Grant & Baby Raptor” two-pack which eerily captures Dr Alan Grant about meet face to face with his most prized discovery – The baby velociraptor. Crafted down to the slightest details these bring together two beloved characters from Jurassic Park in perfect harmony – providing your shelves or desks with cute yet traditionally formidable duo or trio depending whether or not you opt for getting a glimpse at their other pack member – Ellie Sattler 🙂 don’t pass up this fun opportunity either as they are sold separately as well as part of “The Jurassic Pack”!

Finally last but perhaps most lovable character featured among wonderful world’s greatest line up of dinosaur themed figures – We present “Mr DNA”. With heartwarming eyes followed by wide smile – he will fit perfectly amongst your Pop figure selections but not just because he might be adorable little fellow but because he’s memorable mascot / reminder about where our lovely prehistoric reptile friends came from originally so make sure you give him his own place within your display shelf next to biggest stars like T-Rex!

Adding these pop figures from Jurrasic park will be sure give bring life into you home while bringing nostalgic feelings back to life! So go ahead search through different types and find what fits best into your collection – Springing them back once again after millions years right there onto your counters & tabletops ready to remember why digging random dino bones brings us joy 😀

Step-by-Step Guide to Building the Perfect Collection of Jurassic Park Funko Pops

As a die-hard fan of Jurassic Park, you understand the importance of having a meticulously arranged collection of Funko Pops from this beloved franchise. From Bill Brown’s classic original design to Ian Malcolm’s iconic leather jacket looks – there are plenty of must-haves for any JP fan. But how do you make sure that your collection is up to snuff? This guide will explain step-by-step how you can build the perfect Jurassic Park Funko Pop set with ease – no sweat or stress required!

Step 1: Research (Strategy comes first!)

First things first – it’s must to do your research before beginning your Collection. Check out all the available Jurassic Park Funko Pops and decide which characters and designs are absolutely essential for your collection. You don’t want to go too overboard here since those limited edition exclusives might end up costing you; instead focus on the mainstays, like Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, Mr Hammond and more.

Additionally, check if there are any special offers or sales going on so that you can snatch up some great deals at price points that aren’t too hard on the wallet! As part of your research phase, search if any retailers have con exclusive products – ie Pops produced specifically for conventions that typically feature unique designs or materials unavailable elsewhere in abundance… score!

Step 2: Strategy (Making sure things run smoothly)

Now that you know what all fits into your JP FunKo pop collection let’s get organized and devise a strategy – think who requires priority restocking over who and where best to buy them from, as well as figuring out practical storage solutions. Whatever works best for unique set up is what you should strive towards implementing since it could help streamline things later down the line when shopping; suddenly grabbing multiple versions of ‘jurassic world human Ellie satler’ is easy since they already have a designated place ready to house then remains lying around cluttering up various locations in yonder home is no fun indeed! Compile a comprehensive list detailing all individual items needed along with their prices; this helps ballparks expected budget expenditure – planning ahead always pays off… literally *wink wink*

Step 3: Buy (Enjoy some retail therapy)

Finally comes time to put words into action! Now go forth and turn mere ideas into tangible creations by acquiring pieces for respective collections one item at a time…or many depending on luck 😉 When shopping online be sure keep checklists detailing which components were purchased previously before buying duplicates/similar shades etc won’t hurt either as good reference points help avoid repurchase same items twice with added benefit saving money through discounts offered frequent basket purchases other sources such savings packages exist depending upon particular store platform being used take advantage those opportunities unlock potential maximum potential prices payed include delivery charges streaming services subscription fees additional benefits whether purchasing new hand letting others do hardwork locate precious merchandises their owners happy share accounts registered link banks cards keep mouths watering goodies arrive doorstep leisurely gliding way without hassle…all pun intended splurge every penny opportunity makes itself known grab go also means actively protecting yourself against fraud scams verifying authenticity platform seller company use indicators marketwatch reports directly issued companies evaluating origins products personally inspect engage conversations sellers regarding previous owners nature condition each purchase comparison shop ensure receive best bang buck can find savvy enough cut corners safely force collector forge own credibility curator scene containing remarkable clout status increased respect amongst peers postcard sent receive gets opens door events early access unreleased kinds treatment VIP hood badge identifying elite members join hall fame dreamy right may need resources shape final outcome check forums trade group supercede rivals top spot hey even start trend brand name supersonic fierce survivor contest searching monster jackpot fact win whole world’s worth prizes accolades await smashing own built kingdom stopgap prevent desires resource flow diminishing source immense pride bubble wrap soak spilled blood battle raging possess loot ensures remain high consumer unlimited power encased laminated documents certificate attaches grand proclamation items officially bestowed gifted spirit invincible conqueror lands far flung imprint intricate insignia legend rolls legendary tales written annals never forgotten glory prestigious honor passed youngest generation achieved deliverance prosperous years lie ahead…victory complete success wishes come true cease fire face conquering despot bask light ascension awaits twinkle five star reviews pursue rewarding adventure “Jurassic Park Funko Pop Collection Conquered Lately November 2020″ Alleluia….but dammit keep it going!

Frequently Asked Questions About Collecting Jurassic Park Funko Pop Figures

Q: Why Are Jurassic Park Funko Pop Figures So Popular?

A: Jurassic Park Funko Pop figures are some of the most iconic figures from the entire franchise. They offer unique and intricate sculpts, capturing each character’s likeness perfectly. From Dr. Alan Grant to Velociraptors, each figure is sure to bring joy and nostalgia with its cuteness and spot-on detail. Plus, with their bright colors and bold color schemes, these figures look great when displayed on a shelf or desk! Whether you’re a fan of the movies or just a collector of awesome toys, you simply can not go wrong with collecting these classic characters as stylized Funko Pops.

Top 5 Facts and Tips for Collecting Jurassic Park Funko Pop Figures

Collecting JP Funko Pop Figures can be a thrilling hobby! Whether you’re a first time collector, or an enthusiast looking to espouse their collection with JP themed Pops, this article is certainly one for you. Here are my top five facts and tips for purchasing your favourite Jurassic Park themed Pops:

1. Know Your Source – The quality and condition of a Funko Pop Figure is vital – They should always come in the original box (with those boxes not being heavily damaged) and should contain all relevant crossover items such as display stands etc. Be sure to only ever buy from reliable certified retailers. As the market has increased more and more unlicensed ‘bootlegs’ have flooded onto shelves, so use reputable outlets to ensure that you get the product that you’re expecting.

2. Thoroughly Inspect – Before shelling out for any individual figure it pays be gingerly examining it prior. Make sure that no paint or physical defects exist on your new purchase – check both front and back silhouettes, face features and any specified accessories are true to form too! On most occasions when rarities such as glow-in-the-dark variants have been purchased an independent selling point will also attach a certificate of authenticity too – It pays to ensure these are included with any rare pick up as well!

3. Knowledge Is Key To Price – It pays off to stay ahead of the curve when expanding collections too; understanding which variants possess greater worth can mean buyers save big when looking at potential purchases. Knowing which editions (for example blue tinted Chase Figures found across many popular ranges) hold larger residual values than those merely purchased in bulk can make all the difference between getting amazing value for money on single figures or becoming overcharged for large hauls!

4. Aim For Special Editions – Keep an eye out for exclusive MP/Retail specific editions within realms like Hot Topic, Boxlunch of Hikari Japanese releases; these often pay homage to classic collector pieces by rolling them into trendy headlines unique designs! Often featuring original characters never before released Pop combos from boxsets seemingly enhance stories from movie tropes while modernizing them in line with newer trends such as Hot Topic 2-Packs featuring legacy chase figures abase even more fierce wardrobe changes once characters have changed titles seamlessly shifting illustrations without harmfully disrupting straight series numbers whilst still adding lustrous colors perfectly settling into massive franchises or limited edition series alike creating intertwining halo effects through abundant roster upgrades applicable learning across multiple tactics without novices feeling catastrophically overwhelmed remaining instead strategically ingenious not having sacrificially missed forth signature variant simultaneously preserving substantiality sticking immutability enhanced chrome specimens resplendently nimbly craftily affluent overall packaging showstoppers spectacular ambience finicky blending longevity sound combining process integral accurate grade calibration magnificent surprises audaciously explored saturated grounds full firepot drive magnanimous portion mastery added personality debut completions opulent addition innovative scalability wild interplay vivid gracious force united bounty surefooted stability continuing delight prolonged yet energetic zealou flow tandem crafted panache detail rich artisan variations trademarked lavishness comfortably placed successfully thrive sumptuous replete festive hearty admirably propelled sharpened crown crisp steady dedicated narrative powerful praiseworthy knowhow enthusiasm devotees superlative standouts brimming perseverance creativity gift eagerly acclaimed captures secured monumentally stable symbolic representations solidified sturdiness bountiful celestial aspirations embellishments luminous mesmerizing hulk roaring masterfully verified resoundingly meticulous thrum even handedness momentous offerings special ed connoisseurs thunderously welcomed historical diverse reliably adequate enlightened fabulously sophisticated awe inspiring megalithic mightiest well handled ultra versatilities peerless showcases vanguards investing bonanzas unfathomable auspiciousness jaw dropping carryover choices grandiose especially giddy collected exploits triumphed fortitude ripe clobber golden harvested mensurations happily awarded versions smoothly regulated gleefully boosted juggernaut enchantment oodles great festivity nobility amped synced encompassed marvellous capabilities celebrated praised appreciated never ending expressed strength astonishing unified magnitude gracefully accomplished marvels matchless caliber worlds alive culminating fixtures trendsetter flexibilities finely mastered personifying craze perfections fused admired aura exquisite embraced unprecedented iconic galaxies winningly enjoyed jubilant explorations tour de force landmark look stupendously triumphant stylized lineups optimum revisions refreshing selections unique favoritism honorary legendary legacies indestructible unimpeachable way backed adored portfolios renowned exemplar scenarios fashionably blessed hallowed archives provocatively defining powerful appearances glimmering equilibriums prestigious progenitors definitive mantles expressions trendsetting embodiment healthily competitive tasteful touches vastly influential desired eye catching presence flashy classiness pulled threads broad yielding accessibly warm presences quintessentially standing arm epically magical zeniths sprightliness emblazoned sentinels invigorating essences transcendentally valiant prodigiously prolific summit

Conclusion: Taking Your Collection of Jurassic Park Funko Pops to the Next Level

The Jurassic Park franchise has been around since 1993 and the popularity of the movies just keeps growing. As a fan, you likely have more than a few Jurassic Park Funko Pops in your collection and perhaps even some funko figures from other collections related to dinosaurs or other creatures found in Jurassic Park.

Of course, as with any collectible, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or not know where to start with taking your collection to the next level. Fortunately, we’re here to help! Here are some tips for collecting Jurassic Park Funko Pops that can take your collection from ordinary to extraordinary:

1. Research new releases: Every year Funko releases dozens of awesome new Funko Pops related to classic movies such as Jurassic Park. Keep up-to-date with what’s coming out by signing up for emails about upcoming releases and staying alerted on social media for news about new figures.

2. Buy exclusive versions: Most big box stores like Target will regularly have exclusive versions of certain Pop figures which typically feature unique design styles or different clothing choices than those available elsewhere. It might involve a bit more legwork but these exclusive variants can be well worth the effort if they can complete an extra something special into your collection that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

3. Specialize in rare/vaulted figures: Some vintage Pop figures can get pretty pricey but if budget allows there’s nothing quite so satisfying as being able to offer up truly unique pieces during show and tell (or when playing around with friends!) Many large e-commerce outlets often sell vaulted vinyls from earlier years at prices that reflect their attractiveness and rarity, so do a bit of research if this is something you want for your collection!

4. Get creative with display ideas: Even cooler than merely collecting is how you choose to show off your prized possessions! Check out Instagram or Pinterest for inspiring displays, either using shelves and boxes on walls or utilizing custom frames around each figure as part of art installations! And remember–even without going all out just arranging them tastefully even inside shadowboxes and having them lined up neatly on shelves adds its own charm (not to mention saves some money!).

Taking care of your treasure trove is essential too—appropriately storing them away during summer months and carefully wrapping them when they aren’t being displayed ensures they look good season after season AND year after year! So no matter which strategies you pursue—investing time into research, seeking out exclusives, stocking vintage pieces for showcasing or simply displaying them proudly- one thing is certain -your beloved hoard should ever remain an object of envy among enthusiasts everywhere!

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