Collectors Guide to the Jaws Funko Pop Series

Collectors Guide to the Jaws Funko Pop Series History

Introduction to the Jaws Funko Pop Collection: Overview of Types and Figures

The Jaws Funko Pop collection is the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for one of the most iconic on-screen villains in film history. Not only can you show off your fandom with every piece, but you can also add some serious collectability to your shelf with this unique line of movie memorabilia.

There are several different types of figures in the Jaws collection. The most recognisable figure would be Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) which is based on his character from the classic 1975 movie. This Funko Pop has a funky outfit featuring air tanks, swim trunks and a float — making it an essential item for any die-hard fans that want to complete their set.

Other characters from the movie also appear as Pop! figures, such as “Quint” played by Robert Shaw, surfer/marine biologist Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) and Matt’s girlfriend Ellen Brody (Lorraine Gary). There are two exclusive movie variants — Shark Attack Ellen vs. Jaws himself; both accompany a series of standard versions that come with different poses or outfits that harken back to memorable scenes in the film.

Alongside these main characters there’s also a wide array of other figures ranging from figurines inspired by secondary characters like Ben Gardner or even props such as Hooper’s scuba gear or Quint’s Orca fishing boat. These additions make for an impressive personalised collection fit for any person hailing from Amity Island!

Overall, the Jaws Funko Pop collection offers a variety of sizes, styles and designs suitable for any room décor or budget — guaranteeing everyone can get something special out of this privilege range homage to the 70s cult classic unseen beast thriller!

Step by Step Guide to Unboxing the Jaws Funko Pop Collection

Unboxing a new collectible can be one of the most exciting moments in any collector’s experience. With each new item, there comes a sense of anticipation as to what might have been included and just how good it will look on display! The Funko Pop Jaws collection is no exception to this rule, with a carefully crafted design and some great attention put into capturing the vibes of these iconic films. So without further ado, let’s dive into our guide for unboxing your Jaws Funko Pop figures!

Step One – Prepare Your Workspace: Before you get started with all the unboxing fun, make sure to lay out a workspace where you won’t risk any damage or dirt getting onto your figures. Most figures come securely wrapped in protective packaging but it doesn’t hurt to have an area dedicated to their safe unwrapping.

Step Two – Start Peeling Away: Now that you have your perfect workspace ready, it’s time to start unboxing (or should we say peeling away ) If you look closely at the figure’s base, you’ll notice small fold lines that serve as points of entry for breaking away at the plastic layer encasing them. By carefully working around each side, coverings should start coming off relatively easily with no need for scissors or knives.

Step Three – Pre-Staged Unveiling: Since nobody likes surprises unless they are intentional ones, take this time to pre-stage and check out which figures were shipped inside the box beforehand. As mentioned before kids should always be supervised when playing with small toys due safety reasons so having basic knowledge about what’s inside before hand can prevent any nasty surprises from showing up in an unexpected fashion.

Step Four – Final Removals: At this point you should be almost done with all the hard work since most of the major covering has been removed but there may still remain some pesky pieces stuck underneath collectors cards or other items packed alongside these Pop! figures To release these last bits is quite simple as pliers or tweezers would suffice (just make sure to utilize them extra-carefully when performing those final touches). And after that last bit of extracting act is finished; congrats yours Jaws Funko Pop Collection is finally unveiled and ready up front now which means it’s time for display and showtime !

FAQ About Collecting the Jaws Funko Pop Collection

Q: What is the Jaws Funko Pop Collection?

A: The Jaws Funko Pop Collection is a series of collectible vinyl figures that are inspired by characters from the iconic 1975 movie, Jaws. These figures feature accurate likenesses of characters such as Chief Brody, Quint and Mayor Vaughn, as well as various shark designs. These figures make great addition to any fan’s collection, offering unique takes on classic characters and the opportunity to recreate scenes from one of the most beloved films of all time.

Q: How can I find out more information about collecting this series?

A: There are many resources available online that can help you learn more about collecting Funko Pops and the Jaws series specifically. Visit websites like Reddit, Toyark or EE Forum for fun discussions and helpful tips on completing your collection. You can also read up on blog posts written by experienced collectors for insights into finding good pops and trade deals with other fans. Joining an online forum is a great way to meet other collectors and share experiences too!

Top 5 Facts About the Jaws Funko Pop Collection

The Jaws Funko Pop collection is a fun tribute to the classic 1975 suspenseful movie. If you’re a fan of the franchise, this collection makes for a great addition to your home or office decor. Here are the top five facts about the Jaws Funko Pop collection.

1. The Collection consists of five characters from the film: Chief Brody, Quint, Matt Hooper, Bruce (the shark), and Ben Gardner’s head. All of them in their signature outfits and poses from their appearances in the movie.

2. Each figure measures roughly 3 – 4 inches tall and has its own custom base with printing on both sides featuring details like police department logo and boat name; features that make each figure look even more intricate and realistic.

3. Each character also has its own accessories including handcuffs, megaphone, scuba gear and fishing hooks which can be connected to each character creating an even more dynamic experience when they’re put together as a set!

4. The material used replicates exactly what you see in the film right down to textured fabric on some of the figures making it a perfect centerpiece for any Jaws collector or enthusiast!

5. Not only does each figure represent an iconic moment from Jaws but these will also be limited-edition items so act fast if you want one of these exclusive figures before they run out!

Pros & Cons of Collecting the Jaws Funko Pop Collection

The collecting of the Jaws Funko Pop Collection is a great way to show your love for this classic horror/thriller movie from 1975. From limited-edition exclusive variants to full sets, there are many different options for collectors of all levels. Whether you’re a serious collector looking for rare pieces or just someone who wants to appreciate an iconic cultural touchstone, the Jaws Funko Pop Collection might be worth considering. Here are some pros and cons associated with collecting these figures:


• The Funko Pop figures themselves are highly detailed and feature bright colors that capture the essence of each character in the film. This makes them pleasing to look at while they’re on display in your collection!

• Although there isn’t as much variety with regards to color schemes as other Funko series, they still make up for it by offering a range of characters, making them ideal for any fan of the movie.

• As mentioned above, there are also limited and exclusive variants that add even more fun and flair to your collection—plus these can be harder to find! They make great investments whether you’re looking for value or something unique that stands out from the rest.

• Collecting Funkos can bring back memories of watching Jaws as a kid or even nostalgic “fondness over time moments” now that we have become sentimental adults


• Some may find frustration when hunting down specific figures like certain variants or limited releases. It’s tough competing against late night hunters who seem so adept at procuring those coveted pieces!

• Miscellaneous costs such as postage or gas money spent visiting flea markets may quickly climb before you know it—leaving many collectors feeling financially strung out while pursuing this hobby.

• There may be occasions where you purchase duplicate figures (especially if someone resells items that were opened). Trying to get a refund within a store’s return policy guidelines often proves difficult since collectibles typically aren’t covered by most retailers’ policies.

All things considered, there are both upsides and downsides when it comes to collecting anything—even Jaws Funko Pops! From increased expenses and potential disappointments while searching through stores or online sites, being mindful ahead of time will help keep track what factors may play into starting this venture in the first place. If all those cons only motivate rather than discourage, then maybe it really is worth picking up some figurines in order to finally start your own Jaws Pop Collection!

Closing Thoughts on Unboxing the Jaws Funko Pop Collection

Unboxing the Jaws Funko Pop Collection was an exciting and fun experience. From the moment you crack open that first box and find a figure staring up at you it’s hard not to get a little bit excited. The care and detail that goes into each of these figures is impressive, from the distinct features of each character to the unique situations each toy is placed in, no two figures are ever exactly alike. Fans of Jaws will appreciate the attention to detail throughout all of the different Pop Vinyls.

The eye-catching aesthetics will grab anyone’s attention, but its important to remember that this collection offers something so much more than just visuals. Every single figure brings with it an extra layer of nostalgia as they feature iconic scenes from everyone’s favorite movie franchise. We may never encounter a shark while unboxing our pops but we can relive some memorable moments through them!

Each one of these figures presents us with an opportunity to re-live those classic films and fall back in love with all four (Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 3-D & Jaws The Revenge). This makes them perfect for collectors or fans alike who want to show off their passion for this legendary franchise in a unique way. One thing is nearly certain; any decision regarding which figures to pick out won’t come easy as narrowing down your selection requires careful consideration over choices due to their sheer excellence.

Overall, Unboxing the Jaws Funko Pop Collection was a great experience filled with nostalgia from start to finish. Not only do these pieces look absolutely awesome lined up on display shelves or desks but they also bring back an immense amount of fond memories too good not to share! Whether you choose one figure or even all four – they certainly capture everything that makes one fall in love with this series: epic chase scenes, swimming at night & unforgettable quotes — making your purchase well worth every penny!

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