Collectors Guide to Funko Pop Harry Styles Figures

Collectors Guide to Funko Pop Harry Styles Figures 2017

Introduction to Collecting Funko Pop Harry Styles Figures

Are you a fan of Harry Styles and looking for ways to express yourself? Have you recently joined the Funko Pop Harry Styles collector’s bandwagon? Well, if you have, then here’s an introduction to collecting Funko Pop Harry Styles figures.

Funko Pop figures are popular collectible items based on licensed characters, television shows, comic books, animated films, celebrities and so on. And Harry Styles is one of them! The latest wave of Harry Styles Funko Pops feature the pop star in different looks and poses including his iconic ‘One Direction’ era outfits. As with any collectible item or toy, Funko Pop figures can range from rare collectors’ items to commonplace finds like everyday shopping mall kiosk toys. If you want to get into collecting these particular figurines then it’s important to know what you should be looking for in order to acquire some valuable items that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

When it comes to collecting Funkos there are two primary categories: common ones and rare ones. Common figurines are more affordable as well as readily available for sale either at physical stores or online via eBay and other websites which specialize in selling this type of merchandise. These common figurines generally depict movie characters from blockbusters such as Star Wars or DC super heroes; they are less expensive because the designs have already been widely produced with multiple versions existing. On the other hand, rare pieces usually represent limited edition figurines that only appeared once or twice on ecommerce sites like Amazon or eBay before being sold out quickly at exorbitant prices due to demand by ultra-fans seeking personal collections.

When it comes to acquiring Harry Styles Now! series of 8 inch tall Funko pop vinyl figures (commonly known as 50th anniversary pieces) without breaking your piggy bank first consider searching through various physical retail outlets such as Hot Topic locations across the US where these pops manufactured from 2019 onwards could often be found discounted around clearance season while stocks last due making them cheaper than most other places online where prices usually fall above fifty dollars per figure as compared to roughly fifteen dollars each at physical stores saving almost fourfold – great when stocking up gifts!

More importantly when hunting down theoretical grails remember that your best bets lie beyond the standard merchandise chains like Target Walmart & Toys”R”Us but within smaller independent hobbyist shops which could become unlikely surprise sources if inspected not just offering classic molded varieties but also alternative versions with slight alterations such as headtops swapped out differently giving extra personality provided quality production i…e Hatsune Miku Chrome Edition . Examples include Japanese re-releases exclusive retailer shops handmade customs cleverly crafted modded forms decals… There’s no limit here my fellow friends – welcome aboard aboard this captingly awesome venture!

Step by Step Guide on How to Collect Funko Pop Harry Styles Figures

Step 1: Determine what Harry Styles Funko Pop figures are available to collect.

There are a variety of official Harry Styles Funko Pop figures available on the market today from various retailers and online stores. Do some research to determine which ones you would like to collect, such as those based on iconic moments from his career or simply those depicting him in a fun, unique way. To find out what’s currently available, visit a major retailer or search online for ‘Funko Pop Harry Styles’.

Step 2: Research the current prices and resale values of each figure.

Once you’ve figured out what figures you want to collect, you should also do your own research on how much they will cost and how much they could potentially be resold for if needed in the future. This will help you set budget limits for your collection and understand the potential worth of each piece if it is kept in pristine condition with its box intact. While prices can sometimes drastically change due to certain factors such as limited availability or sudden popularity among collectors, checking reputable sources like eBay or specialty retail websites are good starting points for getting an estimate of current value levels. Make sure that any price estimates found online only come from trusted resources; this will protect you from unwanted surprises once it comes time to buy/sell!

Step 3: Set yourself up for collecting success by learning about packing and handling best practices!

After researching the costs associated with collecting Harry Styles Funko Pops, make sure that properly protecting your new items is your next priority–particularly when dealing with rarer variants with higher resale value potentials. Search around forums specifically dedicated to collecting vinyl figures (such as local collector clubs) to learn more about how professionals handle their merchandise to make sure nothing gets damaged during shipping/handling processes — this can save you quite a bit of money down the line in terms of not needing replacements due unexpected wear-and-tear issues while still enjoying good packaging integrity down the line when it comes time to sell any extras off eventually . Knowing proper practices can also be beneficial when displaying these figures – doing things like using an even layer of soft packing material foam inside a display case is important in ensuring these pieces stay cherry!

Step 4: Start searching around for where/what kinds of Pops are sold online or locally at toy shops/collecting events! Now it’s time get your hands on whatever set pieces have caught your interest & start constructing your dream collection by scoping out various vendors both digitally & physically (at toy storesm etc). If buying online then making sure delivery dates given by each vendor match up is highly recommended; this would give ample time before one needs their item & prevents them from having last minute issues finding someone who has quick (eagerly preferred) shipping times since everyone wants their product right away! As far as conventions go – check out multiple event postings throughout larger cities near yours prior so that way locals don’t miss upcoming release promos happening nearby & stand a better chance at locking in limited edition drops before anyone else does!

Step 5: Consider joining online discussion groups & share info based upon fan experiences / observations related to acquiring unique pieces over time…as well as inspecting sellers beforehand if at all possible Finally , take advantage of real life communites too — there will always be knowledgeable people willingto point other inquirers into understanding market trends related speciallyto harder-to-find pieces that rarely appear randomlyon shelves either domestically Internationally speaking!–don’t forget join forums where users exchange opinionsand feedbacks abou experiencceas which help othrespotential purchaseopportunisms–fyanlifrde might wanna inspect vendors priorand even make trips ‘f necessary justTO ensuregreat dealsworthytheir attentions ! Weigh risks vs rewards wisely—ultimatelyGonna make ever piece count along manner Meaningnfor everypurchase done whiselyenoughwwouuld assuredlyleadinto havingbeautifulcollection indicativeyour individual Fandomness !! May fortune ever favourthe bold

FAQs About Funko Pop Harry Styles Figures

If you’re a die-hard Harry Styles fan, then you’ve likely seen and heard about all the Funko Pop Harry Styles figures on the market. The collectible vinyl figures are wildly popular among teenage and adult fans alike – but what do they come with? What makes them so collectible? This blog offers answers to some of your biggest questions about Funko Pop Harry Styles figures!

Q: What is a Funko Pop figure?

A: A Funko Pop figure is a collectible vinyl figure created by the company Funko. These figures feature characters from movies, TV shows, video games, comic books, and more – including celebs like Harry Style! Each figure features the character’s signature look but in an adorably stylized way.

Q: What makes them so collectible?

A: Collectors love Funko Pops because they are detailed and often feature exclusive styles not found anywhere else. They also have valuable rarity levels based on what series they fall into – collections like Superheroes or Princes & Princesses will have different rarities than other collections like Disney Villains or Emoji Pops. This adds to their collectibility as fans work to build out their collection and complete rare sets.

Q: How do I know if my figure is an original?

A: There are several hallmarks that can indicate whether or not your figure is authentic. First, check for printing quality – original Funkos will have clear lines and vibrant colors in their prints. Also look for small details like additional accessories (like hats or popped collars) which only come with certain versions of the same character’s pop. Pay attention to packaging style too – certain boxes may only be available for limited releases (e.g., store exclusives). Finally, compare it with photos online to ensure it’s an authentic product manufactured by Funko company itself!

Q: Where can I buy these figures?

A: You can find officially-licensed figures at as well as major retailers like Walmart, Target, Hot Topic, and Gamestop just to name a few! Additionally there are many third party resellers who carry licensed products if you’re looking for something specific or don’t want to pay full price for your figurine(s).

Benefits of Collecting Funko Pop Harry Styles Figures

Collecting Funko Pop Harry Styles figures can be extremely beneficial both monetarily and mentally. Above everything, it can be an incredible source of entertainment!

Firstly, collecting Funko Pop Harry Styles figures can be a great investment. Generally speaking, investing in physical collectible figures is far less risky than stocks, bonds or other investments. Not to mention that due to the growing popularity of the Funko brand, their products increase in value as time goes on. A new figure today could easily double or even triple in price with only minimal effort from its collector. This means that you run very little risk when investing in a relatively affordable product—and should you decide to sell it down the line, you could have a nice return on your investment!

Secondarily, collecting Funko Pop Harry Styles figures can also serve as motivation and drive for a person’s mental health and well-being. From researching common market values of past and current releases to cataloging each individual figure in one’s collection, curating a personal library of items has been proven to establish better routine habits and provides an outlet for creativity. In short, it not only serves as a great form of escapism but gives collectors something tangible they take pride in owning—which helps boost mood and overall mental state.

Finally, having tangible goals with tangible rewards also builds confidence; collecting different iterations (be them limited editions or rare exclusives) promotes patience and resilience which are both invaluable traits needed day-to-day life. All too often people grow complacent with what they have acquired over time; constantly searching for new items inspires ambition which translates into success outside this hobby—creating growth from within yourself!

Top 5 Facts about Funko Pop Harry Styles Figures

Funko Pop figures have quickly become one of the most popular collectable items among both long-time collectors and contemporary fans alike. Harry Styles, the English singer, songwriter, and actor, is no exception to this trend as he has several iconic Funko Pop figures that represent his unique style. Here are five facts about these incredibly detailed Funko Pop pieces!

1. The first Harry Styles Funko Pop figure was released in 2018 in celebration of his self-titled album. This special edition figurine showcases him wearing the much talked about Gucci suit from a London performance with a red velvet backdrop. It stands 3 3/4″ tall and has high-quality print details that make it stand out from other figures in the series.

2. A second figurine was released shortly afterwards featuring him holding a microphone which also appears on the cover of his self-titled album. Along with being displayed in various colors, it comes with an all-black background representing his sleek stage presence during live performances.

3. In 2020, more Harry Styles Funko Pops were added to the line including two inspired by behind-the-scenes shots seen on billboards and buses around Los Angeles for his single “Adore You”. One shows him shirtless singing into a banana phone while another depicts him playing guitar against a light background which serves as an homage to 70’s funk music motifs popularized by bands such as Earth Wind & Fire at the time.

4. Also available is a figure depicting Harry in a red jacket alongside black slacks reminiscent of what he wore during appearances on television shows like SNL while promoting Fine Line releases late last year. There’s also ample attention given to intricate details such as making sure there’s texture present so even non-collectors can appreciate how amazing these pieces look up close!

5 All of these vinyl figures are incredibly detailed complete with accessories that represent various milestones throughout Harry Style’s musical career including Tour Passes for every show he headlined during 2019 promotional tour for Fine Line as well as event Vinyl versions plus digitally signed documents scattered around each box design! It’s clear from these facts why this particular collection stands out from other Funko Pop lines – they truly offer something different even beyond just aesthetics but rather captures emotions felt when we listen hear him sing or watch him perform onstage!

Final Thoughts on Collecting Funko Pop Harry Styles Figures

Collecting Funko Pop Harry Styles figures has been a treat for fans of the singer-songwriter from Sign of the Times to Golden. Whether it’s the regular releases, exclusives, and chase variants there is so much variety available – each celebrating its own special moment in his career.

For starters, not only are Funko Pop Harry Styles figures highly sought after by collectors but they also often feature unique variants such as pink hair or green eyes to add a more personal touch. The standard releases showcase classic looks including concerts, album covers and ‘fine line’ era styles. However, there are also exclusive drops dedicated to certain events like UNEEKOUT at Omeara in London or the ‘Heartbeat’ tour vinyl release at Target stores worldwide. Chase variants can also be found at pop-up events or in limited edition sets like the complete Safari Tour 5-Pack – featuring all five original nations from his famous online concert performance that showcased on seven continents around the world.

When it comes time for display purposes, many fans opt for themed display cases capturing pinnacle moments within these releases. Highlighting movement and flow throughout a scene like ‘Kiwi’ brushing hair away with an arm wave before performing Sweet Creature celebrates roundness of sound rather than just positioning figures statically side by side which adds an extra dimension to collections overall design. Of course, you can always choose to keep things simple with basic setup frames featuring your favorite poses of ‘Hazza’.

No matter how you choose put together your own collection of Funko Pop Harry Styles figurines there is no doubt that this range captures iconic moments perfectly every single time! From his first appearance at Teen Choice awards as a solo artist in 2017 right up until present day – these creations serve as reminders of how music heroes share their talent with the world!

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