Collecting Your Way to One Piece Fun: A Guide to Funko Pop One Piece Figures

Collecting Your Way to One Piece Fun: A Guide to Funko Pop One Piece Figures 2017

Introduction to One Piece Funko Pop Figures

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. Published since 1997, it has over 450 million copies in print making it the best-selling manga series of all time. After decades of success in Japan, One Piece has become an international phenomenon with a wide variety of merchandise available worldwide—including Funko Pop figures!

Funko Pop figures are collectible figurines based on characters from popular movies, TV shows, anime, cartoons and more. The range includes basic 3 ¾-inch stylized vinyl figures and larger 6-inch figures featuring multiple points of articulation. Both versions include unique designs created exclusively for One Piece that pay tribute to the original source material.

New One Piece Funko Pops are periodically announced as part of the Funko’s “Smuggler’s Bounty” subscription program or during anniversary events like San Diego Comic Con—so there’s always something new for fans to look forward to! Each figure released features iconic details from the series including hundreds of episodes worth of cool gear and costumes. The finely detailed sculpts perfectly captured each character’s expressions from beloved scenes in the show, ranging from serious fighting poses to equally fun smiles popping up all over these vinyl pieces. From Monkey D Luffy with his hat & straw bag slung over his shoulder or Usopp clutching his oddlooking rifle and wearing his signature goggles – this collection features fan favorites like Trafalgar Law, Nami, Roronoa Zoro, Nico Robin and many more!. Whether you’re just joining the crew or stocking up on old favorites – every piece in this one-of-a kind collection is sure to add some swashbuckling style your shelves!. So what are you waiting for? Collect them all today and join thousands around world supporting us on our journey to becoming a great pirate!.

Unboxing the Latest One Piece Funko Pop Figures Step by Step

Unboxing the Latest One Piece Funko Pop Figures Step by Step

Funko Pop figures are truly a marvel of modern collecting. They range in style, size, and price point- there’s something for everyone! For those who love One Piece, the newest wave of figures draws from hundreds of characters from the popular manga series and anime adaptation. But how do you unbox them? Read on to find out more about this process step-by-step.

First things first: let’s get your new figures out of the box! Open up the box carefully and take out any extra pieces like bubble wrap or foam that may be included to protect your figures (this is foam for larger items). Inspect all surfaces for any visible damage before taking either figure out. Now remove your One Piece Funko Pop figure from its packaging – careful not to tear where needed – and set it aside on a flat surface. Be careful not to pull too hard or use excess force when removing; these figures aren’t indestructible!

Next up is inspection time – take a look at both sides, top and bottom to ensure that there are no defects present in your figure. Not only should you check for any flaws but you should also inspect other details like joints and logos/textures that have been embossed onto the toy itself. Not only will this help maintain its resale value down the line but also give you peace of mind regarding its condition when adding it to your collection! Finally, if everything looks good it’s time to move on to unwrapping any accessories such as t-shirts or hats that may be included with the figure (if applicable). These need extra care since some can be delicate so make sure handle them carefully during removal as well.

And just like that – you’ve successfully unboxed your latest One Piece Funko Pop Figure! Now all that’s left is to show off this awesome addition to your collection (and maybe pick up some more!). So grab your camera and get ready for some selfies – happy unboxing!

Common Questions and Answers about the Newest One Piece Funko Pop Figures

If you’re a collector of all things anime and manga, you may have been wondering about the newest One Piece Funko Pop Figures. Funko Pop figures are vinyl figurines that feature characters from popular franchises. These collectible figures are highly sought after by fans, but with such a wide range available, it can be hard to know which figures are worth purchasing. Here we answer some of the popular questions about One Piece Funko Pop Figures.

Q: Who makes these figures?

A: Funimation partnered with toy manufacturer Funko to create the One Piece Funko Pop Figures. Such partnership allows for higher quality and production standards compared to other figure manufacturers.

Q: Are these exclusive or limited edition figures?

A: The majority of the One Piece Funko PoP Series is limited edition, meaning they have a finite number produced and they won’t be reprinted once they sell out. However, there are select designs that Funimation produces indefinitely in order to meet demand in the future.

Q: What type of designs are available?

A: Certainly, series one consists of basic character designs including Luffy, Zoro and Sanji wearing their signature outfits plus several versions of each character featuring different expressions or costumes. Currently series two focuses on more unique variants such as Yami’s Roblox avatar look as well as new playsets which include additional furniture pieces that make interactive play scenes like Zoro’s Baratie restaurant or an undersea world with Luffy and friends aboard their Going Merry ship–allowing fans to recreate iconic episodes from the show!

Q: What different sizes do these figures come in?

A: Standard sizes for FUNKO POP! vary between 3″ – 6″, depending on the design and complexity; however larger deluxe editions measuring at 8-9″ in length exist for those looking for something even bigger.

Q: How much do these collectibles usually cost?

A: Prices vary heavily between design but on average general releases tend to cost around $10-$15 while exclusives jump up to $20-$25+. Don’t forget rare props such as Power Ranger swords or cooking utensils inspired by Fairy Tail can also range up into hundreds depending on rarity!

Top 5 Facts You Should Know About One Piece Funko Pop Figures

One Piece Funko Pop figures are some of the most popular collectible items available today. In this blog, we’ll explore five of the coolest facts about these interesting figures that you may not have known yet!

1) Many One Piece Funko Pop figures feature pieces from the anime series: Some figure designs are inspired by episodes and characters from the animated show. This makes them perfect for any serious One Piece fan who wants to add a bit of nostalgia to their figure collection.

2) The first release of One Piece Funko Pops featured just four models, but today there are over 200: When originally released in 2017, only four figures were made – Luffy, Usopp, Nami, and Zoro. Nowadays though there is a huge selection available featuring characters such as Sanji, Brook, Sabo, Carrot and more!

3) Several exclusive variants exist that can only be acquired through special channels: Sometimes hard-to-find exclusive versions with different paint jobs or alternate art can be found through social media giveaways or participating retailers. This means it’s possible to collect a few varieties even if you don’t find them on store shelves.

4) Special editions have been released in celebration of certain events or milestones in franchise history: Events which have received special edition Pop releases include the Thousand Sunny Tour event in 2016 and 2018’s 20th anniversary commemoration. These editions often don unique packaging or bring new joy to classic designs.

5) Different sizes- There is a wide range of design sizes within One Piece Pops; ranging from miniature Wobblers right up to 6 inch Gigantor figures with elaborate base designs: Collectors looking for unique ways to display their collections will want to take a look at the larger choices while those who want something classic and convenient should check out the smaller sizes available.

Overall, owning one or more One Piece Funko Pop figures is an excellent way for fans to show off their fandom while also collecting ornamental statues inspired by their favorite characters from the beloved series!

One Piece has some of the most popular Funko Pop figures of all time. With a variety of characters and designs, you can find a great selection of popular One Piece Funko Pop figures to give as gifts or add to your personal collection. So, where should you look to buy One Piece Funko Pops? Here are some tips!

First, you can visit stores like specialty comic book shops and online retailers that specialize in pop culture collectibles. These places often carry a wide array of officially licensed Pop Figures from many different licenses, including the popular One Piece franchise. Not only is this a great option for finding exactly what you’re looking for, but you can be sure that it’s an officially licensed product that won’t have any defects or imperfections. Some even offer special deals and discounts on select items.

Next, check out discount stores like Walmart and Target – they usually have a small selection of assorted versions of pop culture collectibles, including certain lines from the Gold mettle phenomenon: Funko Pop! Chances are good that if there’s an applicable retail store close by, then more than likely it carries some version of the figurines based on your favorite characters from the show—and these may come with exclusive editions too! If those don’t satisfy your need for something specific from the line—like Luffy’s swordsman version—then set aside some time to visit one more place…

Finally, use sites such as eBay and Etsy where sellers will list their merchandise at a variety prices- just beware there might be bootlegs listed as authentic pieces so double check before making any purchases! Check out discussion forums and online communities dedicated to all things related to cinema-comic books because it’s very possible someone will be selling their own collection (or trading) which might include something rare or hard-to-find among the official versions out there. Make sure anytime you shop around these circles that you purchase with confidence; reputable buyers should have pictures and grades listed so do your homework before buying anything!

Remember when trying to find your perfect Pop figure whether it’s related directly to Five Eiichiro Oda ‘s masterpiece One Piece or part off another brand such as DC Comics or Cartoon Network treasure hunting for specials deals needs patience and persistence – but don’t let go too easily either since the hunt is half fun part! With all these tips remember from our article–we hope completely revamp your shopping process when looking for desirable pieces from our beloved show . Good luck finding those hidden gems out there!!!

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