Collecting Venomized Funko Pop: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Pop for Your Collection

Collecting Venomized Funko Pop: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Pop for Your Collection 2018

Introduction to Venomized Funko Pop Figures

Funko Pop figures have been around for a few decades now, and they’ve gained quite a lot of popularity in the collectable market over those years. They’ve also become interesting to millions of people because of their diverse group of licenses and characters, spanning across film, television, and video games. In recent years however, Funko has taken yet another step into the world of exciting vinyl figures with Venomized Pop figures!

So what are venomized pop figures? In short – they’re cool new variations on familiar characters whose faces have been given an extra layer of sinister by being “venomized” or effectively given an outer layer that looks like it consists out of pure venom. From Spider-Man through to Batman, Iron Man and even Deadpool – these amazing little figures have made an incredible addition to the Funko product range.

The base figure remains the same as always – clean lines, bright colours and fine sculpting remain unchanged from classic versions; where these new characters come into their own is in their transformation into bad guys poised for a fight. The venom features which make up these relatively small but attention-grabbing additions come up almost holographic in some cases giving them depth and detail beyond expectations.

These figurines offer a unique style that makes them stand out both on their own as well as when put together with other standard colored pop vinyls owned by fans already established collections. Whether it’s Spiderman gripping his enemies tightly or Venom getting ready to bite someone else … each figure tells its own story full with mystery and suspense which will provide excellent aesthetic value combined with wonderful playability.

It’s hard to deny just how awesome Funko’s Venomized Pop line is! Character diversity alongside artistic variety provides compelling fodder for members of all Funko fan clubs who can appreciate the bold new air provided by these awesome creations without sacrificing any quality whatsoever!

How to Unbox the Latest Venomized Funko Pop Figures: Step-by-Step Guide

Unboxing any new purchase is always a bit special and thrilling, but when it’s something as iconic as the latest Venomized Funko Pop figures, you have to up your game. In this guide, we’ll take you through every step of unboxing your new vinyl figure collection so that you can enjoy them without running into any hiccups along the way.

The first thing you should do is carefully remove the package from its larger shipping container. Avoid using any sharp objects, like knives or scissors—these could damage both the box and the figures themselves. If there are packing peanuts inside the box, be sure to dispose of them in a sensible manner; many cities offer an easy recycling service for these materials.

After that, open up the flap on top of the package and carefully peel off any protective layers that may be present around each figure’s shell. Taking great care not to damage any important parts or labels on those shells is essential here—if it looks fragile or delicate somehow, give it a wide berth!

Once all extra packaging has been removed from around each Pop figure shell, take out their contents— most always come with at least one Pop figure itself as well as some kind of accessory piece such as another smaller figure or even just a display stand. Inspect each item individually before proceeding with your unboxing journey by checking if they’re free from defects or damage in general — after all there could’ve been some transportation issues while they were being delivered to you!

When that’s taken care of begin delicately dissecting each Funko Pop piece – start by gently removing any plastic wrapping still covering over their body parts. Once those pieces have been taken away utilize additional tools such as tweezers where applicable in order to extract small components safely without damaging anything else around it like eyes for example (for Monster and Alien themed series.) Finally set about putting everything back together again per instructions found on manual booklets included inside respective boxes — which usually aren’t complicated but please read through them anyway!

Finally now that all assembly work has been done securely fix whatever stand came packaged alongside your chosen Horror/Sci-fi offerings so that once placed onto a shelf collector’s worldwide can admire their collections with pride!!

Frequently Asked Questions About Venomized Funko Pop Figures

Q: What is a Venomized Funko Pop Figure?

A: A Venomized Funko Pop Figure is a type of collectible figure created by the popular American toy and pop culture company, Funko. This unique style of figure combines the classic, playful look of a standard Funko Pop with the darker, louder styling of Marvel’s symbiote villain, Venom. While traditional Funko Pop Figures feature characters from across the Marvel Universe and other pop culture properties, these figures have been modified to incorporate symbiote elements like larger eyes and signature tongue along with nefarious color schemes. The first wave of figures released in 2018 included versions of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Thor, Jean Grey, Storm and Iron Man. Since then, more characters have been given the “venomized” treatment including Deadpool.

Q: Where can I get Venomized Funko Pop Figures?

A: You can find merchandise featuring these figures at most major retailers around the world including Hot Topic in North America and Forbidden Planet in Europe. Additionally they are widely available online from websites such as ThinkGeek or Amazon where you may even be able to find rare exclusives or variants only available for purchase online. Even if you’re looking for something specific that isn’t currently being sold on retail shelves or online stores, there’s always eBay which has an extensive selection of pre-owned collectibles up for grabs at any time of year!

Q: How much do Venomized Funko Pop Figures cost?

A: Depending on which edition you choose (there are often different variants produced based on certain events or conventions), most basic models typically retail somewhere between $10 – $20 USD each but more limited exclusives can costs up to hundreds of dollars depending on their level of rarity! Many collectors often purchase different variants because they enjoy collecting all possible variations while others may just focus on their favorite character variations and try to complete a set without having to spend beyond their means.

List of Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Venomized Funko Pops

1. The Venomized Funko Pop! line-up includes four classic Marvel heroes: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America and Wolverine – each with their own distinct take on the iconic Venom symbiote. The figures are wear an alternate costume featuring black and white versions of their regular red and blue suits along with a new sculpted head featuring the self-proclaimed ‘Lethal Protector’s’ menacing face.

2. Instead of just being paper thin vinyl figures, these new Venomized figures come with some impressive articulation in all major joints allowing you to pose any one of the four superheroes in whatever manner you wish.

3. The Funko pop version of everyone’s favorite anti-hero does not come cheap – prices for each figure stands at $64.99 USD which makes this a very nice collectors item for those Marvel diehards out there.

4. Every single unique figure is individually numbered which is sure to excite the hardcore fans hoping to find something rare or extra special while collecting these venomized Funko Pops!

5. Fans who love both the Venom character and collectible figurines will be pleased by this addition as it adds an interesting twist – you can get your hands on a full set or piece up your collection as you go – either way; it’s going to be a delightful side trek for every comic book nerd out there! So what are you waiting for? Add that special touch to your collection today and expand your marvel universe with these unique, cool looking venomized figures from Funko Pop!

Final Thoughts on Unboxing the Latest Venomized Funko Pop Figures

Unboxing the latest Venomized Funko Pop Figures has been an exciting and rewarding experience. It was great to see how the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each figure made them stand out from others in the same price range. The characters were true-to-life, accurate representations of their comic book counterparts and make a great addition to any Marvel fan’s collection.

The main feature of these figures is their unique design, as they feature Venomized variants of iconic superheroes and villains. Each figure features both the classic look and feel of an original Funko Pop, but with a grittier, more dangerous edge to them thanks to Venoms’ symbiotic abilities. The colorful designs also help make each figure stand out in any display case or shelf where it’s placed for maximum stylistic effect.

Moreover, since these figures are part of the larger line of Funko Pops preceding them, many of which contain other characters from Marvel Comics such as Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine and many more – fans can now customize their collections with new variations on all their favorite heroes and villains. This means that fans no longer have to buy multiple versions of a single character in order to get all their desired editions; they can simply choose which Venomized variant they prefer!

It was also encouraging to see how well-made each individual figure is due to its very high production standards that come with every genuine Funko Pop release. Every detail accentuates perfectly crafted fine details like facial expressions, costumes or hairstyles; making this set an ideal choice anyone looking for unique action figures that adhere to strict quality control guidelines regarding materials used and assembly instructions during manufacturing processes.

Overall, unboxing the latest Venomized Funko Pop figures has certainly been a memorable experience – not only from a collector’s point of view, but also from a style perspective as this set adds something new yet familiar for those who appreciate both classic comics inspiration and modern trends in collectible figurines alike!

Where and How to Buy the Latest Venomized Funko Pop Figures

Collectors of Funko Pop figures are always on the lookout for the new arrival of Venomized characters and it is no different when looking to buy the latest editions. Although traditional stores may have them in limited quantities, most collectors have gone to online platforms to get their hands on these unique figures.

One of the best sites to buy Venomized Funko Pop figures is eBay. This platform offers a wide range of options from international and local sellers, so you can find rare or even exclusive versions that can’t be found anywhere else. Not only does eBay offer an extensive selection, but prices for newly released items tend to stay true versus over inflated pricing experiences at other retailers.

Another standout site for buying exclusive Funko Pop Figures is That’s where you’ll find detailed info about each figure alongside up-to-date offering from select sellers around the world. Collectors love this site because it eliminates a lot of guesswork when trying to purchase exclusive releases – such as which price is fair and who has them in stock.

Pop In A Box ( is also another convenient spot for finding all sorts of products, including various collections of Venomized Funko Pops! With a subscription system that auto-ships selected POPs right to your door each month, it’s easy and budget friendly way to keep your collection growing while making sure you don’t miss out on any important releases either! Moreover all orders include free delivery and come with POP Protectors ensuring collectibles arrive safe in protected casing – essential if wanting to maintain their pristine quality long term!

Finally it’s worth considering looking into more nerdy niche focused retailers such as Loot Crate ( or Geek Fuel (geekfuelbox). Both companies team up directly with manufacturers like Funko itself – meaning they often release bundles containing special edition versions printed exclusively for them. They usually spread across loot/subscription boxes available as one off purchases if prefer – although subscribers get preferential pricing plus access new arrivals before anyone else!

As you can see there are plenty of ways for collectors out there willing to go that extra mile when searching for their favorite venomized funkopop figurines! Stick with these sources whenever need help and should end up with garage full classic & contemporary toys pride featuring both core set products & occasional limited periods pieces aiming complete those collections much faster & hassle free manner than chasing older pieces over auction sites ever could hope !

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