Collecting the Scariest of All: A Guide to Jason Voorhees Funko Pops!

Collecting the Scariest of All: A Guide to Jason Voorhees Funko Pops! 2017

What is a Jason Voorhees Funko Pop?

A Jason Voorhees Funko Pop is a collectible figurine that pays homage to the iconic horror movie villain of the Friday The 13th franchise. These Funko Pops are officially-licensed products and feature highly detailed, collectible versions of Jason in various poses and costumes from throughout the series. Whether you’re a horror movie fan or a die-hard collector, these Funkos are must-haves for any admirer of the slasher.

The first version released was based on the original look from Friday The 13th Part III; it featured an icy blue paint job with a white hockey mask and ripped clothing. Fans have since gotten more creative with their choices as new versions were released, including designs based off other classic Halloween and supernatural creatures such as Pumpkinhead and Freddy Krueger. All of these Funko Pops feature Jason’s signature features: his machete, various props or tools he uses in his movies, or even camp firewood he chopped up himself!

These figures provide a great way for fans to show off their love for this classic horror charm and make amazing additions to any collection! So if you’re ready to bring home your very own version of the unstoppable killer from Camp Crystal Lake, look no further than your nearest store for these beloved Jason Voorhees Funko Pops!

Where to Buy Jason Voorhees Funko Pop Figures

Funko Pops have become a popular collectible item amongst fans of all ages, being one of the most sought-after figures on the market today. As part of this craze, there are several variations and designs of coveted Jason Voorhees Funko Pop figures that have been created to commemorate his character in Friday the 13th movies. If you’re looking for these figures to add to your collection or simply want to get in on the Friday fan tradition, then let us tell you where to buy Jason Voorhees Funko Pop Figures!

Firstly, the most popular place to shop for these Pops is from official sources such as Hot Topic and BoxLunch retail stores – they usually stock a range of different versions and editions dedicated to various installments of the movie series. Not only can you visit their physical locations, but they also have online web stores that offer more convenience when shopping for these items. Additionally, any major toy retailer will likely carry some version of Jason Voorhees while other special edition variants may only be released at specific events like Comic Con or Horror conventions.

Another great spot worth checking out is electronics retailer Best Buy; they often stock exclusives designs due their strong relationship with Warner Bros., who own distribution rights to Friday The 13th movies. Also popular websites like Amazon and Ebay are great places for finding exclusive deals and discounts related to horror merchandise – so always keep an eye out! Finally for budget shoppers, independent comic book stores might be able to offer less expensive options depending on availability and local demand.

Regardless which way you decide to go shopping for this souvenir from Camp Crystal Lake’s infamous inhabitant – just make sure that you watch out for low quality counterfeits or unofficial merchandise pretending it’s real Funko Pops; nobody wants their collection stained by inferiorities!

How to Care for Your Jason Voorhees Collection

Collecting cult movie memorabilia, especially items related to the slasher franchise Friday the 13th, can be a tedious but rewarding hobby. One of the most popular items for horror fans to collect is those that feature Jason Voorhees – from T-shirts and posters to figurines and even replica props from the films. As a die-hard fan of this franchise and potential collector of Jason Voorhees items, you want your collection to remain in top condition so that it’ll last for many more years. Here are some tips on how to best care for your Jason Voorhees collection.

First, display your prized pieces with pride! It may be tempting to leave all of your collection boxed up until you find just the right place everything, but if you do decide to go this route make sure everything is well sealed in archival-quality materials that won’t damage or discolor your collection over time. Furthermore, separating items into multiple containers will keep them organized and better protect them from dust and moisture which could damage or degrade any item over time regardless of its packaging materials.

Second, take special precautions when cleaning delicate pieces like cloth material items such as T-shirts or action figures made with rubberized plastic as these can easily be damaged by harsh chemicals found in most traditional cleaners on the market. A better solution would be a DIY cleaning solution composed mostly of water with a few drops of mild detergent such as baby shampoo worked into a lather then applied carefully with a soft cloth or brush designed specifically for this task (provided it isn’t too abrasive). Additionally these fabric materials should never undergo direct sunlight drying which could fade colors faster than normal exposure limitations allow.

Thirdly UV radiation from standard light sources like household bulbs can cause pigment migration (discoloration) over time if left directly exposed without protection so consider storing rarer pieces out of sight when not actively being used for decor such as artwork prints/posters etc. If there is no suitable location indoors or preferable outdoors away from direct sunlight then look into buying specialty clear plastics sheathes made specifically for archival protection against UV radiation… additionally if space allows consider creating shadow boxes complete with both mounting frames & glass coverings again offering double duty protection against dust & UV rays alike

Step-By-Step Guide to Customizing Your Funko Pops

The Funko Pop culture is growing exponentially each year, with more and more people collecting them to display in their homes, offices and even personal collections! Collecting Funko Pops has become a fun and exciting hobby for many people. If you’re someone who wants to join the craze and start customizing your own Funko Pops, then this guide is for you. With a few simple steps, you can customize your favorite characters from any franchise or genre into unique collectibles that can be displayed proudly on your shelf, mantelpiece or anywhere else .

Step One: Choose Your Base Figure

First things first: decide which figure you will use as a base. We recommend starting with an already existing product – it’s easier to customize a pre-made figure than to craft one from scratch. Select the character whose style best suits your customization ideas – whether it’s Rey from Star Wars or Deadpool from Marvel Comics.

Step Two: Decide How You Want To Customize

Next up: choose how detailed you want your customizations to be. Are you just looking for some small tweaks like painting the eyes different colours? Or do you want to go all out by adding extra accessories or changing the expression on the face? Think carefully about what kind of customizations will bring out the personality of your chosen character the most, while still staying true to its original design.

Step Three: Gather Your Supplies

Now that you have chosen an existing figure and have decided how exactly you plan to customize it, it’s time to gather all of the supplies needed for working on your project. The main items include paints, brushes/sponges and any miscellaneous items related to craftsmanship (like glue). Additionally, if painting isn’t enough and sculpting is involved, consider adding some putty or clay depending on what materials are available in stores near by .

Step Four: Start Customizing!

This is when all the fun starts – start applying paint over areas where needed using either brush strokes or sponge effects , depending on how delicate or bold you want your customization work to turn out . Ensure that all parts needing coatings are covered fully before proceeding onto details such as facial features , colors , etcetera . Once these additions are made , let everything dry completely so there are no smudges once finished !

Step Five: Final Touches

Once all paint layers have dried off completely , final touches can be added such as 3D accessories (i.e., swords & shields ) depending on what kind of look you’re going for ! Using glue around edges may also help seal in any added details before adding another top coat of clear lacquer over entire item – this will give off an overall glossy finish and make colors appear brighter & vivid !

And there we have it – a step-by-step guide on how to create perfectly customized Funko Pops! Whether they entail bold colors or subtle tweaks -customizing Funko figurines will make them truly one-of-a-kind collectables that reveal a bit about its collector’s style & persona! Go ahead – get creative & start spicing up those favorite characters today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Collecting Jason Voorhees Pops

Q: What is a Pop figure?

A: A Pop figure, or Funko Pop, is the name given to a series of collectible vinyl figurines created by Funko. Most figures are based on characters from movies, TV shows, video games, and comic books. The Jason Voorhees Pop figures depict the antagonist from the popular horror movie franchise ‘Friday the 13th’. They have become immensely popular amongst collectors due to their unique design and variety of exclusive editions.

Q: Where can I find Jason Voorhees Pops?

A: You can find both regular and exclusive editions of Jason Voorhees Pops at several online stores such as Amazon and Ebay. However, for those looking for rarer releases it may also be worth checking out local comic book stores or conventions where you may be able to pick up special edition pieces which aren’t available anywhere else. It’s always worth keeping an eye on GameStop too since they often get exclusive pre-order pops before anyone else.

Q: Are all Jason Voorhees Pops made by Funko?

A: Not exclusively – while many versions of Jason Voorhees Pops are manufactured by Funko, there are some unofficial versions produced by companies like Neca who specialize in horror figures. Be aware that these non-Funko versions may lack some of the characteristics (like paint detailing) of official releases; however they still remain popular amongst collectors seeking out unique pieces – so shop around!

Q: How much do Jason Voorhees Pops usually cost?

A: Typically the regular standard Pop range will retail for between $10-$15 USD depending on rarity & condition; but if you’re lucky enough to find one of the rare chase editions then you could pay between $25-$50 USD! As well as limited run exclusives which demand a higher price tag due to their high collector value – so make sure you research any potential purchases thoroughly before committing!

Top 5 Fun Facts About Collecting Jason Voorhees Pops

1. Jason Voorhees is one of the most iconic slasher movie villains from the classic Friday the 13th series, and his Pop Vinyl figures are wildly popular among collectors. With so many iterations of the hockey-masked killer to choose from, here are five fun facts about this beloved line of collectibles:

2. Everyone’s favorite fearsome opponent comes in many flavors – there have been 8 versions of Jason put out by Funko since 2017 including various variations to look like his old stomping grounds Camp Crystal Lake. Additions such as hockey masks, alternate outfits and weapons make these set pieces an exciting part of any collection.

3. Collectors may be familiar with seemingly mild-mannered “bloody Jason” that made its debut at San Diego Comic-Con in 2018 and caused a frenzy! It was inspired by the original 1980s film reunion scene where Voorhees finally arrived onscreen fully revealed in color after months of grainy monochrome teasers – what an entrance!

4. If you already consider yourself a Superfan, you’ll love knowing that limited edition glow-in-the-dark exclusives released for 2019’s Ghoulish Friday event will bring your collection level up a notch…if you manage to get your hands on them! They were only available for short periods throughout the day which made it hard for even dedicated fans to track them down but if you managed it, you got a real treat – from ZombieJason to Zombify-Yourself variants (well worth the effort!).

5. And lastly, let us not forget MrVoorhees himself who recently went digital!In 2020 Mattel rolled out their Retro Action Jason figure equipped with Alexa compatibility – voicing him using laughsand moans so classic they could come straight off any Friday thee 13th flick…from beyond the grave no less! It’s creepy – just how we like our horror memorabilia around Halloween time – and with different personalities adding more depth than ever before ,who knows what he’llcome up with next season?*

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