Collecting the Magic: Fun Facts About Fairy Tail Funko Pops

Collecting the Magic: Fun Facts About Fairy Tail Funko Pops 2017

Introduction to Fairy Tail Funko Pop Figures

For decades, fans of the beloved manga and anime series Fairy Tail have been captivated by its zany characters and powerful story arcs. This beloved tale of magic and adventure has spawned many spin-off products, including a slew of Funko Pop! figures depicting memorable characters such as Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Happy and Erza Scarlet. These figures have become increasingly popular with collectors since their debut in 2017.

Featuring exaggerated cartoonization for an adorably fun look, every collectible in the Fairy Tail Funko Pop! series is aesthetically unique. Some feature special designs like glow-in-the-dark effects or metallic finishings to give them a bolder appearance on shelves. Detailed accessories make each character stand out from the others, ranging from trinkets like gems to classic weapons seen heavily throughout the show’s history—such as Natsu’s signature mystic claw weapon called Tenrou Jadeite Claw or Lucy’s celestial keys set called Star Dress Keyset No. 30.

The rarity level of certain figures can also be a huge factor when it comes to picking out your favorite character to add to your collection; some pieces may be harder to find than others due to low production runs or promotional reasons (e.g., an exclusive item only available at events). However, this never prevents serious collectors from seeking these rarer Pops regardless of their availability—they will go through great lengths just so they can finally get their hands on these special edition items one day in their life!

All in all, since its creation over three years ago now, the Fairy Tail Funko Pop! series has captured many fanatics’ hearts with its unique yet recognizable design recreation of all sorts of irresistible characters from the franchise that we all know and love today. Whether you’re a casual collector or fervent diehard enthusiast after niche finds around every corner of existence—this smashing little lineup just gives us more reasons to appreciate what makes Fairy Tail truly magical for generations beyond our time!

Unboxing a Fairy Tail Funko Pop Figure – Step by Step Guide

Unboxing a Fairy Tail Funko Pop figure can be an exciting and rewarding experience. For the uninitiated, Funko Pop figures have become hugely popular over the past few years – they are collectible 3D-figurines that offer unique, fun designs to represent your favorite characters from TV, movies, and video games. This step-by-step guide will help you through the unboxing process for your very own Fairy Tail Funko Pop figure.

Step 1: Carefully Open The Box – Before doing anything else, take a few moments to slowly remove the plastic wrapping and open the box with caution. It’s important to do this slowly to avoid any damages or tearing of the packaging.

Step 2: Remove The Figurine – Once you have successfully managed to remove all of the protective coverings without causing any problems, you can then begin taking out your new figurine. In most cases, it should be secured inside using either soft foam or other forms of anti-static protection material– this helps secure its nice condition during transit so always keep both these materials on hand after opening if possible!

Step 3: Inspect Your Figure – Now that your figure is safely out of its packaging and exposed for inspection; it’s time for you to check every corner closely for any faults or imperfections that may have been inflicted during its journey. If everything looks good at first glance then congratulations; you already own a great looking collectible!

Step 4: Decide On How To Display Your Figure – Whether it’s an action figure diorama or a dedicated shelf just for your POP collection; decide how best to display your new addition in order to get maximum enjoyment out of it in the coming months (or years!)

Take into account factors such as location/lighting before making any final decisions here as once set up – last rearranging is probably best avoided!

And there we go–you now possess a brand new Fairy Tail Funko POP figurine ready for showing off proudly at conventions and gatherings alike! Congratulations on finally going ahead with ordering this iconic addition to anyone’s collection!

Common Questions About Fairy Tail Funko Pop Collecting

Funko Pop collecting is a great way to show your appreciation for popular characters and series. From TV shows, movies, music artists, comics and video games— there is something out there for everyone. Specifically many people like to collect Fairy Tail Funko Pops, as it is one of the most beloved anime/manga series of all time. Whether you are just beginning your Fairy Tail Funko Pop collection or if you are an experienced collector wondering what other items might exist—this article should answer some common questions about Fairy Tail Funko Pop collecting!

Q: What types of Fairy Tail Funko Pop products are available?

A: All kinds of different products exist for Fairy Tail Funko Pop collectors to enjoy! There are figures representing many of the main characters such as Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia from the guild, as well as secondary characters like Gray Fullbuster or Erza Scarlet or even villains like Zeref. Additionally, there are special limited edition releases made available at certain times throughout the year.

Q: How do I know which products to buy?

A: This will depend on your individual tastes and budget. If you want a unique set that fits within a certain price range then you can look into buying sets containing multiple pops at once (e.g., two Natsu figures with unique poses). Or if you’re looking for something more specific then there are also single pops available with various accessory options (e.g., Natsu with armor or flames). Generally it comes down to personal preference – so decide what kind of collection you want before purchasing any pop rates!

Q: Where can I find a list of upcoming releases?

A: You can generally use Google or Twitter search functions to stay up-to-date on new releases—the official Funco website also hosts lists detailing their upcoming lines too! If you’d prefer physical copies for posterity then paper catalogs can sometimes be found in local stores carrying closely related merchandise; these catalogs usually include previously released items too so be sure to check them out when available! Additionally many fan websites provide updated release information from time to time too; it’s definitely worth visiting now and then if only for information purposes : )

Tips for Caring for Your Fairy TailFunko Pop Collection

Caring for your fairy tailFunko Pop collection is a fun and exciting way to take part in the world of multimedia collecting. Whether you are just starting out as a collector, or have been collecting for years, it is important to keep your collection safe and secure so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come. Here are some tips on how to properly care for your collection.

1. Keep Your Collection Away From Sunlight – Sunlight can be incredibly damaging to plastic figures such as your Funko Pops. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight at all costs, if possible store your collection inside of a dark cabinet or drawer within a dedicated storage space when not being displayed or played with.

2. Clean Gently And Regularly – To maintain the pristine condition of your figures it is important to clean them regularly using only lukewarm water and a soft cloth such as microfiber without any chemical cleaners added, lest you run the risk of bleaching or discoloring the figure’s paint job; depending on what material make-up is used by Funko this may also include wiping gently with rubbing alcohol which can help remove oils on top of basic dusting chores (please take appropriate caution when dealing with any type of chemicals however). You should also avoid submerging these pieces into water completely as there’s no Guarantee they will survive intact!

3. Separate Your Storage Space – One way you can conveniently store and protect your figures while keeping off dirt and dust from touching them (which can lead to an increased likelihood of damage overtime) is by compartmentalizing their environment: separate each individual figure into its own enclosed container, whether it be its original packaging/box, zip-lock baggies etc… having everything organized helps in making sure nothing gets stuck together nor accidentally toppled off during transport which could cause crucial postures & features to be broken upon impact – clear labeling would certainly make searching easier too!

4. Store Wisely– When storing cautiously handle larger collections with a multiple tier-system where heavier items like boxes sit closer towards ground-level while lighter objects remain higher up; have enough room in between shelves so air circulates well across each item helping naturally reduce humidity levels -dampness among other external variables that might significantly affect long-term longevity & durability over time otherwise*.

These tips should help ensure that your Fairy Tail Funko Pop Collection remains stylish and valuable for years to come! With proper maintenance and protection practices implemented correctly you’ll definitely be able enjoy all aspects of reminiscing with friends & family remembering nostalgic characters from childhood without ever having worry about incurring costly losses through unnecessary risks posed by improper storage facilities & environmental conditions – now go forth~ share yours Anime history proudly within lifestyle anxiously if feeling ecstatic about 😉

The 5 Best Facts About the Latest Fairy Tail Funko Pop Figures

Funko Pop figures have become a pop culture phenomenon in recent years, and fans of anime series Fairy Tail will be excited to hear about the release of five new figures. These Funko Pops are modeled after some of the most popular characters in the series: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Juvia Lockser, Happy and Erza Scarlet. Here are five of the best facts about the highly anticipated Fairy Tail figures that prove they’re worth collecting!

1. Recognizable Designs – Each figure faithfully recreates its character’s iconic look from the Fairy Tail universe. From Lucy’s fluttering locks to Natsu’s fire-breathing prowess, no detail was spared when designing these fun figures. Fans can bring their favorite heroes and villains home with ease as each one is crafted with meticulous attention to detail from head to toe!

2. Limited Edition – Unlike other Funko Pop releases, these figures are being released in a limited edition run. That means only a select few collectors can get their hands on them before they’re gone forever! Whether they’re looking for Natsu or Juvia, serious Funko Pop fans won’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

3. Special Powers – Not only do these figures look great, but they also come with special abilities based on their characters’ magical powers! Natsu’s flames light up when his figure is shaken or posed just right while Happy has an adorable glowing horn that makes him look extra festive! These poseable features set this collection apart from other Funko Pop lines and help bring each character to life in a completely unique way.

4. Interchangeable Parts – Some of these Fairy Tail figures also come with interchangeable faces that give fans even more ways to display their favorite protagonists (and antagonists)! Each changeable face still looks beautiful and captures all the personality of its corresponding character without sacrificing any detail whatsoever – making it easy for everyone from babies to adults alike to enjoy them even more!

5. High Quality Materials – Last but certainly not least is the craftsmanship behind every single figure in this collection – each one is made using top-of-the-line materials that ensure maximum durability during playtime and beyond.. From their flexible limbs and wingsets down to their vibrant colors, it’s clear that no effort was wasted when creating these colorful collectibles – making them must-haves for any true Fairy Tail fan out there!

Closing Thoughts on Collecting the Latest Fairy Tail FunkoPop Figures

Collecting the latest Fairy Tail FunkoPop figures has been a hobby of mine for quite some time. As a fan of the series and avid collector, I found these figures to be an exciting way to show off my love for this unique world. Not only are they collectible, but they serve as reminders of some of our favorite moments in the story.

Fairy Tail FunkoPops come in a wide range of styles and sizes, offering something special for collectors of all ages and levels. Whether you prefer classic characters or exclusive limited editions from events like conventions or Comic-Con, there’s something available for every kind of collector looking to adorn their shelves with these beloved characters from the Fairy Tail universe.

Every great collection has its finishing touches, which is why FunkoPops are so great! With each new licensing deal more exclusive releases become available. They also give us enduring memories we’ll never forget—I still remember when I first added a gorgeous silver Gajeel Redfox figure to my collection! It was an instant classic that adorned my shelf proudly while creating incredible nostalgia every time I saw him.

It’s clear why collecting the latest Fairy Tail FunkoPops is so popular among fans around the world—these figures capture all the heartache, joy and adventure that make this anime so captivating in physical form. What’s even better is that every journey comes with tons of wonderful surprises as certain collections end up being truly timeless pieces over time instead of just fleeting fads today and gone tomorrow. So whether you’re buying your first piece, looking to complete your collection or simply searching for something special from manga or anime titles, it’s easy enough to dive into this wonderful double-world filled with vibrant colors and amazing stories on any budget anywhere!

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