Collecting the Funky and Fun Simpsons Funko Pop Collection

Collecting the Funky and Fun Simpsons Funko Pop Collection 2019

Introduction to the Latest Simpsons Funko Pop Figures: Overview of What to Expect

The latest wave of Funko Pop figures for the Simpson’s cartoon franchise is here and it’s an exciting time for collectors! The new line includes everyone from Homer and Marge to Bart, Lisa and Maggie. But that’s not all – there are also some cool variants available too. So what can you expect in this collection? Let’s take a closer look…

Firstly, let’s talk about the design and features of these new figures. One key trait they all have in common is their adorable chibi-style, large heads and eyes; perfectly representing each character’s personalities. Homer looks especially plump while Bart gives off serious mischievous vibes with his clothing choice, skateboard, spiky hair and blue shirt. The overall design ensures each Simpson stands out from one another with their unique characteristics, as expected from Funko creators. As for specifics on the new additions to the range, 5 inch Mega Mordecai figure, both alternate versions of Chief Wiggum (one dressed as a boxer!) and celebrity crossovers like Selma Bouvier complete with a soft pink dress are just some examples of truly creative designs from Funko – surely enough to draw in any Simpsons fan!

Another fantastic point about these figures is that they come in limited edition colors for many of them – bronze variants like Skinner Gold Finish or glittery exclusive variations like Comic Book Guy (which makes him look like he’s been sprinkled by stardust) create quite an eye-catching set when placed side by side together. There’s also a Scary Harry variant which has been released in white color so if you’re after something even more mysterious then this could definitely be a must-have piece! Lastly, the Mega Mordecai figure comes with its own mini Krusty the clown accessory (talk about two great tastes that go great together).

By collecting these Simpsons figures you get to relive your favourite moments from Springfield either on display or during playtime (remember those days?!) – plus who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia every now and again?! All in all this current release should satisfy every Simpsons fan out there looking forsomething special amongst their personal collections. So don’t delay – grab yourself some pieces today before they’re gone forever!

Step by Step Guide on How to Unbox the Simpsons Funko Pop Figures

Unboxing a new toy can be an exciting experience and when it comes to Funko Pop Figures, such as the much-loved Simpsons range, unwrapping them is even more special. Whether you are buying your first Simpson’s Pop, or adding to your existing collection of figures, follow this guide to ensure you maximize the unboxing fun!

Step 1: Open the Box Safely

Using a sharp object such as scissors or a knife, carefully cut along each side of the box’s adhesive tape and then lift up the top flap. If you’re feeling particularly artistic you can also use decorative ribbon for that extra special touch. Be sure not to use too much force when opening though – keeping your loved figurines safe whoopee cushion intact is priority number one!

Step 2: Check for Damage

If any part of the box appears damaged then its best not to open it just in case there is any chance of broken bits inside – better safe than sorry! It’s best to check the item first before opening if something has happened during shipment. And if all seems ok – on with the unboxing!

Step 3: Free Your Figure From Its Packaging Cocoon

Remove all plastic casing or wrap around your figural friend. Gently pull at both ends until it pops right out and removes any bubble wrap or reemining packaging material left behind so as not to block your view of said couch.

Step 4: Give That Guy Some Room To Breath

Now is the time place it on a surface that isn’t too cluttered so that nobody trips over it while you admire its physical features like Maggie’s little braceletsor Marge’s pearls and her fashionable clothing choices – ah look at those shoes Cuties!. Feel free turn it around and take in all different angles to get a good feel full glasymanttis of from every aspec possible – taking note of course that oftentimes Simpsons versions come with unique items according customer requiremtns iokf sayktiong fish bones for Bart or Bart in krispy kream uniform for example which further adds to their characterisationts beautifulness.

Step 5: Ready for Display? Congratualations my fellow funko collector ‘you’ve made it through another highly entertaining unboxing experience! Now what do crazy things figure should be placed? You can put them back into display box ie arhcive folder conatining pictures describing where they originate from originsnallyor why they are mattciallyher important but if p[ossible frame cases also make really nice decorationson desk shelvesensures great air circulation via airflow holesprovided within aid fire safety.. However amd depends how much space yuou have available really oreat option which I prefer personally wall mounts enables provides full visibilityof frontand back sides figures making prefect presentionshelf collectible pieces artefacts etc.. All way hereewishes everyone utmost funko popping joy success rmeembering our beloved childhood memories times ‘simpsons cartoons funny times™ . Happy Unboxing !

Frequently Asked Questions About the Simpsons Funko Pop Figures

Are the Simpsons Funko Pop Figures Limited Edition?

The Simpsons Funko Pop! figures are not limited editions. The only variations of these figures that were made were some original colors and designations when they first came out in 2019. These variations have become collectible items but they are not true limited edition variants. There are still numerous regular versions of these figures available, especially from select retailers like Amazon, Target & Walmart.

What is the Average Size of a Simpsons Funko Pop Figure?

Each Simpsons Funko Pop! figure measures approximately 3-4 inches in height depending on what type you get. The larger and thicker variants will usually be around 4-5 inches tall while the smaller thinner ones will usually measure between 3-4 inches high.

Are the Simpson’s Funko Pops Rare?

Some varieties of the Simpsons Funkos can be considered rare or hard to find depending on where you live, who the retailer is, and how much availability there is of them at any particular time. Certain figures come with specific accessories like donuts or beer that are more sought after in certain markets due to their added value to collectors which makes them more difficult to acquire than other variants. Additionally, certain exclusives such as chase pieces or store-specific releases can also count as rare depending on their availability in your region and amongst available retailers.

Top 5 Facts About the Latest Simpsons Funko Pop Figures

The Simpsons have been a pop culture staple since they made their television debut in 1989, becoming one of the most iconic cartoon shows of all time. With such wide-reaching influence and appeal, it’s only fitting that the show has produced its own line of Funko Pop figures. Read on to learn five fun facts about the newest set of Simpsons Funko Pop figurines!

1. They’re Limited Edition – A few months ago, Funko announced the release of a limited edition line of twelve Simpsons figurines, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the day when these unique collectibles will hit the shelves. From Bartman and Maggie in her Rock ‘n’ Roll outfit to Mr. Burns as Santa Claus and a range of other fan favorites from characters like Professor Frink to Sideshow Bob, there are plenty of exciting possibilities for collectors seeking out rare fandom pieces.

2. They Have Fancy Features – These aren’t just ordinary figures; each between 3-4 inches tall come with special features that make them stand out from standard offerings from other brands. From LED lights in Marge’s eyes to an electric guitar accessory attached to Lisa Simpson’s hand, even diehard fans will be impressed by these imaginative add-ons sure to sparkle up any collection!

3. Perfectly Poseable – Fans can pose each figure exactly how they like thanks to removable arms and legs that function as articulated doll joints – giving them plenty room for creativity when it comes time to display this magnificent menagerie!

4. Delightfully Detailed – Whether you favor matte or glossy finishes on your figures, you’re sure to appreciate all the details built into these charming representations – ranging from accurate facial expressions down to clothing embellishments reminiscent of iconic episodes in which each character featured heavily!

5. Available Now at Select Stores – After teasing avid toy collectors around the globe for weeks on end, it appears now is finally our chance: The Simpson Funkos go up for sale next month at select stores near you (or online orders via official sources recommended!). Be sure not miss out your chance – once these hot items run out there won’t be more restocks coming anytime soon afterwards!

Pros and Cons of Owning a Collection of Simpsons Funko Pop Figures

Owning a collection of Simpsons Funko Pop Figures is a great way to show your love for one of the most beloved cartoons of all time. But before you start adding to your collection, it’s important that you weigh up both the pros and cons associated with owning these awesome figures.

The Pros:

• Fun & enjoyable – Owning Simpsons Funko Pop Figures can be an incredibly enjoyable hobby, not just because they look so great but also because each one is unique. Every figure has its own character traits and personality that shine through, which makes collecting them really fun and exciting. Plus, as you build your collection and display it in different ways, it’s an activity that gives you something to keep coming back to when ever you need a creative outlet or just want to relax.

• Versatile – When building your collection, you don’t have to stick just the characters from The Simpsons series. In fact there are countless other shows and movies which produce their own figures such as Star War’s or Stranger Things’ so you can mix-and-match creating whatever displays take your fancy! This adds another layer of complexity as well as joy; allowing for creativity when structuring your perfect display.

• Investment potential – Another thing about owning these figures is that over time they increase in value – making them a good investment opportunity should you choose to do so. You never know when the market might surge back up again making the figures more valuable than before!

The Cons:

• Expensive – One major con about this type of collectable is how expensive they can be. Whilst purchasing individual pieces can make sense financially; acquiring multiple sets could quickly become costly so bear this in mind when selecting which ones are worth investing in! Sometimes second hand sets on platforms like Ebay or Facebook Marketplace may be slightly cheaper but with less assurance of products authenticity so bear this in mind too when making purchases.

• Fragile – It goes without saying that figures made out of plastic can easily break if mishandled during set up/teardown or even if accidentally knocked off shelves; plus dust and water damage could mean that regular maintenance needs doing more frequently than usual (especially in busy households).

In conclusion, owning Simpsons Funko Pop Figures has quite a few pros such as being fun & enjoyable, versatile with potential for investment opportunities BUT also carries some cons such as being expensive & fragile which could mean having to actively look after them too much for some people’s liking…just remember every collector ultimately needs determine what works best for them personally before jumping into any purchase!

Caring for Your Simpsons Funko Pop Figure Collection

Collecting Funko Pop figures, especially those of iconic cartoon characters like The Simpsons, can be a fun hobby. At the same time, it requires quite a bit of care to keep them in good condition. Here are some tips to help keep your Simpsons collection looking as good as new:

1. Keep it Clean: Dirt and dust on your figurines can easily accumulate over time and make the colors look dull or change the figure’s appearance entirely. To prevent this from happening, use a soft cloth along with mild soap and water to clean your Funko Pop figures once every few months and give them extra TLC if they experience any drops or spills.

2. Store Them Safely: Where you store your collection is just as important as how you take care of it. Look for an area that offers moderate temperature and humidity levels, away from direct sunlight or heat sources like radiators; extreme temperatures can damage the paint job on your figurines. If possible, display your collection in a glass cabinet so visitors don’t accidentally cause any harm to them either!

3. Handle with Care: Picking up too roughly or dropping one of these delicate collectibles might seem minor but could spell disaster for something as delicate as a small toy figurine! Soft materials should always be used when handling them (think cotton gloves) – this helps minimize oil transfer between our hands and the item itself which keeps colors vibrant and intact for longer periods of time. As much fun as it may be to “play” with our figures while they’re on display – resist! Better safe than sorry will always hold true!

4. Take Them Outwisely: Taking boxes off shelves can easily result in wear-and-tear over time; therefore it is often wise practice to buy multiple figures of each kind so one box remains sealed while another is out on display being enjoyed by visitors who come over! That way we get two birds with one stone – have our favorite character represented proudly but also preserve their original features at least until collectible demand increases requiring us move into sealing different versions altogether (which will leave us plenty more opportunities then!).

5. Know What You Buy: Before you decide to make a purchase check reviews from other buyers which can provide valuable insight regarding quality control issues such as flawed painting, poorly balanced stands etc… Also make sure you know where exactly you’re getting these items from – buying counterfeit items might seem “cooler” at first glance but in reality we’ll end up getting much less out our investment than had purchasing an official product from its manufacturer source – making product selection here quite crucial step!.

Taking all these considerations into account will set us on track building beautiful long lasting collections reflections classic characters like Homer Simpson adorning our homes proudly ever after – now go forth and enjoy collecting responsibly ????

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