Collecting the Fun and Fabulous Funko Pop Harley Quinn!

Collecting the Fun and Fabulous Funko Pop Harley Quinn! History

What is the Funko Pop Harley Quinn: A Brief Introduction

Funko Pop Harley Quinn is an officially licensed collectible action figure based on the iconic DC Comics anti-heroine. Standing 3 ¾ inches tall, Funko Pop Harley Quinn is a super-sized version of the classic comic book character, complete with an oversized head, exaggerated features and vibrant colors to match her personality.

Harley Quinn first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series as a love interest for The Joker and quickly became a fan favorite due to her mischievous yet charismatic nature. Even after decades of media appearances, she still remains one of the most popular characters in all of DC Comics. Funko Pop Harley Quinn captures this spirit perfectly with its playful design and expressive eyes that help bring out the “Merry Mischief Maker” personality that we all know and love.

In addition to providing collectors with an extra cute and goofy variant figure, Funko Pop also lets you display your favorite villain in ways not possible with ordinary figures due to their small size (3 ½ – 5 inches). This makes it particularly attractive to fans who like to arrange their collection on shelves or tables since it can easily fill up an empty space where regular sized figures would look out of place or awkward.

Funko Pop Harley Quinn is perfect for fans looking for something different from their standard action figures but still want something fun in their home display case. Whether you are looking for a unique gift or just need some awesome decorations around the house, there’s no denying that Funko Pop Harley Quinn is here to stay!

How to Unbox a Funko Pop Harley Quinn – Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Get Excited! Welcome to the Funko Pop family, you’re about to experience something truly magical. Harley Quinn is one of the most iconic comic book characters in pop culture, and you’re about to have her with you for years to come.

Step 2: Gather Your Supplies. Once you open your package, the very first thing we recommend doing is gather all the supplies you need before unboxing – scissors, tweezers (just in case), a soft towel or cloth (incase you accidentally damage it while unboxing). Take a few deep breaths and get ready to take your first step into unboxing greatness.

Step 3: Remove the Tape Carefully remove all tape keeping Harley Quinn snug in her packaging. You don’t want to rip apart anything as this can damage the figure itself or surrounding plastic wrappings/bubblewrap so make sure not to use too much force and gently attempt sliding it off instead – using scissors for stubborn areas may help but be careful not do damage anything else other than removing it from its packaging safely.

Step 4: Lift Out Your Figure Gently lift out your Funko Pop Harley Quinn from its secure casing and place onto a soft surface like a foam matting or soft cloth/towel– so as not cause any accidental scratches or dents from happening during removal process. Make sure that she is placed securely before starting on final steps before full blown display time.

Step 5: Preparing for Unsecuring Now comes where all safety precaution should start kicking into effect – be gentle with individual parts of content surrounding Batman figure; look at what’s included in each piece by ensuring no pieces are broken or loose, if they are turn back round and find a new box – because let’s face it, half the joy of these collector items comes down how spotless they look when fully set up/on display!

Step 6: Prepare Base & Securely Insert Figure Into It Place base either directly underneath Harley’s feet depending on model type – always remember that series order number can always be found printed onto bottom left-hand corner of each base along with year edition –always making sure the surfaces meet neatly without misaligning any positionable elements. The base should snap together without too much effort – if ease has been lost try tightening screws if provided along both sides whilst spinning side panels clockwise until fitting firmly together again. Then slowlylower figure onto base — keep an eye out for dust/protective film residue still clinging onto some surfaces as this can tarnisher figure finish over time if not properly removed prior to putting out on display .

Step 7: Standing Back And Admiring Your HandiworkWow – isn’t she looking beautiful now?! It’s finally finished – prepare yourself & marvel at results…enjoy proudly displaying within room collection going forward! It’s important part of conversation starter between friends house guests alike-inviting them momentary visit never felt so good..we hope enjoyed staying safe throughout entire process today but more importantly created something looks truly gorgeous!

Common Questions about Unboxing a Funko Pop Harley Quinn

Unboxing is an exciting process for any toy collector, and Funko Pop collectibles featuring iconic characters like Harley Quinn are perfect for the experience. Whether you’re looking to add her figure to your collection or expanding someone else’s, unboxing a Funko Pop Harley Quinn is sure to be a rewarding experience. That said, there are often common questions that come up surrounding this procedure. Here’s what you should know about unboxing a Funko Pop Harley Quinn:

1) What should I expect when unboxing?

Opening a new Funko Pop figure is always an exciting moment! Inside the box will be the familiar bright look of your figure as well as any necessary protective packaging materials needed to keep it safe while traveling. No matter which version of Harley you have chosen, she will look dynamic and make a great addition to your collection.

2) What if I want to return my Funko Pop Harley Quinn?

If at any point after opening the box and inspecting your Funko Pop figure you decide that you’d rather not keep it, you can return it for refund or exchange provided all its pieces (and original packaging!) are included in its return package. Be aware however that each retailer may have different regulations concerning returns; check with them before making full use of the option.

3) How do I take care of my freshly-unboxed figurine?

To maintain the condition of your newly-unboxed figurine, try these tips: keep it in a cool place away from direct sunlight; make sure it stays out of other figures’ direct view; handle with care when reviewed or displayed so as not to impair paint application; occasionally dust off residue using an air duster specially made for cleaning small items; and store separately from other toys so as not to cause wear and tear over time due to rubbing against each other during playtime or showroom display. Following such precautions should ensure that your beautifully-crafted Funko Pop Harley Quinn remains eye catching years into the future!

Top 5 Facts about the Famous DC Comics Character, Harley Quinn

1. She Was Created as the Joker’s Sidekick: Harley Quinn made her debut in Batman: The Animated Series episode “Joker’s Favor” in 1992, where she was originally written as the Joker’s sidekick. Voice actor Arleen Sorkin, who auditioned for other characters, was given the role of Harley – and built a lasting character culture around an unhinged former psychiatrist turned criminal.

2. Her Name is Exactly What it Sounds Like: Originally known simply as “The Harlequin” or “Harley Quinn,” her name is a combination of two words – harlequin (a collection of plots found in commedia dell’arte) and quinn (from Kathleen Suzy Quinn). The use of these two words together to form her name make perfect sense seeing as how she blends comedy with chaos on such a massive level.

3. Her Origin is Tragic: During her time in Arkham Asylum, Dr Harleen Quinzel developed a twisted fascination with the Joker and this led to him manipulating her into helping him escape from his cell. Despite being surrounded by evil criminals like herself, she still managed to find love in the arms of Joker which creates an even more tragic origin story that many fans connect with – making them want to cheer on Harley even more when times are tough!

4. She Has Been At War With Batman More Than Once: Over the years, much like how she works alongside Joker at times, there have been instances where Harley has gone head-to-head with Batman himself – even saving Gotham City at certain crucial moments! This displays how versatile a villainous character like Harley can be when they don’t just remain stagnant within their original role but rather evolve over time due to new creative input and discoveries about them personally/professionally which links back to her tragedy and arc throughout DC Comics mythology.

5. She Is an Active Member Within DC’s Coalition of Superheroes: Although some readers may feel wary about having so many supervillains joining forces within this coalition, rest assured that Harley has proven more than capable and courageous enough to fight alongside heroes such as Superman – all while bringing plenty of comedic relief and wild insanity along for the ride too! This easily makes her one of coolest characters ever created within comics history because fans can relate with both sides equally – not matter whose corner they stand for currently/always have done so far!

The Majesty of Funkos Replica of the Iconic Harley Quinn Look

Funkos have always been known for their vast array of pop culture inspired replicas. From iconic movie characters to beloved cartoon characters, Funko has something to offer practically any collector. This is especially true with the recent release of their replica of Harley Quinn’s look from the 2016 movie Suicide Squad.

This version of Harley Quinn captures all the chaos and rebelliousness that she is most known for. The detailed pink-and-blue jumpsuit is made of high quality plastic, designed to emulate the fabric in all its glory – complete with a mask, arm bands and accessories like a fake gun and baseball bat for added authenticity. As if that wasn’t enough, each figure comes with interchangeable hands, allowing collectors to get even more creative when bringing to life Harley’s signature beat-’em-up style!

The attention to detail on this Funkos replica is astounding—even down to her wild hair! Whether you are an avid Funko fan or an enthusiastic Harley Quinn fan, this replica has something unique that will speak directly to you. Its mixture of chaotic charm and wicked swagger make it an instant classic amongst other Funko figures, embodying the fun spirit of the character and making it a must-have collectible piece.

For those who want more than just a figurine though, there is also an accompanying t-shirt featuring an iconic graphic design which mirrors the funkiness of these figurines perfectly. Regardless if Funkos are your hobby or obsession though—or even if you consider yourself neither—there’s no denying that this replica carries its own majesty with it; one guaranteed to draw admiration from visitors or guests whenever they enter your home or living space!

Conclusion – Fun and Unique Collectible for Fans of All Ages

The conclusion to this article is that fun and unique collectibles are an excellent way of helping fans of all ages to express their love and devotion for whatever activities or hobbies one may have. From baseball cards, to movie posters, to comic books, these items can be a great way to show off your passion for any activity or fandom. Collectibles come in a variety of styles and forms, so you can find something that will fit your specific interests. For example, if you love cars or train sets, there are many miniature figures available on the market that would make a great addition to any desk or shelf. Furthermore, if you want something truly original and unique there are plenty of handmade pieces created by independent artists out there that would certainly make a statement! Whether you’re young or old; everyone loves collecting when it comes down to it! Whatever fun and unique item you choose as part of your collection will definitely be worth holding onto for years and years!

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