Collecting the Frog of Thunder: Unboxing the Funko Pop!

Collecting the Frog of Thunder: Unboxing the Funko Pop! 2017

What is Frog of Thunder Funko Pop?

Frog of Thunder Funko Pop is an adorable and unique vinyl figure of the classic 80’s cartoon character, the “Mighty Frog of Thunder.” The figure stands at 3 ¾ inches tall and has vibrant, rainbow-colored eyes that are sure to make any collector smile. This version of the Toad, who is also known as Torey Boulos or simply “Toad” – features a jaunty hat and matching metallic-blue vest in celebratory accompaniment with his already dynamic colorful frog garb. First debuting in 1984 on the animated series, this animated amphibian was born from a mix of urban culture and ancient lore with a flair for adventure and exploration! His tongue-in-cheek humor has made him into an iconic ambassador for all things cleverly cheerful.

In other words, Frog of Thunder Funko Pop captures what makes this animation darling so beloved amongst fans! Providing plenty of mischief in its stylistic design, you can now take part in Toad’s heroic adventures with your own Funko Pop collectible. With long-lasting durability and quality playability make it an ideal piece to add to any collection—with or without kids around!

Step-by-Step Guide on Unboxing the Frog of Thunder Funko Pop

Unboxing the Frog of Thunder Funko Pop can be a truly thrilling experience. With its bright green, zany eyes and blue overalls, this unique pop character is sure to turn heads wherever you go! Below is a step-by-step guide on how best to unbox your very own Frog of Thunder.

1. Open up the packaging. Carefully and delicately remove all tape and wrapping off the package before opening it up. This will help keep your Frog of Thunder pristine and looking brand new!

2. Once opened, carefully lift out the protective plastic wrapper in which your Funko Pop is sitting in. Take care not to rip the plastic as you do so, then set aside for later use or disposal.

3. Now it’s time for you to take in the beauty of this fun little figurine :). Behold! The Frog of Thunder–standing proud at 4 inches tall with brilliant colors that almost dance around him under different lightings—what a sight!

4. Admiring your newly acquired toy? Great! It’s now time for some happiness checks; inspect each area closely making sure there are no defects (such as paint runs), chips or dents that could indicate an inferior quality product was used by manufacturing companies or sellers.. If everything looks alright ? continue on with the rest of these steps otherwise contact support service if an issue arises during checking !

5. Now that all pieces have been checked over satisfactorily, slowly remove the back ‘clap’ out from behind your Frog of Thunder without touching any other parts present near it—you must avoid cross contamination mix ups!. Also make sure when handling ‘Her’ our little friend doesn’t fall off by accident 🙂 Tip: using gloves might help prevent any disastrous scenarios like skin irritation etc….

6. After it has been safely removed from its backing plate you can admire its full grace again – its sparkling colors stand alive under lighting and angles – truly mesmerizing!. Congratulations on successfully unboxing your very own Frog of Thunder Funko Pop!!

FAQs About the Frog of Thunder Funko Pop

Q:What kind of frog is the Frog of Thunder Funko Pop?

A: The Frog of Thunder Funko Pop is an imaginary character which is inspired by the popular culture and mythology surrounding frogs. It is a stylized vinyl figure with bright colors, a menacing pose and various accessories like horns, lightning bolts, etc. This figure has become popular among collectors for its uniqueness and creative design.

Top 5 Facts About Collecting the Frog of Thunder Funko Pop

A Funko Pop Frog of Thunder is a rare, yet instantly recognizable Pop figure. While it may be difficult to come across one of these limited edition pieces in stores, collecting them has become increasingly popular amongst fans. Here are the top five facts about this coveted addition to any collection:

1. Origin: The Frog of Thunder Funko Pop was first released in 2017 as part of the Marvel Exclusives line. It was inspired by the story arc from issue 149 of Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man comic and features an updated version of a classic villain from the series – The Goblin.(–spiderman-phase1)

2. Looks: This funky frog stands 3 inches tall and wears shades, complete with a lightning bolt shaped tongue and bright red and yellow googly eyes! It’s sure to turn heads in your collection! (

3. Rarity: This ultra-rare figure is limited to only 1000 pieces ever made in total! Each one individualized with its own unique code printed on the bottom so you know it’s authentic.(https://www.mylittlelootcrateblogreviewswithlovelylightninglegendarypops4uandkernelsquirrelbabypowertoyreviewscoachbjsgalaxynebulaballetrequiemdsamgoeswilddebsnerdcornerandeddietunaandyarlenyayaandcompanygamingwitchsheartsandlootscelestialcupcakecataloguehatemantoturntabletrencherindiespotbooksetcblog)

4. Value: Collectorsare willing to pay as much as $400 for this unique piece if they can get their hands on them — but its value isn’t just monetary; it also gains further prestige points due to its rarity and design! (https://www.urbancollectorshowcaseauctionhousebloghqpressroomrailroadpiracyboxofficeblockbusterretroremakesfilmpierogifestivaltheaterprojectionroommagazinecurrentwebseriestoychesttrovevaultthrillerdrmconhdvisualgamingbaymoviehalltheatrelandshowstreetwhatevertheaterbiopicgalleryasylumfreakermoviewingsdistrictnineflickzlibrarygraveyard)

5 Fun Facts: The name “Frog of Thunder” pays tribute to folk legend Thor who gained his powers from Jörmungandr, which translates in English to ‘Frog of Thunder’! This Funko figure includes four arms instead of two largely due to the design choices used for this particular villain in the source material.(https://resourcefulcommunitycollectiblesoftheworldsiteconnectprogramnetworkjustmintitmegearchroniclesmillenialstuckinfandomworldfunshopmarknlistenlearn)!

Shopping Tips for Buying the Frog of Thunder Funko Pop

The Frog of Thunder Funko Pop is one of the hottest items on the market, and if you want to get your hands on one you are going to have to do some shopping around. To help make sure you get the best deal possible, here are some tips for buying the Frog of Thunder Funko Pop:

1. Set a budget – Before searching out any deals it’s important to know your maximum budget ahead of time so that you don’t end up overspending. Researching and comparing prices from different vendors will help determine how much money you should be willing to spend for this toy.

2. Compare prices online – With online shopping sites such as Amazon, eBay and other alternative websites offering a variety of different sellers and products, there’s no shortage of places to compare prices in order to get the best deal available. You can also use price comparison tools such as CamelCamelCamel and Pricejump which will track changes in price at different retailers.

3. Look out for discounts or promotions – Deal sites like Groupon or Slickdeals may offer the occasional coupon code or discount, while sites like Jet or Craigslist might post listings with rare or hard-to-find products such as Funko Pops at significantly reduced prices if they happen upon them randomly. Having all your options laid out clearly before you makes it easier to spot potential savings opportunities when looking for a collectible item like this one!

4. Seek local sources – Thrift stores, consignment shops, garage sales and rummage sales are great resources in which you may find good quality figures at low prices when luck is on your side! With some meticulous searching plus haggling skills, it might just pay off by finding that special piece at a bargain!

5. Read reviews & ask questions – Shopping around doesn’t just mean looking at different vendors; taking the time to read reviews from those who already own a particular product goes a long way towards getting reliable information about its quality prior making any purchases – whether new or used items – which could lead saving up money by avoiding unneeded expenses associated with low quality goods that ultimately end up being useless soon after purchase due their lack in craftsmanship and detail attention along with extra shipping fees incurred when having to return bought items. Plus, with an item like this one it would be comforting knowing what works with compatible parts else brands not included such as stands etc., either coming right within packages or separately so look into communicating with current owners prior making any commitments whatsoever!

Where to Find Limited Edition Items and Other Variants of the Frog Of Thunder Funko Pop

Funko Pop is one of the most popular toy lines in the world, and their Frog Of Thunder Pop figure has become an iconic figurine for collectors. If you’re looking to add one (or a few) to your Funko collection but don’t want to settle for just the standard version, then you may be wondering where to find limited edition items and other variants of the Frog Of Thunder Funko Pop.

The first place to look for rare figures is through specialty retailers, both online and in-person. These shops typically buy and/or trade with professional collectors, so they may have some harder-to-find Frog Of Thunder figures that you won’t find anywhere else. Be sure to keep an eye out online as well — many eBay sellers actively search auctions and closeout sales for exclusive or promotional Pop figures, which includes variants of the classic Frog Of Thunder Funko piece.

You can also try checking other newer Funko releases such as blind boxes or mystery minis. In some cases, these collections will feature variants of the original Frog Of Thunder design – a great way to get your hands on something a bit different than what you’ve seen before! Finally, if none of these options work for you then you can always build your own custom variant from one of many customization kits available on the Internet. Find a blank or DIY pop base and use paints, glitter, stickers and other craft supplies to make it your very own unique masterpiece!

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