Collecting The Dead: An Entertaining Guide to Funko Pop Walking Dead Figures

Collecting The Dead: An Entertaining Guide to Funko Pop Walking Dead Figures 2011

Introduction to Funko Pop Walking Dead Figures

Welcome to the wonderful world of Funko Pop Walking Dead figures! If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead series, then you know what an impact these action figures can make. Whether you want to use them as props in your own photos or as part of your collection, they’re sure to bring a unique sense of style and charm to whatever project they are used for. For those that don’t know, Funko Pop figures are a popular line of stylized vinyl dolls created by the studio Funko. They represent characters from numerous franchises and properties like Marvel Comics, Star Wars or video games like Overwatch and Fallout 4.

The Walking Dead edition of these beloved collectibles was released back in 2015, with the very first figure being Michonne – one of the most iconic characters in this ever-expanding universe. After her premiere example came out, other heroes and villains from both TV show and comic book have gotten their vinyl version that come with essential accessories like make-shift weapons or faithful animal companions – figures like Richonne (Michonne & Rick) or Abraham & Rosita will make any fan smile but some crazy inclusion choices were made too – random survivors such as David Garver or Doctor Stevens will be appreciated only by true devotees. And if you really want something original there is a massive selection tribute to Negan & Lucille pairing – including his victims where despite their tragic fates in game/tv plot still got their place on Wall Of Fame alongside infamous tyrant! All these figures come approximately three inches tall so there’s not much space for intricate details but designers managed to make them look both cute and recognizable at same time thanks toned-down palette with well placed color highlights that offset subtle facial features aside from making him stand out from crowd even more – amazingly enough it does manage capture his menacing aura too!

These little charming figures are great for wowing your guests especially when paired up along with counterparts from previous lineups whether we talking about classic “Heroic Companions” set featuring protagonists (upheld their dubious honor code) or recently released “Vigilantes Mob” lineup built around beloved outlaws (who often led charge during neverending conflicts across seas). But best thing about those miniatures is community around them which gathered thousands fans who actively looking engage one another through live events and online forums turning it into perfect spot express yourself while showing off newest arrivals your collectibles cupboard…and giving something new creators consider while producing further stuff !

Pros and Cons of Collecting Funko Pop Walking Dead Figures

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular TV shows of all-time, and it’s only natural that some fans want to collect Funko Pop figures based on this beloved series. These figures represent characters from the show, such as Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and Negan. Collecting these cute little figures is both a rewarding and potentially expensive hobby. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of collecting Funko Pop Walking Dead figures:


1) Variety – Show your support for different characters with different kinds of Funko Pop figures. The Walking Dead has dozens of characters to choose from in both human and zombie forms. There are also chase variants and special edition versions available as well.

2) Collectible – Different versions can have different values when it comes to resale value. This can make collecting Funko Pops something like an investment if you know what you’re doing and have an eye out for rare pieces.

3) Quality – Each figure is highly detailed with vibrant colors that stay true to each character while they look great on any shelf or desk display in any room!


1) Cost – As mentioned above, collecting Funko Pop Walking Dead figures can be quite expensive due to the variety being offered plus limited editions, variants, etc.. You could easily spend hundreds or even thousands chasing after certain sought after pieces in some cases.

2) Fragile– These figures are made out of plastic but tend not to be overly durable under physical stress which means they may not stand up to rough treatment or accidents which could easily ruin them if handled carelessly. This means having extra caution whenever handling them as any damage could reduce their value as a collectible item along with ruining your own collection piece by piece over time with accidental drops and so forth!

Step-by-Step Guide for Unpacking the Latest Funko Pop Walking Dead Figures

1. Start by preparing a comfortable and spacious area within which you can peacefully unpack & admire your new Funko Pop figures. Even if you are purchasing them to be put on display, it is best to have a work zone for unwrapping in order to prevent any damages or accidental breakages.

2. Once the work area is set up, slowly unwrap each item from its outer packaging carefully without breaking the seals or forcing open parts of the package that require cutting with scissors or tearing it apart using brute force. Each Funko Pop figure usually comes in an enclosed plastic case and collector’s edition box, hence take extra care while removing it from the outer packaging materials such as bubble wrap and boxes.

3. After all of your samples have been taken out safely, inspect each piece closely for any visible damages before going ahead with further unpacking steps. If any defects are observed during this step, contact your supplier immediately for further instructions/replacements as applicable.

4. Now move onto opening and assembling the individual pieces making up a given figurine into its full size character form according to original directions provided (if required). For example, some Funko Pop figurines might require attaching limbs prior to placing them inside the base plexiglas stand etc., therefore refer to packet for specific directions requiring assembly of pieces before moving ahead with unpacking the next specimen!

5. Once all pieces have been assembled successfully into an individual figure form per instructions accompanying product’s small-print documentation – transfer each masterfully created memento onto base stands included with purchase or alternative style stands available separately through online retailers/collectible stores etc., which can be found depending on how many units need displaying together comfortably inside home interior design space(s) manually crafted/purchased especially designated exclusively just for Funko Pop Walking Dead lineup!

FAQs About Collecting Funko Pop Walking Dead Figures

Q: What are Funko Pop Walking Dead figures?

A: Funko Pop Walking Dead figures are a series of collectible vinyl figures based on characters from Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, The Walking Dead. The figures have been created by the toy maker Funko and feature iconic characters from the popular zombie-drama television show, such as Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon. They also come in a variety of sizes and styles which include regular sized Pops, mini-Pops, and even wearable masks.

Q: Where can I buy Funko Pop Walking Dead figures?

A: You can purchase your favorite Funko Pop Walking Dead figure through various retailers both online or in brick-and-mortar stores, such as Hot Topic, Target, Walmart and GameStop. Additionally you can find them available auction sites like eBay or through collectors via sites such as Reddit’s r/funkopop community board.

Q: How do I determine the value of a particular figure?

A: Determining the actual worth of a particular Funko Pop Walking Dead figure is dependent upon several factors including rarity, condition, edition size and demand for that specific character among other collectors. Generally speaking, the more rare or exclusive versions tend to be more valuable than their more widely available variants. As with any collectible item assessing its value is oftentimes very subjective so it’s best to stay informed about what pop collectibles are currently going for to obtain an accurate market price estimate at any given time.

Q: Are there ways I can protect my collection?

A: Yes! As any avid pop collector knows preserving your collection in great condition is paramount occurrence when collecting these types of items – especially if looking to keep them unopened or up their resale potential down the road. Therefore having storage cases with lids or airtight containers certainly helps avoid dust build up while storing them away safely in smoke free environments helps maintain color vibrancy over time too.

Top 5 Facts About Collecting Funko Pop Walking Dead Figures

1. Collecting Funko Pop Walking Dead figures is a great way to get involved in the zombie culture in an affordable and fun way. From Rick Grimes to Negan, there’s a wide selection of figures that range from rare “chase” variants all the way up to 10-inch units.

2. Fun fact – Funko Pop has created more than thirty unique Walking Dead figures since the brand started in 2011! That’s a lot of characters, but they are very detailed and collectible and are sure to become classics over time.

3. Not only can you find multiple versions of familiar characters, but also other special limited editions too! For example, ever heard about the Limited edition glow-in-the-dark Michonne or even gold-metal Sasha? These exclusive pieces can be quite elusive so mane collectors will search high and low for them and trade amongst each other when needed.

4. If you’re just starting out collecting these fabulous figures you may want to start with some easy ones such as Carol Peletier or Glenn Rhee since those don’t usually become too expensive on the open market (unless it a rare chase version).

5. Finally, don’t forget about customisation! Personalised decorations are becoming increasingly popular with Funko Pop fans worldwide — so maybe it’s time for you to put your creativity into action by designing one of your own!


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