Collecting the Best of Funko Pop Soda: A Guide to the Fun and Enjoyable Hobby

Collecting the Best of Funko Pop Soda: A Guide to the Fun and Enjoyable Hobby Uncategorized

Introduction to Funko Pop Soda Releases

Funko Pop Soda has been steadily growing in popularity, and their latest release is no exception! With over 8 unique figurines to choose from, each of the iconic collectible figures offer a colorful pop-culture take on classic soda cans. Not just for the collector’s eye, Funko Pop Soda figures also offer an element of surprise by yielding individually packed mystery toys. For those curious about Funko Pop Soda, here is an introduction to the colorful cast of characters waiting to join your collection.

The Eight Can Collectibles: The characters range from recognizable cartoon staples to Hollywood blockbuster favorites. Among these include Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Bob Ross traveling suitcase artwork, Jaws American division and Wonder Woman’s golden lasso. Other 4 inch figures include Baby Yoda sipping a cup of soup, Harley Quinn (Birds of Prey version), Hawaiian shirt Ninja Turtle Donatello and Elvis Presley with a cold one — all reimagined as retro diner sodas!

The Mystery Subscription Model: While box sets are available for purchase as well, Funko Pop Soda also provides subscribers with coveted mystery can assortments that include two exclusive mystery toys contained within each subscription package. If you are not ready to commit to a full year’s worth of delivery there are options for quarterly plans available at significantly more affordable prices.

Tech Accessories: To bring even more personality into the mix, many licensed Funko Pop accessories like carrying cases, backpacks or phone stands make all around great additions for keeping precious collections safe and organized no matter where you go! There are currently roughly 100 items around this line tailored specifically towards protecting your Funko environment. Whether it’s a lightweight sleeve or hard shell synthetic travel case – we got you covered with every detail needed for total protection against shocks & scratches damage .

All in all; what sets apart Funko Pop Soda releases from prior products is its uncanny ability to seemingly never run out new surprises ready to be discovered somewhere hidden among its vibrant nature; making it ideal whether if you’re a dedicated POP collector or just someone looking for some carefree fun in their daily lives & routines; especially if they have little ones tagging along!

How to Collect Funko Pop Sodas: A Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Determine Your Collectible Budget – Before you jump into the world of Funko Pop Sodas, you need to make sure that your budget will allow for collecting them. Consider with each purchase if it is worth the cost to add it to your collection and think about how many you want to collect and what you’re willing to spend for each one.

Step 2: Choose Your Favorite Flavor – If you’re looking for a particular flavor of Funko Pop Soda, then this is the first step. From classic soda flavors like Orange, Lemon-Lime, or Cola, to unique combinations like Kool-Aid or Cream Soda, there are plenty of options out there. Make sure you look around and see what is available so you can choose your favorite!

Step 3: Find a Variety Pack – Once you have decided on which flavor(s) of Funko Pop Soda you would like to collect, it’s time to find a variety pack. This way, you get the chance to try multiple varieties all in one go rather than buying them separately. Variety packs usually come with 6-12 cans so if there are more than one flavor that interests you then this could be a great choice.

Step 4: Shop Around – Now that you know which type of Funko Pop Soda you want, it’s time to shop around and find the best price available online or in stores near your location (or closer). Prices may vary greatly depending on your location but take advantage of any promotions or deals that might be offered at certain retailers as these can save money off the overall cost of your collection.

Step 5: Join Social Media Groups/Follow Funatic Assessors – Joining social media groups or following Funatic Assessors will give access to rarer or exclusive cans in various shapes and sizes as well as get an update on new promotions or expansions for existing products. Many limited edition releases are only available through specific outlets or events so keeping an eye out for something special can provide unique opportunities for expanding your soda collection!

Step 6: Connect With Traders & Buy from Licensed Retailers – If possible, try connecting with traders who specifically specialize in Funko Pop Sodas so they can tell their stories associated with each product and help build relationships within the community. Don’t forget also that buying through licensed retailers (through legal sources such as Amazon) is always recommended when it comes down collecting its valuable assets!

FAQs About Collecting Funko Pop S odas

Q: What is a “Funko Pop Soda” exactly?

A: Funko Pop Soda is a line of collectible soda-themed figures produced by popular pop culture collectible company, Funko. The figures are designed to resemble classic soft drinks and feature characters from various franchises including Marvel and DC Comics, Disney/Pixar, Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The vinyl figures come in different versions such as glow-in-the-dark special editions or limited editions available exclusively online.

Q: Where can I find them?

A: You can purchase Funko Pop Sodas from all kinds of retailers, both online and in store. A quick internet search should bring up a comprehensive list of retailers selling this product line. Additionally, many Pop Culture events such as comic conventions also stock these pieces at their vendors’ booths so keep an eye out for those too!

Q: How much do these typically cost?

A: It depends on the edition of the particular figure you are looking for but most fall into the $10 – $15 price range per figure. There may be rarer items that can go higher than that depending on their value amongst collectors.

Q: Is it worth collecting some Funko Pop Sodas?

A: Yes! They are highly sought after by collectors due to their unique design and vibrant colors. Many people buy them as showpieces or decorations while others view it as investments since older models become increasingly more valuable over time due to their scarcity.

Top 5 Fun Facts About the Latest Funko Pop Soda Releases

Funko, the beloved maker of pop culture collectibles and figurines known as “Pop!s,” has recently released a series of new Pop! Soda cans, all based on some of the most popular characters from television, movies, and video games. While these new Pop! Soda figures don’t actually contain any soda, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast learning about them! Here are five fun facts about the new Funko Pop! Soda releases:

1. A Political Spin – Some of the figures in this series are actually representing political candidates or social movements. For example, the Bernie Bernie Bang Bang 8″ vinyl soda can features an image of U.S presidential candidate and senator Bernie Sanders alongside his campaign slogan “Not me, Us!”. This is also true for a few other characters in this line up such as Angela Davis who brings her iconography to her own figure release.

2.Characters From Different Universes – One interesting thing about this Funko Pop! line is that it features characters from franchises and universes that don’t usually interact with each other. For instance there is a brilliant mash-up between two popular kaiju creatures Godzilla and King Kong featured on one of these releases. If you look closely at their design you will easily spot accents inspired by both monsters giving it an aesthetic that is unique to itself making it one hard-to-ignore collaboration.

3. A Tribute To Classic Cartoons – Also included in this series are nods to classic cartoons like Adventure Time’s Finn & Jake or The Power Puff Girls which bring us great memories even when we’re all grown up now!. These limited edition pieces are great additions to any collector’s set or simply just as cute decorations around your home – they sure make a statement wherever they go!

4. They Come In All Sizes – Pop vinyls have always come in various sizes however this new Funko release gives us even more options; It offers 15 Vinyl Snow Globe cans for 6”, 8″and 10” respectively depending on how big your collection needs to be but do keep in mind that these snow globes bring not only additional items inside but also some chilly weather along so make sure everyone knows where’s Santa Claus when its Christmas again!.

5.Highly Detailed Designs – Even though these figures fit into their soda can packaging perfectly their designs still come with intricate details that compliment each character perfectly yet retain an overall contemporary look for your home décor needs; Take for example Yoda from Star Wars featured on his own Pepsi bottle looking back at us with his discerning eye while Obi Wan looks ever ready for anything near him – Nothing beats seeing your favorite characters become part of our daily lives right?

These five facts just scratch the surface when it comes to what makes Funko’s recent releases of Pop! Sodas so exciting—they truly capture the spirit of fandom and bring collections into homes around the world like nothing else out there today! So if you’re looking for something special to add to your collection or want to start collecting Funko Pop!s for anyone (including yourself), then grabbing a few Funko Pop! Soda figurines should definitely be high on your list.

Pros and Cons of Collecting Funko Pop Sodas

Funko Pop Soda is a fun, recent addition to the Funko Pop Vinyl figures that have become a popular collectible item among collectors. These sodas come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and feature some of the most iconic characters from movies, TV shows, comics, and games. But before you start your collection of this fascinating new soda figurine line, it’s important to consider both the pros and cons associated with them.

The Pros:

• Variety: With over 40 different characters from multiple franchises to choose from in the range so far, Funko Pop Soda allows for an array of options for personal customization. The unique design styles have enabled funko to make their products quite distinct from any other manufacturer creating an environment where funkopophiles(pop fans) can express their fandom more passionately than ever before.

• Quality: As one of the newer additions to funkopop’s lineup these figures are made up of sturdy materials that can stand up well against wear-and-tear ensuring each figure looks great as long as they are cared for correctly! Additionally each character comes with a pop shield which provides extra protection while transporting or preserving it after opening!

• Affordable: One great aspect of collecting funko pops is that they remain quite affordable compared to other merchandise available on the market. With prices ranging between $14 – $20 (USD) depending on size & rarity – anyone with any budget should be able to find something in their price range!

The Cons:

• Limited Availability: These collectibles are only currently available at select stores (such as Walmart & Target) due to restrictions within specific regions – some areas may not even receive stock at all leading them unable to buy them where they live. Additionally shipping times vary greatly based on location making it harder for consumers who don’t stay close by retailers carrying them!

• Potential Damage: Due to individual packaging sometimes pops bubble wrap if bad enough then when trying to take out its protective casing out too fast or carelessly this could lead having cracks or scratches thus potentially decreasing value.

• Bigger Investment than expected: Depending how many pop sodas you end up wanting purchase could be expensive as these pieces usually carry higher price tags than other vinyls due business models behind licensing agreements between original creators & fan base wanting exclusive pieces meaning less supplychain equals more money being charged.

Collecting Funko Pop Sodas has its share of benefits and drawbacks; Ultimately it’s up to the collector whether they want pursue this particular type of collection or opt for another outlet instead!

Final Thoughts on Unboxing the Latest Funko Pop Soda Releases

Unboxing is an exciting activity, but the real thrill of a Funko Pop Soda release comes afterwards. After taking in the initial excitement of seeing your new collection for the first time, you can sit back and appreciate what Funko Pop have created – a clever combination of nostalgia and current pop culture trends.

The many variations in color, sculpt and packaging design help make each unique release stand out on store shelves. It’s easy to see why Funko Pop has become such a popular collectible: it captures our love for characters from books, movies, games, and more. There’s something for everyone within these creative designs!

Moreover, unboxing the latest Funko Pop Soda releases is an engaging process that prompts reflection and encourages conversation. You might start comparing various characters’ styles or explore one’s backstory with friends who also own them—or maybe go off on wild tangents where nothing was planned! The possibilities are endless.

Overall, unboxing is just as much about fun as collecting Funko Pops itself. Whether you’re discovering previously obscure characters or rediscovering old favorites dressed up in their latest costumes, rest assured that there’ll be plenty of delightful surprises waiting whenever you open up another awesome pack!

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