Collecting NFL Funko Pop Figures: Have Fun and Show Your Team Pride!

Collecting NFL Funko Pop Figures: Have Fun and Show Your Team Pride! 2018

Introduction to NFL Funko Pops: What They Are, How to Buy and Collect Them

When it comes to sports leagues, no game is more exciting and captivating than the National Football League (NFL). Stadiums fill with fans who cheer on their favorite teams and collectible figures of these teams’ super star players fill homes, offices, lockers and more. The popular line of NFL Funko Pops are small stylized vinyl figures of all the major NFL stars that have become a must-have for NFL fans — both casual followers and serious collectors alike.

Continue reading to learn what exactly NFL Funko Pops are, why they remain so popular, how you can purchase them for your collection along with tips for building a complete set. You’ll even get an overview of which key players offer some of the highest value in terms of collectability. So let’s dive in!

What Are NFL Funko Pop Figures?

In simple terms, an NFL Funko Pop is an officially licensed collectible figure developed by the entertainment company Funco Inc., which was founded in 1998. Akin to action figures created by companies such as Mattel or Kenner; however, these vinyl pieces measure 3 ¾ inches tall (or “mini” at 2 ½ inches) while traditional action figures are typically around 6-7 inch tall. There are also larger-sized pop figures offered known as Super Sized/XL formats that stand 10 inches tall as well as Mega sized waves that stand 15 inches tall. Additionally every once in a great while there will be specialty shapes released including squirrels, robots or even cars made out each beloved football star’s likeness!

Why Are These Collectibles So Popular?

NFL Funk Pop Figures have become incredibly popular among those who love the gridiron sport for many different reasons: the accessibility factor being one of them due to these collector figurines being used widely by media outlets on their airwaves to promote their featured athletes; but also due from social media support from current professional ball players which drives sales through astute marketing strategies utilizing football themed giveaways & promotional campaigns via youtube channels and other streaming visuals & live shows worldwide . A few standout players include Los Angeles Rams stud defensive tackle Aaron Donald — paving way for other stars such as Odell Beckham Jr., Derrick Henry & Tom Brady — all available online & at retailers located nationwide! It’s easy to recognize why these miniature versions so closely resembling actual superstars in real life would instantly make children sparkle up with delight while appealing strongly towards lifelong adult collectors too.

How Can You Buy and Collect Them?

To begin slowly building up your own personal collection you should know that they listed on virtually all major retail websites (including Amazon) & come generally packaged inside window boxes either randomly shipped individually or pre-packed inside team sets organized usually 5 – 8 pieces per wave series compliantly with official 2020 game season launches following closely official league rookie picks taking places prior start of each Fall campaign ! As always it’s important to shop around consider sales prices when available be sure check back new releases throughout season post any major trades deals acquire unannounced premiums well like limited edition variations exclusives promos depending upon where sourced from once fall hand expand personal roster likewise many aspects begin adding extra intrigue scouting missions thereby heightening overall collecting experience provide unique combinations options increasing replay value exponentially thus setting grindstone foundation potentially epic fan base community engaging stories holding treasured memories sharing collections using hashtags For instance use term #NFLPops trending updates trends explore utilize direct messages find perfect addition watch list order negotiate gifting purposes resell them proud bartering transactions etc joining legions diehard constantly expanding ever growing expansive global culture!.

Now comes important question do yourselves: “Which starts hold highest value terms collectability potential investment claims today ? Well answer simply varies despite already discussed hall fame QB now Tampa Bay Buccaneers arrival OG wide receiver Randy Moss Minnesota Vikings entering mix here few 50+ retirees still delivering hefty totals sky high margins notorious Hall Famer Adrian Peterson LaDainian Tomlinson Jason Witten added recently retired Marshawn Lynch Calvin Johnson topping list date still commanding multiple times original MSRP here definitely intersection pops serves crystalize last fleeting moment into tangible object keep safe until otherwise desired whether give away auction off future profit time tell really pay attention often overlooked factor ages proving harder trace accurately given inflated increase demand newer product lines reveal subtle pricing nuances distinctions across board general rule thumb though always perform research locate oldest versions see lowest number stamps beneath bottom feet preferable case significant jump resale price compared successors across span decade since initial put shelves originals sold out age considered first run anything rare classification basically sets standard higher afford everyone buy play game win continues effort maintain integrity essence hobby maintained going remain viable commodity sports memorabilia industry likely stimulate growth attracting enthusiastic generations advance cause forever carved history written books young old love safe keep findings later pass down families arts continue light waxing waning moon above seemingly immortal relevance .

Whether become serious lifelong endeavour enjoyable increasingly sought pastime renowned athletes faces sway societal sentiments

As the world of Funko Pop figures continues to expand and evolve, so does their source material. In addition to movies, comic books, and music stars, one of the most popular themes within the vinyl collectibles is professional sports—namely the National Football League. These NFL Funko Pop figures offer a fun way for fans to show off their team spirit while building a collection of iconic memorabilia.

But with hundreds of players, teams and commemorative editions in the market—from quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes II and Tom Brady to Saquon Barkley’s MVP edition—where do you even begin? To help get you started, we here at Collect4U have broken down five of today’s most popular NFL Funkos across multiple eras:

1) Legends Series: Bo Jackson – The 1985 Heisman Trophy winner has taken his share as one of football’s true innovators by making plays no one had ever seen before. Sporting his Los Angeles Raiders jersey from that season, this Bo Jackson legend literally pops out from among other collections due to his action-already-in-progress pose. His trademark headband completes the look.

2) Madden 20 Edition: Lamar Jackson – Last year saw Lamar Jackson break records on and off the field, becoming not only an MVP player on the gridiron but also starring on an signature edition Madden video game box art. His new black Baltimore Ravens uniform even inspired him to earn another nickname: Mjolnir (the Norse god Thor’s hammer). Fans can all recognize it just like they knew exactly how many touchdowns he ran in 2019!

3) Franchise Series Multiple Versions: Tom Brady – Nowhere are there more versions than with legendary New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady — six different figures with four distinct outfit changes whether it’s rocking his classic number 12 or appropriating Bucs gear for Tampa Bay now! Even better is reliving iconic moments such as postgame celebrations surrounded by confetti after clinching a Super Bowl championship.

4) Ultimate Fanatics series : Patrick Mahomes II – Fresh off earning both Super Bowl MVP honors and Most Valuable Player Award in 2018 alone, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II makes any collection feel complete in terms of modern superstars… Added points for going with red homers instead of sackcloth for those rallies at Arrowhead Stadium!

5) Mid Icons edition : Christian McCaffrey – Although North Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey was kept out of most starts last season due to injury, he hasn’t gone forgotten thanks to this figure that brings together recognizability with whimsy thanks to its eighties cartoon stylings…complete with shoulder pads featuring a cheetah pattern designed by Nike – talk about distinctive!

So if you want your NFL craft beer stein showing maximum swag depth or your mantel looking chic enough 30th birthday present envy neighbours might come knocking when seeing these single figurines collected together… You can’t go wrong adding any these five elements reflecting seamless tribute best respectively rostered over decades past or presently standing beside us today!

Exploring the Creative Inspirations Behind Each Figures Design

When it comes to creating the perfect figure, there are many factors to consider: proportion, scale, articulation points, color palate and of course striking design features. Each collectible action figure – no matter how small or large – is a piece of art unto itself. It not only has to look great, but feel great for the collector as well. But what is the creative process behind deciding what makes each one unique? How does a design team decide how each individual character looks? What inspires them when coming up with characters from a popular movie or TV show?

These questions can be answered by taking a closer look at the creative inspirations behind each figures design. With every new project comes cart loads of reference material – concept artwork comissionsed for films and television shows, early drafts of scripts and storyboards etc. Each provides an opportunity to explore an immersive world where creativity thrives. Within these materials artists will identify key attributes that make that particular subject matter unique; they might focus on facial expressions or slight body language traits (like fingers tensely curled), which add distinctive elements stretching beyond standard stock designs.

Designs also build off earlier works- including toys from yesteryear . Studios often directly draw from classic examples; this is especially true in regards to vintage licenses where references come directly form original 1970s-style 8” Mego figures or 1980s superhero figures — intended for 2D but largely used here in 3D approximations with ongoing tweaks over time – like scaling back articulation points to match modern production capabilities (or adjusting proportions so sculpts can more easily fit inside packaging).

The resulting blend of style plus nostalgia produces something customisable yet recognizable; something playful but accurate enough that even careful viewers might have troubles spotting differences between hand-crafted designs and precommercialised models made en masseon assembly lines. The end result being a highly detailed figure which maximises authenticity while maintaining affordability across different markets -bringing exciting new innovations derived form old sources into existencefor enthusiastic collectors everywhere!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Unlocking Hidden Features of Your Collectible

Many collectibles come with hidden features that can be unlocked through various methods. With the right tools, knowledge, and guidance, you can greatly enhance the value of your collectible item as well as increase its functionality. In this blog post, we’ll provide a simple step-by-step guide to unlocking some of these hidden features.

First, start by researching any available information on the article you wish to unlock. You will want to look for official descriptions or instructions from the manufacturer or retailer about how to access these secret features. Both online and offline resources are great for finding out what other collectors may have already discovered regarding unlocking secrets within your item. If possible, try contacting customer service stalls of sellers or manufacturers to inquire about any potential hidden features in particular articles that they could help you uncover.

Next, carefully examine your article as closely as possible in order to find out what might set apart one piece from another similar one. Taking an inventory of all the details concerning your particular piece could sometimes help uncover unexpected possibilities — so noting down color variations or intricate embellishments might be worthwhile endeavors if it leads you closer towards understanding what an unseen feature may be attached to your item (and how it may remain untapped). The same goes for really studying product manuals: specific buttons/parts may go unnoticed until pointed out directly from a scholarly resource!

Once you have identified potential ways in which a secret feature could be used or accessed within your article, you’ll need to use applicable tools such as a screwdriver or hammer (if necessary) in order to open up or disassemble the concerned part — when done properly and with caution, this should not harm nor impair your item whatsoever! You will also want to make sure beforehand that no warranties become void due tampering before deciding to proceed further than tinkering around exteriorly on a closed case/shell; examining existing contractual obligations is always recommended while going larger into prying around internal components too.

Finally, upon appearing more successful at deciphering how this new hidden feature operates upon being accessible it is important not attempt testing (or activating) them without proper safety protocols implemented – this serves almost equally whether it’s something electric/mechanical requiring precautionary measures according handling appropriately (with gloves etc), water-logged objects needing drying techniques like silica gel inserts, etc… Taking extra care with delicate pieces already in fragile states will often serve longer lifespans best!

Having followed all the steps presented above closely allows avid collectors & hobbyists alike good chances of finding exciting surprises tucked away within mundane old items — now unearthed so that experiments become safe but educational nonetheless! So don’t hesitate setting off into ‘treasure hunting’ mission using these practical guidelines today – after all making discoveries like these makes life meaningful even beyond collecting appealing specimens soon becoming prized pieces alongside time long spent together looking into goods discovering surprise pleasures that never ceased over time either!

FAQs About NFL Funko Pop Figures

What are NFL Funko Pop Figures?

NFL Funko Pop figures are special collectible figurines of popular NFL stars, mascots, and teams. They have become hugely popular among sports fans due to their amazing details and unique design. The figures are highly detailed designs that feature the players in realistic poses, often wearing their team’s uniform or doing some activity associated with the sport. All the figures have an oversized head which gives them a distinct look that stands out from other figurines.

Where can I buy NFL Funko Pop Figures?

NFL Funko Pop figures can be purchased online from various retailers such as Amazon, GameStop, Target, Walmart and many more. Additionally, they can be found in most sports stores and specialty toy shops throughout the United States.

How much do NFL Funko Pop Figures cost?

The cost of an individual figure varies depending on a few factors such as availability and rarity. Generally speaking, most standard-sized figures cost around $10 – $15 USD each. The price for limited edition or special edition figures will typically run between $20 – $30 USD each depending on where you make your purchase from.

Are there different sizes of NFL Funko Pop Figures available?

Yes! While the majority of NFL Funko Pop figures are made to a standard 3 3/4 inch size (the same size as regular sized action figure lines), there is also a 6-inch version available in select styles that costs more than the standard size versions due to its higher quality materials used for production. Additionally, many teams also offer 9” super-sized collector editions which come with extra accessories such as banners or trophies – these rare items tend to be much more expensive than regular sized ones since they are only available in limited quantities.

Are all NFL Funko Pop Figures safe for children?

Yes! All of our officially licensed products have been reviewed by multiple safety authorities including UL Labs, ASTM International & CPSC standards for product safety in order to ensure their safe use for any age group 10+.

5 Fun Facts About NFL Funko Pops That You Didnt Know

1. NFL Funko Pop figures have been around since 2015, but not all of the players have been produced yet. Some teams and even positions within each team may not be covered due to the limited production nature of the collectible line.

2. Each figure is hand-painted with amazingly accurate details like their on-field apparel and accessories, helmet decals, and more that capture each player’s unique look and personality.

3. If you manage to collect all 32 NFL Teams in Funko Pop figures form, you can create a whole starting lineup for your favourite football club!

4. Different versions of some players exist such as special “Sneakerhead” editions featuring various footwear types or “Beardman Editions” where a few players rock full-length facial fuzz!

5. As an added bonus, these fun pieces also include special commemorative stands that celebrate milestones achieved in their respective careers – a great way to honour your favourite athletes past and present!

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