Collecting Metallica: A Guide to the Funky Funko Pop Figures

Collecting Metallica: A Guide to the Funky Funko Pop Figures 2019

Introduction to Metallica Funko Pop Figures and Their Popularity

Funko Pop figures, in general, have become incredibly popular in recent years. From comic book and movie characters to musical icons and athletes, Funko Pop has an ever-growing selection of figures based on well-known popular culture personalities and media releases. Metallica is one such example of a beloved rock band that has been transformed into charming vinyl Funko Pop figurines.

A Brief History of Metallica

Metallica is recognized as one of the biggest and most influential heavy metal bands in music history. Formed in the early 1980s, this legendary quartet released their self-titled fifth album (often referred to as The Black Album) in 1991 which marked their tremendous commercial success by selling over 30 million copies worldwide. Since then, they’ve continued to produce albums that consistently receive glowing reviews from both fans and critics alike, with various members also appearing in multiple other projects on top of their core discography.

The Revolutionary Change That Led To Metallica’s Funko Pop Figures

Due to a now-iconic collaboration between leading pop culture company Funko and trendy clothing retailer Hot Topic (a partnership termed HTFunko), vintage cartoon character designs were modernized with the help of exuberantly detailed 3D models depicting musicians, celebrities and sports stars – including early affectionally rendered prototypes for the whole Metallica line up. Supporters reacted positively towards these new toys so much so that they continue to be stocked regularly amongst Hot Topic’s merchandise even today!

Why Are People So Obsessed With Their Metallica Figurines?

Although there could be a few reasons why people love buying Metallica Funk Pop figures – such as nostalgia or perhaps admiration for its lively design – it happens to link with its time period when The Black Album came out perfectly since that was where the band really became popular around the world. Moreover, although initial runs have mostly seen collector’s items like these rising in value amount diehard fans over time; however, due to its enduring appeal it still satisfies those looking for dazzling showpieces related to Rock ‘n’ Roll giants at surprisingly reasonable prices set throughout music stores both nationally and internationally.

When you combine all these influences together; you end up with some truly brilliant pieces almost indistinguishable from merch officially produced by members othe band themselves making it hard not just keep up but also build an exciting collection for your friends/family!

Steps for Unboxing the Latest Funko Pop Figures

Unboxing the latest Funko Pop figures is always an exciting experience. It’s a fun way to find out what the newest goodies have to offer and a great way to begin your Pop collecting journey. Here are some tips for unboxing your latest Funko Pop figures:

1. Take Your Time: Unboxing should be an enjoyable and celebratory process, so don’t rush through it. Carefully inspect each piece of packaging, exploring all of its features before moving on to the next step.

2. Don’t Neglect the Box: The box is essential in preserving the figure’s condition, so never disregard it and make sure to store it safely! Inspect the box for any damages or defects as this can affect resale value down the road if you want to resell them later.

3. Peel Away Tabs Slowly: Be extra careful when removing those pesky tabs that keep your figure in place; peel them away slowly in order not to damage your item or scrape off paint details of the figure itself. They serve as a protective barrier during shipping after all!

4. Use Caution When Taking Out Accessories: Similar above, take extra precaution when carefully removing accessories from their packages as they’re usually quite fragile pieces such as wings and helmets which can break easily if mishandled or forcefully removed from its clinging plastic packaging bubbles inside of boxes . Put these pieces aside until all parts have been inspected then put everything together afterwards accordingly once satisfied with their condition .

5 Enjoy Collection Piece-by-Piece: All pop figures have small details that make each one unique, so take time and appreciate them one by one throughout this unboxing process right before completing building up your entire collection within in no time !

Where to Buy the Latest Metallica Funko Pop Figures

Metallica fans rejoice—the latest and greatest Funko Pop figures depicting the members of rock’s most iconic band are now available! Highly detailed and adorable versions of James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Rob Trujillo, and Jason Newsted are just waiting to join your collection. Whether you collect all kinds of Funko Pop figures or are just a metalhead obsessed with Metallica, here’s where you can find the latest additions to your shelves:

Online Retailers – Head to Amazon or other online retailers for the easiest way to get your hands on these small but mighty figures. Sometimes special variants will be offered exclusively at certain places; for example, Hot Topic had a glow-in-the-dark version for Hetfield in 2019. Popscultcha is another popular website offering unique variations on some figure designs that can’t be found anywhere else.

Select Local Game Stores – If you prefer traditional shopping over making purchases online, seek out gaming stores that stock Funko Pop figures. Metallica has even teamed up with eBay’s partner Gamestop on specially bundled sets with albums and comics. You might also have luck browsing vintage shops or smaller specialty stores in your area—you never know what gems they may have hiding out in the backroom!

Conventions – Comic book conventions are an especially great place to purchase exclusive Funko Pop variants featuring metallically clad members of the famous band. Keep an eye out for Collector Corps boxes while you’re there too; they offer up themed bundles with multiple exclusive items as part of their monthly subscription service—but hurry because these packages often fly off the shelves during San Diego Comic Con or similar gatherings around the world!

While collecting these little pieces of history will cost you some extra pocket money, it’ll be worth it when a miniaturized Hetfield stares into your soul from atop his display case . . . Just try not to be jealous when another Metallica fan proudly offers their own collection for comparison!

Common Questions about Collecting Metallica Funko Pop Figures

From rare Metallica Funko Pop figures to the classic designs, collecting these figures has become a popular hobby for many. As with any collector’s item, people have questions about building a collection and which ones are worth pursued. Here are some common questions when it comes to collecting Metallica Funko Pops.

Q: What is special about collecting Metallica Funko Pops?

A: Collecting Funko Pop figures of legendary rock groups like Metallica gives fans a way to connect their love of music with the fun they have found in discovering and collecting popular vinyl figurines. It allows one to give physical form to a band that means something special in someone’s life and brings them closer than ever before to their music idols. Moreover, there are lots of different variations one can choose from with multiple colors, sizes and poses – perfect for completing an extensive collectors set!

Q: What rarity level should I look out for?

A: Depending on the popularity of any particular figure, its rarity level can vary from common to ultra rare — meaning how easy it will be for you to get hold properly sought after pieces that belong in your collection. Look out for those considered rare or limited edition, as these tend be trickier find – just bear in mind that all prices differ according so always do your research!

Q: Are there any guidelines you should follow when buying Funko Pops? A: Absolutely! Firstly make sure they are merchandised correctly – this includes being within their box or secured by stickers or anything else that may assure its original state has been preserved carefully throughout storage/transportation. Also don’t forget custom-made casings if you wish to reflect your own style! Lastly you must check where the item was made (China is often what you’ll see on some medium quality items)– doing this equips yourself second time buyers assurance sealing the deal neatly while avoiding potential rip offs at all costs too!

Top 5 Facts about Metallica Funko Pop Figures

Metallica Funko Pop Figures have become one of the most collectible items in the world. Here are 5 facts about these unique figures that you need to know:

1. Wide Range of Characters – With a variety of characters in the collection, from James Hetfield to Lars Ulrich, Metallica Funko Pop Figures have something for every true Metallica fan and collector. Whether you want a rare piece or a classic style, there’s something perfect out there for you.

2. Timeless Design – While the band has changed over the years, their look has stayed surprisingly consistent when it comes to the design of their Funko Pop Figures. Crafted with meticulous detail and painted with bright colors, each figure is truly an art form worthy of any collector’s shelf or mantlepiece.

3. Unique Steel Edition – Fans of Metallica will be pleased to know that there is an exclusive steel edition series available as well! This limited-edition run includes metallic silver colorways on select figures adding just a bit extra pizzazz to an already unique set of figures.

4. Collectable Accessories – Along with each figure there are also a few collectable accessories such as signed albums or picture discs that make up part of their sleek packaging design too! These add-ons are fun pieces for completing your set and make great gifts for fellow fans too!

5. Limited Quantities Available – When it comes to collecting action figures, only so many can be made before they sell out! Similarly, many editions of Metallica Pop Figures tend to become highly sought after if they possess rare features like hand-painted details or different sizes than regular versions making them alluring yet hard to get!

Concluding Remarks on Collecting Metallica Funko Pop Figures

Collecting metallic funk pop figures has become an incredibly popular trend in recent years. Not only are these fun little figurines a great conversation starter, they’re also a great way to show off your fandom and love of the band Metallica. With many unique variations available, it can be a challenge to keep track of the entire collection, but with some time and dedication comes an incredible payoff in terms of enjoyment and satisfaction.

The world of collecting is vast and filled with varied offerings, so it pays to shop around for the best prices on your favorite Funko Pop figures. Do not be afraid to take advantage of eBay or other sites for deals on rare or hard-to-find pieces as well as periodic sales offered by retailers. With patience and diligence you can piece together the perfect Metalica collection.

When you become an avid collector your set instantly undergoes a transformation from being just mere toys into works of art; so take good care of them! Clean them regularly and store them carefully according to their condition or special needs (e.g., sealed boxes). Make sure that you add protective cases ideally provided by Funko to extend modern ones’ lifespans . Then allows others who appreciate the beauty of pop culture collectibles check out your collection – perhaps even start one if they like yours enough!

Since there are plenty variants available in this series, it will almost never require viewers to watch/listen any Metallica music necessarily, but that would elevate whole experience definitely into higher level – especially when celebraring metal fans kindred spirit at gatherings surrounded with such artwork allusions!

All matters considered – combining elementals of hunting precious items & chic figures aesthetics pay homage (plus letting those cheerful pixels getting alive!) – definitely makes metalheads crazy whilst trying complete their Metallic Funko Pops sets which serves nicely both die-hard connoisseurs’ desire plus casual enthusiasts taste alike 😀

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