Collecting Garfield Funko Pop: The Fun of Finding Your Favorite Characters!

Collecting Garfield Funko Pop: The Fun of Finding Your Favorite Characters! 2019

Introduction to Unboxing the Garfield Funko Pop Collection: A Guide to Collecting Your Favorite Cartoon Cat

Unboxing the Garfield Funko Pop collection is an exciting and rewarding experience for cartoon cat collectors. Not only does it offer a chance for fans of Jim Davis’s iconic creation to bring his world into their homes, but it also provides a great way to let some personality shine through and have fun with the collection. The set includes 6 figures, each with its own unique design, representing several different stages throughout Garfield’s life.

A key part of Garfield’s character is his sassiness, and this comes through in many of the figures. For example, one figure features him wearing sunglasses, another eating a lasagna-filled pizza slice while lounging on a beach chair! It’s clear that this was not only done to match the character but also to provide comic relief while still maintaining that classic Garfield wit.

Aside from looking cool, these figures are also durable; they are made out of plastic which can withstand even more rigorous play. The detailing is well-executed as well—from Garfield’s wild tufted hair down to every foot detailing (even showing off his original comic strip stripe design). Not only will a collector be happy with these pieces now, but they’ll stay preserved for years too should you decide you want to add them once again onto your shelf at some point down the line!

For added convenience when unboxing your beloved 11th Street curmudgeon, all six figures will arrive pre-inserted into their protective pop vinyl cases. This ensures easy access without requiring any extra setup or cutting open packaging! In addition, you don’t need to worry about finding boxes big enough here—each figure fits right inside its accompanying case—so there’s no need for storage concerns ahead of time either.

So go ahead: make your collection stand out with some real pizzazz by unboxing the Garfield Funko Pop Collection today! With its signature style full of humor and charm and its resilient nature fittingly featuring our lovable cartoon cat himself; this set has something truly special that can’t be found anywhere else!

The Different Types of Garfield Funko Pops Available

Garfield is one of the most beloved characters in pop culture, and it’s no surprise that there are plenty of amazing Funko Pops featuring the lasagna-loving cat. From classic cartoon Garfield to Garfield with Odie, every fun variation of this classic character has been made available as an adorable vinyl figure. Whether you’re a seasoned Funko Pop collector or just getting started, here’s a rundown on the types of Garfield Funko Pops available.

The Classic Cartoon – The classic cartoon design features a slightly stylized take on the original comic strip character. With his trademark jersey, spiky hair and mischievous grin, this design is sure to bring back fond childhood memories for many fans.

Garfield With Odie – This version features Garfield being carried around by his lovable pooch best friend, Odie. The detail on the figures is spot-on; from Garfield’s smug expression to Odie’s big ears, it’s clear Funko put their utmost care into this release!

Lasagna Eating Garfields – It wouldn’t be a true Garfield toy line if something related to lasagna weren’t included. Fortunately these two versions feature Jazzy Jon with an extra scoop and also Spanish speakin’ Juan polling down an oversized portion! Who can resist watching him scarf down this delicious Italian dish?

Gourmet Garfield – These two sets show off our favorite orange tabby taking a more gourmet approach when it comes to food – seafood must be involved! One features him settling in for some sushi while another shows him diving in for shrimp tempura rolls! Seafood haters may idolize their other variants more, but these guys will provide a great showpiece nonetheless.

Rock Band Edition – Perhaps the most unique of them all lies within this rock band edition bundle set which includes four musicians each playing instruments: guitar, drums, keyboard and microphone stand complete with frontman “Garfish”! This leads us to guess he’ll be singing “Take Me Out To The Lasagna Par-tay!!!” Perfect for music lovers and collectors alike!

Beyond Five – Last but not least comes from FunKo’s five pack bundle containing five Garfields dressed up like Santa Clause (factoid – Japan credits Onodera Ehon (“What A Picture!”) as one of its earliest inspirations for Santa Claus), Cowboy Doll suited up Sheriff style flavor Town USA edition, lumberjack inspired explorer garf scientist , Mad Scientist Magician garfnado warnin’ garf and Jack Sparrow inspired yo Ho ho treasure huntin’ garf . Each version adds its own take on what could have easily become blurbs cut from any single variant release they’ve done before while hinting at different adventures awaiting ol’ jazzy Jon !

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Unbox a Garfield Funko Pop

Unboxing something as exciting as a new Funko Pop is an adventure of its own. From the moment you take hold of the package and feel the promise of something special within, unboxing your Funko Pop takes on a life all its own. To help make sure your experience is handled with care and respect, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to unboxing a Garfield Funko Pop so that it can look just as perfect in your collection as it does on store shelves.

Step 1 – Inspect the packaging: The first thing to do when unboxing your Garfield Funko Pop is to make sure nothing looks out of the ordinary with the packaging. Check for any tears, rips or holes that could have impacted the contents inside and cause damage to your new item. If everything looks good, move on to step two!

Step 2 – Carefully open up the box: Now that you’ve confirmed that there are no signs of tampering with your box, it’s time to carefully open it up and get started! Take some extra precaution not to rip or tear it while opening, rather fold along where possible. This will ensure a nice clean job once everything has been finalized.

Step 3 – Inspect the inside condition: Once you’ve opened up your box, check over Garfield once more before continuing on with anything else — making sure that all features are accounted for and looking right — eyes, tail etc. Make sure too that none of his accessories are missing or broken (eg: mittens/hat). Defects should be inspected at this point as well before any further steps are taken.

Step 4 – Removing from packaging: This stage requires some expert finesse but luck runs in our favor today! Begin by taking hold of both ends between thumb/index finger then lightly tug outward until free from plastic covering—as if satisfyingly unwrapping a present! Be careful not to pull too hard though…we don’t want any sneaky arm breakages! At this point carefully set aside any excess components such as building bases etcis removed alongside him for safe keeping—don’t forget about them later down track!!

Step 5 – The Reveal!: And finally we arrive at what has been built up throughout—the reveal!!! Let us glance over whats been obtained here by slowly scanning across our orange fluffy friend *gasp* There he lays peacefully in his full glory after being preserved within plastic confinment moments prior…now take one final look now Garfield has entered ours lives 😉

FAQs Concerning Collecting the Garfield Funko Pop Collection

1. What is the Garfield Funko Pop Collection?

The Garfield Funko Pop Collection is a series of officially licensed vinyl figures celebrating everyone’s favorite lazy orange cat, Garfield. The collection features Funko Pop versions of the comic strip character and his various friends and loves ones, such as Odie, Jon, Pooky, Arlene, Liz Wilson and Nermal. These figures measure 3.75 inches in height and come with a clear display base to make it easy to show off your prized collection or display within any home decor scheme you might have in mind.

2. How many figures are available in the Garfield Funko Pop Collection?

At present there are eight different figures available as part of this exclusive series: Garfield (w/Lasagna), nermal (in bathtub), Odie (perched on chair), Jon Arbuckle (bespectacled beside chair), Arlene (with flute) Liz Wilson (strolling elegantly) and Pooky (clad in shirt & tie). Alongside these seven main characters there is also the special edition ‘Garfield Dressed Up’ figure released exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 which was an instant sellout!

3. Where can I purchase items from the Garfield Funko Pop Collection?

All eight pieces of this exclusive line can be purchased directly from official Funko retailers across the US and internationally, while supplies remain in stock. Online stores such as Amazon also have stocks but prices may vary slightly due to shipping costs being factored into your total purchase amount – so it’s always best to check multiple websites for better deals when ordering online!

4. Are there any special editions or variants?

Aside from the previously mentioned lucky fans who got their hands on ‘Garfield Dressed Up’ during SDCC 2019, unfortunately no other current variants or special editions exist for this particular series although some people expect future releases based on box art assumedly released by accident prior teaming up with Funco – time will tell if those rumors turn out accurate!

Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Collecting Garfield Funko Pops

1. Many collectors consider Garfield Funko Pops to be one of the most unique and collectable items in the entire Funko Pop Universe. Whether it’s Odie, Jon Arbuckle, or of course, Garfield, these chunky little figures can easily brighten up any room or collection and are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face who glimpses them.

2. They’re released in limited editions every year – so if you want to ensure you get your hands on something rare and special from the world of cat-collecting, investing in one of these figures is a great idea! Many people love hunting down rare versions with different variant paint jobs or exclusive accessories that help set it apart from the crowd even more.

3. There’s truly something for everyone when it comes to Garfield Funko Pop offerings – whether you prefer something vintage and classic or hip and new, there’ll be an option that tickles your fancy. Speciality stores, toy shops and online retailers alike will all have different selections ranging from common everyday looks to extremely obscure hard-to-find versions – perfect for any hardcore collector out there!

4. Since they were first introduced in 1996 by Jim Davis, Garfield has been hugely popular worldwide with both adults and children alike – making them an incredibly desirable collectible choice no matter what age you are. With amazing detailing on their tiny faces that captures the brilliant character design perfectly makes this an unmissable Funko line.

5. Finally what really sets this line apart from others is how affordable they usually are – even rare models can generally still be bought at pretty reasonable prices as long as you look around enough! It’s relatively easy to complete particular series once you’ve discovered it or gone after a few original options – making Garfield funko pops ideal for someone just getting into collecting or looking for a fun little gift for a friend (or themselves!).

Conclusion: All You Need to Know about Unboxing the Garfield Funko Pop Collection

Unboxing the Garfield Funko Pop Collection is the perfect way to add some endearment and vintage flare to your living space. Whether you’re a fan of Garfield or just appreciate his classic charm, this collection of adorable figurines pays homage to a much-adored icon of pop culture. Each figurine in the set is a replica of the beloved cartoon cat, hand-sculpted in vibrant colors and designs. Each also comes with its own base, giving it an individualized flair that emphasizes its unique features. The set makes for an affordable way of collecting high-quality figures and knowing your purchase supports American artists too.

But beyond personal enjoyment of displaying them in your home, having these little mementos serves as a reminder that nostalgia need not fade and our fondness for the past should be cherished and celebrated. That’s why unboxing this collection can be an emotional experience; it brings up memories from childhoods spent watching Garfield adventures on TV or reading Sunday comics with friends by your side. This kind of sentiment ensures that Garfield will continue being appreciated for many decades to come – perhaps one day inspiring another generation with his wise quips and bravado mustaches!

So if you’re ready to take a trip down memory lane and add some fun vintage-style homeware pieces at the same time, then Unboxing the Garfield Funko Pop Collection is definitely worth exploring! Offering superior craftsmanship combined with iconic illustrations that resonate like no other today, this conversation starter will have you grinning ear to ear every time you step into its gaze.

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