Collecting Fun and Frights: A Guide to Funko Pop The Walking Dead

Collecting Fun and Frights: A Guide to Funko Pop The Walking Dead Style

Introduction to the Latest Funko Pop The Walking Dead Figures

Funko Pop has recently released a brand new line of The Walking Dead related figures, and it’s bigger and better than ever. This series brings fan-favorite characters from the show to life with colorful renditions in Funko’s signature style.

This lasting collection is made up of 9 different figures, each offering its own set of memorable moments fans will instantly recognize. It starts with an iconic figure of Daryl Dixon – equipped with his trusty crossbow – to Michonne holding her beloved pet zombie, Shumpert. You even get Rick Grimes in his Sheriff’s hat and Merle Dixon complete with a revolver. Plus, 6 other must-have characters like Carol Peletier, Tyreese Williams, Glenn Rhee and more.

One thing that makes this new Funko line so special is its attention to detail – these are faithful recreations right down to the finest details like facial scruff for the men or little pigtails for the women! Each character also comes equipped with their own specialization (for example Daryl has a crossbow) as seen on the series. The level of care put into each individual piece is impressive and worthy of true admiration.

Given its inspired characters, vibrant paintwork and awesome stylistic choices everyone should have at least one The Walking Dead Funko Pop figure in their collection! Get your hands on this unique assortment today before they disappear forever!

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How are Funko Pop The Walking Dead Figures Made?

Funko Pop The Walking Dead figures are made from a combination of PVC, rubber, and vinyl. It is important to note that all the elements used in these dolls are non-toxic and safe for use. To begin the manufacturing process, molds are used to create the initial form of each figure. These molds contain both hard PVC shells as well as soft rubbery parts which provide more dynamic poses when assembled.

Once cooled, these molds are filled with liquefied plastic which is hardened in an injection machine before being ejected onto trays where any necessary cutting or trimming can be done. Afterward painters take over and meticulously apply layers of paint to give each doll a detailed and authentic look reminiscent of their respective characters. Next glue is used to attach features such as clothing, hair pieces, and accessories like weapons or backpacks that adorn each figurine. This time consuming step ensures that all the components for each figure will remain secure after production has finished.

The last step involves assembling the various components together such as heads, arms, legs etc., before placing them into individualized cardboard packaging labeled with colorful stickers showing off each character’s face. And there you have it! From just some simple plastics and paints Funko Pop The Walking Dead figures come alive right before our eyes; whether they’re tearing through zombie hordes or playing bocce ball amidst its apocalyptic setting we enjoy them nonetheless!

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Top 5 Facts About Funko Pop The Walking Dead Figures

Funko Pop The Walking Dead figures are the perfect collectors item for fans of the popular television show. Every season, Funko releases new variants and exclusive designs that any collector will want to get their hands on. Here we’ll take a look at the top 5 facts about these beloved figures.

1) Funko Pop versions of character from The Walking Dead were initially released in 2013 making them one of the earliest official figures to be released. It was only natural since this was one of the most popular shows on television!

2) Each figure is 3 inches tall and is known for having oversized heads featuring quirky faces that make it unmistakable as a Funko Pop! Rick Grimes, for example, sports his trademark hat with shades or Lori Grimes with her ever-present cross necklace around her neck.

3) Many people try to track down rare variants of their favorite characters from The Walking Dead such as glow-in-the-dark exclusives or unhooded Bicycle Girl zombies! There have even been numerous retailer exclusives like Walmart offering special bonus packs or Target offering alternative colorways as well as secret “chase” editions randomly inserted into cases for select retailers—these are highly sought after by collectors!

4) Not only do you get creative variants but there are also detailed two–packs available so you don’t needn’t miss out on your favorite characters like Tyreese and Carol fighting off walkers together…or battle ready Michonne and Daryl up against hordes of undead!!

5) Finally, in some instances Funko has designed entire segments related to The Walking Dead with 40+ wave 1 pieces (and even more wave 2 pieces!) where they focus entire lines devoted to just one entry in the franchise! These collections span many characters and scenarios alowing fans to amass impressive armies!!!

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