Collecting Extraterrestrial Fun: The Kang and Kodos Funko Pop Craze

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How to Add Kang and Kodos Funko Pop to Your Collection: A Step-by-Step Guide

Collecting Funko Pops has become a popular hobby among enthusiasts and fans alike. With hundreds of characters to choose from, there’s always something new to add to your collection. The latest addition that every fan should have in their display is the Kang and Kodos Funko Pop! These two alien characters are a must-have for any The Simpsons or sci-fi fan. So if you’re wondering how to add these extraterrestrial beings to your collection, look no further.

Step 1: Research the Best Place To Buy Collectables

Funko Pops can be found at various stores and online shops, but not all outlets stock every figure. To increase your chances of finding Kang and Kodos Funko Pops, first research pop culture collectable stores in your area or search online on platforms like or capable of shipping worldwide.

Step 2: Set A Budget

Before buying any collectable item, it’s essential to determine how much you are comfortable spending. Setting a budget beforehand will help avoid overspending while hunting for sought-after items such as the Kang and Kodos FunKos.

Step 3: Check If It Is A Genuine Figure

Every true collector loves authentic items; that is why it is crucial when purchasing a Kang and Kodos Funko Pop you check if it’s authentic. Determining if the figure is an original product requires looking at the box’s details closely. It should have a barcode sticker on its base, detailed imagery on the packaging which does not fade or blur when approached by light.

Step 4: Decide Where To Display Your New Purchase

Once purchased, decide where exactly they will sit within your growing collection. Do they fit with other Simpson-themed figures? Or maybe amongst your intergalactic characters? Regardless of placement, space needs to be made within your current arrangement.

Adding funkos to your collection can be exhilarating due to both their popularity and valuable nature. Knowing how to shop for genuine Funko Pops can save collectors much-needed money, hassle, and time. With these steps in mind, capturing a prized Kang and Kodos FunKos becomes more attainable. So get out there, do your research, set a budget and elevate your collection with two impressive alien characters that will surely catch everyone’s attention!

Kang and Kodos Funko Pop FAQs: Answers to Your Burning Questions

Are you a fan of The Simpsons? Do you also support the extraterrestrial population? Well, look no further! Funko Pop has released figurines of our favorite Kwik-E-Mart villains, Kang and Kodos – but we know you have questions. Here are some FAQs to help guide your next purchase:

Q: Who are Kang and Kodos?
A: Kang and Kodos are two alien creatures from the planet Rigel 7. They made their first appearance on The Simpsons in the second season episode “Treehouse of Horror,” and have since become recurring characters in the series’ annual Halloween specials.

Q: What’s so special about these Funko Pop figurines?
A: These figurines capture Kang and Kodos’ iconic appearances with their signature green skin and tentacle arms. They come in unique poses – Kang holding his ray gun while sitting atop his spaceship, and Kodos standing proudly with his hands behind his back.

Q: How tall are they?
A: The standard size for Funko Pop figures is approximately 3.75 inches tall, so these aliens should fit perfectly into a space on your display shelf.

Q: Are they limited edition or rare?
A: As far as we know, they are not limited edition or rare at this time. However, it’s always best to grab them while you can – just in case!

Q: Can I only purchase them as a set or individually?
A: You can purchase each figure separately as well as together.

Q: What age range would these be appropriate for?
A: Funko Pop figures are recommended for ages three years old and up.

Q: Are there any accessories that come with the figurines?
A: Other than being completely adorable on their own, unfortunately there are no additional accessories that come with them.

In conclusion, if your love for The Simpsons overlaps with your admiration for aliens from other planets (or if you just think these figurines look cool), then Kang and Kodos Funko Pop figurines are definitely worth adding to your collection. So, head to your local comic book store or check online to get yours today!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Kang and Kodos Funko Pop

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, chances are you’re familiar with Kang and Kodos. These two fictional characters from the series have been popular amongst fans for their strange yet amusing personas. And now, thanks to Funko Pop, they’re available in a collectible set! In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the top 5 facts you need to know about the Kang and Kodos Funko Pop.

1. The Release Date: The release date for the Kang and Kodos Funko Pop was October 15th, 2020. This set has been highly anticipated by popular demand from fans worldwide.

2. Their Appearance: Kang and Kodos appear in The Simpsons as alien creatures known as Rigellians; their design is nonsymmetrical with more than one pair of arms and eyes. They stand on tentacled feet that make them seem somewhat like octopus aliens. Their Funko Pop design also reflects this appearance with multiple arms and wild, googly eyes.

3. Limited Edition Glow in the Dark Version: There’s no denying that collectors love limited edition versions of their favourite items; fortunately, there’s something special about this particular set – an exclusive version glows in the dark! This incredible feature makes it unique among other Simpson Funkos since they don’t usually come with this detail.

4. Origin Shrouded In Mystery: Even though Kang and Kodos have appeared sporadically on the show throughout its history, not much is known about these Rigellians’ origin story themselves; making them even more intriguing. It just adds to what makes these aliens so striking among lovers of The Simpsons world.

5. Iconic Quote on Flyer Packaging: When purchasing new collectibles, packaging is often essential – buthave you seen packaging that includes a reference to an iconic quote? That’s exactly what you get with these fabulous pops! Enthusiasts who pick up the box featuring Kang and Kodos all bundled in their memorable spaceship will notice a quote from the couple themselves adorns it, making for a fun addition to the total package.

In conclusion, these top 5 facts are just a few reasons why you absolutely must add The Simpsons’ Kang and Kodos Funko Pop set to your collection. Not only are they fascinating characters with excellent collectability – thanks to an exclusive glow-in-the-dark edition – but they also stand out among other pop figures with one-of-a-kind appearances that capture why Simpson enthusiasts love them so much. With plenty of exciting stories and entertaining moments coming up on The Simpsons anime series, you can be sure that these Funkos will always have an important place in your arsenal of products as they remain unique amongst all other animation merchandise releases.

Why Kang and Kodos Funko Pop Are a Fan-Favorite Among Simpsons Enthusiasts

The character roster of the iconic television show, The Simpsons, boasts a wide variety of personalities and quirky individuals, but none captivate the attention of fans quite like Kang and Kodos. These extra-terrestrial beings have garnered an impressive following over the years, leading to their very own Funko Pop figurines that have become a must-have for many enthusiasts of the yellow-skinned family.

The first appearance of Kang and Kodos took place in season one’s finale episode titled “The Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire”, where they made a brief cameo in a UFO flying through the night sky. However, it was their consistent appearances throughout subsequent seasons that cemented them firmly into The Simpsons universe. Their darkly humorous personalities earned them countless viewers’ loyalty as they were depicted as mischievous beings with diabolical intentions. For example, in “Treehouse of Horror VII,” Kang and Kodos attempt to invade Earth by posing as Bill Clinton and Bob Dole during the presidential race.

Their easily recognized appearance has also added to their appeal Within The Simpsons fandom community. Their instantly recognizable green skin and pointy antennae are perfectly captured in their Funko Pop figures with stunning detail, which has made them popular amongst collectors both young and old. One cannot deny seeing these Pops on display brings back memories from some classic episodes such as “Hungry are the Danar”, “Treehouse Of Horror XXII” among others that featured Kang And Kodos.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that their caricature represents the height of absurdity, therefore making them even more enjoyable to diehard fans who appreciate the science fiction genre as well. While other characters such as Homer Simpson or Krusty The Clown are more relatable due to daily situations depicted within most episodes, there is something about extraterrestrial beings whose main motives are often unclear – making them even cooler!

In conclusion enthuasists can’t help adoring Kang and Kodos Funko Pop because they represent a mashup of multiple entertainment genres: science fiction, comedy, and cartoon shows. This ensures broad acceptance among collectors whose interests span across various niches. Their wit, humor, escapades and idiosyncrasies make them almost irresistible to true Simpsons devotees, which ultimately led to the release of their Funko Pop figures into the market. They are indeed a necessary addition for any serious collector to own as they evoke positive memories of classic Simpsons episodes while providing aesthetic value due to their finely-detailed design.

The History of Kang and Kodos in The Simpsons Franchise, Explained Through Their Collectibles

Kang and Kodos are two of the most iconic characters in The Simpsons franchise, having made countless appearances since their debut in the second season’s “Treehouse of Horror.” These extraterrestrial beings have provided a wealth of entertainment over the years, and as such, a plethora of collectibles have been released featuring these creatures from beyond the stars.

Let’s jump into their history and how it is mirrored through their collectors’ items!

Kang and Kodos were originally created as throwaway characters for the annual Halloween episode. They were given a penchant for abducting humans and conducting experiments on them. Their popularity grew with each passing Treehouse of Horror episode, leading to them becoming recurring figures throughout later seasons. They’re known for their dry sense of humor, sinister grins, and an endless desire to make Earthlings suffer.

The Simpsons collectibles often feature Kang and Kodos in various forms. The first collectible item with Kang & Kodos was released by Burger King as part of “Treehouse Of Horror” promotion advertising The Simpsons at Burger King restaurants back in 2000. They offered a small collection of six toys from which one was Kang & Kodos figure marrying Homer Simpson!

In 2015 Kidrobot introduced Mini Figure Series named after “Treehouse Of Horror,” where you could find precise character depictions coming with some accessories or holding things that marked their most memorable episodes appearance. Amongst other characters, Kang & Kodos also came saucer-shaped egg cups! A unique product undoubtedly serving right up its purpose.

One thing worth mentioning about Kang & Kodos’ collectibles is that manufacturers depict this pair more often together than individually because they form an inseparable duo – like Batman and Robin or Tom & Jerry.

Their continued popularity led to several Funko POP Vinyl figurines based on different iterations of Kang and Kodos from different episodes! From “The Thing Vs The Simpsons” Episode’s kang with his red-beam eye, and their “Space Patrol” episode spacesuit-wearing versions. The figurines come in different poses, with one foot up to display more personality.

Recently released Kang & Kodos lamp has been making a buzz online while prominently being featured at International Collectors’ Convention due to its intricate design detail and limited availability! Every collector would love to add it’s brilliance standing on their shelf!

In conclusion, Kang & Kodos have become symbols of the irreverent humor that has helped make The Simpsons franchise so enduring. With each new collectible, we’re reminded of their endless quest for domination and our own vulnerability as inhabitants of planet Earth. Whether you’re a fan or just appreciate good storytelling, these creative collectibles through generations offer insight into how two extraterrestrial characters became iconic household names!

Unlocking the Value of Your Kang and Kodos Funko Pop: Tips for Displaying, Storing, & Reselling

As a collector of Funko Pop figures, you know the thrill of finding that one rare or hard-to-find addition to your collection. When it comes to the Kang and Kodos Funko Pop figures, from the popular TV series The Simpsons, you have hit the jackpot. These little green aliens are not only memorable characters from the show but also highly desirable collectibles.

Now that you have these valuable pieces in your possession, how can you properly display them? How do you store them safely without damaging their unique features? And what steps should you take if you want to sell them later down the road?

To help answer these questions and ensure that your Kang and Kodos Funko Pops maintain their value over time, we’ve put together some essential tips for collectors like yourself.

Displaying Your Kang and Kodos Funko Pops

When it comes to displaying any Funko Pop figure, including Kang and Kodos pops, there are several options available depending on your preferences.

One popular option is to purchase or build a special shelving unit designed specifically for Funko Pop collections. These shelves come in various sizes and designs and can help keep your figures organized while showing them off to all who enter your home.

Another option for displaying your Pops is using floating shelves that allow each individual figure to stand out on its own. This method works particularly well if you want each character’s unique details to be fully appreciated by others.

Whatever method you choose for displaying your Kang and Kodos figures, just remember to avoid placing them in direct sunlight as it can cause fading over time.

Storing Your Kang and Kodos Funko Pops

While proudly displaying your collection is important, storing it correctly when not on display is equally as vital- especially when dealing with high-value items like Kang and Kodos funkos.

The best way to store any Funko Pop figure when not displayed is always keeping it inside its original box. Original boxes protect your toys from dust, moisture, and prevent exposure to sunlight which minimizes the risk of fading colors.

If you choose to remove them from their original packaging, make sure not to store them in direct sunlight or high humidity areas. Doing so can damage the color quality of both the figure and box. Above everything else, try not to place other objects on top of a non-boxed funko as it will quickly squash its defining features.

Reselling Your Kang and Kodos Funko Pops

Now that you know how best to display and store your Kang and Kodos funkos safely for future generations of collectors, let’s talk about selling them- after all, selling is another aspect of collecting!

If you’re planning on reselling your rare Kang and Kodos pops later down the line for a profit – either online or at conventions- keep these essential tips in mind:

Firstly: Keep your pop figures in pristine condition. Maintaining MINT condition (perfect paint job with no defects) is essential when it comes to being able to upscale if needed.

Secondly: Keeping your original packaging is necessary too! If an interested buyer knows something about Funko figures, they wouldn’t even think about buying it without its original box.

Lastly: Conduct proper research before starting out on any transaction. The first step towards conducting proper research is by looking up previous sales regarding similar items that have previously sold successfully online. From thereon focus on suitable platforms for listing— preferably one that lists past sales records like eBay since it gives you an idea of what potential buyers are willing to pay!

Let’s wrap up!

In conclusion, displaying your Kang and Kodos Funko Pop collection should be done creatively while also prioritizing safety measures.. Remembering always that a properly maintained collection helps retain its value over time. Proper storage methods such as keeping them inside their original cases or shielding against sunlight complement well-maintained pieces. If you eventually choose to sell your funkos, find the perfect selling platform for your items and ensure that everything is ‘picture-perfect’ condition before listing or showing them in person! Good Luck, and Happy Collecting.

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