Collecting Daredevil: An Inside Look at the Matt Murdock Funko Pop Collection

Collecting Daredevil: An Inside Look at the Matt Murdock Funko Pop Collection History

Introduction to the Matt Murdock Funko Pop: What Makes It Special?

The Matt Murdock Funko Pop is a figurine representation of Daredevil, an iconic Marvel superhero from the comic book series. It’s closely based on the character’s design and features his signature horns and red suit with black accents. The figure stands about 3 3/4 inches tall, making it easy to display in any space and perfect for fans of all ages.

The Matt Murdock Funko Pop comes with multiple points of articulation, customizable expression faces, as well as two sets of hands – one closed fist set and another pair meant for holding various items like stickers or other gizmos. The Horned Hero is even fitted with a pair of collapsible binoculars that can be attached to the back side!

This detailed figure offers plenty of fun in its own right but also adds terrific collectability to the experience by being part of a larger, official line designed by Funko Inc.. Collectors may want to seek out similar Marvel Comic-related items including Venomized Punisher or She-Hulk vinyl figurines offered in the same style.

Beyond its great looks, what truly makes this Funko Pop so unique are decades worth of thrilling stories and adventures surrounding Marvel’s noblest hero – Matt Murdock aka Daredevil. With powerhouses such as Netflix dedicating numerous seasons via TV shows and movies it’s no wonder why people have come to adore him so much over recent years. Fans may quote his heroic lines from episodes thanks to brilliant writing from showrunners such as Drew Goddard; joyously cosplay at events due to sleek designs courtesy costumes like those crafted by Stephanie Maslansky; happily enjoy movie reviews shared on YouTube by Kevin Smith & crew – however they choose to celebrate is equally admirable!

This special enhancement within pop-culture history brings life pulsating energy into each single Matt Murdock Funko Pop package while certainly giving us something excitingly “special” during these most Marvelous times where heroes abound!

Unboxing the Matt Murdock Funko Pop: An In-Depth Look

Unboxing anything new is always an exciting experience, especially when it comes to collectible items like Funko Pop figures. Today’s unboxing takes us to the Marvel universe and a certain Man Without Fear, Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil)!

We’ll look at what you get in the box, highlight some features of the figure and talk about why this particular figurine stands out in a crowd. We’ll also provide some tips for taking care of your figure so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.

The Matt Murdock Funko Pop arrives in an attractive window-front display box showing off the figure inside in iconic red-and-black Nike swooshes synonymous with Daredevil’s costume. The outer design gives us a good idea what we have here: A 6″ finely detailed and accurately rendered miniature version of one of comics’ most familiar heroes!

Upon opening the box, we can see more details up close. Our Daredevil looks absolutely amazing; he’s painted perfectly with crisp lines without any sign of smudging or imperfection. His face follows perfectly tailored contours with well placed shadows across his brow and chin giving him a convincing expression (expressed best by actor Charlie Cox). We’re sure glad they got this part right!

One particular standout detail on this Funko Pop is Daredevil’s billy club holster strapped around his waist—it looks just like its comic book counterpart; sleek and deceptively simple but yet ready for action. Plus you’ll find enough space between his legs if you wish to remove or reattach it anytime!

Now looking after your special limited edition collector’s item might be something new for some people, but there’s actually nothing terribly difficult about maintaining its pristine condition for a long time… Assuming your items aren’t meant for playtime then all that needs done is proper placement and light dusting occasionally— Easy as pie (or cheese… whichever floats your boat). The glossy surface also helps avoiding fingerprints & dust accumulation more effectively than regular matte finished surfaces while enhancing lightning reflections too which makes popping these beauties out during exhibition times even classier!

An investment worth making with its head & shoulders above average build quality combined with realistic depictions that fans will appreciate, The Matt Murdock Funko Pop remains one our most treasured collections till date without fail / hesitation every single time!

Step-by-Step Guide to Assembling the Matt Murdock Funko Pop

Funko Pop vinyl figures have become a popular collectible in recent years, and the Matt Murdock Funko Pop is no exception. While most vinyl figures are ready to display right out of the box, some require a little extra effort to assemble. To help you get your Matt Murdock figure looking its best, here’s an easy-to-follow guide on how to assemble it:

Step 1: Remove the Figure from the Box – Carefully remove the box from around your figure and throw away any packaging material which came with it. Take extra care when lifting the figure out of its tray as this will prevent any damage being caused to your pop.

Step 2: Find and Put On the Headband – Most Matt Murdock pops will come with a removable headband which needs to be attached to his head before display. You can find this in some of the remaining packaging material or tucked inside one of his hands. Gently place this over his forehead using both hands so that it sits comfortably in place.

Step 3: Attach His Billie Clubs – Depending on what edition you own, your Matt Murdock funko may come with interchangeable billie clubs; either two single clubs or one double club. Both should have pegs at their base which slip into small holes located on either side of his torso (depending on where you prefer them). When connecting these make sure they fit snugly enough that they don’t easily fall out while handling him but not so tight as to cause any damage or stress marks on the figure itself.

Step 4: Place Him in His Stand – Once all parts have been added carefully lower him onto his stand making sure that he is centered correctly over it without any protruding pieces falling off during transportation. This should securely hold him into place for displaying for many months ahead.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Collectible! – That’s it! He is now ready for public viewing; presenting himself with pride from whatever platform you choose to put him upon! Whether this be a shelf, bedside table or work desk makes no matter; just revel in knowing that there will be at least one person smiling from ear-to-ear every time his eyes meet theirs…and that person is YOU!

FAQs About the Matt Murdock Funko Pop

Q: Is this an authentic Funko Pop?

A: Yes, the Matt Murdock Funko Pop is officially licensed and features an authentic design. It is guaranteed to be a genuine product from Funko, ensuring the best quality and accuracy for fans of the popular Netflix show Daredevil.

Q: What size is this Funko Pop?

A: The Matt Murdock Funko Pop stands approximately 3 ¾ inches tall and comes with his signature billy clubs that he uses in the show as accessories. He is packaged in a window display box for collectors, making him an excellent addition to any TV or comic book collection.

Q: What materials is it made from?

A: The body of the Matt Murdock Funko Pop is made from durable vinyl material that holds up well over time. Its paint finish has been carefully crafted to achieve perfect detail and accuracy, while its torso sculpt captures every detail of this iconic character’s costume.

Q: Does it come with accessories?

A: Yes! The Matt Murdock Funko Pop comes with his two signature billy clubs as accessories. These detailed replicas capture every nuance of how they were used onscreen and help further bring this beloved character to life in your home or office space.

Our Top 5 Favorite Facts About the Matt Murdock Funko Pop

We love the Matt Murdock Funko Pop – not only for its sleek and stylish design but for all the cool facts that come along with it. Here are our top five favorite facts about this unique and collectible figure:

1. Daredevil’s a first! The Matt Murdock Funko Pop was the first Marvel character from Netflix to be immortalized in the act of a cute, quirky vinyl form. And what a way to represent law and justice!

2. Double-sided excitement! On one side, you have the vigilant Matt Murdock dressed in his signature suit with battle-ready stance; on the other side, you get to see The Devil wearing his iconic red costume ready to take down any crime he encounters! It is like having two superheroes in one spot—now that’s amazing!

3. Bring on the color! From his metal sunglasses and bo staff being highlighted with gold paint to his traditional casino garb being painted in vibrant hues–this Funko Pop figure surely captures all elements of Matt Murdock’s signature style quite precisely. Now we really feel like we have a mini version of everyone’s beloved superhero!

4. Nature meets superhero action? Yes please! Along with recreating every little detail that sets this heroic vigilante apart from others–Funko Pops added an extra twist by including two trees behind him that reflect the symbols found on Daredevil’s suit – adding just another layer of sophistication and finesse to this fine artwork.

5. Comes as no surprise… We already know – this officially licensed Marvel merchandise is an absolute must-have item for any serious Funko collector out there (or even regular folks who simply appreciate collectibles!). So if you want to show your devotion towards justice while also honoring Matt Murdock himself–the Matt Murdock Funko Pop truly ticks all those boxes at once!!

Where to Buy the Matt Murdock Funko Pop and Other Collectibles

Matt Murdock, the blind lawyer-turned-hero in Marvel’s Daredevil series of films and television shows, has been immortalized in Funko Pop! and other collectible formats. The Matt Murdock figure features him with his telltale red glasses and a fighting stance that makes him look ready for battle. Whether you’re a collector or just looking for a fun gift to give the hardcore Daredevil fan in your life, it’s easy to find the Matt Murdock Funko Pop!

If you’re looking to buy the actual Funko Pop version of Matt Murdock, they can be found online at websites like Amazon, Walmart, Target and Hot Topic. Most retailers will have multiple versions of the same character so be sure to check all your options before committing. Additionally, there are plenty of comic book stores and collectors’ shops that specialize in figures like these – both locally and online – so consider checking out their selection as well. Many of these stores also offer free shipping with select purchases too, which can help you save money while still getting the pieces you want.

Of course if a Funko Pop doesn’t fit your needs, there are other formats where you can find Matt Murdock collectibles too! They come in various sizes from small mini figures up to larger action figures if you have bigger shelves or display spaces. Like with most collectibles though pricing may vary depending on stock availability or even exclusivity but generally speaking these types of items range anywhere from $10 up into the hundreds if rare enough or limited edition items are sought out by collectors.

Finally, don’t forget about all those awesome Marvel merchandise stores located around Universal theme parks! Both Islands of Adventure (Universal Orlando etc) as well as California’s Universal Studios Hollywood have dedicated areas that feature some fantastic superhero product – including plenty devoted to Daredevil himself. Be warned however prices here can sometimes be steep due to tourist pricing built into them – make sure any purchase is worth it before completing it!

From adorable mini-figures perfect for collecting on one’s shelf or office desk to full on matt murdock figurines complete with an action-packed scene behind them – fans should have no issue finding something great when shopping around considering how many different outlets exist that offer superhero related product today. Browsing everything carefully will make sure excited buyers secure exactly what they wanted while knowing they got an awesome deal at the same time!

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