Collecting AOT Funko Pop: Finding the Perfect Pop for Your Collection

Collecting AOT Funko Pop: Finding the Perfect Pop for Your Collection Uncategorized

Introduction: Unboxing the Latest Attack on Titan Funko Pop Figures

It’s that special time of year again when the hottest Attack on Titan Funko Pop figures are being released! For anime fans, this is an exciting opportunity to collect the iconic characters from one of their favorite show. This blog post will go in-depth about the features and unboxing experience of these incredibly detailed figures!

For many, collecting Funko Pops has become something of a pastime. With their signature big heads and bright aesthetics, they offer an exciting way to capture your favorite movie or TV show characters and display them around your home. This latest Attack on Titan line is no different, capturing the heroes and villains of Eren Jager’s world with stunning figurine designs.

At first glance, you’ll notice how much detail goes into each figure. The sculptors at Funko went all out in constructing these relatively small visible-from-all-angles pieces of art. Each figure is true to its source material and captures the character’s design as they appear in most promotional materials – down to every detail from their clothing, posture and facial expressions. Rather than just highlighting the main characters like Eren Jager or Mikasa Ackermann though, this line also includes Chromic Titans for added flavor – which makes for more unique display opportunities!

Unboxing the figures might seem intimidating at first but it quickly turns out to be a straightforward process. Inside these colorful boxes containing your new figures are two layers; an upper tray with a slight indentation that holds all accessories in place during transit and a lower tray for packing safety where all bases are nestled securely away. Both parts can easily be guided out of the box by simply pulling gently at one corner until it pops free!

Once everything has been removed from its packaging you can now take a step back and admire your newest addition(s) to your keychain or shelf! You won’t find any balancing issues or other miscellaneous defects either; meaning you can put them right onto their included stands (or alternatively replace with aftermarket versions) without delay so they’re ready to show off ASAP!

Collecting Funko Pops adds something extra to being a fan – whether it’s enabling special memories via long-distance communication or adding liveliness to one’s own collection at home. Attack on Titan Funko Pop Figures are no exception; offering impressionable designs combined with thoughtful packaging make sure that those invested in this anime have an incredibly memorable experience from unboxing onward – making them among some of the best collectibles available today!

What are Funko Pop Figures?

Funko Pop Figures are collectible vinyl figures known for their large and varied selection of characters from various pop culture genres. From classic television shows, to popular films and beyond, Funko has hundreds of Pop figures that cover a wide variety of interests! Featuring stylized designs inspired by the original characters, these toys are both fun and eye-catching. With their hip aesthetic and clever details, it’s not hard to see why they have become such giants in the world of pop culture collectibles.

Measuring between 3-6 inches tall (depending on the character), each figure is made out of sturdy vinyl material and features unique features that make it truly one-of-a-kind. From vibrant colors and intricate details to uniquely posed arms, legs, and heads – no two Figures are exactly alike! Perfect for any teen or adult fan of comic books, video games, cartoons, superheroes or all things pop culture related. Add these charmingly cute little figurines to your desk at work or shelf at home for a touch of geek nostalgia that will draw the eyes in!

Unboxing the Latest Attack on Titan Funko Pop Figures – Step by Step Guide

Unboxing the latest series of Attack on Titan Funko Pop figures has become a growing phenomenon, both among fans of the hit anime and pop culture enthusiasts alike. We’re going to take you through how it’s done with a new step-by-step guide, so let’s get started.

First things first, properly equip yourself for this task! Be sure to have a pair of scissors or knife handy for cutting open the packaging as well as some cotton swabs for cleaning off any stickiness that may remain from being sealed in plastic. An exciting bonus step not many people suggest is to grab a cupful of popcorn; getting ready to watch something awesome always deserves a snack!

Once prepped, it’s time to begin unboxing the coveted Funko figures. Carefully pry open the box – preferably snag an official licensed Funko Opener if available – and marvel at the workmanship involved in assembling all those individual pieces into one perfect finished product! Pull out your favorite figure(s) and check it over piece by piece – any drawstring present might mean issues later, so do be aware of such details while inspecting your selection(s).

Next we’ll need to remove all relevant branding labels, instruction pamphlets and other accessories. Examine each component thoroughly before attempting to pull off any stickers or paper coverings – these can sometimes act like glue due to their adhesive properties, so try not take them off too quickly (and never put them down where pets or little hands might find them!). This part can be tricky since these items will likely mention important warnings that should not be ignored – use your own judgment here or contact manufacturer support if needed.

Finally, now that everything else has been situated our job is almost complete…it’s time for proper preparation for display! Clean up any dust with those swabs you grabbed earlier then carefully place your new toy onto its designated stand (LotFancy pop stands are usually ideal). Some prefer to give their monsters a touch-up with their own custom paint job which adds even more life-like character but this tends depends on personal preference; either way once you have them all in position you have officially completed unboxing Attack on Titan Funko Pop Figures – Congratulations!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding AOT Funko Pops

Funko Pops are popular collectible figures created by the American company Funko. AOT Funko Pops are figures inspired by the Attack on Titan anime series. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about AOT Funko Pops:

Q: What characters are available as Funko Pops?

A: The Attack on Titan line of Pops features several fan-favorite characters from the series, including Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackermann, Captain Levi, Armin Arlert and more! Additional characters will be added over time.

Q: Are AOT Funko Pops widely available?

A: Yes! Attack on Titan Funko Pop figures can be found at many stores and online retailers. Some stores may only have select figures in stock or may not have them all the time; so contact your local store to find out which ones they carry! Additionally, you can find several limited edition AOT-themed Pop figures online.

Q: Can I display my AOT Funko Pop collections?

A: Absolutely! To maximize your display space and minimize clutter, consider investing in a dedicated Pop figure shelf or case. This way you can protect your collection from breakage and show it off to visitors without taking up too much floor space. Alternatively, you can also opt for a themed wall mount like a cork board or a bulletin board that fits snug between two walls to create an elegant gallery-style set up for any room.

Q: What is so great about collecting AOT Funko Pop figures?

A: Collecting AOT Funko Pop figures is fun because it gives fans another way of interacting with one of their favorite franchises in an artistic yet affordable way! Aside from being great pieces for decorating shelves or desks, these figurines also make for perfect gifts for fellow Attack on Titan fans – no matter how old they may be!

Top 5 Facts About the new AOT Funko Pop Series

The new AOT Funko Pop Series is sure to excite fans of the hit anime Attack on Titan! Whether you’re an action figure collector or just a fan of the show, here are five facts about this series that will get you ready for battle:

1. The series includes 15 characters from Attack on Titan. No matter what your favorite character is, you’ll find them in this line-up. From Eren Jaeger to Levi Ackerman, there are favorites for everyone! All Pops feature bright and vibrant colors, allowing each character to come to life.

2. Each Pop also comes with several accessories to go with it – such as swords and other weapon replicas. This means that not only do you get your favorite characters, but you can also recreate the classic scenes from Attack on Titan that we all know and love.

3. If you’ve ever wanted collectible figures that could stand up without falling over, then look no further than these Funko Pops! They have been designed with a wide base and durable materials so they won’t topple over at any given moment (the worst!)

4. And don’t forget about their talking points! Every one of the figures comes with its own unique slogan based off of its character. For example “Let’s Go To War!” for Erwin Smith or “Be Brave” for Mikasa Ackermann – There’s something to suit every mood in this collection!

5. Last but not least, when if comes time for gifting – these Collectibles make a great package item due to their cute design and easy packing box .How could anyone resist getting some awesome AOT themed presents?

Whether someone already loves Attack on Titan or if they’re just starting out – The AOT Funko Pop series makes a perfect addition to any collection!

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