Collect Them All: The Ultimate Fire Force Funko Pop List

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How to Build Your Own Fire Force Funko Pop List: Tips & Tricks

Funko Pop! figurines are all the rage these days. And with Fire Force being one of the hottest anime series around, it’s no wonder why people want to add their favorite characters to their collections.

Most avid collectors settle for buying pre-made Funko Pops. But if you’re a true fan, you’ll want to build your own Fire Force Funko Pop list from scratch.

Here, we’ve compiled tips and tricks on how to do just that:

1. Research

The first step in building your own Fire Force Funko Pop list is research. You need to know which characters have been immortalized in plastic.

Take your time to scour through official websites, social media platforms and other credible sources for information on what pops related to the series have been released, pending release or production even cancelled stock . This knowledge will become essential when making decisions later.

2. Decide Which Characters You Want

After doing research, take some time to decide which characters from the series you want as Funko Pops.

Do you prefer the main character Shinra Kusakabe? Or do you prefer Arthur Boyle who wields Excalibur? How about Maki Oze or Tamaki Kotatsu?

Make a list of your preferred characters based on their looks or how much they were important in the plot — this will help guide you while shopping online or at physical stores .

3. Determine Budget

Before diving full-on into shopping mode , determine your budget . The prices for different types of Funko Pops vary depending on their rarity levels and which retailer sells them .

Decide early on what price range is acceptable so that you won’t off track while hunting down rare collectibles.

4. Look for Deals Online

Once you’ve set everything regarding budget , come up with a plan of where to buy from . Check websites like eBay, Amazon marketplace and other specialized sites such as entertainment Earth always verify seller authenticity to find good deals on Funko Pops.

Regularly checking these sites for figures you want but can’t afford at initial retail value is a renowned trick to avoid overpaying, it is also perfect for finding hard-to-find figurines .

5. Check Local Retailers

Besides shopping online, there’s always the option of visiting local retail shops that sell Funko Pops. For Fire Force collectors, look through hobbyist outlets and comic book stores.

If there are no nearby Shops consider making your own interest group or attend animé conventions; get updates on events happening near you where dealers display rare items like collectibles in anime/manga series . You might score amazing finds while building a personal community of fellow fans.

6. Consider Customizing Existing Pops

What if the character you want hasn’t been turned into a Funko Pop yet? One option is customizing existing figures yourself .

Custom paint jobs or even sculpting new features from scratch may not be as challenging as they thought- it will be far more engaging for creative people out there!

7. Be Patient

The most important step when building your own Fire Force Funko Pop list: BE PATIENT! Don’t give up after trying only once or twice .

Building up an independent collection frequently takes time , depending on prices, local distribution negotiations about restocks and factory issue refunds which means that waiting may pay off significantly in terms of cost efficiency in the long run less worrying stregically planning how to obtain copies by slowly sourcing them one after another instead of speeding through with impulse buys .

In conclusion, building a Fire Force Funko Pop list requires research, planning, budgeting and patience . Keep hunting down commons collectibles while also snagging rarer ones to make your collection truly special!

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Ultimate Fire Force Funko Pop Collection

As Funko Pop collectors, we all want to have that ultimate collection that stands out from the crowd. And what better way to do this than by creating a Fire Force Funko Pop collection?

Fire Force is an anime that follows the story of Shinra Kusakabe, a firefighter who has the ability to control and manipulate flames. The series has gained immense popularity over the years, making it a perfect choice for any collector.

So without further ado, let’s dive into a step-by-step guide on how to create your very own Fire Force Funko Pop collection.

Step 1: Research Your Options

The first step in creating any Funko Pop collection is researching which Pop figures are available. You can start by checking online stores such as Amazon or Hot Topic, as well as visiting your local specialty stores.

In terms of Fire Force Pops, there are currently six figures available: Shinra Kusakabe, Arthur Boyle, Tamaki Kotatsu, Maki Oze, and two versions of Joker. Each figure comes with its own unique pose and details that capture the essence of the character.

Once you’ve identified which Pops you want to add to your collection, it’s time to move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Establish Your Budget

Creating any type of collection requires some investment. Therefore, it’s important to establish a budget for your Fire Force Funko Pop collection.

If you’re just starting out with collecting Pops or have limited funds available, consider purchasing one or two figures at a time until you have all six. Alternatively, if money isn’t an issue for you, then go ahead and purchase them all at once!

Regardless of how much money you choose to spend on these adorable figurines – make sure you don’t break the bank!

Step 3: Choose Your Display Method

As fans know Lego blocks can be arranged in various ways giving an abundance of options. Similarly, when it comes to displaying your Funko Pop figures, there are several ways to go about it.

Some collectors prefer to display their Pops on shelves or in a cabinet- while others like to make customized platforms or skylines (as seen below). You could even consider using risers to give your collection some height and depth.

Whatever method you choose, keeping everything organized and orderly will ensure that your display is both visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Step 4: Protect Your Collection

Once you’ve started your collection, keep them from getting dusty or damaged over time by investing in protective cases or soft plastic bags. Boxes come in different styles, including stackable versions as well.

These casings will help prevent any debris or dust from settling on the Pops while keeping them safe from accidental drops or bumps.

Step 5: Keep Up with New Releases

Finally, staying up-to-date on new releases can help keep your Fire Force Funko Pop collection fresh and exciting! Follow Funko’s social media accounts for updates on new releases so you’re always aware of what’s coming next.

And if you miss out on any key figures – continue searching for limited edition pieces available online. An overall tip would be- don’t break the bank!

In conclusion – collecting Funko Pops is a fun hobby that allows us all to express our fandoms; it’s also an excellent motivator for creativity. By following these five steps above, we hope that this guide has helped you create the ultimate Fire Force Funko Pop collection!

Now – get ready for the next big anime-inspired Pop release 😉

Fire Force Funko Pop List FAQ: Answers to Your Burning Questions

Fire Force is a Japanese anime series set in a world where humans have the ability to ignite and manipulate flames. The story follows the members of Special Fire Force Company 8, who fight against creatures called Infernals that are created when human beings spontaneously combust. With its unique blend of action, comedy, and drama, Fire Force has quickly become one of the most popular anime series among fans.

As with any successful anime series, merchandise is a big part of the fandom. Fans want to find ways to show off their love for their favorite characters from the show. One way they do this is by collecting Funko Pops – those adorable vinyl figurines with oversized heads and cute features that have become must-haves for every fan of pop culture.

So if you’re a fan of Fire Force and want to add some Funko Pops to your collection, then you may have some burning questions about which ones are available and where to find them. Don’t worry though because we’ve got answers to all your fire fuelling questions!

Which Fire Force Funko Pops Are Available?

Currently, there are six Fire Force Funko Pops available:

1) Shinra Kusakabe – The protagonist of the series and member of Company 8

2) Arthur Boyle – A member of Company 8 who wields a sword

3) Maki Oze – A powerful firefighter from Company 8

4) Iris – The nun-like sister who works at the church in Tokyo

5) Tamaki Kotatsu – An orphan turned firefighter from Company 1

6) A Special Edition figure “Hot Topic Exclusive” Shinra with his arms ablaze

These figures come in various poses representing an aspect or trait associated with each character.

Where Can I Find Them?

Depending on where you live or what online store you frequent will impact how easy/hard it is locating these funky feet friends but we can suggest a few options to bring a source of flame to your soul:

1) Pop-culture retailers – Stores like Hot Topic, FYE, GameStop and BoxLunch are all great places to find Funko Pops.

2) Online Retailers – Amazon, Entertainment Earth, and Barnes & Noble websites offer an easy way to purchase certain characters online.

3) Search Engine tools – Use Google or Bing search tools; they will help in exploring an extensive list of possible purchases from both licensed and unauthorized outlets (the latter is not suggested for obvious reasons).

How Much Do They Cost?

The price of a Fire Force Funko Pop can range anywhere from $8 – $15 depending on where you buy them. Some stores also have exclusive versions that are more expensive.

Are There Any New Figures Coming Soon?

As of the moment, there hasn’t been any official word from the makers (Funko or production team behind Fire Force). The show has only one season out so far with a second season aired last year, so naturally, releases might be spaced out. But as soon as we hear anything about upcoming releases for Fire Force Funko Pops? We’ll be sure to let you know!

In conclusion -If you’re looking for the perfect anime collectible item that allows you to display your love for the show’s characters on your desk or bookshelf directly,”Fireforce Funkos” are an eye-catching and adorable idea. Hopefully our little FAQ provided clarity on what’s available now and how best to find them but whatever method you choose know that it’s definitely worth having these fiery figures in your collection!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Fire Force Funko Pop List

Fire Force has been taking anime fans by storm since its debut in 2019. With its unique story, stellar animation, and memorable characters, it’s no surprise that it has amassed a huge following. And what better way to show your love for the series than with some Fire Force Funko Pops? In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top five facts you need to know about the Fire Force Funko Pop list.

Fact #1: There are currently four Fire Force Funko Pops available

As of September 2021, there are only four Fire Force Funko Pops available to collectors. These include Shinra Kusakabe (the main protagonist), Arthur Boyle (Shinra’s best friend and rival), Tamaki Kotatsu (a member of Company 1 with a cat-like Lucky Lecher Lure ability), and Akitaru Ōbi (Captain of Special Fire Force Company 8). While this may seem like a small number compared to other popular anime franchises, it’s still exciting for fans of the series to have these figures as part of their collection.

Fact #2: The designs are incredibly detailed

One thing that stands out about the Fire Force Funko Pops is how detailed they are. From the intricate details on Shinra’s outfit and hair to the flames that surround Arthur’s sword, each figure is intricately designed to mimic its respective character from head-to-toe. Fans will appreciate how much effort went into creating these little works of art.

Fact #3: They’re relatively affordable

Compared to other collectible figures on the market, such as statues or high-end action figures, Funko Pops are relatively affordable. This makes them an excellent choice for collectors who want something tangible to add to their collection without breaking the bank. Each Fire Force Funko Pop retails for around $10-$15 depending on where you purchase them from.

Fact #4: More Fire Force Funko Pops may be on the way

With Fire Force’s growing popularity, it wouldn’t be surprising if more characters were added to the Funko Pop lineup in the future. There are still many fan-favorite characters yet to be represented as part of this collection, such as Maki Oze or Iris. So, fans should keep a lookout for any news regarding new releases.

Fact #5: They’re great gifts for anime fans

If you know someone who’s a fan of Fire Force or anime in general, then one of these Funko Pops could make an excellent gift. With their adorable designs and reasonable price, they’re perfect for adding to someone’s collection or starting them off on their journey to becoming an anime collector.

In conclusion, while the Fire Force Funko Pop lineup may be small at the moment, it’s still a must-have item for any fan of the series. Whether you’re just starting your collection or adding to it, these cute little figures are a fun and affordable addition that you won’t regret picking up.

Why Every Fan Needs the Complete Fire Force Funko Pop List on Their Shelf

As a true fan of the hit anime series Fire Force, it is only natural to want to surround yourself with all of your favorite characters from the show. One way to do this is by collecting the Complete Fire Force Funko Pop List and displaying them proudly on your shelf for all to see.

First and foremost, Funko Pops are known for their adorable and quirky designs that capture the essence of each character they represent. The Fire Force line of Funko Pops is no different as they perfectly encapsulate the unique personalities and dynamics of the show’s protagonists and antagonists alike.

Additionally, owning a complete set adds a sense of accomplishment to any collection as it shows off dedication and loyalty to not only the franchise but also to the art of collecting. Collecting Funko Pops can be both a hobby and an investment, making it essential to have every character in your possession.

Moreover, these Pops are not only great for display purposes but also add value to any cosplay or Halloween costume you may concoct. Imagine attending an anime convention dressed up as Captain Benimaru Shinmon with his matching Funko Pop displayed right next to you – now that’s some serious nerd cred!

What sets this list apart from other anime-themed collectibles is its sheer diversity in terms of characters featured. From powerhouse protagonist Shinra Kusakabe all the way down to obscure side characters such as Toru Kishiri or Ritsu, this list has something for everyone – be it fans who enjoy action-packed scenes or comedic moments.

In conclusion, owning every figurine from The Complete Fire Force Funko Pop List allows fans not just a chance to showcase their love for both quality Anime content but also demonstrate their allegiance towards fantastic artistry in creating exquisite collectibles. Get yours now!

Exploring the Rare and Exclusive Fire Force Funko Pops: Collector’s Edition

Fire Force is an anime series that follows the lives of firefighters who possess the ability to control flames, using them as their most useful tool in extinguishing infernos while preventing damage and loss of life. The unique concept of this anime captured the hearts and imaginations of viewers worldwide, making it a fan favorite.

If you’re a collector or a fan of Fire Force yourself, then you would surely be excited about this exclusive line-up of Funko Pops! These figures provide fans with a rare opportunity to obtain some lovingly created collectibles based on their favorite characters from the series.

For starters, we have Shinra Kusakabe – who’s arguably one of the strongest and most dynamic firefighters in Tokyo. This Pop! Vinyl rendition perfectly captures his confident yet laidback persona with his signature smirk and iconic salute. Another must-have item for Funko Pop collectors is Arthur Boyle. Possessing magnetic charisma and good looks, Arthur has quickly become one of Fire Force’s most beloved characters. The figure showcases his sleek suit, sword slung casually by his side.

The leader of Company 8 – Akitaru Oubi makes for an impressive addition to any Funko collection too. With authoritative posture and stern features, he is not someone you want to mess with when it comes to fighting fires – or injustice!

In completing these colorful pillars are the Giovanni Pops! You get two different versions – both featuring one-half of their enigmatic duo: Giovanni and Lisa Levatine. One shows off Giovanni’s wicked smile while having covered mouth with hands while the other features Lisa holding her mask up to her lips as she wears shades — perfect for collectors looking for unconventional designs inspired by villains from Fire Force.

All Of these amazing figures come packaged individually in protective boxes keeping them safe during transport & display (although let’s face it – true fans will take them out anyway!) So whether you’re an avid collector or a new fan of Fire Force, these awesome figures let you celebrate the unique characters from this exceptional anime series in true pop culture style.

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