Collect Them All: The Ultimate Avatar Funko Pop List

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How to Build Your Own Avatar Funko Pop List: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a Funko Pop collector and an avid fan of the movie Avatar? Do you want to add some unique, personalized touch to your collection? Then why not build your own Avatar Funko Pop list! In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how you can make your very own customized Funko Pops of your favorite Avatar characters.

Step 1: Choose Your Character

The first step in building your own custom Funko Pop is to choose which character from Avatar you want to create. You can pick any character from the film, such as Jake Sully, Neytiri or Colonel Quaritch. Once you have made your choice, do some research on what different versions of that character are available as Funko Pops so that you avoid making duplicates.

Step 2: Get Your Supplies

Now that you have decided on which Avatar character you want to create, it’s time to gather all the necessary supplies. You will need modeling clay (preferably oil-based), acrylic paint, paintbrushes and sculpting tools.

Step 3: Sculpt Your Figure

Using the modeling clay and sculpting tools, begin molding and shaping the figure into the desired design. This can be done by layering clay onto each other until it reaches an appropriate size before adding distinguishing facial features using a sculpting tool.

Step 4: Bake It!

Once your figure is fully molded into shape and appearance resembling any avatar characters of your choice, place it in a preheated oven according to the instructions provided with chosen oil-based clay. Afterward let it cool down completely while resisting urge for any minor alterations without breaking anything at this stage.

Step 5: Paint The Details

Now comes the fun part – painting! Use acrylic paints and fine brushes to add details such as hair color, skin tone etc. Be sure to take care when painting around delicate marks otherwise there is high possibility they may smudge or mix together.

Step6: Seal The Deal

Finally, protect your hard work by sealing the painted figure with clear spray paint. This will help to protect its color and appearance from fading over time and fills any minuscule crevices found on the surface of the model.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your own customized Funko Pop Avatar character. As a bonus tip, remember that it’s always best to store your Funko Pops in an upright position to prevent any damage to their structure or paintwork.

In conclusion, building a customized Avatar Funko Pop list can be quite enjoyable and mind refreshing process especially if you’re an avid fan of both the film franchise and collecting Funko Pops. This guide shows how anyone can create one on successful outcome without facing much difficulty. So go ahead, embrace your creativity and create a set of personalized Avatar characters for your collection today.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Avatar Funko Pop List

As the world becomes increasingly obsessed with pop culture collectibles, it’s no surprise that Funko POPs have become a must-have item for many enthusiasts. With their wide range of licensed characters and their instantly recognizable big-head style, these vinyl figures have taken over shelves around the globe.

One of the most popular choices among collectors are the Avatar: The Last Airbender Funko POPs. Featuring distinctive poses, detailed designs, and a vivid color scheme modeled after the beloved Nickelodeon animated series, these figures have captured fans’ hearts.

However, as is common with any collector’s market, there are always questions to be answered. So without further ado, here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Avatar Funko Pop list:

1. Who is included in the Avatar: The Last Airbender Funko POP line?

The current lineup includes Aang (with or without Momo), Katara (with or without her water pouch), Sokka (with or without his boomerang), Toph (with metal armor) and Zuko (in his blue spirit disguise).

2. Are there any rare Avatar Funkos that I should keep an eye out for?

Yes! There is a limited edition glow-in-the-dark Aang chase variant that fans adore.

3. Are there any upcoming releases planned for this line?

Though nothing has been confirmed yet by Funko themselves or Nickelodeon- fans suspect that we could see additional figures from both The Last Airbender and its sequel series Legend of Korra in coming months.

4. What do I need to know when purchasing an Avatar: The Last Airbender POP figurine?

Be sure to check if you’re buying directly from Funko or another trusted retailer and examine all packaging carefully before purchasing- there have been reports of counterfeit products in circulation.

5. Can I use my Avatar pops as toys? Or are they strictly for display only?

While POPs are technically made for collectors and not designed as toys, many fans do enjoy playing with them. However, it’s important to note that they can be easily damaged or have their paint scuff when played with too much or too roughly.

6. Is there a specific way to display my Avatar: The Last Airbender POPs?

Ultimately it is up to the collector themselves as to how they would like to display their pops. However, many fans prefer exhibiting their POPs in a dedicated display case, on bookshelves, on office desks or even hanging from strings for a fun and unique spin on organization.

There you have it! These answers should help you become an informed collector of the ever-growing Avatar Funko Pop line. Whether you’re just starting out on this quest for Avatar merchandise or are an experienced collector looking to expand your collection—we hope this guide has helped answer any questions you might have had about these beloved figures. Happy collecting!

A Comprehensive Look at the Best and Most Rare Avatar Funko Pops

As Funko Pop collectors know, nothing beats the thrill of getting your hands on a rare and exclusive figure. And there are few franchises more popular than Avatar: The Last Airbender when it comes to coveted pops. With dozens of figures to choose from, it can be daunting to navigate which ones are must-haves for any true fan’s collection. So we’ve compiled a list of the best and most rare Avatar Funko Pops out there.

First up is the Blue Spirit, an elusive figure that was a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive in 2017. This blue-masked Zuko variant has quickly become one of the most sought-after pieces in the entire Avatar line due to its limited release and stunning design. Its sleek blue paint job, detailed mold, and signature dual swords make it an instant standout in any display.

Another exclusives from SDCC is Glow-in-the-Dark Unmasked Aang, released in 2020. As its name suggests, this pop features Aang sporting his signature arrow tattoos with his face visible; but with a twist – he glows in the dark! It’s an awe-inspiring pop that captures one of Aang’s most powerful moments from the show where he enters into a spiritual state of mind.

Next up is perhaps one of the hardest-to-find pieces in this line – metallic chase edition Toph Beifong. Released as part of Wave 3 back in 2018 alongside her regular edition pop, this version features Toph wearing Earth Kingdom robes while displaying her powerful earthbending abilities. But what sets her apart is that she has an incredibly rare metallic version that was only produced as a chase piece.

For their first wave release back in 2016 (the year when the toys debuted), Funko produced two glow-in-the-dark items: Firefly Azula and Katara with hers being even more scarce today due to rumors that only fifty were made. That’s right, fifty! The blue-eyed sister to Zuko not only shines brightly; she shines even brighter in a dark display.

Another amazing pop no collector should pass up is the flocked Appa. This five-inch figure features everyone’s favorite sky bison with a soft, fuzzy exterior that makes it feel as real as any animated creature could be. Released as part of Funko’s Specialty Series collection, this pop was only available through independent retailers and has become an instant fan-favorite.

Finally, we have the ultimate Avatar Pop – 6-inch Super-Sized Avatar Aang (10th Anniversary edition). Released in 2015 to commemorate the show’s anniversary, this massive figure features Aang at his most powerful state: using all four elements simultaneously to defeat Fire Lord Ozai. His serene expression and intricate details on each element make him one of the most impressive pieces in the entire line.

And there you have it – a list of some of the best and rarest Avatar Funko Pops out there today. As with anything collectible, prices fluctuate greatly so investing now may pay off someday down the road. But even beyond their value to collectors or investors, these figures are truly stunning tributes to one of the greatest animated shows ever made. So whether you’re an avid collector or just a dedicated fan looking for something special for your shelf, these pops more than deliver!

Top 5 Facts You Should Know About the Avatar Funko Pop Collection

As a fan of the beloved animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, you’re probably familiar with the collection of Funko Pop! figures inspired by the show’s characters. With so many different versions available, it can be hard to keep up with what’s new and which ones are worth adding to your collection. So here are the top five facts you should know about the Avatar Funko Pop! Collection.

1. There Are More Than 20 Different Avatar Funko Pops

If you thought there were only a handful of Avatar characters in Pop! form, think again. In fact, there are currently more than 20 different figures available, each representing a different character or variant from the show. From Aang’ s iconic blue arrow tattoos to Zuko’s transformation into his alter ego- The Blue Spirit, you’ll find something for every fan out there.

2. The Rare Glow-In-The-Dark Variant Is Highly Sought After

Among those 20-plus figures is one that stands apart as being particularly unique – the glow-in-the-dark Aang figure. This rare variant is one of the most sought-after pieces in the entire Avatar Funko Pop line-up and can fetch several hundred dollars on resell markets like Ebay.

3. Some Figures Come Unmasked or Unhooded

For some characters like Katara and Zuko who wear helmets or hoods in certain episodes or scenes, Funko has made sure to release unmasked or unhooded versions so collectors get an accurate portrayal of their favorite character. For instance- Zuko molten-chased chase edition comes without a helmet similarly Toph Beifong does not wear her green headband with her “metal bending pose” figure making these variants highly coveted among fans.

4 . Large Pops Exist Too!

Funko Pops typically stand around four inches tall but in few exceptions such as Appa and Momo who’ve been converted to larger figures- these oversized pops are simply adorable and have a cuter appeal among Pop collectors.

5. Funko Continues To Add New Characters To The Collection

Even though the show has been off the air for quite some time, The Avatar Funko Pop! line continues to grow every year or so with new characters like Toph Beifong’s Metal bending pose released recently in February 2021. Funko also frequently releases chase variants that are harder to find and add on for collectors.

So there you have it – five fun facts about the Avatar Funko Pop! Collection that every fan should know. With plenty of unique figures available and more being released all the time, you’re sure to find something that speaks to your love for this iconic series. Happy collecting!

Avatar Collector’s Dream: The Ultimate Guide to Completing Your Funko Pop Set

Are you an avid Funko Pop collector? Do you love the thrill of completing a set, owning every last piece of your favorite collection? If so, then you’ll understand the feeling of ecstasy that comes with having a complete and comprehensive Avatar- themed Funko Pop set. From Aang to Zuko, collecting these beloved characters can feel like an epic quest in and of itself.

But fear not fellow collectors! We’ve put together the ultimate guide for acquiring every last figure to complete your Avatar Funko Pop set. So let’s get started!

Step 1: Know Your Set

First things first – it’s important to know exactly what figures make up the Avatar Funko Pop set. At its core, this set includes six primary figures: Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko, Toph Beifong and Appa. However there are multiple variations of each character in different poses such as a glow-in-the-dark version or even ones which come with chase figures. Make sure to keep track of which ones you need before getting started on your collection.

Step 2: Get Organized

Once you’ve identified all the different variations of each character in the series , it’s time to get organized.. There are several efficient ways to do organization but one way might include creating a spreadsheet or document outlining each figurine name and color variation required for completion.

Step 3: Prioritize and Budget

Next up is prioritizing which figurines you want most urgently within your budget feasible range. While it’s tempting (and admittedly fun) to go all-out at once, remember that collecting takes time and patience (and adulting). So decide how much money can be comfortably invested in your hobby without hurting yourself financially.

Step 4: Scavenge Locally

A great spot start is checking local stores that carry this product line . Many stores have dedicated section carrying a variety from games stores like Gamestop to giant retailers like Walmart or Target. Scout for local comic book stores in your area as they are often a goldmine for rare character variants.

Step 5: Join the Online Marketplace

If you’re unable to find a certain figurine locally or you need to secure one from another collector, the online marketplace is a wonderful place to start. eBay, Amazon and Facebook Marketplace are three top contenders for finding rare pops. Joining Avatar Funko Pop Facebook groups can help immensely increase chances of finding someone with figures that may be difficult to locate.

Step 6: Attend Collector’s Conventions

Collector conventions offer many opportunities for completing collections. From Funko themselves having exclusive releases at San Diego Comic-Con events and New York Comic-Con events coupled up with vendors renting out booths will have all characters displays and available for purchase.

In conclusion, collecting Avatar- themed Funko Pops is a thrilling quest that takes time, organization and patience. With this guide by your side however, no figurine will be out of reach! Get started on your collection today and become an ultimate avatar hero among collectors!

The History and Evolution of the Avatar Funko Pop List: Then and Now

Funko Pop has been one of the hottest collectible brands in the world for years now. With an extensive list of merchandise spanning almost every aspect of pop culture, Funko Pop has become a staple for collectors and enthusiasts alike. One of the most popular subcategories in their collection is that of Avatar Funko Pops.

Ever since the release of James Cameron’s blockbuster movie ‘Avatar’ in 2009, fans have been clamoring for collectibles featuring the various characters from Pandora. And it goes without saying that Funko Pop was quick to capitalize on this trend. Their line-up started with three figures – Neytiri, Jake Sully and a Na’vi warrior – each intricately detailed with signature blue skin and tribal markings.

But as Avatar became more popular worldwide, so did demand for more Funko Pops inspired by it. The company responded by producing additional figurines featuring key characters such as Colonel Miles Quaritch, Dr. Grace Augustine and Trudy Chacon, among others.

With each passing year came new addition to the Avatar franchise giving opportunities to create new designs for corresponding Pops too! As a result more creative variants like glow-in-the-dark or flocked versions were introduced such as Neytiri – Flocked or Iroh Glow In The Dark respectively.

As time went by, Funko continued to grow its line-up of Avatar-inspired products up until today where we have over 20+ different types available on their site alone!

What sets these specific Pop vinyl figures apart is how accurately they reflect both the character’s personality and appearance while still retaining all that makes them adored by fans worldwide! These fabulous little figurines are arguably some of the best souvenir available paying homage to Cameron’s vision gloriously.

In conclusion,the history and evolution of Avatar Funko Pop List shows how an influx in demand saw addition after addition increasing collectors’ choices from just three to numerous options which gives fans a chance to own more of this iconic franchise. The vibrant and detailed characters that are uniquely portrayed in these figures make for great gifts, or perfect decorations for your shelf! Whether you want to start your collection or expand an already-growing set, there’s no time like the present to indulge into the world of collectibles with Funko Pops – Avatar edition!

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